八年级下 Units5-6 基础知识巩固 I 词组 take away 拿走 make a living 谋生 all over the world 全世界 all the time 一直 let … in 允许某人进入 have a difficult time doing sth.做某事有困难 做某事有困难 in order to improve my English 为了提高英语 get an educatioe 接受教育 make money 赚钱 give money to 向。。捐款 。捐款 。 raise money for charity 为慈善机构募捐 run out of/ use up 用完 by the way 顺便一提 be interested in 对。。感兴趣 。感兴趣 。 far away 远离 II. 句型 1 If you go to the party, you will have a good time. 2 What will happen if they have the party today? Half the class won’t come.
  3.And if you become rich, you will have a difficult time knowing who your real friends are . 4 How long have you been collecting shells? I have been collecting shells for two years. 同意句:
  5. The more I learn about Chinese history, the more I enjoyed living in China. 造句:你越仔细,你出的错越少. 练习 I 基础知识 用所给动词的正确形式填空
  1.If it ( rain) tomorrow ,I’ll stay at home .
  2.If it ( be ) fine , We ( go) swimming together .
  3.He asked me if I ( be ) free this Sunday.
  4.I don’t know if he ( come ) tomorrow. If he ( come) , I’ll call you .
  5.We ‘re( leave) for France in a week .
  6.How long your father (work) in the factory?
Since he (leave) college 7 How long you (listen) to music last night?
  8. Some of the old buildings are in (Russia) style.
  9. He is always the first one (arrive) at school and the last one (leave) school.
  10. We (be) friends for the whole ten years. 11 (collect) old coins is my father’s hobby. 句型转换
  1. If you don't hurry up, you'll miss the early train.(同义句) , you'll miss the early train.
  2. He plays sports for a living.(同义句) He by .
  3. They had a great time in the park. ( 同义句) They in the park.
  4. Why don’t you take your ID card? (同义句) your ID card?
  5. They have been talking for three hours.(一般疑问句) they for three hours?
  6. She’s been painting for two years (对划线部分提问) she painting?
  7. He’s been learning Chinese history for three years.(同义句) He’s been learning Chinese history 完成句子
  1.如果他们今天举办聚会一半的学生不会来。 they have the party today, the class won’t come.
  2.如果你成为职业足球运动员,你将永远不会上大学。 If you a soccer player, you’ll go to .
  3.如果你富有了,你将很难知道谁是你真正的朋友。 If you are rich, you’ll have time who your real friends are.
  4.如果你一曲成名, 人们就会一直关注你, 并到处追随你 If you a song , people will you and
  5. 谢谢你送给我的邮票。 Thank you me the .
  6.每喝一瓶农夫山泉,我们每人就为慈善事业捐出一分钱。 every bottle of NongFu Mineral Water we , of us one fen for .

  7.我越了解中国文化,就越喜欢住在中国。 I know Chinese culture, I enjoy living in China. 选择填空
  1.These are your books. Please . A. take them away B. take it away C. take away them D. take away it
  2. If you hard, you a good grade. A. won’t work, don’t get B. don’t work, won’t get C. work, get D. will work, get 3 .Do you know if back next week? If he back, please let me know. A. he comes, will come B. will he come, comes C. he will come, comes D. will he come, will come
  4. If we free next week, we to the farm to visit you. A. will be, will go B. am, will go C. will be, go D. be, go
  5. I’ll help people if I am a lawyer. A. can B. be able to C. could D. able to
  6. Why are you against the Lions? A. join B. to join C. joining D. joins
  7.He is interested in English songs. A. to collect B. collect C. collecting D. collected
  8.He has been listening to music for. A. one and a half hour B. one half hour C. one and a half hours D. half one hour .中考链接:
  1. I’m waiting for my friend. , I’ll go shopping alone.(2008 重庆) A. If she comes B. If she will come C. If she doesn’t come D. If she didn’t come
  2. The more you read, you will get.(2008 青岛) A. the less B. the most C. the more D. much more
  3. After Wenchun earthquake, people got together on Tian’anmen Square, calling out “Come on, China!” (2008 衡阳) A. four thousand of B. thousands of C. several thousands
  4. We have been good friends we joined the same ping-pong team.(2007 陕西) A. after B. for C.since D. until



   八年级下 Units5-6 基础知识巩固 I 词组 take away 拿走 make a living 谋生 all over the world 全世界 all the time 一直 let … in 允许某人进入 have a difficult time doing sth.做某事有困难 做某事有困难 in order to improve my English 为了提高英语 get an educatioe 接受教育 make money 赚钱 give money to 向。。 ...


   七年级上册 Unit1-6 学案 一 基础知识巩固 词组 1.用英语读 read in English 2.拼写你的名字 spell your name 3.用…号码给某人打电话 call sb at … 4. 一串钥匙 a set of keys 5.你的全家福(2 种)a photo of your family/your family photo 6.为……而感谢你 thank you for doing sth. 7. 问问题 ask questions 8. 回答问题 answer ...


   Module 3 Unit 5 & Module 4 Unit 1 二. 重点、难点 (一)重点单词 1. wealthy adj. 富有的;丰富的 Around noon they arrived in Toronto, the most wealthy and biggest city in Canada. 拓展: a wealthy land 富饶的土地 a wealthy family 富裕的家庭 to live a healthy and wealthy life 过健康富 ...


   新目标英语八年级下册 Unit5. Section A. Period 1 说课稿 一、教材内容分析: 教材内容分析: 为主线, 本单元以 Talking about consequences 为主线,让学生初步感受条件状语从句所发生的各种 情境;初步掌握条件状语从句的句型与时态上的微妙差异。 情境;初步掌握条件状语从句的句型与时态上的微妙差异。本单元的语法项目为 Adverbial clause. 教学重点和难点: 二、教学重点和难点: 1.教学重点: 教学重点: 教学重点 A. 句型:I ...


   八下 UNITS 7-8基础知识巩固 I 词组 1. mind doing sth 介意做某事 2. not at all 一点也不 3. right away 立刻 in a minute 4. turn up/ down the music 把音乐音量调低/ 高 turn it on /off 打开/ 关上… 5. wait in line 排队等候 cut in line 插队 cutting 6. break/ obey the rules of etiquette 违反/遵守礼仪规 ...

七彩教育网2009届高考英语一轮复习精品专题辅导 高一 Units 5 - 6

   七彩教育网 http://www.7caiedu.cn 本资料来源于《七彩教育网》 本资料来源于《七彩教育网》http://www.7caiedu.cn 中学 2009 届高考英语一轮复习精品专题辅导 高一 Units 5 - 6 ☆重点句型☆ 重点句型☆ 1. While still a student, she played roles in many plays. 连词 + 名词做时间状语 2. When asked about the secret of his success, S ...

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   Unit6 I’m more outgoing than my sister Section A(1a-1c)说课稿 说课稿 各位评委,大家好 各位评委,大家好。 评委 今天我说课的内容是人教版新目标英语八年级上册的第六单元 I’m more outgoing than my sister.的第一课时。 的第一课时。 教材分析 本节课承接上一单元的邀请话题谈论人物个性特征和比较人物, 本节课承接上一单元的邀请话题谈论人物个性特征和比较人物, 人物个性特征和比较人物 主要语言结构是形容词比较级 ...

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   高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版 必修 4 Unit 2 Working the land 高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版 考点要求 高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版 Ⅰ.写出下列必考单词 1.统计数字,统计资料 n. 2.晒黑的adj. 3.产量,输出n. 4.十年,十年期 n. 5.特级的,超级的adj. 6. 6.矿物,矿石n. n . 7.战役,战斗,斗争n. 8.细菌n ...



   1997年重点词汇 阅读理解部分: 1. parliamentary adj. 议会的 2 .territory n. 领土, 版图, 地域 3 incurably adv.治不好地, 不能矫正地 4 convincing adj.令人信服的, 有力的, 令人心悦诚服的 5 flashed vi.闪光, 闪现, 反射, 使迅速 6 pick up v.掘地, 捡起, 获得, 使恢复精神, 加快, 看到, 随便地认识, 加速 7 bulletin n.公告, 报告 8 import n.进口货 ...


   浅谈英语交际能力的培养 摘要:语言是一种交际工具,语言学习最终是为交流服务的。提高用英语进行交 际的能力是外语教学的出发点和依归。 通过各种语言交际活动培养学生初步的英 语交际能力是小学英语教师的根本任务。这对教师提出了很高的要求,除了本身 具有专业的英语知识外,还要有钻研精神,能按新课标的教学要求实施教学,在 合理处理教材的基础上灵活运用各种教学方法,这些都是除学生之外的因素。但 对于学生来说,也有许多因素影响着学生在英语上的学习,学生是学习的主体。 从学习到运用,除了受到教师方法的影响外 ...


   英语基本句型 一英语基本句型-1 主系表结构/S (主)+ V(谓)(lv)( 系动词)+ P(表) 本结构是由主语+系动词+表语组成,主要用以说明主语的特征,类属,状态,身份等.系 动词有: 1.表示特征和存在状态的:be, seem, feel, appear, look, smell, taste, sound; 2.表示状态延续的:remain, stay, keep, continue, stand; 3.表示状态变化的:become, get, turn, go, run, fa ...


   满分四六级英语网 www.cetcet.com 独家整理 独家整理提供。 本资料有满分四六级英语网 www.cetcet.com 独家整理提供。 更详细的真题, 下载。 更详细的真题,答案解析及听力 MP3 请到 www.cetcet.com 下载。 祝大家顺利通过四级考试。 祝大家顺利通过四级考试。 2002 年 6 月大学英语四级(CET-4)真题试卷 Part I Listening Comprehension (20 minutes) Section A Directions: In ...


   英语习惯用语及例句 1、a bad apple 坏蛋 A:Oh, my God! What happened? Why are you black and blue? B:I got beaten by Peter’s brother A:That’s a bad apple! Let’s think up a way and teach him a lesson 甲:噢,天哪!怎么啦?你身上怎么青一块紫一块的? 乙:彼得的弟弟把我给打了。 甲:这坏蛋,咱们来想个法来教训教训他。 2、a d ...