单词 Unit3 (一) 名词 1 执照 license =licence 在美语中 license 是动词或名词。在英语中 license 是动词;licence 是名词。 drive license 驾照 license 作动词时是“获得驾照”。 2 耳环 earring 3 学习 study study 侧重指主观上努力学习的动作,即“用功”“求学”。 learn 侧重指学习结果,即“学会”。 learn from “向…学习”。 study under “在…指导下学习”。 4 现在 present 作名词时也是“礼物”。作动词时是“赠予”。作形容词时是 “在场的”。 5 机会 opportunity chance “机会”强调其偶然性。 opportunity “机会,机遇”带有适逢其机会,正好便于行 事之意。 6 自愿者 volunteer 作动词时是“自愿”。 volunteer to do sth. 自愿做某事 volunteer sb. for sth. 让他做某事 7 会员 member 形容词形式 memberless“无会员的”。 life member 终身会员 member of a staff 一群人中的一员 8 混乱 mess 作动词时是“弄脏”。 be in a mess 杂乱无章某 物
mess sth.(up) 弄脏 make a mess of 把…弄脏 9 简报 newsletter 10 重要 importance 形容词形式是 important“重大的” put importance on sth. 认为某事很重要 11 要点 point point 作动词时是“指向”。 at\on the point of 将近 off the point 偏离要点 to the point 切中要点 (二) 1 刺穿 2 集中 3 设计 of the 4 经历 动词 pierce get ear pierced 打耳洞 concentrate 形容词形式是 concentrated“集中的”。 design 名词形式是 designer“设计者”。 latest design 最新设计的 experience 作“经验”时,是不可数名词。
作“经历”,是可数名词。 answer 可指解数学题,含“令人满意地回答”之意。 reply 指经过思考后详细的回答。 answer=reply to 6 服从 obey 不服从 disobey 7 完成 achieve =come true 作名词时是 achievement“愿望”。 8 赛跑 race 作名词时是“与…比赛”。 9 teach 过去式或过去分词 taught 10 成功 succeed 名词形式是 success“成功之人” succeed in doing sth.成功做某事 succeed to sth.继承 5 回答 reply (三) 形容词 1 愚蠢的 silly
silly “傻”,着重头脑简单,不懂事,有单纯,糊涂意味。 foolish “蠢”,着重缺乏智慧或判断力。 stupid “笨”,着重生理迟钝,反应迟钝。
sleep “睡”,表持续性状态。 sleepy “想睡的,困乏的”。 asleep “睡着的,睡熟的”,常作表语。 fall asleep 表“入睡”的短暂动作。 4 现实的 realistic 同义词 real 四 其他 1 代替 instead of 介词短语,后接名词或动名词,代词等作宾语,放在句中。 instead of 用甲而不用乙,除掉“代替”之意外,还有对乙否定意 味。 in place of 一般指以甲代乙。 2 熬夜 stay up 迟睡 sit up 3 全神贯注 concentrate on 4 目前 at present =now=at the present time 5 养老院 old peoplr’s home 6 挡道的 in the way get in the way of=be in the of 妨碍 7 担心 care about 喜欢 care for 留神 take care 照顾 take care of 仔细地 with care 注意… give care to 在…的照料下 in the care of 单元语法 被动语态的口诀 一般现、过用 be done,be 有人称、时、数变。
2 地方的 local 3 困倦的 sleepy
完成时态 have done,被动将 been 加中间。 一般将来 shall (will) do,被动变 do 为 be done。 将来进行无被动,shall (will) be doing, 现在完成进行同,have (has) been doing。 现、过进行 be doing, 被动 be 加 being done。 情、助、有、是妥安排,一律随新主语变。 否定助后加 not,疑问一助置主前。 主语恰是疑问词,直陈语序主在前。 一般情助加 be done,双宾多将间宾变。 复合宾语宾变主,宾补、主补相应变。 第二句"be 有人称、时、数变"即 be 有人称、时态和单、复数的变化。"情助"是 指情态动词和助动词 must, may, can, shall, will 等一律随新主语(多是主动 句中的宾语)来变化。"疑问一助置主前"是说有两个助动词的话,应把主语放在 第一助动词之后或把第一助动词置于主语之前。
  1.一般现在时 am/is/are+V(p.p)
  2.一般过去时 was/were + V(p.p) 3 一般将来时 will/shall +be+V(p.p)
  4.过去将来时 should/would +be+V(p.p)
  5.现在进行时 am/is/are +being+V(p.p)
  6.过去进行时 was/were +being+V(p.p)
  7.现在完成时 have/has +been+V(p.p)
  8.过去完成时 had +been+V(p.p)
  9.将来完成时 will have +been+V(p.p)
  10. 过去将来完成时 would have +been+V(p.p)
  12.含有“be going to”, “be to”等结构的谓语,变成被动语态时,分别用 “be going to +be +V(p.p)”和“be to+be+V(p.p)
  13.被动语态除常用 be 加过去分词构成外,还可用“get+过去分词”
  14.被动语态没有完成进行时态,也没有将来进行时态,如果要将这些时态的主 动结构变为被动结构,可以用完成时态或一般将来时态来表示
  3.原来主动语态中的主语,如果需要,放在 by 后面以它的宾格形式出现,如没 有必要,可以省略。 把下列句子变成被动语态
  1.We found some jewels in a box.

  2.The teacher is keeping the pupils at school for a revision.
  3.James has left a parcel for you.

  4.You must finish the article before Friday.
  5.They will not paint the house again next year.
  6.They promised Mary a new doll for her birthday.
  7.I have told the children many times not to skate on the pond.
  8.Where did he translate the story?
  9.We had to repair our TV set.
  10.Do they take good care of the sick?
  11.They company has paid the workers very handsome wages.
  12.They showed me the room where they lived. 把下列句子变成主动语态
  1.Spanish is spoken in South America.
  2.The plans will have to be revised.
  3.All the words must be looked up in a dictionary.
  4.Has John been cured of his heart illness?
  5.The door should not have been left open all night.
  6.We are afraid that we may be attacked at night.
  7.We are being taught how to operate the new machine. 用动词的正确时态填空 Our desks and chairs (make) of wood. The paper of books and newspapers also (make) from wood. Even some kinds of cloth (make) from it. Many people (burn) wood to keep themselves warm in winter. Indeed, wood (be) important in our everyday life. Where wood (come) from? It (take) from trees which (grow) in the mountains. you (know) how it (get) to us from the mountains? First of all, trees (cut) down when they (grow) big enough. Then their branches (cut) off, and logs (make).These heavy logs (put) together in different ways and (take) down to the foot of the mountains. Some of them (float 使漂流) down the small rivers and others (carry) down on trains. Big trees (cut) down in the mountains every year. Then young ones (must, plant) so that we always (can, have) enough wood. We have to take good care of mountains so that they always (may, cover) with growing trees. 翻译
  1.The shirt washes well.
  2.The shirt is being washed now.
  3.The door won’t lock.
  4.The shop is closed now.
  5.The room is filled with smoke.
  6.It is reported that the big fire has been put out.

  12.这种布摸起来很柔软. 选择正确答案
  1. When I got to his office, I that he out. A. told, had been B. was told, was C. had told, was D. was told, had been
  2. The vegetables didn’t taste very good. They for too long. A. cooked B. were cooked C. had cooked D. had been cooked A. told, had been
  3. The anti-Japanese war in 1937 and it eight years. A. was broken, lasted B. broke out, lasted C. break out, lasted D. broke out, was lasted
  4. She was heard an English song. A. to sing B. sing C. sang D. to be sang
  5. These boxes are very heavy . A. be carried B. carry C. carried D. be carrying
  6. The police found that the house and a lot of things . A. had been broken into, has been stolen B. has broken into, has been stolen C. had been broken into, stolen D. has broken into, has stolen
  7. Coal can to produce electricity for agriculture and industry. A. have used B. used C. be used D. use
  8. John has never dreamt of . A. taken to Athens B. taking to Athens C. be taking to Athens D. being taken to Athens
  9. Nobody likes . A. laughed at B. laughing at C. being laughed at D. being laughed
  10. The bridge will be completed next year. A. built B. being built C. is being built D. building
  11. It is said that tigers in Asia year after year. A. are being disappeared B. are disappearing C. will be disappeared D. will disappear
  12. I’m going to Wuhan tomorrow. Do you have anything to your mother? A. to take B. taken C. to be taken D. taking
  13. Take it easy. There is nothing .
A. to worry B . to be worried C. to be worried about D. to worry about
  14. Your new computer will soon become outdated, because technology so fast. A. is developed B. is being developed C. has been developed D. will developed
  15. I won’t go to the party unless . A. invited B. being invited C. be invited D. inviting
  16. The problem last week is very important. A. was discussed B. discussed C. being discussed D. be discussed
  17. We should keep the animals from . A. be endangered B. endangering C. being endangered D. endangered
  18. There are no rivers out of the Dead Sea. A. flowed B. flowing C. being flowed D. be flown
  19. This place has been destroyed. So there is no bamboo for pandas to feed on. A. left B. leaving C. leave D. be left
  20. All the preparations for the task , and we are ready to start. A. completed B. complete C. had been completed D. have been completed 初三英语 Unit3 重点句型 三、句子
  1. Teenagers should be allowed to go out with their friends every night 应该许青少年再每天晚上和朋友一起外出
  2. Sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to choose their own clothes. 应该许青少年选择自己的衣服
  3. She should stop wearing that silly earring. 他应该停止戴那个傻忽忽的耳环
  4. I think students should be allowed to do homework with friends. 我认为应该允许学生同朋友一起做作业
  5. Do you think sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to choose their own clothes 你认为应该允许十六岁的青少年选择自己的衣服吗?
  6. We have a lot of rules at my house. 我们有许多家规
  7. The other day, my friend and I talked about the rules that we have in school. 前几天,我和朋友们一起讨论我们学校的校规
  8. Our teachers believe that we if did that, we would concentrate more on our clothes than our studies.
  9. That would be a good way to keep both teachers and students happy . 那将是一个既让老师高兴有让同学满意的方法
  10. It’s also probably a good idea for parents during the evening . 对父母来说,晚上允许青少年聚在一起学习
  11. We also think that vacations should be longer . 我们还认为假期应该再长点
  12. Longer vacations would give us time to things like volunteering 较长的假期会给我们时间作一些想义务劳动那样的事情
  13. It would be a good experience for me because I want to be a doctor when I’m older . 对我来说,那应该是一个极好的体验因为我长大后想当医生
  14. What time do you finish basketball practice today. 你今天几点完成篮球训练?
  15. Everyone needs to have at least eight hour’s sleep a night 一个人一天至少需要 8 个小时的睡眠
  16. At our school, we sonetimes have a special day to help others. 在我们学校,我们利用一个特殊的日子来帮助别人
  17.On Friday afternoons, many students are sleepy after a long week of classes.. 每到星期五的下午,许多同学因上了一周的课而昏昏欲睡
  18.I would like to reply to the article “Helping and learning ” in you last newsletter. 我想你们上期的事实简讯中“帮助与学习”的那篇文章的看法
  19. But sometimes these hobbies can get in the way of schoolwork ,and parents worry about their child’s success at school. 但是这些爱好与学业相冲突,父母可能会担心孩子在学习上的成功。
  20. Teenagers often think the should be allowed to practice their hobbies as much as they want 青少年认为应当允许他们随心所欲的练习他们的爱好
  21. That’s great, and my wife and I have watched him in every one of his races 那好极了,我和我妻子看过他每一场比赛
  22. He needs to think about what will happen if he doesn’t



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   单词 Unit3 (一) 名词 1 执照 license =licence 在美语中 license 是动词或名词。在英语中 license 是动词;licence 是名词。 drive license 驾照 license 作动词时是“获得驾照”。 2 耳环 earring 3 学习 study study 侧重指主观上努力学习的动作,即“用功”“求学”。 learn 侧重指学习结果,即“学会”。 learn from “向…学习”。 study under “在…指导下学习”。 4 现在 ...


   单词 Unit3 (一) 名词 1 执照 license =licence 在美语中 license 是动词或名词。在英语中 license 是动词;licence 是名词。 drive license 驾照 license 作动词时是“获得驾照”。 2 耳环 earring 3 学习 study study 侧重指主观上努力学习的动作,即“用功”“求学”。 learn 侧重指学习结果,即“学会”。 learn from “向…学习”。 study under “在…指导下学习”。 4 现在 ...


   4. The reason why I didn't go to Shanghai was a new job。   A. because I got   B. because of getting   C. I got   D. that I got   5. It worried her a bit her hair was turning gray。   A. while   B. that   C. if   D. for   6. Henry killed the dog. I'll ...


   第二篇 句法 一, 主 要 句 式 (一) 知识概要 初中所学的句型一般要分为陈述句,疑问句,祈使句和感叹句. 陈述句中有肯定句与否定句之分.其中可以分为以下五种:① 主 语+不及物动词.如:I arrived at six last night.② 主语+及物动词+宾 语, 如: bought a good English Chinese Dictionary yesterday.③ 主 I 语+及物动词+间接宾语+直接宾语, 如: Please tell me a story befor ...


   一名词 (一) 知识概要 名词的概念在不同的语法教课书中有不同的解释和分类方法, 但就实际应用来讲还是不要过分地追求其理论概念,而更多的要把 注意力放在其应用上来。我们不妨把它分为两大类:专有名词与普 通名词。顾名思义,专有名词是指:个人、事物、机关等所专有的 名称,如,the Great Wall, America…它们是不能随意变动的。而 普通名词中则包括个体名词,如 pen, worker…它表示单一的个体人 或事物;集体名词,如:family,class, team,它表示的是由若干 ...


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   Job Hunting by Telephone and Internet 电话与网络求职 1. 利用互联网来看公司网站,中介网站,或者把 利用互联网来看公司网站,中介网站, 自己的简历贴在网站上等人来看。( 。(1%) 自己的简历贴在网站上等人来看。( ) 2. 随意地挑选报纸,电话簿上的公司,寄出自己 随意地挑选报纸,电话簿上的公司, 的简历。( 。(7%) 的简历。( ) 3. 应聘自己行内发行的专业杂志,新闻简报上的 应聘自己行内发行的专业杂志, 招聘广告。( 。(7%) 招聘广告。 ...



   第三课酒肆闲聊与标准英语 亨利?费尔利 人类的一切活动中,只有闲谈最宜于增进友谊,而且是人类特有的一种活动。动物之 间的信息交流,不论其方式何等复杂,也是称不上交谈的。 闲谈的引人人胜之处就在于它没有一个事先定好的话题。 它时而迂回流淌, 时而奔腾起 伏,时而火花四射,时而热情洋溢,话题最终会扯到什么地方去谁也拿不准。要是有人觉得 “有些话要说” ,那定会大煞风景,使闲聊无趣。闲聊不是为了进行争论。闲聊中常常会有 争论,不过其目的并不是为了说服对方。闲聊之中是不存在什么输赢胜负的。事实上,真 ...

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       本文由皓月占星贡献     doc1。     英语翻译课程学习方法 一、传统教材与新教材的关系从今年 始,英汉互译的自 学考试将由全国高等教育 自学考试指导委员会统一组织实施和管理。 这对统一全国 考生的要求,提高翻译实践能 力和水平都是件好事。目前,相关的统编教 材,由庄 绎传所编写的《英汉翻译教程》已 出版发行。这本教材采用了与传统教材不一 样的 编写思路。不再是以词、句为单位进行 翻译方法, 如直译、 意译等方法及词类转换 , 增词、减词之类的技巧进行学习,而是直接 进入篇章 ...


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