Hi, Angie. (Oh, my God) You will not believe what just happened to me. OK. So I was invited to this party, and I thought, "OK, fun, good idea, something to do on Friday night." And, so I go to the party, and I get there and everybody is in formal dresses, they're like all dressed up. I'd just come from work and so I am in my sweat pants and my grubby T-shirt with the stains all over it. (Oh my god!) I was really embarrassed. So I go in there and of course everybody's kind of looking at me funny because, you know, I come up to this person in a sequined red dress and I've got my sweat pants on. And she just acts really polite like nothing's wrong which make me even more uncomfortable. I pretty much just, you know, said my hellos and then said my goodbyes and left the party. I got right out of there. It was really embarrassing.
短文填空 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 red-facef embarrassing campus conference restaurant entrance table party uncomfortable tears
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made a fool let me I’am sorry i you’ve only
M: So, how was the interview? F: Well, actually, it was three interviews. M: Three? F: Yeah. I had to talk to the principal first and then I had to talk to the superintendent of schools, and then the music stuff all came in and interviewed me. All separate times! M: This must be a pretty big deal then that they're looking for. F: I think it's just a music position but I don't know, I don't know, I don't ... I put on my resume that I had done the church choir. M: That's a good thing. That's all right. F: That seems pretty, well ... OK, and I put that I did the nursery school job, and I put that I did the day care in my home. M: All of the child care things. I mean you're a teacher, that's good. F: I've never taught in my life. I got my degree, like 20 years ago and I've never been out of the house. M: Yeah, but you're gonna be wonderful. You work wonderfully with children. You're great with music. You know your stuff. You'll be perfect.
F: I hope you're right. I'm really, really nervous but I thought I did real well with the principal interview and then I wasn't sure. The superintendent kind of made me nervous, and I thought ... He asked me some pretty tricky questions about what I saw for the future of the school and... I didn't know what to say. M: Whatever you said I am sure was fine. Just act naturally, right? F: I probably shouldn't have told him that I didn't like junior high kids?
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Unit 13
Laura: Luis: Laura: Luis: Laura:
Somebody New
Hi. Hi. Are you busy? What’s up? I’d like you to meet someone. Luis, this is Susan Wu. She’s our new project director for the Star One program. She’s from Singapore. Luis: Oh, the new project director? Glad to meet you. Susan: Nice to meet you, too. Laura: Luis is very talented; he’s a great guy to work with. Luis: Thanks, Laura. Laura: Susan has a lot of experience with the company. I’m sure you’ll enjoy working with her. Luis: Yes, I’m looking forward to working with you. Susan: Same here, Luis. Luis: Which office will you be in? Laura: She’ll be in the office across the hall.
Luis: Laura: Luis: Susan: Luis: Susan: Laura: Luis:
The corner office? Right. Oh. Oh, OK. When will you be moving in? Tomorrow. So soon? Good! Well, please let me know if you need any help with anything. I appreciate that. Thanks. Well, sorry for the interruption. No problem. See you later.
Abby: Hi. Jeff: Hey honey. How are you doing? Abby: Good. How are you? Jeff: I'm doing great. Abby: This is my friend Rick and this is my father Jeff. Jeff: Very nice to meet you! Rick: Nice to meet you, Jeff! Jeff: Pleasure. Tell me a little bit about yourself. Rick: Well. Of course I'm in Abby's anatomy class that's why we're here, to study and uh ... Jeff: Yeah. She had mentioned that before. Rick: Yeah. We also work together at the bookstore, and so that's actually how we met. You know, you don't met people in class. It's a pretty large class. We work together at the book store, so. Jeff: That's great! What do you like to do for fun? Rick: Oh. Well, that now that I'm in classes. I don't really have much time for fun. But I like, you know, sports, and ... Abby: We went to go see that movie the other day, you know we went to see that new Matrix movie. Jeff: Oh yeah. I've heard about that. Was that good?
Abby: I liked it. Rick: Yeah, it was great! Yes. Jeff: It's not the exactly the kind of movie that I like to go to, but I can understand how ... Abby: I liked it. Jeff: Good, good. So, what are you guys gonna to do right now? Abby: Just studying, lot of studying to do. Rick: Studying. Hit those books. Yup. Abby: Yeah. Jeff: Good for you. Hey, It's great to meet you, Rick: Nice to meet you too. Jeff: Take care. Abby: Bye. Jeff: See you.
Level Test
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