初三英语第一轮复习 八上 Unit 3 一 Phrases: :
  1.babysit her sister =look after =take care of 照顾她的妹妹
  2.spend time with friend 和朋友度过时光
  3.go camping/ hiking /sightseeing/ fishing/shopping 去宿营/徒步旅行/观光/钓鱼/逛
  4.go bike riding 骑车观光
  5.go away for too long 离开很久
  6.sleep a lot 睡大觉
  7.go to Tibet for a week 去西藏一周
  8.visit my friend in Hong Kong 拜访我在香港的朋友
  9.how long 多久
  10.relax at home 在家放松
  11.send me a postcard from Hong Kong 从香港寄给我一张明信片
  12.show me your photos =show your photos to me 给我看你的照片
  13.get back to school =return to school 回到学校
  14.rent videos 租录像
  15.ask you a few questions about your vacation plans 问你几个关于假期计划的问题
  16.ask you about places to visit in China 问你有关去中国参观的地方
  17.plan to have a very relaxing vacation 计划去度一个很休闲的假期
  18.take a long vacation this summer 这个夏天度过一个长假
  19.think about doing sth 考虑做某事
  20.decide on sth 决定某事 decide on doing sth /decide to do sth 决定做某事
  21.want to do something different 想做些不同的事
  22.finish doing sth 做完某事 eg.finish making my last movie 完成我的上一部电影
  23.a good place to go sightseeing 去观光的好地方
  24.leave for Hong Kong on Tuesday 在星期六动身去 动身去香港 动身去 leave Shanghai for Beijing 离开 离开上海去北京
  25.take sth with sb 某人随身带去某物
  26.can’t wait to do sth 迫不及待做某事
  27.be famous for…以…而著名 be famous as 作为…而著名 28 That sounds interesting 听起来很有趣 二 Sentences: :
  1.What are you doing for vacation ? I’m visiting my grandmother . 假期中你打算做什么?我打算拜访我的祖母。
  2.What is he doing for vacation ? He is babysitting his brother. 假期中他打算做什么?他要照顾他的弟弟。
  3.When are they going ? They are going next week/on the 12th/Monday. 他们什么时候去?他们将在下周/十二日/星期一去。
  4.How long is he staying? He is staying for a week . 他准备在那呆多久?他准备在那呆一周。
  5.What’s it like there ? 那个地方怎么样?
  6.Where are you going for vacation ? I’m going to Hawaii for vacation . 你打算去哪度假?我打算去夏威夷度假。
  7.I heard that Canada is beautiful ,and I know there are many people there who speak French. 我听说加拿大很美,我知道那有许多人讲法语。
  8.I hope I can forget all my problems. 我希望能忘掉所有的问题。
  9.I’m planning my vacation to the south of Italy this weekend. 我计划这个周末去意大利南部度假。
  10.Who are you going with? I’m going with my parents. 你准备和谁一起去?我准备和我的父母亲去。
  1.What’s she doing for vacation? She is her sister. A babysit B babysits C babysiting D babysitting
  2.When did you finish these picture? A draw B drawing C to draw D drew
  3.They are going to the countryside for vacation. are they for vacation?
  4.When are you going to Hong Kong?= When are you Hong Kong? 5 Doing some exercise every day is important.同义句 very imporant Some exercise every day.
  6.我刚拍完上一部电影 I just my last movie.
  7.泰国是个旅游观光的好地方 Thailand is 去长城时别忘带相机 to the camera you when you go to the Great Wall. 中考链接: 四 中考链接:
  1.I hear Mr. Smith is coming to give us a talk . A in this afternoon B. on tomorrow morning C. at this evening D. next Monday morning
  2.The boy with two dogs in the yard when the earthquake rocked the city. A.is playing B.was playing C.are playing D.were playing
  3.I hope you will have a good time there.=I hope you will there.
  4.Her sister is staying there from July 15 to August 20 . her sister staying there ?
  5.I’m going shopping with my mother. going shopping ?
  6.他想问我有关我英语学习的情况. He wants me my
  7.你何时从伦敦回来? When did you from London? 8 当你回家时,把你的照片给我看一下。 when you . 8 八年级( 初三英语第一轮复习 八年级(上)Unit Four 一.词组
  1. take the/a subway/boat to school = get/go to school by subway/boat 乘地铁/船上学
  2.take the/a bus/train/taxi to work=go to work by bus/train/taxi 乘公交车/火车/出租车上班
  3.ride the/a bike to the subway station = go to the subway station by bike 骑车去地铁站
  4.walk to school = get/go to school on foot 步行上学
  5.drive to work 开车上班
  6.go to school in one’s car/by car 坐车上学
  7.how far/long/soon/often 多远/多长时间/还有多久/多经常
  8.from home to school 从家到学校

  9.take him to school 带他去上学
  10.on the school bus= by school bus 乘学校班车
  11.depend on 视….而定,取决于
  12.in other parts of the world 在世界的其他地方
  13.means of transportation 交通方式
  14.be ill in (the)hospital 生病住院
  15.have a quick breakfast=have breakfast quickly 匆匆吃早饭
  16.leave for school 动身去上学
  17.a large number of 许多,大量的 a small number of 少数 the number of… …的数目
  18.in North America 在北美 19 be different from 与…不同 20 think of 想起,认为 21 get to= arrived at/ in=reach 到达 二.句型 句型
  1.How do you get to school ? I ride my bike (to school). 你怎样到校上学?我骑自行车上学 How does he get to school? He walks to school. 他怎样到校上学? 他步行上学
  2.How far is it from your home to school ? 你家离学校多远? It’s three miles/ten minutes on foot/ten minutes’ walk. 三英里/步行十分钟
  3.How long does it take you to get from home to school? 从家到学校你通常花多长时间 ? It takes me 25 minutes (to get from home to school). 我需要二十五分钟 (It takes sb some time to do something) (某人花多长时间做某事)
  4. be +距离+(away) from 离某地多远 Li Lei’s home is about 10 kilometers (away)from school. 李雷家离学校约十公里
  5.That must be a lot more fun than taking a bus. 那一定比坐公交车更有趣
  6.How far do you live from the bus station ? 你住的离车站有多远 ? I live 10 miles from the bus station . 十英里 7 He rides his bike to the bus station.= He goes to the bus station on his bike /by bike 他骑自行车去公共汽车站 8 Some students drive, other students / others take the bus. 一些学生开车,另一些学生乘公共汽车. 9 In Japan, the most three ways of getting to school are bus, train and bike. 在日本,最受欢迎的三种上学方式是公共汽车,火车和自行车 10 Let me have a look. 让我看看 11 If you have a problem, you can ask a policeman. 如果你有麻烦,可以找警察
(以 if 一道的条件状语从句,主句用一般将来时态或情态动词,从句用一般现在时态) If the car comes, you can get into it. If I have time , I will help you. 三.基础练习
  1.He usually takes the subway to school. (划线提问) he to school ?
  2.她每天花费 30 分钟锻炼身体。 It 30 minutes exercise.
  3. I took the taxi to the airport to meet my aunt. (同义句) I the airport to meet my aunt .
  4.Sydney is thousands of kilometers away from Beijing. is Sydney Beijing ? 5 It took me half an hour to go to the post office. (划线提问) it you to go to the post office? 6 Her lifestyle is different from yours. (同义句) Her lifestyle is not yours. 7 My mother spent 100 dollars on the coat. (同义句) My mother spent 100 dollars coat. My mother 100 dollars the coat. My mother the coat 100 dollars. The coat my mother 100 dollars. 8 并非所有的学生都乘公共汽车上学 students go to school . 9 那肯定比乘公共汽车有趣得多 That more fun than a bus. That more fun than a bus. 10 does it take to get to the hospital? - About 10 minutes. A How far B How much C How many D How long 11is it from the park to your house? - About 10 minutes’ walk. A How far B How much C How many D How long 四.中考链接
  1.It took several years to build QinghaiTibet Railway. it to build QinghaiTibet Railway?
  2. Nobody else in her class lives farther from school than her. She from school in her class.
  3.你通常花多长时间到校? 它取决于交通方式。 How long it you to school ? It means of transportation.
  4. It took him a year to finish his novel. (同义句) He a year his novel.


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   初三英语第一轮复习 八上 Unit 3 一 Phrases: : 1.babysit her sister =look after =take care of 照顾她的妹妹 2.spend time with friend 和朋友度过时光 3.go camping/ hiking /sightseeing/ fishing/shopping 去宿营/徒步旅行/观光/钓鱼/逛 4.go bike riding 骑车观光 5.go away for too long 离开很久 6.sleep a ...

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