3/19 A journalism class; She worked late last night; You’re working too hard` 12/19 take a break why not some other time party available listen without talk to you about resear ching background work on hoping for break may be it By the way 1A/5 she doesn’t work…… her sch…… she has…… she did not…… she often 1B/5 kind of it’s about right I did past three years paid of earned break the case in comparison to depends on a lot harder in general my roommate way too for myself a balance 2A/5 confident relaxed tense in a bad mood 2B/5
  1)How about
  3)Why don’t
  6)to walk 3/5
  1)am taking
  4)am writing 5/5 sorry I don’t I’m sorry That’d be ? ?
3/19 money Goss They this on nick 8/19 couldn’t has lost won’t10/19 Tali Make He New story she can’t believe 11/19 Nick too Talia doesn’t might not be 12/19 get expert run broadcast competition In fact Speaking ought to give away Good thinking h andle care audio expert fast on it You do hard to believe wake up smell the coffee crazy famous taking a bribe smart I hop e get in the way work on 1A/5 alittle There thought would 1B/5 heard about was caught they say what to think stuff you’d like to really convinced actually n atural athlete in the season any opinion about disqualify for the sake of shame to in trouble with start rumors 2A/5 连线arise对come up what对what that’s对t hat 2B/5 trus croo bogus authentic 3/5 Have have ever ought lately You’ d better 5/5 Idon’t wow They say Ap hey you You’re
3/19 Nick; career; star
8/19 More; not; the Nick 10/19
  1\The audio 2\Don’t be 3\…let her report.. 4\…to go and talk… 11/19 hasn’t finish he it may trick her 12/19 Bad news audio expert check urgent be sure absolutely sure have an idea may remember confide in reporter researcher chance lose one more day only one more day won’t be sorry story get tell me everything deserve a break story charming charm out of 1A/5 They went; she didn’t; she needed; pop corn; It’s a story about a girl 1B/5
  1)was thinking
  2)That would be ok
  3)this new mall
  4)having a sale
  5)kind of
  6)a whole lot less
  7)just really
  8)end up using
  10)little girl
  11)the whale
  12)sounded really good
  13)a lot
  14)a lot less
  15)yo u know what
  16) treat you to 2A/5
  1)figure it out
  3) result
  4)make sense
  5)ruined 2B/5 urgent 对 very to put 对 risk semester 对 one of charm 对 to persuade to confide in 对 trust in scandal 对 a disagraceful 3A/5 Talia… is able to She tells…be able to Tony 对 is not able Talia 对 is able 3B/5 yours mine 5/5 I have Well,I don’ t If you Do you really think What do it’s worth Let’s go
2/1 9 the asked her :so: he rent her a little N ick 8/
  19 diffcult amusing dis English gland 1 0 /1 9 T h e y c o u l d Di d H e t h in k a l l To win 11/19 doesn’t he can he wants angry 1 2 / 1 9 isten your side of the story Nope all alike judge me trust only goal helping win deal with mess charges serious threw a game gambling debts gave access to sto p from Did you or didn’t you throw the game get show viewers Take your pick innocent 1A/
  5Those Recently Time doesn’t He works He looks really 1B/5 ran into my gosh doing fantastic the same old how exciting perfect for or so
mething like that a boring job gets to telemarketing telephone company 2A/5 allow plan jour a part 2B/5 Take a pick /Take it easy/Take your time /Take a look 3A/5 a a the a 3B/5 aren’t /will you/does she/could he/hasn’t he/doesn’t she/didn’t I/wasn’t he 5/5 I think I know you How have you b een No,I’m sorry I’m afraid you’ve got It was great Here’s my car d
  19 It’s im He was Shy 8/
  19 very she plays he anything she wants Nick to know unbeliev able 10/
  19 He’s not Nick the team HE thinks 11/19 I’would Talia shocked a nnoyed 1 2 / 1 9 sure sounds like stupid a minute deliberately from college works for recognize teamma te both excuse us media you’ve got that right get it worry you getting some pressure sit ou t badly frankly win without you 1A/5 call Her she couldn’t 100 A little 1B/5 the whole story on the phone this rebate A hundred dollars supposed to of the ca mera nice about it serial number is gone Oh man 800 2A/5become excit succ…… like begin 2B/5
  1)do you feel
  2)do you think
  3)are loving
  6)believe 3/5 so /such a /so /such /so /such a 5/5
  1)can I ask you to take a
  2)I have to take care of
  3)I’m tied uo at the moment
  4)Would you mind if
  5)Can you please check
  6)OK,no problem
  7)please fill this form
  19 She was No the result Talia 8/
  19 1\Nick put50000 into hisbank account 2\she believes 3\he owes 4\making money 5\people 6\Ibel that 7\can’t 9/16 keep investigating & nbsp; have no choice going with beat us to it You’ve got to admit missing something as they seem in this case too trusting skeptical all right working on fair let my emotions color my judgment let me down won’t be sorry 10/19 skeptical He believes sh ould work The bank 11/19 they have to air some wan t Dony 1A/5 are allow Wise stop ID Dany 1B/5 says at bars to have their parents thirteen years old get drunk you know drinking irresponsibly their kids baby-sitter bar owners this is happening crazy 2A/5 Take对we have we don’t 对we decide For对For one we never对we are 2B/5 1 )deposited
  2)bank account
  3)As a matter of fact
  4)Take it from me
  5)For one thing
  6)except for
  7)go with
  8)beat us to it
  9)let us down 3A/5 going/talking/eating/yourselves/myself/had known/would have brought/crying over /enjoyin g 3B/5
  2)may not
  3)Is he
  5)might not
  7)are going to
  8)might 5/5 Do you think might perhaps I t’s didn’t Is it possible that Nick didn’t take the money might
  19He explained 最长的 annoyed 8/
  19 It’s brand He agreed Because +最长的 By cheatingg Because he wa nts to amuse Talia Because angry she was angry Nick had not told here
the truth 10/19 He wasn’t going to tell A business woman TO visit To wea r 11/19 He was curius He will wear it would She want to ……truth 1 2 / 1 9 here it comes juice bar Aren’t you Do I know you Not yet interesting proposition Ke ep going Let’s say deal endorse athletic That’s it business card on second thought pay visit 1A/5 They party+最长的 Thefirst job in it she wanted she might Thefirst could go to earlier 1B/5 great opportunity audition for such a wonderful show the same night other plays comin g along so perfect so great about be invited go for it 2A/5 They paid me so that Ichanged I want to know The shoes will beco ne Ok It doesn’t come and experien ce 2B/5 confirmed lines cone out ba sically endorsed 3A/5
  1)was taking
  4)was playing
  6)more concentrated 3B/5 would rather prefer to would p refer to 5/5 soundslike fun or really? oh,really? Isee How awful How did it go Did you have a good?
  19she was trying Talia there wa s 8/1 9 h e m e a n t t o m a k e meet jack hci had never jackie has never wor ked Talia might G ower Buil ding Frustra show forten years 10/19 Because she thought Nick had lied to her Neither she was ver y she used the recoptionst’s
11/19 he enjoy finding show her an ger she thinks confsed 1 2 / 1 9 dead for a moment angry yell at Maybe Probably guest dial in big trouble have trouble with use d to memory to make matters worse ridiculous took lunch voice mail available odd telling the truth lying see a go od story 1A/5 she asked for Try to she c ould meeting 432 1B/5 looking for I mean quite a while at the desk Whatever Kind of hard for her name impossible totally screwed up pretty clear meet me lobby 4 o’clock good idea try where she is why don’t yo u how that goes 2A/5 please wait sorry+短的 If y ou+长的 Nick ……punished Tia+长的 The right now 2B/5 odd Anyway In that case y ell at ridiculous 3A/5 where I can When the how mu ch it what kind of used to 3B/5 someone / used to /didn’t use to /something /anything /
3/19 5 点 looking for There 8/19 Because he needed the recept he was still Because he wondeved He wasn’t very He over To find 6点 10/19 Because he was trying Tell the she has blue he just 11/19 I’m confused help she never 12/19 anything else someone else either In fact cheer up as bad as describe business suit excutive at all 1A/5 she can bring cook for Go to Aby’s Emily’s 1B/5 favor wondering bring two of my friends definitely supposed to messed up have a great time decorations last minute cooking things great to serve 6:30 three of you 2A/5 the news+短的 Are you interest Hey, can may you +长的 I hend by she + 短的 2B/5business overheard follow describ cheer up 3A/5
  2)was checking
  3)was playing went 3B/5may as honest as as positive as can could as disgusting as 5/5 sorry,but No,pr…… sure can I leave may be I can is it ok
Do you
3/1 9 The woman The inter……did not answer An……Dear 8/19 he got into he made an he could not Things wer badly he wanted the woman the soccer the intertiew 10/19 Dean’s They wear both she felt sorry she took 11/19 he wespects she has sarc…… sorry 12/19 around lately ran into admired ruining his career pretty sure different changing the color wannabe tried out Except for took lunch performance beginning to unfold On the house in his favor soccer professionally 1A/5 do a survey noise is a the univer+长的 housing therre should 1B/5 on behalf of a couple of minutes greatly appreciated more time building classrooms dorm ro oms obviously point better quality more people at least pretty nice spacious rental houses stay in mixed feelings involved in helps them out definitely issue 2A/5will be get up stop to his unexp be made 2B/5 uspended preformance catch up on on the


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   Unit1 3/19 his meeting At a juice A soccer 8/19they met………deal He bad to wear The company wants She’s working ………star He wants to 10/19 What does Talia→选最长 According to →Probaly sometime next year What is→He likes the idea Jack has→Nick sits on a p ...


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