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? ? ? ? ? ? Part A 重点词汇与句型 Part B 语言和文化注释 Part C 主题介绍 Part C 口语活动 补充知识 学习重点
Part A 重点词汇与句型(
  1) 重点词汇与句型( )
? Reservation 预定 动词- 动词-reserve 近义词- 近义词-order, book, request 词组- 词组-make a reservation ? Sounds good. 听上去很好。 听上去很好。 系动词+ 系动词+形容词 如:smell good, feel silky, taste delicious
Part A 重点词汇与句型(
  2) 重点词汇与句型( )
? Available 可使用的,可利用的 可使用的, 反义词- 反义词-unavailable 近义词- 近义词-accessible, obtainable ? Have a great time. 过得愉快。 过得愉快。 近义词- 近义词-enjoy oneself 反义词- 反义词-give sb. a hard time
Part A 重点词汇与句型(
  3) 重点词汇与句型( )
? ? ? ? ? ? facilities 设备 receptionist 接待员,前台 接待员, suite 套房 room availability 是否有空房 spacious 宽敞的 price range 价格区间,价格范围 价格区间,
Part B 语言和文化注释
? ? ? ? snack 小吃,快餐 小吃, workout 锻炼 gym 健身房 sauna 桑拿
Part C 主题介绍
? 在入住一家酒店方面,要学习: 在入住一家酒店方面,要学习: ? 了解酒店的基本情况,如:位置,价格,是否有 了解酒店的基本情况, 位置,价格, 空房等; 空房等; ? 如何预定房间; 如何预定房间; ? 如何描述酒店情况。 如何描述酒店情况。
Part C 口语活动(
  1) 口语活动( )
? Pair work: (可以先将划线内容进行替换) 可以先将划线内容进行替换) A: Good morning. Can I help you? B: Yes. I need a hotel reservation. A: OK. What kind of hotel do you have in mind? B: A three-star one. A: OK. When?
Part C 口语活动(
  1) 口语活动( )
B: Next week. For three nights. The 7th, 8th and 9th. A: Alright, let’s see. How about the Palmer Hotel? It’s very convenient and it’s not expensive. B: OK, that’s good. A: And your name is …? B: White Smith.
Part C 口语活动(
  2) 口语活动( )
? Pair work: (下面是一个预定酒店的对话,要注 下面是一个预定酒店的对话, 意顾客的需求以及顾客的信息) 意顾客的需求以及顾客的信息) R:Grand Hotel. Can I help you? G:Yes. I need to reserve a room. R: OK. Your name, please? G: My name is White Smith. R: How do you spell your name? G: W-H-I-T-E, S- M- I- T- H. R: Thank you. Then how many people? G: Two.
Part C 口语活动(
  2) 口语活动( )
R: Would you like two single rooms or a double room? G: A double one. R: Smoking or non-smoking? G: I’d like non-smoking ones. R: OK. Which nights, please? G: For 2 nights. From June the 4th to the 6th. R: OK. One double room for two nights. Your room number is 6
  10. G: Thank you.
Part C 口语活动(
  3) 口语活动( )
? Pair work: (根据提示的句型来编写对话) 根据提示的句型来编写对话) A: What city are you in now? B: I’m in New York. A: What’s the name of the hotel? B: It’s called the Athens Hotel. A: What area of the city is the hotel in? B: It’s downtown, on Fourth Street.
Part C 口语活动(
  3) 口语活动( )
A: Which room are you in? B: I’m in Room 3
  13. A: How’s your room? B: It’s small, but nice. A: What time is there? B: It’s 1:30 in the morning. Please call me back tomorrow.
Part C 口语活动(
  4) 口语活动( )
? Group work: (注意使用提供的词句) 注意使用提供的词句) has access to the internet 有网络接口 is near a major shopping area 临近主要的购物区 has a nice view of the city 能够看到城市美景 has a variety of cable TV channels 有许多有线电 视频道 offers first class comfort and service 提供一流的 舒适享受和服务
Part C 口语活动(
  4) 口语活动( )
is expensive / not expensive 贵/不贵 不贵 has a good health club 有一个很好的健身俱乐部 is in an excellent location 位置很好 offers a variety of food and drinks 提供各类饮食 has friendly and polite staff 员工友善礼貌 has large rooms 房间宽敞 is very clean and tidy 干净整洁
补充知识- 补充知识-Greeting(
  1) ( )
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Glad to meet you here. Good to see you again. Haven't seen you for some time. How nice to see you again Pleased to meet you again. This is a pleasant surprise! What a pleasant surprise!
补充知识- 补充知识-Greetings(
  2) ( )
(Informal) ? Fancy seeing you here. ? Haven't seen you for ages. ? Small world, isn't it? ? It's been a long time. ? Just the man I was looking for. ? What brings you here today? (Formal) ? I'm glad to have had the opportunity (机会 机会)to 机会 meet you here.
? 要掌握预定酒店的主要句型 ? 要了解入住酒店需要掌握的主要方面 ? 要熟悉课文和流媒体课件中的对话范例和 自我介绍的范例
谢 谢!



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