初三复习八下 units 9-10 基础知识巩固 I 词组
  1) have a good time/ have fun/ enjoy oneself 玩得愉快
  2) end up doing 以… 结束 :结果为…:
  3) three quarters 四分之三
  4) practice doing 练习做某事
  5)wake up 醒来
  6)look through 浏览
  7) get along with 相处
  8) at least 至少
  9) look like rain 看起来要下雨
  10)come along (意外)出现;发生;来到
  11) feel like doing 想要做… II 句型 1 Have you ever been to an amusement park ? No, I haven’t .你去过娱乐场吗?不,我没去过。 2 I have been to an aquarium a lot of times. Me, too 我去过水族馆许多次。 我也去过多次。 拓展: 拓展:Neither …nor/ neither of / either …or 3 It is a nice day , isn’t it ? What a nice day , isn’t it ? 多么好的天气呀, 是吗? 4 Friends like you make it easier to get along in a new place. 有了你这样的朋友使我们在一个新地方会比较容易适应生活。 5 I have a hard time finding it until yoou came along 在你出现之前,要找到它真是有点难。 6It was because I could speak English that I got the job . 正是因为我能讲英语,我找到了工作。 It is /was + 被强调的地方 + that 句子的其他成分 It was John that (who) broke the window yesterday. 是约翰昨天打破了窗户。 It was yesterday that John broke the window . 是昨天约翰打破了窗户
  1. I 基础知识 选择填空 ( ) 1 The Blacks many places of interest since they came to China A. will visit B. visited C. visit D. have visited ( ) 2 Alice has home for 2 weeks .
A. left B. been away C. been away from D. been from ( ) 3 ?Are you a member of the club three years ago ? - Yes, I the club three years ago . A. join B. joined C. have joined D. was joined ( )4 I have never been to Hainan, but this summer I will have a chance to go there for vacation . -. I hope you can have a good time. A. Me too B. Me neither C. So am I D Neither am I ( )5 The girl didn’t feel like .She was sick. Aeat anything B eating anything C.to eat anything D ate anything ( ) 6I don’t think that the boy can solve the problem, ? A. can he B. can’t he C. do you D. don’t you ( ) 7-Your sister doesn’t like watching TV, does she ? - She prefers reading books to watching TV. A. Yes, she does B. No, she doesn’t C Yes, she doesn’t DNo, she does ( )8 Would you like to tell youe trouble to your mother or yourfather ? -- . I usually keep it deep in my heart. A Either B Neither C Both D none ( )9 Alice has home for 2 weeks . A. left B. been away C. been away from D. been from ( )10--Lovely day, ? A isn’t it B is it C isn’t that D aren’t they 句型转换 完成句子 1He’s already cleaned the classroom (变一般疑问句) he the classroom? 2 His father can hardly write or read, ?(反意疑问句) 3 The bag must be yours , ?(反意疑问句) 4My family have been to Qingdao a lot of times. your family been to Qingdao? 4(07 兰州)Not only Tom but also Bob has been to that island.(同义句转换) Tom and Bob been to that island. 5 这件外套你买了多长时间了? have you the coat ? 6 这家工厂已经开业两年了。 The factory for two years 7 学生们应当学会怎样与他人相处 Students should learn how well others.
8 尽管迪斯尼巡游走的是不同路线, 但都在同一个地点结束。 Disney Cruises different roads, they all the same place. 适当形式填空 Come over, At least, look through, get along, look both ways, come along 1 Why not the newspaper for a new job? 2The meeting was too dull until the actor . 3 He has invited her four times. 4Would you like if you are free? 5 How are you with your parents? 6 You should be more careful when you cross the road. 中考链接
  1.(08 滨州)- Do you think we’ll need a coffee pot ? - I don’t drink coffee , and . It’s not necessary . Why not a tea service ? A. neither you do B. neither do you C. so you do D. so do you 2(07 贵阳)-When did you buy these CDs ?-I them for two days. A .had B. have bought C. have had 3 (07 青岛)I overslept this morning .my father my mother woke me up on time. A. Either, orB. Both, and C. Neither, nor D. Not only, but also 4 (07 内蒙古)The population of our city is becoming . A. larger and larger B. more and more C. fewer and fewer D. less and less
  5.(07 兰州)Jimmy’s parents are teachers. of them teaches Chinese , they both teach French.. A. Neither B. Either C. All D. Both 6(07 青岛) I prefer a small gift that has some thought behind it rather than some money. A. to receive, to getting B receiving , getting C. to receive, get D. receiving , get 7If you him tomorrow, ask him if he to our party next week. A. see, comes B. will see, comes C. will see, will come D. see, will come 8 He up early. But now he doesn’t get up early. A. is used get B. used to get C. was used to get D. used getting 9(07 青岛)The old man had to do all the work himself, ? A. did he, B. had he C. didn’t he D. hadn’t he
10(07 济南)-Your sister isn’t a nurse, is she? -, she teaches English in a middle school. A. No, she isn’t B. Yes, she is C. Yes, she isn’t D. No, she is



   初三复习八下 units 9-10 基础知识巩固 I 词组 1) have a good time/ have fun/ enjoy oneself 玩得愉快 2) end up doing 以… 结束 :结果为…: 3) three quarters 四分之三 4) practice doing 练习做某事 5)wake up 醒来 6)look through 浏览 7) get along with 相处 8) at least 至少 9) look like rain 看起来要下雨 ...


   初三英语第一轮复习八上 Unit 12 一.词组: 词组: 1.radio station 无线电台 2.talent show 才艺表演 3. do a survey of the reader 在读者中做调查 4. play the most interesting music 播放最有趣的音乐 5. as for movie theaters 至于电影院 6. the funniest person I know 我所认识的最风趣的人 7. win the prize for the ...

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   Module 3 Unit 5 & Module 4 Unit 1 二. 重点、难点 (一)重点单词 1. wealthy adj. 富有的;丰富的 Around noon they arrived in Toronto, the most wealthy and biggest city in Canada. 拓展: a wealthy land 富饶的土地 a wealthy family 富裕的家庭 to live a healthy and wealthy life 过健康富 ...

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   Unit 1 Will people have robots? 1活到 活到200 岁 2在将来 活到 在将来 4在你的家里有机器人 5 5 年后 在你的家里有机器人 7用纸币 脑学习 用纸币 9 你认为 你认为100年后的生活是怎样的 年后的生活是怎样的 10一年后你将会住在同一个屋子里 一年后你将会住在同一个屋子里 3做预言 做预言 6在家里通过电 在家里通过电 8 更少的污染 1 live to be 200 years old 2 in the future 3 make predi ...


   Unit6 I’m more outgoing than my sister Section A(1a-1c)说课稿 说课稿 各位评委,大家好 各位评委,大家好。 评委 今天我说课的内容是人教版新目标英语八年级上册的第六单元 I’m more outgoing than my sister.的第一课时。 的第一课时。 教材分析 本节课承接上一单元的邀请话题谈论人物个性特征和比较人物, 本节课承接上一单元的邀请话题谈论人物个性特征和比较人物, 人物个性特征和比较人物 主要语言结构是形容词比较级 ...

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   1 九年级英语短文改错 I’ve come here for half a year. Life here is very interesting. We got up early in the morning. After the breakfast, before classes begin, we often do some reading. We can now talk about the number of things with English. How happy I am! ...


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   PETS英语写作中常见的逻辑词汇 现在的英语考试,英语阅读是一个很大的得分点,写作当然也不能疏忽。下面是全国公共英语等级考试PETS写作中可以用到的逻辑词汇,大家在写作的时候可以有选择性的采用,只要得当使用相信对提高作文分数还是有一定帮助的! 1. 并列关系 and, furthermore, more than that, also, likewise, moreover, in addition, what is more, for instance, for example 2. 转折关 ...