新目标英语七下 Unit1 知识点自测题
[知识应用自测] 知识应用自测] Ⅰ.单项选择
  1.What language he and his friend speak? A.is B.do C.does 答案:B 主语是 he and his friend,所以助动词用 do.
  2.?Which city does he live in? ?. A.America B.Japan C.Toronto 答案:C America 和 Japan 是国家,Toronto 是城市,所以选它.
  3.Where your pen pal from? A.is;come B.does;come C.does;/ 答案:B 动词短语 come from 是"来自"的意思,构成疑问句需要 加助动词.
  4.?Can you speak English? ?Yes,but only. A.a little B.a lot C.a few 答案:A English 是不可数名词,a little"一点儿"修饰不可数名词, 符合题意.
  5.?What language does he often speak? ?. A.French B.Canada C.Singapore 答案:A Canada 和 Singapore 是国家,所以选择 French(法语) .
  6.She likes going to the movies with her friends and sports. A.plays B.is playing C.playing 答案:C 此题考查 like doing,and 在此表示并列,前边有 going,后 边选择 playing.
  7.Please write and tell us yourself. A.in B.about C.for 答案:B 此题的意思是"告诉我关于你自己的情况" .about 符合题 意.
  8.Do you have brothers and sisters? A.every B.some C.any 答案:C any 用于疑问句和否定句中表示"一些" .
  9. comes from Japan.He speaks . A.Japanese;Japanese B.Japanese;a Japanese C.Japaneses;Japanese
答题向导 ←注意主语与谓语动词的搭配.
←要分清短语 be from 与 come from.
←要明白是要修饰不可数名词的 有哪些词或词组.
←要分清表示语言与国家的单 词.
←注意句型 like doing.
←要明白在疑问句中用 some 还 是 any. ←要明白如何表达哪国人和语 言.
答案:A 日本人 Japanese 没有复数形式,日语 Japanese 是不可数名 词.所以选择 A.
  10. is my pen pal.She's from Paris. A.It B.This C.Who 答案:B 当介绍别人的时候,用句型 This is.... Ⅱ.根据首字母及句意补全单词 are you from?
  11.?W ?I'm from China. 答案:Where 该句是询问"你来自哪里?"所以是 where.
  12.?What language do you s ? ?Japanese. 答案:speak 说某一种语言用"speak+语言" . me and tell me about yourself.
  13.Please write t 答案:to 给某人写信用 write to sb..
  14.I l physics,but I dislike math. 答案: like but 表示转折, 其后面是不喜欢的意思, 前面应该是 like.
  15.This is my pen pal. H name is Tony Green. 答案:His Tony Green 是个男孩的名字,所以用 His. Ⅲ.判断句子正误,错误的句子请改正
  16.Where do you from?( ) 答案: (×)Where are you from? be from"来自" ,所以将 do 改为 are. 或者 Where do you come from?come from "来自" 所以将 do you from , 改为 do you come from.
  17.He speak English.( ) 答案: (×)He speaks English. 主语是单数第三人称,所以动词用相 应的第三人称单数形式.
  18.My pen friend lives at New York.( ) 答案: (×)My pen friend lives in New York. 住在某地用介词 in.
  19.I'm 13 and my birthday is in Nov.
  10.( ) 答案: (×)I'm 13 and my birthday is on Nov.
  10. 时间具体到某一天 时用介词 on.
  20.Where does your friends live?( ) 答案: (×) Where does your friend live? 将主语看作第三人称单数, 就应该为 does your friend. 或者 Where do your friends live?将主语看作复 数形式,就应该为 do your friends. Ⅳ.完成句子
  21.is,your,where,teacher,from?(连词成句) ? 答案:Where is your teacher from? where 引导的特殊疑问句.
←先通读句子,根据句意及首字 母提示作出判断.
←明确 but 有转折的意思,然后 推断出所缺单词.
←先看句子的标点符号,若标点 为问号, 就找疑问词或系动词 be.

  22.Simon is from Canada.(同义句转换) . 答案:Simon comes from Canada. be from 和 come from 之间的转换. ←做就划线部分提问的题时,注
  23.She can speak Japanese and Chinese.(就划线部分提问) 意理解划线部分的意思,找准疑 can she speak? 问词. 答案:What language 对语言提问应该用 What+language.
  24.She lives in Beijing.(就划线部分提问) she live? 答案:Where does 对地点提问用 where,因为主语是 she,所以用助 动词 does.
  25.They speak French and English.(就划线部分提问) French and English? 答案:Who speak 对主语提问用 who. Ⅴ.根据上下文补全对话 ←做这类题时,要注意上下句信 A:Excuse me!Where 26 you from? 息的提示. B:I'm 27 England.What 28 you? A:I'm from Shandong.My home is 29 Qingdao. B:Oh,Qingdao is a beautiful city. A:Thank you.Can you speak Chinese? B:Only 30 .It's too difficult. A:Don't worry!Let me help you. B:Thanks a lot. A:Not at all.
  26.答案:are 根据上下文可知,此处是短语 be from,主语是 you, 所以是 are.
  27.答案:from 同 26 的解释.
  28.答案:about 根据上下文此处是"你怎么样?"的意思,所以是 "What about...?"
  29.答案:in 在某个城市用介词 in.
  30.答案: little 用 a little 修饰 English, little English 一点儿英语" a a " . Ⅵ.阅读理解 Do you know the girl in a hat with flowers on it?Her name is Hezi.Hezi is a nice Japanese girl,my new pen pal.She lives in Tokyo. I like Hezi.I don't know Japanese,and Hezi doesn't know Chinese.But we know some English.So we write to each other (彼此) English.We are the same age, years old.My favorite in 12 subject is math.But her favorite subject is biology.We all like football very much.She lives with her parents.She is their only child.She likes going to movies on weekends.She likes cartoons best. She hopes to come to Beijing this summer. 根据短文内容填写下面表格. Pen pal's name: 31 Age: 32 Country(国籍) 33 : Language: 34 City: 35 Favorite subject: 36 Favorite sport: 37 Favorite kind of movies: 38

  31.答案:Hezi 从"Her name is Hezi.Hezi is a nice Japanese girl,my new pen pal."可以 看出答案.
  32.答案:Japan 从"Hezi is a nice Japanese girl"可以看出答案.
  33.答案:Japanese and English 从"we know some English."可以看出答案.
  34.答案:Tokyo 从"She lives in Tokyo."可以看出答案.
  35.答案:biology 从"But her favorite subject is biology."可以看出答案.
  36.答案:football 从"We all like football very much."可以看出答案.
  37.答案:cartoons 从"She likes cartoons best."可以看出答案.


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