新时代交互英语视听说答案-Level1 第一级 交互英语 Unit1 1a/5 cbbac 1b/5 social college calss elective movement papers exciting interacting hard accent 2a/5 1b2c3e4d5a 2b/5 bbabc 3/5 acaba 4/5 ababb 5/5 bacbaa Unit2 3/12 ac 8/12 cababa 11/12 cbc 1a/5 bcacb 1b/5 book available king-size smoking preference non-smoking discount rate take much 2a/5 ecbad 2b/5 accbc 3/5 cbcab 4/5 abaaa 5/5 bcbcbc UNIT3 party happy describe black raincoat fur lining hood appreciate right great BBAAC
hungry fast sit-down good Mexican chicken seafood Chinese dish beef BCEDA BAABAA BBACA ABBBA BBACAA UNIT5 BC BABACA CAC BCCABA busy get up work breakfast fix off lunch pick up dinner bedtime ACEBD BABB ABABA BAABC UNIT6(此单元答案可能不正确,请注意) CD BAB BCCBA buy expensive
accessories for things afford save finance take deal ECBDA CBABB ABCBA BBAAA ABABBB UNIT7 BC ABBBAB CCB ABBA eat lunch hungry time important papers hour myself company enjoy CAEBD ABAC ABB BABAA UNIT8 /5 CA 8/5 BABACAC 11/5 CBB 1A/5 AABAC 1B/5 family reunion uncles nices clan fun people characters friends relatives 2A/5 AEDCB 2B/5 CBABC
3/5 BABBC 4/5 BAABB 5/5 ABCAA UNIT9 8/12 BBACBA 11/12 BBB BCAA tried sing fun frienly have along drink show talk great BACED ABAC AABA ABAAC 测试
  1.what was the most likely...... ABD

  2.A parents 1 wonderful and great B brather 2 ...... answer:ADEBCF
  3.You know,we are a little..... CADABAACB
  4.You don't look very well.... (
  1)tight schedule (
  2)swamped (
  3)off (
  4)get a life (
  5)relaxing (
  6)get together (
  7)chit-chat (
  8)surround sound (
  9)warranty (
  5.9am-12pm have class 12pm eat lunch 1pm-6pm work 6-9pm go to class 9pm-1am make dinner,drive back......
  6.A:I'm going to get a new....... couch beautiful red couch three thousand pay for financing interest for a year on a credit card paty the interest scary two hundred dollars a month cool couch
  7.there are, who, how are,what are,there,there is
  1)how are (
  2)where (
  3)there is
  8.are,go,like,come,am liking.are taking,take (
  1)are (
  2)like (
  3)go (
  4)come (
  9.before,offten,usually,around,untle... on, in,never (
  1)at (
  2)on (
  3)always (
  4)usually (
  5)until (
  6)never (
  7)sometimes (
  10.when,are,what,year,was,why,there are,there... (
  1)who (
  2)why (
  3)when (
  4)there are (
  11.when,where,what,how often,why,how much,how... (
  1)what (
  2)when (
  3)where (
  7)how much
  12.NO,thanks not mine.... AABBA
  13.Which question ACB
  14.One hundred nintu-nine dollars AAA unit10 BA ABAABB CCB BABAA red-faced embarrassing campus conference restaurant entrance table party uncomfortable tears BDEAC CBCA AABBA BCABA
unit11 BD ACCACC ACC CAAAB applied teacher
job interviews questions background nervous hired excited opportunity DCBEA ACBC ABAA BABBA unit12 CB CACACAB BBC AACAC living student job work traveling pleasure often recently trip enjoyable CDEAB ABACC BABB ABCAAA unit13 CC BBACBAA BAC BBAAA excuse soccer think yourself college teacher
teach music older working EBDAC BCBA BAAB BCBBA 测试
  1.Joseph is going.....
  2.(共九个挑 6 个排序)1 7 3 6 8 5
  3.I'm hungry.... (
  1)go get fast food (
  2)hamburgers and French fries (
  3)I'd rather sit down some place (
  4)in the mall (
  5)kind of lousy (
  6)in the mood for (
  7)feel like Mexican (
  8)Chinese sounds good (
  9)get some vegetales (
  10)in the mood for hot tea
  5.How does Kate give her name?...(BBABC)
  6.What was NOT the correct....between Rick and Abby?....(ACDB)
  7.Can you tell me...(排序)1 5 2 9 6 12 10 3 8 7 4 11
  8.Oo,jen an i are.... gonna go to the Karaoke bar sing come watch make a fool of themselves Karaoke bar listening like a duet go up there all by youself kind of tired kind of get up early in the morning cover charge just this once
  9. How does the announcer begin the phone....(BABBCABA)
  10.what was most likely the relationship....(ACBA)
  11.What was the possible relationship......(ABDBB)
  12.Hi,Angie..... (
  1)happened to (
  2)party (
  3)on Friday night (
  4)in formal dresses (
  5)dressed up (
  6)stains all over (
  7)funny (
  8)come up (
  9)acts really polite (
  10)pretty much (
  11)right out of (
  13.Modern trains have....(BACDACDAC)
  14.Nancy:Hey,Robert!How's your weekend..... (
  1)between jobs (
  2)part time (
  3)position (
  4)put (
  5)resume (
  6)fancy (
  7)atmosphere (
  8)live band (
  9)messed up
  15.did,ate,Was,had,like have,liked,do,Watched(选词填空) (
  1)did (
  2)Watched (
  3)Was (
  4)like (
  5)had (
  16.At the school office.... (
  1)are (
  2)have (
  3)I am (
  4)I'm studying (
  5)Will be (
  17.Emily:HELLO..... (
  1)Is this Emily Collins? (
  2)This is Hobert,Hobert Smith (
  3)Oh,my .Of course
  18.Won't,shouldn't,can't,have to,can,should,didn't,must(选词填空)
  1)can't (
  2)have to (
  3)should (
  4)can (
  19.It's easy(NO,YES)
  20.How are you(NO,Yes)
  21.Nice to meeting you?(NO,YES)
  22.Jif:can you hand me that....(ABACBC)



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