第一单元 3/19 what doesworking whyworked what kindjournalism 8/19 when willwork Taila worksknow Talia isreporter Tony isboss Talia`s hairtake 10/19 What does Amyparty What isBackground What does Tonybig 11/19 Amy saysguy Talia tellslittle Amy tellskonw Tony saysbit 12/19 take/a/break/why/not/some/other /time/party/available/listen /without/talk/to/you/about /researching/background/work /on/hoping/for/break/may/be/it /By/the/way 1A/5 Which onework What isoften How isvery About Robinany About Robin`sclass 1B/5 kind/of/it's/about/right/I /did/past/three/years/paid/off /earned/break/the/case/in /comparison/to/depends/on/a/lot /harder/in/general/my/roommate
/way/too/for/myself/a/balance 2A/5 confident/relaxed/tense/in a bad mood 2B/5
  1)How about
  3)Why don't
  6)to walk 3/5
  1)am taking
  4)am writing 4/5 unique/seriously/mention/journalism 5/5 3 1 1 2 3 1
第二单元 3/19 What areGossiping What do TonyNick The informationmoney 8/19 In thecouldn't Amy hashas fallen Last yearlost If the informationwon't 10/19 Whar is AmyMake a copy Why doesbribe What doesfirst Who knowsTalia 11/19 Taliatook Tony saysdoesn't Tony isable 12/19 get/expert/run/broadcast/competition/In/ fact/Speaking/ought/to/give/away/Good/
thinking/handle/care/audio/expert/fast/ on/it/You/do/hard/to/believe/wake/up/ smell/the/coffee/crazy/famous/taking/a/ bribe/smart/I/hope/get/in/the/way/work/on 1A/5 What's herShe would What didThe rest Baesd onThere is Did she thinkShe thought Did she hearlittle bit 1B/5 heard/about/was/caught/they/say/what/to/think/stuff/you'd/like/to/really/convi nced/actually/natural/athlete/in/the/s
eason/any/opinion/about/disqualify/for/the/sake/of/shame/to/in/trouble/with/st art/rumors 2A/5 fallcome to owe arisecome up WhatWhat a shame Thar'sThat's not not takesit out scandaldisgraceful 2B/5 1232 3/5 212331 4/5 forward/eliminate/apparently/incredible 5/5 211132
U3 3/19 Who saidNick What doesn'tcareer What doesstar
8/19 Tony asksNick Nuck saysnot When didMore 10/19 At thetime What willlet What isCrawford What doesgo 11/19 Tony getsfinished Talia thinksknows Talia saysIt won't Tony warnstrick her 12/19 Bad/news/audio/expert/check/urgent/be/sure/absolutely/sure/have/an/idea/may /remember/confide/in/reporter/researcher/
chance/lose/one/more/day/only/one/more/day/won't/be/sorry/story/get/tell/me/ everything/deserve/a/break/story/charmin
2009-12-15 15:29
? ?
g/charm/out/of 1A/5 What's thewhale There wereneeded Based onsale
? ?
ChrisMustDie 178 位粉丝
Why didn'tlike What wouldPop
was/thinking/That/would/be/ok/this /new/mall/having/a/sale/kind/of/a/ whole/lot/less/just/really/end/up/usi ng/Well/lit
tle/girl/the/whale/sounded/really/go od/a/lot/a/lot/less/you/know/what/tr eat/you/to 2A/5 figure it out/investigate/result/ma ke sense/ruined 2B/5 urgentvery important to putrisk semesterone of the to confidetrust in charm sb.to persuade scandala disgraceful 3A/5 1213 3B/5CB 4/5 bench/expert/scandal/semester 5/5 1311213
第四单元 3/19who--NIck find out--any way remember--a little 8/19 amusing English literrtute
glad disappointed difficult 10/19 What is--qualifying match
At the--unfair Whick of--didn't you What dose--soccer 11/19 He think Talia--doesn't Talia says--trust Nick gave--innocent He probably feels--angry 12/19
listen/your/side/of/the/story/Nope/a ll/alike/judge/me/trust/only/goal/he lping/win/deal/with/mess/charges/s erious
/threw/a/game/gambling debts/gave/access/to/stop/fro m/Did/you/or/didn't/you/throw/the/ game/get/show/viewers/Take/your/ pick/innocent 1A/5 One of--doesn't When was--Recently Which statement--He works About this--Those two How does--He looks not go od 1B/5
ran/into/my/gosh/doing/fantastic/th e/same/old/how/exciting/perfect/fo r/or/something/like/that/a/boring/jo b/gets/to
y 2A/5 give someone--allow someo ne newspersons--journalists throw a game--plan to your side--a partial 2B/5 Take a pick /Take it easy/ Take your time/Take a look 3A/5 a a the a 3B/5 aren't I/will you/does she/c ould he/hasn't dn't I/wasn't he 4/5 5/5 no/ss/ar/al/um I think I know you. How have you been? No,I'am sorry. I'm afraid you've got the wr ong person. It was great to see you agai n. he/doesn't she/di
2009-12-15 15:29
? ?
Here's my card.
? ?
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测试 A TEST A 1/3 When did--when he was a teenager How did--making a living 2/3 Nick thinks--the same Nick implies--Which story 3/3 plays/poetry/television station 1/3 in a bad mood /exhausted 2/3 trustworthy/dishonest 3/3 take it easy--relax figure out--be able to make sense of scandal--disgraceful action throw a game--plan to lose a sports game take your time--don't hurry innocent--not guilty of a crime 1/3 are /am /Let's go /too much /why don't I 2/3
  2)are going to
  5)'d better 3/3
  1)aren't you
  5)have seen
  8)am able to
  10)haven't been able to 1/5 略这个我也补怎么懂嘿嘿 2/5 busy/serious/talk 3/5 tonight--different probably--same 4/5 这些额听音标的。。。不会啊我~~~~~~额,不好意思啊~ 5/5 sit on the bench--rising have some questions--rising 1/3 That's incredible I'm sorry,but I have other plans 2/3 I was sort of hoping it sounds really cool I just don't want to go shopping that would be a little more fun That sounded really good 3/3 if you put it that way I will spend a lot too if I go shopping That's true I just don't feel like it Let's go see the movie then
第五单元 3/
  19 It’s 8/
  19 ything im He was Shy he an Nick very she plays
she wants
to know
unbelievable Nick Talia the tea sh
  19 He’s not m HE thinks annoyed 11/19 I’would ocked
2009-12-15 15:29
? ?
12/19sure sounds like ely from college
a minute
works for recognize teammate
both excuse us ry you
? ?
ChrisMustDie 178 位粉丝
you’ve got that right sit out
get it
getting some pressure
badly frankly t win without you Her she couldn’ 100 A little 1A/5 call
1B/5 the whole story hundred dollars
on the phone
this rebate
supposed to
of the camera
nice about
it c……
serial number like
is gone
Oh man
800 suc
2A/5become excit begin
  1)do you feel
  2)do you think
  3)are loving
  6)believe 3/5 so /such a /so /such /so /such a
  1)can I ask you to take a
  2)I have to take care of
  3)I’m tied uo at the moment
  4)Would you mind if
  5)Can you please check
  6)OK,no problem
  7)please fill this form
Unit 6 答案: 3/19
  1.She was with Nick that day. the result of the audit suggests the other way around. 8/19
  1.he owes someone money
  3.she believes Nick may be innocent. don't make sense
  5.Making money
  7.Nick put $50,000
  6.I believe that he didn't do it
  4.people sometimes do things that
  2.can't believe it's real
2009-12-15 15:29
? ?
into his bank account before the match.
  1.Talia should work with John on the story.
  2.The bank statement shows that Nick is probably guil ty.
  3.He believes they have enough evidence now.
  4.He says she should be more skeptical. 11/19
  1.they have to air the story before the competition do
? ?
ChrisMustDie 178 位粉丝
  2.sometimes the truth is hidden
  3.wants to finish the story by herself even more
  4.Tony will be proud of her work 12/19 keep investigating , have no choice , going with , bea t us to it , You've got to admit , missing something , as they see m , in this case , too trusting , skeptical , all right working on , fair , l et my emotions color my judgment , let me down , won't be sorry 1A/5
  1.Teenagers are allowed to get drunk in the bar if thei r parents are there with them.
  2.ID that how they have the same last name.
  4.Stop kids from drinking irresponsibly.
  5.Dangerous. 1B/5 says , at bars , to have their parents , thirteen years o ld , get drunk , you know , drinking irresponsibly , their kids , baby-sitter , bar owners , this is happening , crazy 2A/5 Take it from us...We have lived... We don't want...We deside to... For another,we don't...For one thing,... We never let our...We are very sensible. We'd better go with...We don't have enough time. 2B/5
  2.bank account
  3.As a matter of fact
  6.except for

  4.Take it from me
  7.go with
  8.beat us to it

  5.For one thing

  9.let us down
  1.going self





  6.had known r

  7.would have brought

  8.crying ove
2009-12-15 15:29
? ?
  1.may t

  2.may not

  3.Is he


  5.might no

  7.are going to 4/5

  1.Is it possible that Nick is not guilty?
  2.might be
? ?
ChrisMustDie 178 位粉丝


  4.Do you think

  5.It's possible that Nick didn't take the money
  6.might find
Unit 7 答案: 3/19
  1.Because she wanted to talk with....
  2.She was annoyed.
  3.He explained to.... 8/19
  1.Because she wanted to make sure....
  2.By cheating in the game.
  3.Because he wants to amuse Talia.
  4.She was angry,....
  5.he agreed to ....
  6.Nick had not ....
  7.It's the brand name ....
  8.Because she was angry.] 10/19
  1.To visit Jackie in person

  2.A businesswoman.
  3.He wasn't going to tell her the truth. concentrated 3B/5
  1.prefer to rather to 4/5
  1.a 5/5
  1.I see
  2.How awful
  3.How did it go?
  6.Sounds like fun
  3.would rather

  7. Did you have a good time?
Unit 8 答案 3/19
  1.There was no ....
  3.She was trying to .... 8/19
  1.show that he was ....
2009-12-15 15:29
? ?

  3.Talia might have ....
  4.Jackie has never worked in the building
  5.Jackie Baker had never ....
  6.he meant to make a joke.
  7.Gower Building
  9.meet Jackie Baker
? ?
ChrisMustDie 178 位粉丝

  8.for ten years
  1.She used the receptionist's phone.
  2.Because she thought Nick had lied to her.
  3.She was very annoyed.
  4.Neither Jackie Baker nor .... 11/19
  1.he enjoys finding ....
  2.show her anger

  3.she thinks Nick ....
  4.confused 12/19 dead for a moment angry yell at Maybe Pro big used to memory t
bably guest dial in
trouble have trouble with o make matters worse ridiculous took e truth lunch lying
voice mail available odd story
see a good
  1.Try to call ....
  2.She could not find ....
  3.She asked for Angie.
  4.Meeting the first speaker.
  5.Room 4
  32. 1B/5 looking k for I mean of hard quite a while at the des for her name impossible
whatever Kind
totally screwed ock
pretty clear meet me lobby 4 you
good idea try where she is why don't
how that goes 2A/5
  1.If you'd like to ..., you can use ....
  2.Nick did not .... and now he may get punished.
2009-12-15 15:29
? ?

  3.The peason you are calling can not answer ....
  4.Tina was late for class,and to make the ....
  5.Please wait a moment ....
  6.Sorry,there is no one here who has that name. 2B/5
  1.in that case
  2.yell at
? ?
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  5.ridiculous 3A/5 全部是陈述句 3B/5 someone / used to /didn't use to /something /anything /




  1.Are you sure?
  2.No doubt about it.
  3.I'm positive.
  4.Do you really think so?
  5.Are you certain about that?
  7.Do you really think so? 测试 BTest B LISTENING */3 Talia tells Nick that she believes him: {
  1.Nick meets Jackie baker
  2.Nick explains the deal he made to Talia.
  3.Talia decided to do see Jackie. } */3
  1.The receptionist gives the office location.
  2.The receptionist gives the directions to the office.
  3.The receptionist asks for a signature. } */3 Why did Nick not play in an important game:CBA VOCABULARY */4 get along get going
*/4 (which phrase) BACC */4 (Graham is always very) CBC DBA D A */4 (Talia Hi,mom) GRAMMER */2 (Amy:Hi,Ronnie) 22111 即 better were having more intelligent was list criticizing pressure
ening would rather */2 (Dear Mom) 12122 即 used to be somebody who that person is anybody
where she lives PRONUNCIATION */4 (Oh,you are looking) AC */4 (Which word do you) he */4 (Which word do you) BAA her B B 即 cann't can used
*/4 (Which word has the) 前两个未知,第 3 是 B SPEAKING 问题和答案都是读的那道 B Which word do you hear,she or he : AABB t:BAA Oh,you’re looking for Jack Baxter oes Which word has the unstressed/ /:rumor together three She’s VP at Kick Sh / Can or can’
2009-12-15 15:29
? ?
10 楼
Amy,Hi,Ronnie.Ready for class: BC Dean,Ijust got back from Cozumel: Oh,really? going? That’s great. How was it
Tony,Do you think I :CFDBAC
? ?
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第九单元 3/19 5 点 looking for There 6点



   Unit 1 3/19 A soccer... his meeting... At a juice bar 8/19 He had to wear... They met in the lobby,went out to lunch... he wants to help... The company wants him... She's working on...star 10/19 What does Talia→选最长 According to →Probably sometime n ...


   Unit 1 keep this friendship going a long way away 2A/5 1c 2d 3e 4a 5b 2B/5 122121 4/5 13231 5A/5 what's going on to get back to as I was saying 5B/5 32 bytheway Unit 2 3/16 241 8/16 314122 9/16 3242 1A/5 231312 1B/5 major falling out awkward kind o ...

新时代交互英语 3

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   unit1 ?2/19 1.At a juice bar ??????? ?2.A soccer player and a journalist ??????? ?3.his meeting with someone from a sports shoes company 8/19 1 .The company wants him to be in a commercial ????????2.He had to wear the shoes ??????? 3She's working on ...


   3/19 what doesworking whyworked what kindjournalism 8/19 when willwork Taila worksknow Talia isreporter Tony isboss Talia`s hairtake 10/19 What does Amyparty What isBackground What does Tonybig 11/19 Amy saysguy Talia tellslittle Amy tellskonw Ton ...


   Unit1 10/19 What does Talia→选最长 According to →Probaly sometime next year What is→He likes the idea Jack has→Nick sits on a park 11/19 From→wants Nick to agree Nick's→These When→surprised After→realizes 1A/5 friendship?→Happy family?→She feels now?→ ...


   Unit1 10/19What does Talia→选最长 According to →Probaly sometime next year What is→He likes the idea Jack has→Nick sits on a park 11/19From→wants Nick to agree Nick's→These When→surprised After→realizes 1A/5 friendship?→Happy family?→She feels now?→Th ...


   记住每单元测试前的题都不算分。。。受过交互1打击的童鞋们赶紧顿悟吧。。。答案滴伺候 unit3~unit12 & all test Unit3 3/12 1.frankie' homework 2.at home 5/12 1.Can you show* me how to use this math* program*? 2.You have to hit "return" after* each number. 3.Next*, you need* to ...



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