8/19 Because he needed the recept he was still Because he wondeved He wasn’t very He over Tell the To find
10/19 Because he was trying he just 11/19 I’m confused
she has blue
help she never
12/19 anything else someone else either In fact cheer up as bad as describe business suit excutive at all 1A/5 she can bring cook for Go to Aby’s Emily’s
1B/5 favor wondering bring two of my friends definitely sup posed to messed up have a great time decorations last
minute cooking things 2A/5 you +长的 2B/5business great to serve I hend by overheard 6:30 three of you Hey, can may the news+短的 Are you interest she +短的 follow describ cheer up
  2)was checking
  3)was playing went 3B/5may as honest as as positive as can could as
disgusting as 5/5 I can sorry,but is it ok No,pr…… Do you sure can I leave may be
第十单元 3/1 9 The woman Dear 8/19 he got into er badly he made an the woman he could not the soccer Things w the The inter……did not answer An……
he wanted
intertiew 10/19 Dean’s k 11/19 he wespects she has sarc…… Sorry They wear both she felt sorry she too
12/19 around lately ran into admired ruining his career prett y sure different changing the color wannabe tried out Except for took lunch performance beginning to unfold On the house in his favor soccer professionally 1A/5 的 do a survey housing noise is a the univer+长 therre should
2009-12-15 15:29
? ?
11 楼
1B/5 on behalf of a couple of minutes greatly appreciated m ore time building classrooms dorm rooms obviously point better quality more people at least pretty nic e spacious rental houses stay in mixed feelings involved in helps them out definitely issue 2A/5will be
? ?
ChrisMustDie 178 位粉丝
get up
to his
made 2B/5 uspended se trying out preformance catch up on on the hou
3A/5 on with/out /up 3B/5 losing /saying/ to need/ to wait 3C/5 until/when/have 5/5 ally Actually 同上 To tell you If you ask what do you Frankly I’m not re
第十一单元 3/19 she think 8/19 he understand e know Nick 10/19 It’s nicer 长的 11/19she is angry she doesn’t Dean sorry,Nick Nick To tell How good upset no sh
she joked……reporter she talks……party he’s going……happened
12/19 won't be sorry admit lied There you are are got reser vations just around the corner doing business so much
pleasant talk over over lunch sign basically says endorse the shoes tricked out of the way next in line star player amazing team
office make sure 1A/5 M…… 1B/5 are responsible for Africa visual aid in the outline easy look that up really quick have it all done due Sunday write Next w……
Wednesday need to meet I'm supposed to do compile get our project done off 的 the Internet helpful use bring those in tomorrow jose+短的 jack+长的 we+短 2A/5They+短的
jane’s+短的 tricked persuade raise broke o
2B/5 persuasive ver
out of this word
2009-12-15 15:29
? ?
12 楼
3/5 can’t
went to see to talk
In orderto
don’t have to
5/5 I’ve got to ed to Do you
is there anything That’ll be
I really ne
? ?
ChrisMustDie 178 位粉丝
第十二单元 3/19 To keep ney problem 的 10/19 Surprisees 长的 e He didn’t ……him He want’s ……truth To prov By working they have been Nicknever had That having mo the so 长 hard to
8/19 Nick is more
To tell him he is
11/19he is N ick’s n 12/19buddy d
tell Nick 长的
Tough rap
really happened fake
plotting for
dreamed up
impressed talking crazy es pulled off expect typical figure out so sure of made up popular craziest stori
prove 1A/5 she could she turned 长的 Teacher A map of Africa Tuesday3 小时
1B/5 the habitat of the animals blue folder rest of the project map definitely different spot turned it in reliable source coming to me instead of positively check with 2/5 handed it in for figured since let you turn it
3A/5 how long
has been playing put them awa the
3B/5 figure them out y clean it up
help you out the most expensive
best 5/5 I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at. /Exactly.
2009-12-15 15:29
? ?
13 楼
/Do you mean that/NO,that’s not what I mean. / Could you go over it again? / Are you saying that
测试 1 LISTENING 1/4 howdoes 对 He listened he wants to
2/4 says he hasn’t heard of Kicks shoes to help Nick
? ?
ChrisMustDie 178 位粉丝
eye color 3/4 Spread on the mustard:
  1.Put on the cheese and avocado.
  2. Put on the tomato and cucumber
  3.Add the secret ingredient. 4/4 Gomez 对 if her team VOCABULARY 1/4 Marcello:Hi,Amy: pulled it off pass on The team appearing
2/4 Talia:Hi,Mom: Keep cool 3/4 come up with 4/4 out of control GRAMMER 1/4 the luckiest 2/4 Tony:So,Talia: doing pick him up think of
play it by ear
break down out of this world
best working
dream this up start was
as difficult as may to buy to talk as easy as to invite will give have
3/4 Secretary: 4/4 interesting
PRONUNCIATION 1/5 up out get and it spr…… gl……
2/5 I want to 3/5 single sound 4/5suprised 5/5 I have to SPEAKING
going has is
1/3 Yes,what do you neeed 2/3 Are you saping it
I really need to Yes, that’s whatI mean Yes,that’s what I
3/3 Are you saying it didn’t go well mean 测试 2 listening
1/5 talia thinks...eliminatedthe soccer team there is a rumorhas an injury tony thinks nicka good soccer 2/5 what does the coach say the socerthey want nick not to p aly what does the coach ask to behe doesn`t trust what dose nick say the tv stationhe planned ahead 3/5 nick says his life isa mess nick says he needsthe news dean doesn`t want tocomment about nick nick agreed to endorseshoes
2009-12-15 15:29
? ?
14 楼
4/5 OK, I’m wondering…: couple sit-down silverware accommodate easy-going understanding favor attractive settings she knows it’s kind of out of your way for us to go to this party
? ?
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Pick(注意大写) up anything else get some some wine or dessert or bring anything 5/5 Alex.My old boyfriend Alex.: I looked really good too look your best No way doing things and moving on
hang out or something
vocabulary 1/6 talia:i`m try,buttruth amy:what`s wrong,talia?exhauted amy:you need to rest moreeasy 2/6 which phrase means to want to do something?feel like doi ng someting Which phrase means to understand something?get it which word describes a loud way of speaking?roar 3/6 dean:well i can tell youreaction 4/6 patty:he`s innocentout of the way talia:i knowdream up patty:i can`t believewait and see 5/6 two boys were caught smokinglet them off excuse us for a minuteasking to step aside the government is tring todown we...for lost time bymade up 6/6 figure outbe able to come up with take your timedon`t hurry throw a gameplan to lose a sports game grammar 1/4 Tony:I(选词) : want am having would rather anyone better nick:i don`t know what to dothrough it dean:i can`t believe all ofshout 2/4 dean:i tink nick shouldcould coach:at firstwas hoping 3/4 patty:well,i could addhold on second nick:thanks,i appreciatebest 4/4
talia:i...to see nickhave dean:why do you need to see him?to talk dean:i think he`s too busyconcerned pronunciation 1/6 falling rising falling 2/6 forget debts talk 3/6 men{tion} ab{so}lutely 4/6 He...stutyused to 5/6 (br)eak (str)eet 6/6 lookedsingle sound speaking 1/2 mark:what do you think aboutfrankly 2/2 but i`ve got one favor to ask youok.no problem he was accused of taking drugsyeah.absolutely you won`t believe who i ran into todaywho if you go shopping with methat sounds good you studied so hard on the testno.i didn`t prepare for it at all talentedextra syllable can’t



   Unit 1 3/19 A soccer... his meeting... At a juice bar 8/19 He had to wear... They met in the lobby,went out to lunch... he wants to help... The company wants him... She's working on...star 10/19 What does Talia→选最长 According to →Probably sometime n ...

新时代交互英语 3

   extensive adj. 广阔的;广大的; 广阔的;广大的;大量的 The house has extensive grounds. 这栋房子有宽敞的庭院。 这栋房子有宽敞的庭院。 广泛的;广博的; 广泛的;广博的; I have benefited a lot from extensive reading. 广泛的阅读使我受益匪浅。 广泛的阅读使我受益匪浅。 extensively adv. extensiveness n. 扩展(性),延伸(性) 扩展( 延伸( evenly adv ...


   新时代交互英语视听说4改版后答案 Unit1 3/19 his meeting At a juice A soccer 8/19they met………deal He bad to wear The company wants She’s working ………star He wants to 10/19 What does Talia→选最长 According to →Probaly sometime next year What is→He likes the idea Jack has→ ...


   新时代交互英语视听说 2 级答 Unit3 3/12 1.frankie' homework 2.at home 5/12 1.Can you show* me how to use this math* program*? 2.You have to hit "return" after* each number. 3.Next*, you need* to highlight* the numbers . . . and now you have to click-o ...


   unit1 ?2/19 1.At a juice bar ??????? ?2.A soccer player and a journalist ??????? ?3.his meeting with someone from a sports shoes company 8/19 1 .The company wants him to be in a commercial ????????2.He had to wear the shoes ??????? 3She's working on ...


   第一单元 12/19 take a break why not some other time party available listen without talk to you about researching background work on hoping for break may be it By the way 1A/5 she doesn’t work…… her sch…… she has…… she did not…… she often 1B/5 ki ...

新时代交互英语3 答案

   第 3/19 what whyworked what 8/19 when Taila Talia Tony Talia`s 10/19 What What What 11/19 Amy Talia Amy Tony 12/19 一 单 元 doesworking kindjournalism willwork worksknow isreporter isboss hairtake does does Amyparty isBackground Tonybig saysguy tellsli ...


   3/19 what doesworking whyworked what kindjournalism 8/19 when willwork Taila worksknow Talia isreporter Tony isboss Talia`s hairtake 10/19 What does Amyparty What isBackground What does Tonybig 11/19 Amy saysguy Talia tellslittle Amy tellskonw Ton ...


   Unit1 10/19What does Talia→选最长 According to →Probaly sometime next year What is→He likes the idea Jack has→Nick sits on a park 11/19From→wants Nick to agree Nick's→These When→surprised After→realizes 1A/5 friendship?→Happy family?→She feels now?→Th ...


   新时代交互英语 4 开刷 新的学期开始了,又到交互英语开刷的年头 。 的学期开始了, 老师说已经将我们的交互升级了,可还是这样, 老师说已经将我们的交互升级了,可还是这样,老师不可信不可信 话说去机房刷交互还有时间限制,现在可以无视了! 话说去机房刷交互还有时间限制,现在可以无视了! 多话不说,直接上安装包了。 多话不说,直接上安装包了。 网盘下载,单文件较大需要使用优蛋下载 使用优蛋下载) 下载地址 1(115 网盘下载,单文件较大需要使用优蛋下载) 网盘下载, 个包, 左右) 下载地址 ...



   英语作文经典句子 有很多朋友阅读能力很不错,但是一到说或写,就“卡壳”了。我以前就有过这 样一个阶段,非常痛苦,但是后来通过观察、分析与总结,终于闯过了这一关。 今天写点东西,希望能为迷路的一些朋友做点小事。 Some friends often complain that they are not bad in reading comprehension, but relatively weak in spoken English and Writing and often get stu ...

高考英语 作文万能句子素材

   高考英语作文常用开头, 高考英语作文常用开头,中间及结尾的句子 常用开头 (一)段首句 关于……人们有不同的观点。一些人认为…… ……人们有不同的观点 1. 关于……人们有不同的观点。一些人认为…… There are different opinions among people as to .Some people suggest that . 俗话说(常言道)……,它是我们前辈的经历,但是,即使在今天, 2. 俗话说(常言道)……,它是我们前辈的经历,但是,即使在今天,它在许多场合仍然 ...


   考研英语小作文之报告特训 考研英语小作文之报告特训 距离最后的考试已经不到两个月的时间,最后的冲刺序幕正式拉开。英语复 习到这个阶段,最重要的就是作文。要想在最后的考试成绩中脱颖而出,现阶段 就必须要把精力放在分值占在 30 分的写作上。 考研英语中大作文的要求是内容切题、表达清楚、文字连贯、句式多变和语 言规范。小作文考察点在信息点的覆盖、语言的准确性、文章组织的连贯性上。 其中小作文占 10 分,分为求职信、祝贺信、道歉信、询问信、推荐信、感 谢信、 邀请信、 辞职信等等二十多种应用文。 ...


   高三英语(人教版)第二轮专题辅导讲座 专题五:英语单词拼写专题 五 【命题趋向】 高考单词拼写的趋势如下:单词拼写试题是书面表达的最基本的技能, 高考单词拼写的趋势如下:单词拼写试题是书面表达的最基本的技能,主要考查单词拼写能 判断词性,词义的能力。最近几年的单词拼写的命题趋势如下: 力、判断词性,词义的能力。最近几年的单词拼写的命题趋势如下: 1。项目考查多样化,考查的词类主要为:动词、名字、副词和形容词。如下表: 。 年份 动词 名词 副词 形容词 4 4 1 1 2006 年陕西卷 3 ...


   What’s your name? May I have your name?您贵姓? 请问您贵姓大名? Do you want some tea? Could you like some tea?您要喝茶吗? 请问您想喝茶吗? Over here, please. Could you come this way please?这边请。 请您往这边走好吗? * 不要说 OK, Sure, Yeah 等等,而要说 Certainly, Sir. * Hey, uh-huh, Hang on 等 ...