第一单元 12/19 take a break why not some other time party available listen without talk to you about researching background work on hoping for break may be it By the way 1A/5 she she often doesn’t work…… her sch…… she has…… she did not……
1B/5 kind of it’s about right I did past three years paid of earned break the case in comparison to depends on a lot harder in general my roommate way too for myself a balance 2A/5 confident relaxed tense in a bad mood 2B/5
  1)How about
  3)Why don’t
  6)to walk 3/5 5/5
  1)am taking
  4)am writing sorry I don’t I’m sorry That’d be ? ?
第二单元 3/19 8/19 money couldn’t Goss They this on nick has Make lost He New story won’tshe can’t believe
10/19 Tali 11/19 Nick too
Talia doesn’t
might not be
12/19 get expert run broadcast competition In fact Speaking ought to give away Good thinking handle care audio expert fast on it You do hard to believe wake up smell the coffee crazy famous taking a bribe smart I hope get in the way work on 1A/5 alittle There thought would
1B/5 heard about was caught they say what to think stuff you’d like to really convinced actually natural athlete in the season any opinion about disqualify for the sake of shame to in trouble with start rumors
2 楼 2A/5 连线 arise 对 come up 2B/5 trus 3/5 5/5 croo bogus authentic
what 对 what that’s 对 that
Have have ever Idon’t wow
ought lately You’d better They say Ap hey you You’re
第三单元 3/19 Nick career star 8/19 More not the nike 2\Don’t be 3\最长的 he it 4\to go and talk
10/19 1\The audio 11/19 hasn’t finish
nay trick her
12/19 Bad news audio expert check urgent be sure absolutely sure have an idea may remember confide in reporter researcher chance lose one more day only one more day won’t be sorry story get tell me everything deserve a break story charming charm 1A/5 They didn’t out of she didn’t she needed pop corn It’s a story
  1)was thinking
  2)That would be ok
  3)this new mall
  4)having a sale
  5)kind of
  6)a whole lot less
  7)just really
  8)end up using little
  10)little girl
  11)the whale
  12)sounded really good
  13)a lot
  14)a lot less
  15)you know what
  16) treat you to
  1)figure it out
  3) result
  4)make sense
  5)ruined 2B/5 urg 对 very to put 对 risk Sem 对 one of charm 对 to persuade Tony 对 is not able Talia 对 is able
3A/5 Talia 对 is able to 3B/5 5/5 yours I have an mine
she tell 对 be able to
If you
Do you
What do
it’s worth
Let’s go
第四单元 2/1 9 the asked her :so: 8/19 diffcult amusing he rent her a little dis English gland To win N ick
10/19 They could
Did He think all
3 楼 11/19 doesn’t
he can
he wants
12/19 isten your side of the story Nope all alike judge me trust only goal helping win deal with mess charges serious threw a game gambling debts gave access to stop from Did you or didn’t you 1A/5Those throw the game Recently get show viewers Take your pick innocent He works He looks really the same old how exciting
Time doesn’t
1B/5 ran into my gosh doing fantastic perfect for or something like that a boring job 2A/5 allow gets to plan jour telemarketing a part
telephone company
2B/5 Take a pick /Take it easy/Take your time /Take a look 3A/5 a a the a 3B/5 aren’t /will you/does she/could he/hasn’t he/doesn’t she/didn’t I/wasn’t he 5/5 I think I know you How have you been It was great Here’s my card 单元测试 1/3How did 对 He no longer 2/3 Nick 对 Which story 3/3 The announce ……plays 1/3 in a bad mood /exhausted 2/3 trustworthy/dishonest 3/3 disgraceful action don’t hurry 1/3 are am Let’s go relax not guilty be……sense of plan to when 对 when Nick 对 the same The announce talks about poetry……identifics No,I’m sorry I’m afraid you’ve got
too much Why don’t I
4 楼 2/3 received
am going to
ever was the
’d better good my am able to
3/3 aren’t you an dfferent haven’t 2/5 serious talk same rising busy
have seen
3/5 different 5/5 rising SPEAKING
1/3I’m sorry 3/3If you 第五单元 3/19 It’s im 8/19 very
it sounds Iwill spend
I just don’t That’s Ijust
that would be Let’s
That sound really good
He was Shy she plays he anything He Nick Talia she wants Nick to know unbelievable
10/19 He’s not 11/19 I’would
He’s getting shocked stupid both annoyed a minute deliberately from college works
12/19sure sounds like for recognize teammate excuse us pressure frankly 1A/5 call Her media sit out
you’ve got that right badly
get it
worry you
getting some
win without you she couldn’t 100 A little
1B/5 the whole story to of the camera it
on the phone nice about is gone succ…… like
this rebate
A hundred dollars
serial number
Oh man begin
2A/5become excit
  1)do you feel
  2)do you think
  3)are loving
2009-11-21 10:12
5 楼 3/5 so /such a /so
/such /so /such a
  1)can I ask you to take a
  2)I have to take care of
  3)I’m tied uo at the moment
  4)Would you mind if
  5)Can you please check
  6)OK,no problem
  7)please fill this form 第六单元 3/19 She was No the result Talia 3\he owes 4\making money
8/19 1\Nick put50000 into hisbank account 2\she believes 5\people 6\Ibel that 7\can’t 9/16 keep investigating & nbsp; have no choice something as they seem in this case let my emotions color my judgment let me down going with beat us to it
You’ve got to admit missing
too trusting
all right working on
won’t be sorry should work want ID Dony Dany thirteen years old get drunk you know The bank
10/19 speptical 11/19 they have to 1A/5 are allow
He believes some Wise stop
1B/5 says at bars drinking irresponsibly their kids baby-sitter
to have their parents
bar owners
this is happening
2A/5 Take 对 we have are
we don’t 对 we decide
For 对 For one
we never 对 we
  2)bank account
  3)As a matter of fact
  4)Take it from me
  5)For one thing
  6)except for
  7)go with
  8)beat us to it
  9)let us down
6 楼 3A/5 going/talking/eating/yourselves/myself/had known/would have brought/crying over /enjoying 3B/5
  2)may not
  3)Is he
  5)might not
  7)are going to
  8)might 5/5 Do you think might the money might 第七单元 3/19He explained 8/19 It’ brand s to amuse Talia 最长的 annoyed By cheatingg Because he wants Nick had not told here the truth TO visit To wear perhaps It’s didn’t Is it possible that Nick didn’t take
He agreed Because+最长的 Because angry she was angry A business woman it would
10/19 He wasn’t going to tell 11/19 He was curius 12/19 here it comes interesting proposition Let’s say pay visit deal He will wear juice bar Keep going endorse athletic
She want to ……truth Do I know you Not yet
Aren’t you
That’s it
business card
on second thought
1A/5 They party+最长的 Thefirst could go to earlier 1B/5 great opportunity
Thefirst job in it
she wanted
she might
audition for
such a wonderful show
the same night
plays coming along so perfect so great about be invited go for it I want to know The shoes will becone
2A/5 They paid me so that Ichanged Ok It doesn’t come and experience 2B/5 confirmed 3A/5
  1)was taking 3B/5 would rather lines cone out

  4)was playing
  6)more concentrated prefer to would prefer to
2009-11-21 10:12
7 楼 5/5 soundslike fun or really? How did it go Did you have a good? 第八单元 3/19she was trying Talia there was meet jack Buil ding
How awful
8/19 he meant to make Talia might G ower
hci had never jackie has never worked Frustra show forten years Neither she was very
10/19 Because she thought Nick had lied to her she used the recoptionst’s 11/19 he enjoy finding show her anger she thinks
12/19 dead for a moment angry yell at Maybe Probably guest dial in big trouble have trouble with used to memory to make matters worse ridiculous took lunch voice mail available odd see a good story telling the truth lying
1A/5 she asked for
Try to
she could
1B/5 looking for I mean quite a while at the desk Whatever Kind of hard for her name impossible totally screwed up pretty clear meet me lobby 4 o’clock good idea try where she is why don’t yo 2A/5 长的 please wait sorry+短的 The right now In that case When the If you+长的 u how that goes Tia+
Nick ……punished
2B/5 odd 3A/5 where I can
yell at
ridiculous what kind of used to
how much it
3B/5 someone / used to /didn’t use to /something /anything / 单元测试 2 LISTENING1/3Talia tells Nick that she believes him: {
  1.Nick meets Jackie baker

  2.Nick explains the deal he made to Talia.
  3.Talia decided to do see Jackie.
  1.The receptionist gives the office location.
  2.The receptionist gives the directions to the office.
  3.The receptionist asks for a signature 3/3He had a health VOCABULARY 1/4get along 2/4criticizing get going pressure accepting He accepes
3/4mutter 4/4 skeptical approachable GRAMMER
fell funn
whisper down made up
asking tostep acknowledged Let them off transf
*/2 (Amy:Hi,Ronnie) 22111 即 better were having more intelligent was listening would rather
*/2 (Dear Mom) 12122 即 used to be PRONUNCIATION 1/4cann’t can used 2/4he /E/ her 4/4 she up at 1/4 sorry to 长的 how was it? I’m tired up oh,really? Ihave to somebody who that person is anybody where she lives
3/4 I really double it It’sposs didn’t take care of Did he have 4/4 oh,really? 第九单元 3/19 5点 looking for There the recept To find How was That’s great
8/19 Because he needed wasn’t very He over
he was still 6点
Because he wondeved
9 楼 10/19 Because he was trying 11/19 I’m confused help
Tell the she never
she has blue
he just
12/19 anything else someone else either In fact cheer up as bad as describe business suit excutive at all 1A/5 she can bring cook for Go to Aby’s Emily’s
1B/5 favor wondering bring two of my friends definitely supposed to messed up have a great time decorations last minute cooking things 2A/5 by great to serve 6:30 three of you Hey, can may you +长的 I hend
the news+短的 she +短的
Are you interest
cheer up
  2)was checking
  3)was playing went 3B/5may 5/5 ok sorry,but Do you as honest as as positive as sure can could can I leave as disgusting as may be I can is it
第十单元 3/1 9 The woman The inter……did not answer An……Dear Things wer badly he wanted
8/19 he got into he made an he could not the woman the soccer the intertiew 10/19 Dean’s They wear both she felt sorry
she took
10 楼 11/19 he wespects 12/19
she has
around lately ran into admired ruining his career pretty sure different changing the color wannabe tried out
Except for took lunch performance beginning to unfold On the house in his favor soccer professionally 1A/5 do a survey should noise is a the univer+长的 housing therre
1B/5 on behalf of a couple of minutes greatly appreciated more time building classrooms dorm rooms obviously point better quality more people at least pretty nice spacious rental houses stay in mixed feelings involved in helps them out definitely issue 2A/5will be 2B/5 uspended get up preformance stop to his catch up on unexp on the house be made trying out
3A/5 on with/out /up 3B/5 losing /saying/ to need/ to wait 3C/5 until/when/have 5/5 Actually To tell you you ask Frankly 第十一单元 3/19 she think 8/19 he understand she talks……party 10/19 It’s nicer To tell How good upset she know Nick Nick what do you I’m not really 同上 If
she joked……reporter
he’s going……happened
11 楼 11/19she is angry
she doesn’t
12/19 won't be sorry admit lied There you are are got reservations just around the corner doing business so much pleasant talk over over lunch sign basically says endorse the shoes tricked out of the way next in line star player amazing team office make sure 1A/5 Sunday write Next w…… 4:30 M……
1B/5 are responsible for Africa visual aid in the outline easy look that up really quick have it all done due Wednesday need to meet I'm supposed to do compile get our project done bring those in tomorrow 2A/5They+短的 2B/5 persuasive word 3/5 went to see jose+短的 tricked jack+长的 persuade raise off the Internet helpful use
we+短的 broke
jane’s+短的 over out of this
In orderto is there anything
don’t have to Nothing
can’t Do you
to talk That’ll be
5/5 I’ve got to 第 12 单元 3/19 To keep
I really need to
By working
Nicknever had That having money problem they have been
8/19 Nick is more hard to the so 长的 10/19 Surprisees 长的
To tell him he is
He want’s ……truth
To prove
He didn’t ……him
2009-11-21 10:12
12 楼 11/19he is N ick’s
tell Nick 长的
12/19buddy Tough rap really happened up fake planning impressed talking crazy expect figure out sure of popular prove 1A/5 she could Teacher she turned 长的 made up
plotting for
craziest stories
pulled off
A map of Africa
Tuesday3 小时
1B/5 the habitat of the animals blue folder rest of the project map definitely different spot turned it in reliable source coming to me



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