Unit3 3/12
  1.frankie’ homework
  2.at home 5/12
  1.Can you show* me how to use this math* program*?
  2.You have to hit “return” after* each number.
  3.Next*, you need* to highlight* the numbers . . . and now you have to click-on “add.”
  4.Yeah, computers-are great* . . . but you have to learn how* to add numbers* the real* way.
  5.You have* to learn how to add without-a* computer.
  6.Why do I have to learn* that?
  7.Believe-it or* not, Frankie, you won’t always* have-a computer with-you when you need* to add something. Why not*? 8/12
  1.you have to learn without a computer
  2.Yes,he does
  3.Why won’t I always have a computer
  4.the numbers
  5.His math homework
  6.Click on “add”
  7.How to add without a computer 11/12 More listening
  2.She can’t use the program
  3.On the menu bar test listening 1/5
  1.tweezers 2……….small
  4.like a long needle Vocabulary and Usage 2A/5
  1.Do you have a device……….=Do you have a modem
  2.What software do you……=What browser do you prefer
  3.I often explore…=I surf the ….
  4.A password is….=Your computer is ….
  5.He bought a portable computer=Jeff bought … 2B/5

  4.laptop Grammar 3 /5 Helen:Hi,Mark,do you ….. know can Will should May shouldn’t should can’t Speking 5/5
  1.Usually, I do
  2.Only if you have a USB port to plug it in
  3.Just press Ctrl+S
  4.It doesn’t matter, on-line or off-line
  5.Yes,I do,let me type it for you Unit4 3/12
  1.Emi need medicine
  2.She is sick 5/12
  1.You don’t look* so good today.
  2.I feel* terrible*.
  3.You have* a* fever*.
  4.OK, open-up* . . . Say “ahh” . . .
  5.You need some medication*.
  6.You have-a sinus infection*, so I’m giving you some Azithromycin.
  7.You need to take-it* for five* days.
  8.Take-it to the pharmacy*, and they’ll fill-it* for you.
  9.Oh, and-I know you’re busy, but you need to take-it* easy* for-a few days, OK? 8/12 detailed comprehension
  1.Good health
  2.You seem sick today
  3.Take it for five days
  4.A prescription for some medicine
  5.What do I do with this
  6.You need to take it easy for a few days
11/12 More listening
  1.Fever,headache,sore throat
  2.For 2 or 3 days
  3.Her throat hurts a lot test listening 1A/5
  1.She has a terrible cold
  2.lie down and have a rest
  3.can hardly breathe
  4.Stomachache 1B/5 feeling cold nose throat cough breathe chest home soup day Vocabulary and Usage 2A/5
  1.What conditions….=Can you describe
  2.His pain is sudden…=Jack has a sharp …
  3.I can’t breathe well through…=My nose is…
  4.She’s been taking…=Rose has been ..
  5.My pain is contnuous…=Sometimes I have … 2B/5
  2.some rest
  4.horrible Grammar 3A/5 feeling,feel,think,have,looks,seem,taking,need,usually eat,often have 3B/5
  1.I love
  2.I like their steak
  3.I am taking antibiotics
  4.She seems tired
  5.I think it is
Speking 5/5
  1.That’s because you’ve got a cold and a stuffyed-up nose
  2.Yes,I get a dull pain in my chest when I breathe
  3.Oh,I feel horrible
  4.Yes,I’m taking the medication my doctor gave me
  5.I’ve got a pain in my chest and a sore throat Unit5 5/12
  1. I’m-in* the office.
  2. It’s on Ashby, 3121 Ashby, near* Telegraph Avenue.
  3. Be sure* to* bring* the Lucid file.
  4. I put-it-on* your desk this morning.
  5. I put-it next-to* your computer.
  6. Oh, right*.
  7. And Luis*, please hurry*.
  8. OK, we’ll talk-about-it when I get* there. 8/12 detailed comprehension
  1.Be sure to bring the Lucid file
  2.We’ll talk about it when I get there
  3.At his office
  4.By car
  5.On Ashby Avenue
  6.On Luis’s desk
  7.Yes, he finds it after looking for a minute
  8. At Lucid Systems 11/12 More listening
  1.First Street
  2.Highway 17 North to Highway 880
  3.At the Civic Arena Station test listening 1A/5
  1.Near the liquor store
  2.Turn left out of the driveway,and then left again at the next street
  3.Turn left at the lights and then turn right 1B/5 stay dinner store cook place
drive turn straight miss find Vocabulary and Usage 2A/5
  1.I’d like to ….=I want to explore
  2.You’ll find …=It’s hard to…
  3.This road is…=It’s a cul-de-sa…
  4.Go along the…=Go staight down..
  5.Turn at the…=Turn at the … 2B/5
  1.dead end
  2.Turn right at the lights Grammar 3/5 at,at,on,down,close,in Speking 5/5
  1.It’s in the left drawer of your desk
  2.Next to the community center
  3.Take Unibersity Avenue down…. Section Test A Listening 1/4
  1.At I-travel
  2.He remembers Chris
  3.He works in a travel office
  4.He drives a taxi part-time
  5.He means that Sam has a lot to do with two jobs 2/4 was,were,did,have,spent,much 3/4
  2.She thinks the director is a man
  3.He met a new employee
  4.He is nervous 4/4
  1.Super Math…
  3.What do you…
  4.We need to
  5.All you have …

  7.Then you highlight… Vocabulary 1/3 reserve,browse,delete,fares 2/3 waitress nervous responsible punctual 3/3
  4.in your way
  5.stufffed up Grammar 1/3
  1.a slice of tomato
  3.iced tea 2/3
  1.How much coffee=YES
  2.Just a little=YES
  3.How many sugar=NO 3/3 can,have to,Take,make sure Pronunciation 1/3
  4.PARTY=Yes 2/3
  3.MA-nil-a=No 3/3
  2.homework=who Speaking 1/2
  1.I thik she is nice
  2.I’m glad you like it

  3.YEs,I like racketball and volleyball
  4.What are we celebrating
  5.I’m feeling terrible
  6.Hello,thank you for calling Jerry’s Restaurant 2/2
  2.No,I don’t think so
  3.It was great
  4.Yeah,I’d like a cup of coffee Unit6 3/12
  1.A farewell party
  2.A visitor from Japan 5/12 Are you going to the party tomorrow* night*? Emi’s farewell* party? Oh, probably a million* people! Hmmm, what should-I* bring? Flowers or a card would* be nice*. OK, I’ll think-of* something*. Emi, Emi, I think it’s time for a speech*. I just want to thank everyone* for coming*. So thanks, everybody, for being such* great friends . . . 8/12 detailed comprehension
  1.I think I’m going to cry
  2.We don’t know
  3.Saturday night
  4.A lot of people
  5.Next week
  6.He doesn’t know 11/12 More listening
  1.To say goodbye to Emi
  2.In Seattle
  3.Maybe test listening 1A/5
  1.A Halloween party
  2.They dressed up and danced
  3.Only one of them came
  4.A lot
  5.It was fun
1B/5 party fun look outfit vampires people dress candy dance player Vocabulary and Usage 2A/5
  1.Be creative….=Use your imagination
  2.I really enjoyed…=I’ve had a …
  3.Emi,you should…=It’s time for…
  4.It should be …=It;ll be such..
  5.Will you come…=Are you going… 2B/5
  5.farewell Grammar 3/5
  1.are you going to do
  2.I’ll think
  3.won’t tell
  4.I’m going
  5.Are you coming Speking 5/5
  2.A party where everyone has fun
  3.I’m going to a farewell party
  4.I like to watch movies
  6.I had a fabulous time
  7.Use your imagination
  8.Thank you Unit7 3/12
  1.The father and the son buy the wrong foods

  2.The father and the son have to buy food for the family 5/12 Frankie, let’s do the grocery shopping. OK, I made-a* list*. Frankie, go get some milk*, two cartons, OK? I didn’t get any* milk*, but I did get some ice* cream*. You know we have to cut down on sweets*. Oh good, you got the groceries*. We got a lot-of good* stuff*. Did you remember to buy some tomatoes? I didn’t know* we needed* tomatoes. Good* work*, guys. 8/12 detailed comprehension
  1.He forgot lettuce and tomatoes
  2.Paul forgot some things
  3.Frankie,put it back
  4.Milk and vegetables
  5.They bought a lot of snacks
  6.Ice cream 11/12 More listening
  2.Tomorrow morning
  72.43 test listening 1A/5
  1.Some of the stores are expensive
  2.A big mall
  3.One of the srores in the mall
  4.There are a few restaurants there,but the pizza place is the best one
  5.They don’t say 1B/5 navigate stores side look best compare skywalk restaurants pizzas clothes
Vocabulary and Usage 2A/5
  1.We shouldn’t eat…..=We need to cut
  2.A great job….= …Good work,guys
  3.Let’s go buy some….=Let’s do the grocery…
  4.We bought lots of. …=We got a lot of..
  5.I wrote down.=.I made a list.. 2B/5
  1.pick up
  5.groceries Grammar 3/5 any some some some any some Speking 5/5
  1.check it out
  2.In a supermarket
  3.Vegetables and meat
  4.I like to buy fresh foods in small amounts
  5.It has the best selection of foods
  6.Excellent choice
  7.Darn!I didn’t know we needed milk
  8.I need to cut down on sweets Unit8 5/12 What’s* wrong*, Maggie? Well, I want-to ask Brian to the school dance* . . . but I can’t. Try calling* him-up*. I’m too* shy*! I’ll bet* he says yes. Um . . . I was wondering . . . if you . . . had-a date for the dance on Friday? But do we have* to* dance? Oh . . . but I don’t have to dress-up, do I? Well, maybe you can pick* me-up* or something? 11/12
More listening
  1.Smoking is not allowed anywhere
  2.No containers are allowed in the gymnasium
  3.The parking lot will be locked test listening 1A/5
  1.She’s just wearing the same as everybody else
  2.short skirts
  3.it’s hot in school and there’s no air conditioning
  4.Take her father to school and show him what the other kids are wearing
  5.Her father doesn’t think she’s dressed right for school 1B/5 difficult wrong dressed wearing school naked covered short heels shoes Vocabulary and Usage 2A/5
  1.You should make=It’s up to you
  2.You should think=You should consider it …
  3.He is bery thoughtful=He’s really considerate…
  4.Time will make=You should give it..
  5.You told me something=You just opened… 2B/5
  1.up to you
  3.dress up
  4.insight Grammar 3/5 spending to speak to go enough should apply try to go to ask about
to find out very too Speking 5/5
  1.I enjoyed talking to you,too
  2.You should take him to school and let him see what the other girls wear
  3.I’m too shy Unit9 3/12 Global Comprehension
  1.She missed her flight,
  2.Neighbors 5/12 Welcome* back! You look tired*. Ahhh . . . I’m exhausted* . . . What happened*? What didn’t* happen?! It was so frustrating! I almost lost* my mind*! That’s terrible*. That’s SO annoying*, I can’t believe-it*! Did that go* well*? 7/12
  2.Noisy and uncomfortable
  3.She was at a business meeting
  4.She can’t think anymore
  5.Kate is very tired
  6.It was lost 11/12 More listening
  1.What kind of bag is it?
  2.Do you need your bag tonight
  3.We’ll bring it to you tonight test listening 1A/5
  1.it was bad
  2.They were rude and disrespectful
  3.A group trip
  4.No,because she didn’t experience the country the way …
  5.She didn’t enjoy it
1B/5 good horrible food trip rude culture group museums experience boring Vocabulary and Usage 2A/5
  1.No,but I missed…..=Was your flight delayed
  2.Thank you…= Welcome back…
  3.I bet…=it was so frustrating…
  4.It isn’t at the baggage claim …=Where is your suitcase..
  5.I am exhausted…=You look tired… 2B/5
  3.baggage claim
  5.business Grammar 3A/5
  1.was annoying
  3.’m exhausted
  5.happened Speking 5/5
  1.What didnt’t happen
  2.I missed it
  3.It was terrible
  4.Not really
  5.They were annoying
  6.Terrible Unit10 3/12 Global Comprehension
  2.Kate is looking at apartments to rent
5/12 This-is a great* location*. Mmm, that’s convenient*. It’s bigger* than my place*. It’s-a great* place. That’s . . . a little more* expensive* than I thought . . . That’s-a view* of the ocean*? And here is the kitchen* . . . fully equipped with all the modern* conveniences*! I will definitely* give this some consideration* . . . Well, I would encourage* you to act quickly*. This beautiful place* won’t last long. 8/12
  1.She can’t see a view of the ocean
  2.It’s bigger than my place
  3.It’s a great place…
  5.It’s a little expensive
  6.She will look for another apartment 11/12 More listening
  1.Between 1,500
  3.Tt has a nice view test listening 1A/5
  1.She’s definitely going to take it
  2.They can have both dogs and cats
  3.Within walking distance from LCC
  4.An apartment
  5.They 1B/5 place apartment bedrooms distance floors decorate month utilities Pets washer Vocabulary and Usage
  1.At an extra….=Are pets allowed
  2.That’s convenient…= This place is within…
  3.There’s no …=What about a security…
  4.No,but it’s not …=Does the rent..
  5.Tt’s lovely to be…=Do you like… 2B/5
  3.Approved credit
  5.security deposit Grammar 3/5
  1.more attractive
  2.as nice as
  4.as much as
  5.better Speking 5/5
  1.It’s high
  2.I’ll have to pay it
  3.Yes,and safe,too
  4.Yes,I can have my cat
  5.Yes,it’s within….
  6.Yes,they’re extra Unit11 3/12 Global Comprehension
  1.Where their families are from
  2.Her family 5/12 San Francisco, you know* that! I mean, where-is your family from? Oh, my parents* are from Mexico*. That’s close*. It’s somewhere-around* here . . . here. What’s-it* like* there? I think it’s the most* beautiful place-on-Earth*. Where’s your family* from? Everyone’s* got-a story*, huh? 7/12
  1.How about you

  2.near Mexico city
  3.Her father is from Georgia
  6.is very beautiful
  7.Many people’s families come from other places 11/12 More listening
  1.union Square
  2.Fairmont Hotel
  3.San Francisco Bay test listening 1A/5
  1.It’s her ideal place to live
  2.Yes,but she doesn’t want to stay there forever
  3.She’s lived in Lansing all her life
  4.her father’s from…..
  5.With her parents 1B/5 house apartment parents born area from grew corner college money Vocabulary and Usage 2A/5
  1.I was bo


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