Unit 1
Cultural relics
Words and expressions
Warming up
Do you know what a cultural relic is? Cultural relics are traces or features surviving from a past age and serving to remind people of them.
Whom do cultural relics belong to? Do you have any in your family? In a larger sense, it can be said that all the cultural relics belong to all peoples and the whole society, not a certain individual.
Does a cultural relic always have to be rare and valuable? Is it enough to have survived for a long time? No, it does not need to be rare or valuable; Yes, it is enough to have survived a long time.
Are cultural relics only objects like vases or can they be buildings too? Look at the pictures below and discuss what they are and whether they are cultural relics or not.
The Tai Mahal (In India)
ivory dragon boat
Mogao Caves
? It is made up of 492 caves, which were deserted in the fourteenth century and lay untouched until the beginning of the 20th century. ? It lies at the rock side of the Mingsha Mountain in Gansu province. ? It’s worth the name of art treasure house of the Chinese Nation.
Name: The Great Pyramid of Khufu Place: Egypt Time: around the year 2560 BC Importance: the only surviving of the Seven Ancient Wonders
Name: The Great Wall Place: Beijing Time: Since 475BC Importance: the symbol of China and its culture.
Name: The Forbidden City Place: Beijing Time: 1406 (the Ming Dynasty) The imperial palace/ Importance: the largest museum of cultural relics in China
Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui - Xidi and Hongcun the Leshan Giant Buddha
The Classical Gardens of Suzhou
The Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors Mount Huangshan
  1. Have you ever seen a piece of amber? What do you know about it?
  2. Look at the title and the picture of the reading passage and predict what it is about. Then skim it quickly and see if you were right.
The Amber Room was made of almost seven thousand tons of amber. It was built in Prussia. Then, the king, Frederick William I, sent it to Peter the Great as a gift of friend-ship. And it soon became part of the winter palace. Later, Catherine Ⅱ had her artists add more details to its design. In September, 1941 the Nazi German army secretly stole the Amber Room and then it disappeared mystically.
Fast reading
  1. What does the text tell us about amber?
  2. How many tons of amber were used to make the Amber Room?
  3. What else were used to make the room besides amber?

  4. When and why did Frederick William I give the Amber Room to Peter the Great?
  5. What did Peter the Great give in return?
  6. What did Catherine the Great do with the Amber Room? ?
  7. When and how was the Amber Room supposed to have been lost?
Careful reading ?Detailed information

  1. The king of Prussia who gave the B Amber Room as a gift to Russia was. A. Frederick I B. Frederick William I C. Peter the Great D. Catherine II

  2. The king of Prussia gave the Amber Room to Russia because. D A. he wanted to marry Catherine II. B. he was kind. C. he needed better soldiers D. he wanted to make friends

  3. The Amber Room was stolen by. B A. Russian soldiers B. German soldiers C. People in Konigsberg D. People in St Petersburg
  4. In 1941, the city of Konigsberg was in . A A. Germany B. Russia C. Sweden D. France

  5. The Russians didn’t hide the Amber Room because . C A. they were at war B. they couldn’t find a place C. the German soldiers arrived too soon D. no train could take it away
True (T) or false (F).
  1. It took some best artists about ten years to make the old Amber Room. T
  2. The Amber Room served as a reception hall for the guests of Frederick I. F
  3. The Amber Room was taken apart, put inside some wooden boxes and taken away by the Nazis. T
  4. The new Amber Room was built at the winter palace. F
Task 3: Main idea of each paragraph Paragraph
  1. How was the Amber Room made? Paragraph
  2. Why did the King of Prussia give the Amber Room to the Czar of Russia as a gift?
  3. How did the Amber Room become one of the wonders of the world. Paragraph
  4. How did the Amber Room get lost. Paragraph
  5. How was a new Amber Room built.
Colour Design
An introduction of the Amber Room Yellow-brown In the fancy style popular in those days 10 years for a team of the country’s best artists.
How long was it built?
The best and biggest work of amber art ever made. 有史以来所制作的最大最好的琥珀艺术作品) (有史以来所制作的最大最好的琥珀艺术作品)
A gift to Peter the Great
Q1: What was the amber room first made for? It was first made for the palace of Frederick I.
Q2: What happened to the Amber Room in 1716?
as a gift of friendship
Frederick I Frederick William I
in return Peter the Great to Sent him a troop of his best soldiers Served as

  1. his winter palace in St Petersburg.
  2. a small reception hall for important visitors.
Para. 3:
The changes of the Amber Room Who had the Amber Room moved to a palace outside St Petersburg? A. Frederick William I B. Catherine II C. Peter the Great D. Frederick I
In 1770 the room was completed the way she wanted. Catherine II
(add more details)
1037 down
Peter the Great
Para. 4: The missing of the Amber Room
Time : 1941 Event: Russia
(the Russians)
at war
Nazi Germany
(the Nazis)
were only able to remove furniture and small art objects .
the Nazis arrived
stole the Amber Room .
After that, what happened to the Amber Room was a mystery .
sent it to Konigsberg.
Para.5: A new Amber Room
  1. Who have built a new Amber Room? The Russians and Germans.
  2. How old is St Petersburg now? 306 years old now.
The clue of the story
FrederickⅠ Ⅰ
Peter the Great Czar
Frederick WilliamⅠ Ⅰ
CatherineⅡ CatherineⅡ
Prussia Russia
the palace of Frederick winter palace in St Petersburg summer palace outside St Petersburg
Konigsberg on the Baltic sea
1716 1770 1941 2003
Frederick WilliamⅠgave the Ⅰ Amber Room to Peter the Great as a gift. Catherine Ⅱhad completed the adding to the Amber room. The Nazi German army stole the Amber Room. The rebuilding of the Amber Room was completed.
Post-reading The characteristics of the passage This passage tells the history of the Amber Room in the order of so time that we can clearly know what happened to it. Besides the passage uses the Past Tense.
Page 2
1 Join the correct parts of the sentences together. A. Stole the Amber Room. B. Sent a troop of his best
  1. Frederick I soldiers to the King of
  2. Frederick William I Prussia.
  3. Peter the Great C. Had the Amber Room made.
  4. Catherine II D. Had it moved outside St
  5. The Nazi army Petersburg.
  6. The Russians and E. Gave it to the Czar as a gift. Germans F. Built a new Amber Room after studying pictures of the old one.
The following five questions summarize the main idea of the five paragraphs in the passage. Put the paragraph numbers in the boxes. Then answer the questions. Para 3 Para 5 Para 4 Para 1 Para 2 How did the Amber Room become one of the wonders of the world? How was a new Amber Room built? How did the Amber Room get lost? How was the Amber Room made? Why did the King of Prussia give the Amber Room to the Czar of Russia as a gift?
In groups discuss: Is it worth rebuilding lost cultural relics such as the Amber Room or Yuan Ming Yuan in Beijing? Give your reasons.
(You can use the expressions on page

  1. Remember the useful words and Expressions. Try to retell the story about the Amber Room.
  2. Prepare for the next period.


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