A: Hello! B: Hey, Abby, how's it going? A: Good, how are you? B: Oh, pretty good, pretty good. I was just wondering what you were doing tonight. A: Oo, Jen and I are gonna go to the karaoke bar tonight. B: Oooo! A: You wanna come? B: Umm, boy! I don't know. A: It'll be really fun! B: That's not really my kind of ... That's not really my kind of scene. A: You don't really have to sing, you can just come and watch everybody kind of make a fool of themselves at the Karaoke bar. B: Well, it's not really any fun if you're not singing, right?
A: Oh, it's fun, it's fun just listening, believe me. And also you know you can do like a duet, or ... I wouldn't make you go up there all by yourself. B: I don't ... I don't know. I'm kind of tired. I don't know. I kind of have to get up early in the morning. A: We won't be really late. It gonna be really fun. I would really love you to come. And you need to meet Jen. I think you'd like her a lot. B: Hmm, is there a cover charge? A: Nope, no cover charge at this place. B: OK, I'll come just this once. A: OK, great. I will see you there. B: I will meet you there. At eight? A: Eight o'clock. B: OK, see you then. A: Bye. B: Bye.





Section Test B Listening level 1 1/4
9 am - 12 pm 12 pm 1 pm - 6 pm 6-9 pm 9 pm - 1 am have class eat lunch work go to class drive back home,make dinner,do homework
  2.beautiful red couch
  3.three thousand
  4.pay for
  6.interest for a year
  7.on a credit card
  8.pay the interest
  10.two hundred dollars a month
  11.cool couch
Section Test B Vocabulary 1/2
tight schedule get together appliance swamped chit-chat off get a life relaxing warranty surround sound


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