新目标英语七下改写句子 新目标英语七下改写句子 50 个

  1. Vera is drawing in the classroom. Vera _ __ drawing in the classroom.

  2. I was at the party last Friday. I at the party last Friday.

  3. They’re playing soccer now. They playing soccer now.

  4. There were many people in the park yesterday There _ many people in the park yesterday

  5. She has a TV in her bedroom She a TV in her bedroom

  6. They have to clean the classroom after school. They
  7. He had a big breakfast yesterday. He
  8. They come from Canada. They
  9. Brad lives in Paris. Brad in Paris. from Canada. a big breakfast yesterday. clean the classroom after school.

  10. Joan liked to play tennis and ping-pong. Joan to play tennis ping-pong.

  11. Nancy and Mark want to go to the movies. Nancy and Mark
  12. Jack does his homework at home. Jack I Nick
  15. Do your homework at school. your homework at school.
  16. Let’s see the pandas first. see the pandas first.
  17. My father works in a big hospital. My father The little girl
  19. Jack would like a cup of tea. Jack a cup of tea. in a big hospital. the piano well.
  18. The little girl can play the piano well. his homework at home. to the beach with my friends last Sunday. his guitar in the morning.
  13. I went to the beach with my friends last Sunday.
  14. Nick practices his guitar in the morning. to go to the movies.

  20. I think she is very quiet. I she very quiet.

  21. I’m from Japan. from Japan?
  22. They are riding bikes now. riding bikes now?
  23. Li lei and Li Ping like giraffes. Li lei and Li ping
  24. She wants to be a great star. she John
  26. We must finish the work now. you
  27. They had to walk home at last. they
  28. There is a hotel in the neighborhood. a hotel in the neighborhood?
  29. They did their homework last night. they
  30. They sat on the chair. they on the chair? their homework last night? walk home at last? the work now? to be a great star? a great sports collection?
  25. John has a great sports collection. giraffes?

  31. Maria can speak Chinese very well. Maria
  32. She thinks he is right. she
  33. He’d like rice for lunch. he rice for lunch? he right? Chinese very well?

  34. Jane’s favorite subject is art. is Jane’s favorite subject?.
  35. These black pants are ten dollars. are these black pants?
  36. Her birthday is November 16th. is her birthday ?
  37. Ann left home at seven o’clock yesterday morning. Ann
  38. She speaks English and a little Chinese. home yesterday morning?
  39. The library is next to the post office. the library?.
  40. My little brother likes dogs because they’re friendly. your little brother
  41. His favorite singer is Jeff. is his favorite singer?
  42. Tom wants to be a bank clerk. Tom
  43. The children are taking photos. are the children
  44. I want a small bowl of dumplings. ? to be?
dogs ?
bowl of dumplings do you want?
  45. The girl would like cabbage and onion noodles. of noodles would the girl like?
  46. Carol went to the movies last weekend. Carol
  47. Our vacation on the beach was pretty good. was our vacation on the beach ?
  48. The action movie is very boring. is the action movie ?
  49. Jerry likes soap operas very much. Jerry
  50. It’s windy in spring in Beijing. the 星沙英语网 like in spring in Beijing? soap operas? last weekend?



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