第一单元3/19 what doesworking whyworked what kindjournalism 8/19 when willwork Taila worksknow Talia isreporter Tony isboss Talia`s hairtake 10/19 What does Amyparty What isBackground What does Tonybig 11/19 Amy saysguy Talia tellslittle Amy tellskonw Tony saysbit 12/19 take/a/break/why/not/some/other /time/party/available/listen /without/talk/to/you/about /researching/background/work /on/hoping/for/break/may/be/it /By/the/way 1A/5 Which onework What isoften How isvery About Robinany About Robin`sclass 1B/5 kind/of/it's/about/right/I /did/past/three/years/paid/off /earned/break/the/case/in /comparison/to/depends/on/a/lot /harder/in/general/my/roommate /way/too/for/myself/a/balance 2A/5 confident/relaxed/tense/in a bad mood 2B/5
  1)How about
  3)Why don't
  6)to walk 3/5
  1)am taking
  4)am writing 4/5 unique/seriously/mention/journalism 5/5 3 1 1 2 3 1第二单元3/19 What areGossiping What do TonyNick The informationmoney 8/19 In thecouldn't Amy hashas fallen Last yearlost If the informationwon't 10/19 Whar is AmyMake a copy Why doesbribe What doesfirst Who knowsTalia 11/19 Taliatook Tony saysdoesn't Tony isable 12/19 get/expert/run/broadcast/competition/In/ fact/Speaking/ought/to/give/away/Good/ thinking/handle/care/audio/expert/fast/ on/it/You/do/hard/to/believe/wake/up/ smell/the/coffee/crazy/famous/taking/a/ bribe/smart/I/hope/get/in/the/way/work/on 1A/5 What's herShe would What didThe rest Baesd onThere is Did she thinkShe thought Did she hearlittle bit 1B/5 heard/about/was/caught/they/say/what/to/think/stuff/you'd/like/to/really/convinced/actually/natural/athlete/in/the/season/any/opinion/about/disqualify/for/the/sake/of/shame/to/in/trouble/with/start/rumors2A/5 fallcome to owe arisecome up WhatWhat a shame Thar'sThat's not not takesit out scandaldisgraceful 2B/5 1232 3/5 212331 4/5 forward/eliminate/apparently/incredible 5/5 211132第三单元3/19 Nick career star 8/19 More??? not??? the nike10/19
  1\The audio??
  2\Don’t be
  4\to go and talk
  11/19 hasn’t finish??? he?? it????? nay trick her??
  12/19 Bad news audio expert check urgent be sure absolutely sure have an idea may remember confide in reporterresearcher chance lose one more day only one more day won’t be sorry story get tell me everything deserve a break storycharming charm?? out of 1A/5 They didn’t??? she didn’t??? she needed?? pop corn??? It’s a story?????? 1B/5???
  1)was thinking
  2)That would be ok
  3)this new mall
  4)having a sale
  5)kind of
  6)a whole lot less
  7)just really
  8)endup using little
  10)little girl
  11)the whale
  12)sounded really good
  13)a lot
  14)a lot less
  15)you know what
  16)treat you to2A/5
  1)figure it out
  3) result
  4)make sense
  5)ruined2B/5 urg对very?? to put对risk??? Sem对one of???? charm对to persuade???? 3A/5 Talia对is able to???? she tell对be able to??? Tony对is not able???? Talia对is able3B/5 yours?? mine5/5?? I have an??? well,Idon’t???? If you??? Do you??? What do??? it’s worth??? Let’s go第四单元2/1 9 the asked her :so:??? he rent her a little???? N ick????? 8/19 diffcult?? amusing dis?? English?? gland 10/19 They could??? Did He think all???? To win
  11/19 doesn’t??? he can???? he wants???? angry
  12/19 isten???? your side of the story???? Nope???? all alike??????? judge me???? trust?????? only goal??? helping???? win????? deal with??? mess??? charges serious??? threw a game gambling debts gave access to??? stop from??? Did you ordidn’t you?? throw the game??? get show viewers Take your pick innocent 1A/5Those??? Recently?? Time doesn’t??? He works????? He looks really1B/5 ran into??? my gosh???? doing fantastic?????? the same old????? how exciting???? perfect for???? or something like that a boring job????? gets to???? telemarketing??? telephone company2A/5 allow???? plan?? jour?? a part2B/5 Take a pick /Take it easy/Take your time /Take a look3A/5 a a the a3B/5 aren’t /will you/does she/could he/hasn’t he/doesn’t she/didn’t I/wasn’t he5/5 I think I know you????? How have you been???? No,I’m sorry??? I’m afraid you’ve got?????? It was great???? Here’s my card第五单元 3/19 It’s im???? He was Shy??? 8/19 very??? she plays he anything she wants??????? Nick to know????? unbelievable 10/19 He’s not???? Nick?? the team?????? HE thinks
  11/19 I’would????? Talia???? shocked?? annoyed
  12/19sure sounds like???? stupid???? a minute??? deliberately???? from college??? works for recognize teammate???? both?? excuse us?? media???? you’ve got that right???????? get it?? worry you??? getting some pressure?????? sit out???? badly frankly??????????? win without you1A/5 call???? Her???? she couldn’t??? 100??? A little ??? 1B/5 the whole story????? on the phone??? this rebate??????? A hundred dollars??? supposed to?? of the camera??? nice aboutit???????? serial number???? is gone???? Oh man??????? 8002A/5become excit?????? succ……??? like???? begin2B/5
  1)do you feel
  2)do you think
  3)are loving
  6)believe 3/5 so /such a /so?? /such /so /such a 5/5
  1)can I ask you to take a ???
  2)I have to take care of ???
  3)I’m tied uo at the moment??? ???
  4)Would you mind if ???
  5)Can you please check ???
  6)OK,no problem???
  7)please fill this form第六单元3/19 She was??? No the result??? Talia 8/19
  1\Nick put50000 into hisbank account
  2\she believes???
  3\he owes??
  4\making money
  6\Ibel that??
  7\can’t9/16 keep investigating   have no choice???? going with??? beat us to it????? You’ve got to admit missing something????? asthey seem???? in this case??? too trusting??? skeptical????? all right working on??? fair???? let my emotions color myjudgment??? let me down??? won’t be sorry
  10/19 skeptical????? He believes????? should work???? The bank??
  11/19 they have to air?????? some????? want??? Dony1A/5 are allow???? Wise?? stop??? ID??? Dany 1B/5 says??? at bars??? to have their parents???? thirteen years old?? get drunk??? you know???? drinking irresponsibly??? their kids???? baby-sitter???? bar owners??? this is happening???? crazy 2A/5 Take对we have???? we don’t 对we decide???? For对For one???? we never对we are2B/5
  2)bank account
  3)As a matter of fact
  4)Take it from me
  5)For one thing
  6)except for
  7)go with
  8)beat us to it
  9)let us down 3A/5 going/talking/eating/yourselves/myself/had known/would have brought/crying over /enjoying3B/5
  2)may not
  3)Is he
  5)might not
  7)are going to
  8)might 5/5 Do you think?? might?? perhaps???? It’s didn’t???? Is it possible that Nick didn’t take the money????? might第七单元3/19He explained???? 最长的?????? annoyed8/19 It’s brand???? He agreed???? Because+最长的???? By cheatingg???? Because he wants to amuse Talia???? Because angry??? she was angry?? Nick had not told here the truth
  10/19 He wasn’t going to tell???????? A business woman???? TO visit????? To wear
  11/19 He was curius??? He will wear??? it would She want to ……truth
  12/19 here it comes???? juice bar???? Aren’t you???? Do I know you???? Not yet?? interesting proposition???? Keep going Let’s say??? deal??? endorse athletic?? That’s it???? business card???? on second thought??? pay?? visit1A/5 They party+最长的????? Thefirst job in it??????? she wanted????? she might???? Thefirst could go to earlier1B/5 great opportunity?? audition for?? such a wonderful show??? the same night?? other plays coming along so perfect sogreat about be invited?? go for it 2A/5 They paid me so that????? Ichanged???? I want to know????? The shoes will becone?? Ok It doesn’t???? come and experience2B/5 confirmed???? lines??? cone out??? basically???? endorsed3A/5
  1)was taking
  4)was playing
  6)more concentrated3B/5 would rather????? prefer to?? would prefer to
  5/5 soundslike fun?????? or really????? oh,really?????? Isee????? How awful?????? How did it go????? Did you have a good?



   最新版~~~ 第一单元3/19 what doesworking whyworked what kindjournalism 8/19 when willwork Taila worksknow Talia isreporter Tony isboss Talia`s hairtake 10/19 What does Amyparty What isBackground What does Tonybig 11/19 Amy saysguy Talia tellslittle Amy tell ...


   12/19 confession confession was over as in remember took together well studying together exam ask you out why didn't you I'd heard boyfriend split up semester In fact split up by mid-semester You're kidding guess though all right get Cappuccino 1a/ ...


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   unit 5 8/19 he's trying she doesn't nick looks good he watches a wig she asked talia left to help save nick 10/19 yes,...notice talia plants 11/19 a great potimistic dean almost are too concerned 12/19 as I was saying feeling as soon as conversatio ...


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高考英语翻译100句 附答案

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