1.At a juice bar

  2.A soccer player and a journalist

  3.his meeting with someone from a sports shoes company
8/19 1 .The company wants him to be in a commercial

  2.He had to wear the shoes
3She's working on a story about a soccer star

  4.He wants to help

  5.They met in the lobby,went out to lunch, and
  1.He likes the idea


  3.She thinks Jackie recorded their conversation

  4.Nick sits on a park bench
  1.wants nick to agree to

  2.These shoes


12/19 Hang on leave out the deal wear ads Sounds good work out appear Cool In fact Picture So far so good comes up like that What else all edited accepting accepting a bribe
  1.They e-mail each other very often


  3.She feels

  4.elementary school

  5.They go out for lunch or just talk

  6.They were on the same show together
1b/5in a show my age get to went away meet up together sort of like hung out hate talking back and forth keep this friendship going a long way away





3b/5 thinking have we have beening working had shouldn't are going to have isn't
4/5 incredible frame commercial innocent endorse
5a/5 What's going on
To get back to
As I was saying
By the way
5b/5 By the way.
What's up with the English project?
  1.Dean is jealous of

  2.Nick was tricked

  3.Nick's voice was

  2.won't be

  3.very eager

  4.Dean wants more

  5.Some assistance

  6.confident that
  1.She wants to get

  2.She doesn't

  3.He's a member

  4. Try to
  1.doesn't want anyone

  2.make Patty think

  3.she wants to

12/19 get iced tea Coming right up a little get hold of told used to stopped coming Too bad brother works out I'd rather complicated acting catch up acting tip likewise major falling out awkward kind of mean complaining to sort of hyper weird with ruining so bad conflicts right in the middle quit pretty much coming back to
1A/5 How speaker feel→awkward
What kind→very nice
How you boss feel→选最长
What's wrong→mean to kinds
What happened at last→选最短
What boss&worker→quarrel
  1.out of line

  2.drop me a line

  3.Along the same line

  4.bottom line

  5.lay it on the line

  6.a hard line

  7. read between the lines

  8.giving you a line

  2. many

  3. was edited



  6. a lot of

  7.a lot of





5a/5 Is something wrong
I'm really stressed out
Here's an idea Hmmm...
that might work
  1. You seem worried.Are you OK?

  2.That's a thought
Unit 3
  1.That she has beening taking

  2.In about 10 minutes

  3.To talk to jackie
  1.He's very inspiring

  2.He has taught her

  3. make her

  4. Jackie's drama classes

  5.if she knows jackie

  6. angry about

  7. Jackie might
  1.An agent

  2.To look at

  3. To have dinner

  4. to introduce
  1.she wants

  2.is depending

  3. she doesn't want

  4.she loves
12/19 by the way real real stage an agent As a matter of fact incredible surprised do seem film director wait adore celebration celebrating Nothing really ever eaten ate exciting the right places booked perfect people-watching impressed plan ahead
  1.making a little house

  2.There is no

  3.A lot of tools

  4.She uses

  5.Making hand-made card
1B/5 hand-made funniest usually do cut around the edges favorite a bunch of cut out creativity no limits
2/5an unplanned--improvisation
to research--do your homework
to get--find out
  1.'ve called

  2.'ve had

  3.Have you been doing

  4.'ve been watching

  5.'ve eaten

  6.have you taken
4/5 fabulous improvisation drama semester inspiring
  1. What do you think of his lectures?

  2.she's absolutely amazing

  3.He's really inspiring

  4.How was your meeting with Jackies?

  5.The actors were absolutely amazing

  6.What did you think of it?
Unit 4
  1.That she works in journalism

  2. walking around

  3.She has to go to class
  1.Their majors are different

  2.she wants to

  3.She needs to talk

  4.He teaches Jackie's

  5. she wants her to

  6.That she saw her

  7. To remind her
  1.She's excited

  2. She acts as

  3. Nick and Talia

  4. To make a dinner
  1.threatening jackie

  2.she is angry

  3.acting modest

12/19 shoe company serious quite serious I've got must be talking to find out celebrate booked Great work Piece of cake reservation was planning being understanding anything else a lot two hours
  1.Go to see a movie

  2.Somewhere in

  3.They'll e-mail

  4.Mondays Thursdays and Saturdays

  5.20 minutes away
1B/5 have got to go by in between your schedule good for really good otherwise ever good for close by quite a bit coming out
2/5 a piece=something really
charmed=pleased with
hold= wait a
Oops=something you say
3/5 Jackie is being--must not
Talia gets=must
Do you think=can't be
You know=could
I'm worried=feel
Sally and=might
I noticed= might not
Jackie's hair=must
4/5 hold charmed run familiar
5/5 Look at the time=It's getting late .I have to go now Thanks,=It's been nice
It was great seeing you = Yes,
Sorry I=Catch you later
Test A 题目顺序随机,根据答案自己找合适的题
Customer sometimes=offer
Customer service=find out
Avia Airline's=to give options
How does Amy describe =She says he is very good
Why does talia ask Amy=Talia needs time to
Directions:out of line beef up ads charmed Fancy struck
hasn't she eat me to visit
a little are going to going
to ask can’t you much is completed
have been working have decided
must yourself
if we can get where the restaurant is excited
must have can each other
Pronunciation: he was TRICKED no,it just SOUNDS that way
Is there Anthing Else you WANT me to DO I was PLANing to CALL NICK
might have was
/u/ noun compound
What's your impression It's fabulous What do you like about it?
It's beening nice talking to you It was great seeing you Give me a call sometime
Unit 5
3/19 They're on good terms
She asked NIck
To overhear
  1.She asked the maitre d'

  2.Yes, because they don't

  3. He watches for

  4.Talia plants
  1. a great idea

  2. optimistic

  3.Dean almost

  4. are too concerned
12/19 as I was saying feeling as soon as conversation plant their table Brilliant researcher their table watch for plant the mike cough or something warn Hurry up close the menu order though really hungry Neither am I here comes
  1.Her family

  2.To show modesty

  3.That the award

  4. Preparing
1B/5 wonderful award even though deserve earned audience Teacher of the Year sounds sort of appreciate throughout the years an honor to be chosen honestly support of principal superintendent grateful opportunity bestowed on me
  1. conversation

  2. By the way

  3.watches for


  5. about

  6. wore it


  8.or something
2B/5 Halloween career to put on message cared about take out on a date forgot what’s going on miss you look nice in that costume so do you having conversation by the way
3A/5 clean
has they
to work
3B/5 go
neither do I
so do I
4/5 conversation
  1. Thanks. I like it ,too

  2. I didn't play

  3.Thanks.I did my best

  4.You had a

  5. Nothing much

  6.That was

  7. I bought
Unit 6
  1.To tell her

  2.To give each other

  3.She is afraid people will
8/19 she wants
he doesn't want to attract
because she didn't bring
because he has
amy's friends
10/19about helping her
she pretended
both nick and jackie
no,...from the beginning
proud of her
jackie's part
byron walters can't help
she will try to do somthing
calm down worried get into
phony tape posed as Big deal
superb get suspended
actress Speaking of which
introduce film director
a star patient ridiculous
quit the business
my big break at all
tricked stand for
  1.Need a lot of control from government

  2. She felt it scary

  3.Cloning a whole person

  4.No ,because the living

  5. She thinks that cloned children
1B/5 really curious opinion cloning kind of crimpy science fiction personality something like that clone organs genetic material getting completely out of hand nature versus nurture debate upbringing grieving government control draw the line

  1.But don't=keep everyong guessing

  2.Talia: But=keep their shirts on
3 .Tony: Good=keep me posted

  4. Talia: Yeah= keep quiet

  5. Talia: I'm going=keep back
2B/5 show up superb so phony slight pose as what if get into ridiculous break calm down suspended big deal trick stand for keep your voice down
3/5 big deal that gets him to calm down didn’t know is who’s involved making make
4/5 interrupt superb familiar suspend ridiculous
  1.Oh ,well

  2. Excuse me

  3. But the bank

  4.I don't kown about that

  5. Big deal

  6. I see your point

  7.That's nonsense
Unit 7
  1.To stay in the

  2. Pleased that
  1.She wants to get

  2. she should just relax

  3.have a tape

  4. she made him feel

  5. She wants to make

  6.She figured it out
  1.Because he wants to

  2.They will become lovers

  3.That he had a crush
  1.curious and excited

  2.I remember the class

  3.I'm available now

  4. ask Talia on a date
12/19 confession confession was over as in remember took together well studying together exam ask you out why didn't you I'd heard boyfriend split up semester In fact split up by mid-semester You're kidding guess though all right get Cappuccino
  1. A person who can't get into

  2.The girl was positive

  3.She felt that she was


  5. Jessie was not ready for marriage
1B/5 pretty amazing the third date funny person positive sort of a wind chaser put it settle down regret the relationship
2A/5 seeing somebody a serious relationship split up fixed her up played the field a crush on the rebound a blind date played hard to get asked her out
2B/5 on confession clear up admitted fantastic it’s all over relieved catch
3/5 to do hadn’t got hadn’t changed would have starved hadn’t given up hadn’t thought suggested hired hadn’t taken to get offered had studied
4/5 semester relieved cappuccino fantastic confession
  1.What a nightmare that was!

  2. Oh ! Don't remind me

  3. That was a lot of fun, wasn't it ?
4 . Do you recall that qualifying

  5. Of course, I remember

  6. I guess I should have

  7. I should have studied more
Unit 8
  1. He's eager to listen to it

  2.She's excited
3 .To wait till he heard from

  2. Listen to the tape

  3. trusted her to

  4.The evening news

  5.She's very pleased


  7.she helped Talia with her plan
  1.That she was planning

  2.That she didn't rewind the tape

  3.She forgot to press the record button
  1.I've ruined everything

  2.she learned from her own bad experience

  3.Amy should feel
  4. How to explain
  1.get reinstated on Just a minute rewound going on It's been working had it cleaned see if was just about to check recording l


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