新时代交互英语读写译 3 级答案 (此文档系列由幻化的光影整理)
读写译一 ⒈ ⑴feel comfortable about ⑵improve one's reading abilities ⑶prefer television to print ⑷subjects at the level of higher education/at the college level ⑸retain new hnowledge/the retention of new knowledge ⑹apply for and get a driver's license ⑺something one benefits all one's life ⑻if you were in my position/if you were put in my position ⑼extract some benefits from ⑽Time flies by awfully fast ⒉ ⑴look over ⑵Getting a head start ⑶is held off/will be held off ⑷devote ... to ⑸in sum ⑹In the light of ⑺There's a likelihood Ⅳ ⑴~⑸ EBAOC ⑹~⑽ DGHKJ Ⅴ ⒈ ⑴Jack decided to read Shakespeare's sonnets aloud until he can retain them. ⑵How to cultivate one's long-term memory? - Prompt and repeated reading can turn short - term memory into long - term memory. ⑶Cramming for a test on the last day before it can not really be effective. ⑷In the light of the importance of textbooks, you need to treat them as tools of your job trade - just as you would need an instruction manual if your job required you to have one. ⑸The real secret for the man's success is that he always gets a head start on the others. ⒉ ⑴记忆的信息会在接触后的 24 小时内逐渐遗忘。(这就是“遗忘曲线”) ⑵有些学生或许会以此作为考前突击的理由??把一切都拖到考试前最后一天
来硬记。 ⑶许多教师都会进行期末总结性的考试, 他们并不是仅仅考察上次考试以后所学 的新知识,而是考察这门课自始至终的所有内容。 ⑷然而,你学习中的一半或者是更多的时间都可能花在教科书上了。 ⑸有些学生把他们的教科书看作是令人头痛或是乏味的东西,但不幸的是,这是 他们所受教育中必需的(也是昂贵的)组成部分。 Ⅵ(此部分不会评分,所以,请尽情发挥吧) Reading
  2(实际上是书上的最后一段) long as the world goes around will continue to change words will be added to English will be altered because people are most comfortable with the familiar not likely that we'll ever see a major change in the ost words are spelled what would we do without the challenge of English way m
3/3 Words and Phrases 1
  1.probability -- likelihood
  2.pot for -- choose
  3.considered -- contemplated
  4.liberal -- tolerant
  5.invaded -- affected
  6.retain -- master
  7.a good beginning -- a head start
  8.in the light of -- according to Words and Phrases 2
  1.You don't have to ... carefully (unless) you want to.
  2.The repairman ... any (instruction) on when to fix the car.
  3.Due to the ... decided to (hold off) the meeting.
  4.I don't think ... umbrella (in case) it does.
  5.Two weeks after ... supposed (to have left) the school now.
  6.As a nurse ... was (exposed) to great danger.
  7.Professors expect ... reference (sections) in the library.
  8.(Whatever) the outcome,.... Discourse Exercise 3 1 4 2 6 5
Correction Ahad been complaining Dused Chave learned Aminutes Ddepending Cunfortunately Cattracting Bare Dis Bawfully
读写译二 Reading 1 ==========1/31============
  16.上不了网 ========1/32============
  10.mous ========1/33===========
insured personal awareness accurately accessible exposing conversation have ventured reveals afford Banked Cloze 1 ==========================
  15.assure Banked Cloze 2 =====================
Reading 2 =====2/3 Dictation======= 摘自课文第二段 第 1 行:a chicken with desirable traits has been bred or 第 2 行:genetically engineered of thousands of eggs which will 第 3 行:hatch into identical copies could roll off the production lines 第 4 行:every hour of clones could be produced each year 第 5 行:to supply chicken farms with birds that all grow at the 第 6 行:same rate the same amount of meat and taste the same ======3/3--1 ========= Word and phrases 1 ====================== 前面为提示,后面为答案
  1.took risk ofventured
  5.postponeput off
  7.Did you noticeWere you aware of
  8.answerrespond to Word and phrases 2
  1.The forcescale
  2.This middle schoolattached
  3.Citizens may haveaccess
  4.This new typeresistant
  5.This news program external
  6.China is avulnerable
  8.A mystery ailmentvictims =====排序====== 214365 ====Correction 改错=====
  1.There could also c:carry food-poisoning bacteria
  2.At present b:is too expensive for breeders
  3.When shop online a:shopping online
  4.It's difficult c:Expect to receive
  5.Origen's website b:genetically engineering birds
  6.Marketers a:in particular
  7.Embrex is c:inject the cells into
  8.Credit rights b:apply to 9:Billions of clones b:supply chicken farms with birds
  10.When you enter C:protection of personal information
Reading 1 (注:以下是书上的标号) Ⅲ. ⒉ ⑴rather than clear ⑵either of them had fallen ⑶did he realize the scale of the disaster ⑷they were giving up hope ⑸should have seen Euan’s face ⑹It was only after we’d flown back to Glasgow ⑺would have died ⒊ ⑴Because of thanks to ⑵find out work out ⑶hitstricken ⑷escaped fromsurvived ⑸Very quickly Before we know it ⑹counted the number of students did a head count ⑺didn’t wake up from slept through ⑻stop holding let go of ⑼to be obtained available ⑽extremely pleased thrilled Ⅳ. ⑴extinguished ⑵reduced ⑶tragedy ⑷submitted ⑸architects ⑹damaging ⑺effective ⑻issued ⑼within ⑽rejected ⑾widening ⑿available ⒀consequently ⒁reconstruction ⒂reached
Ⅴ. ⒈ ⑴Stephen linked arms/was arm in arm with his wife wading through the fierce current. ⑵There is no sign that the price of daily necessities is going to fall in the disaster-hit area. ⑶Surviving the tsunami, Sara was finally reunited with her family at the airport. ⑷Knowing/Seeing the injured person was in great danger, he quickly decked into doctor mode and set about saving his life on the spot. ⑸She cried her eyes out, telling me that almost the whole village had been overwhelmed by the flood. ⒉ Ⅵ.writing(此处跳过,请大家也跳过吧) Reading 2 (实际上是书上第一段) (What) happened the nest few minutes after the Titanic hit the iceberg will forever remain in history. (First) Officer Murdoch, (who) was the officer of the watch at that time, (was) responsible for the navigation of the Titanic. (We) will probably never know what thoughts flashed through his mind as the wall of ice passed along the starboard side of the bow, (pieces) of it falling onto the forecastle and well deck. 3/3 (以下的题请注意顺序!!!) Words and Phrases 1
  1. tendency current
  2. nervous tense
  3. fear panic
  4. faithful to God religious
  5. drew back receded
  6. crash collision
  7. costly luxurious
  8. arranging coordinating Words and Phrases 2
  1.Linda decided to (switch) her major from engineering to medicine.
  2.We were (heading) for Boston in the middle of the night when our truck broke down.
  3.I’ve no idea how to set about (changing) a tyre on a car.
  4.We (bumped) into Kate when we were in London last week.
  5.There will be a full investigation to (work out) what caused the accident.

  6.A small dog had somehow (managed) to survive the fire.
  7.The lives of thousands of birds are (in) jeopardy as a result of the oil spillage.
  8.Falling export rates have (impacted) the country’s economy quite considerably. Discourse Exercise 52 1 6 4 3 Correction
  1.He and his offices … (crews) were … C. crews crew
  2.It was only after we’d … (when) I felt like … C. when that
  3.As I looked down … (other than) clear and I … B. other than rather than
  4.Furthermore, he had not … (that) was the most… C. that what
  5.Aside form the men … (a few) realized that … C. a few few
  6.Like all ships … (great) her forward motion. C. great greater
  7.Thanks to Stephen’s … (survive from) the Asian … D. survive from survive
  8.Stephen used all his … (he realized) the scale… C. he realized did he realize
  9.(If) the Titanic proceeded … A. if had
  10.He dashed back the hotel … (had missed) D. had missed was missing
========1/3============== Vocabulary & Structure 1 =========================
  1.food--borne illnesses

  2.die of food poisoning
  3.fatal digestive tract illnesses / fatal digestive tract disturbances
  4.edible vegetables
  5.store at room temperature
  6.be in the absence of oxygen
  7.make...safe for consumption
  8.a fast-food restaurant chain
  9.focus the public spotlight on
  10.one outcome of the concern about / an outcome of the concern about
  11.prevent loss of control over
  12.make up only a fraction of
  13.affect just a few victims
  14.protect food from microorganisms Vocabulary & Structure 2 ==========================
  10.monitoring Vocabulary & Structure 3 ==========================
  1.died of
  2.suffers from
  3.should focus all our attention on
  4.On occasion
  5.have come to
  6.as a result
Banked Cloze =========================
  15.in all =========1/3=========== Translation 1 =======================
  1.他吃了些 He suffered digestive tract disturbances after taking some contaminated food.
  2.我们应该 We should focus the public's spotlight on food safety.
  3.食源性疾病 Food-borne illness can cause diarrhea or stomachache.
  4.新鲜食物 Fresh food is more nutritious than canned and packaged foods.
  5.购买食品时 When food shopping, I am used to inspecting
the batch numbers and seals of the products/ foods first. ===================== 第 1 行:[It's] good to know that no single food additive poses a 2 :severe danger to the entire population. [But] saiver addtion, [such] 3 :as those we have mentioned, [do] pose some risks to the 4 :general public and should be avoided as much as possible. 5 :[Fortunately], people are more aware than ever of the dangers 6 :of pesticide resdues on fruits and vegetables and of 7 :additives in our processed foods. =========3/3=========== Words and Phrases 1 =======================
  1.are loaded withcontain
  3.constituteare considered
  4.pass it offregard it
  6.chances are excellentit's most likely
  8.controversyargument Words and Phrases 2 =======================
  1.One of our objectives in education critical

  2.The botulinum toxin is destroyed by rendered
  3.It is our responsibility as healthy
  4.For many years, meat and seafood inspectors
  5.Bacteria may or act in food multiply
  6.Fortunately,people are more aware residues
  7.The federal government recognizes
  8.Now more and more people have cocern Discourse Exercise ====================== 351624 Correction ====================
  1.Whether or not the microbes B:sources
  2.So potent the botulinum toxin B:is the botulinum toxin
  3.Some people have come to B:inevitable
  4.While commercially prepared food D:take notice
  5.Artificial colorings, often using B:used
  6.A plan must then be developed D:at
  7.But several additives, such as B:do pose
  8.Red No.3 has been D:under
  9.Overwhelmingly, most food B:make

  10.For people who are otherwise C:relatively Translation 1 Translation 1 ======================
  1.[Food safety affects] not only just a few victims, but the whole society as well.
  2.[The incident itself] has focused the public spotlight on thr issues of.
  3.[Eating good foods makes you feel great and] helps prevent many types of illnesses.
  4.[Nowadays people] are more aware than ever of
Reading 1 ~~~~~~~ Vocabulary & Structure 1 ⑴be deferred to as the principal decision makers ⑵have the access to education ⑶benefit from ⑷in terms of ⑸be confined to the house ⑹participate equally in jobs ⑺be responsible for raising children ⑻dedicate oneself to a long term education ⑼attribute to ⑽take advantage of convenient facilities Vocabulary & Structure 2 ⑴breadwinner
⑵access ⑶restricted ⑷confined ⑸consequences



   新时代交互英语读写译 3 级答案 (此文档系列由幻化的光影整理) 读写译一 ⒈ ⑴feel comfortable about ⑵improve one's reading abilities ⑶prefer television to print ⑷subjects at the level of higher education/at the college level ⑸retain new hnowledge/the retention of new knowledge ⑹apply ...


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   UNIT 1 3/16 1)feel comfortable about 2)improve one's reading abilities 3)prefer television to print 4)subjects at the college level 5)retain new knowledge 6)apply for and get a driver's licese 7)something one benefits all one's life 8)if you were in ...


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