最新版 新时代交互英语 4 答案 Unit 1 3/16 321 8/16 24141 9/16 3123
Hang on leave out the deal wear ads Sounds good work out appear Cool In fact Picture So far so good Comes up like that What else all edited accepting a bribe 1A/5 122312 1B/5 in a show my age get to went away meet up together sort of like hung out hate talking back and forth keep this friendship going a long way away 2A/5 1c 2d 3e 4a 5b 2B/5 122121 3B/5 2121312 4/5 13231 5A/5 what’s going on to get back to as I was saying bytheway 5B/5 32 Unit 2 3/16 241 8/16 314122
9/16 3242 1A/5 231312 1B/5 major falling out awkward kind of mean complaining to sort of hyper weird with ruining so bad conflicts right in the middle quit pretty much coming back to 2A/5 1b 2d 3a 4e 5c 2B/5 21121212 3/5 22121112 4/5 21231 5A/5 is something wrong I’m really stressed out here’s an idea Hmmm…that might work 5B/5 31 Unit 3 3/16 223 8/16 3312331 9/16 1312 1231 by the way real stage an agent As a matter of fact incredible surprised do seem film director wait adore celebration celebrating Nothing really ever eaten ate exciting the right places booked perfect people-watching
impressed plan ahead 1A/5 22133 1B/5 hand-made funniest usually do cut around the edges favorite a bunch of cut out creativity no limits 2/5 1b 2e 3a 4c 5d 3/5 222112 4/5 13231 5/5 233314
Unit 4 3/16 221 8/16 3212331 9/16 4223 1A/5 12223 1B/5 have got to go by in between your schedule good for really good otherwise ever good for close by quite a bit coming out 2/5 1d 2c 3a 4b 3/5 12232323 4/5 2133 5/5 2321
Section test A 题目顺序随机,根据答案自己找合适的题 题目顺序随机, Listening ○1231 ○232 ○332 ○4she believes… it is… famous… ○51 nick tells… 2 Nick mentions… 3 nick talks… 题目: ○621(题目:
  1.where does Jackie think talia has seen her before… 题目 题目: ○721(题目:
  1.how does nick respond to the commercial idea… 题目 ○81 army tells… 2 talia… 3 army asks… Vocabulary ○1213121 ○2attractive sane ○3down the line lay it on the line smart cookie piece of cake ○4agent stunt person Grammar ○1to ask can’t you much is completed ○2have been working have decided ○3must yourself ○4a little going to going ○5331 ○6must have can each other
○7if we can get where the restaurant is excited Pronunciation ○1might have was 题目: ○222(题目:
  1.is there anthing elseyouwant me to do…) 题目 ○332 ○4and an ○5question statement ○631are ○721(he was tricked Speaking ○1213 ○2321(题目:
  1.talia:it’s getting late. I should get going… 题目: 题目 Unit 5 3/16 323 8/16 332334 9/16 2143 1A/5 2213 1B/5 wonderful award even though deserve earned audience Teacher of the Year sounds sort of appreciate throughout the years an honor to be chosen honestly support of principal superintendent grateful opportunity no,it just sounds that way)
bestowed on me 2A/5 23412213 2B/5 Halloween career to put on message cared about out on a date costume so do you having conversation by the way 3A/5 clean has they to work neither did 3B/5 go let change 4/5 12222 5/5 2312122 Unit 6 3/16 342 8/16 2343123 9/16 3223 1A/5 24323 1B/5 really curious fiction personality something like that clone organs genetic material getting completely out of hand nature versus nurture debate upbringing opinion cloning kind of crimpy science neither do I so do I forgot what’s going on miss you look nice in that take
grieving government control draw the line 2A/5 32111 2B/5 show up into ridiculous deal trick stand for keep your voice down 3/5 big deal that gets him to calm down didn’t break calm down suspended big superb so phony slight pose as what if get
know is who’s involved making make 4/5 22221 5/5 2132113 Unit 7 3/16 23 8/16 221223 9/16 432 1A/5 23343 1B/5 pretty amazing the third date funny person positive sort of a wind chaser put it settle down regret the relationship 2A/5 seeing somebody a serious relationship split up fixed her
up played the field a crush on the rebound hard to get asked her out 2B/5 on confession clear up admitted fantastic it’s all over relieved catch 3/5 to do hadn’t got hadn’t changed would have starved hadn’t given up hadn’t thought suggested hired hadn’t taken to get offered had studied 4/5 12122 5/5 3331121 Unit 8 3/16 322 8/16 3214244 9/16 331 1A/5 32341 1B/5 the support people this whole story makes sense to my server fix Anyway program download into run through reboot plug the Internet Wouldn’t you whole my server this program a brand-new computer come for a blind date played
free work get it No problem with that 2A/5 22112 2B/5 get out of here check hearing is
believing pressed disaster reinstated learned a lesson the hard way sure 3/5 was just… checked that he… were going have it done was… my hair cut 4/5 1122 5A/5 acting up again yes… let’s…
  66.7 5B/5 3232 Section test B 题目顺序随机,根据答案自己找合适的题 题目顺序随机, Listening ○1talia explains… nick complimets… talia tells… ○2nick says he… nick says that… talia implies… ○323 题目: ○432(题目:
  1.selena grew up…) 题目 ○523 ○631(
  1.why is talia happy that tony hasn’t aired the story) ○7she pretended… ○8213 he lied… will tell…0 repaired found was going to go get it
Vocabulary ○1123133 ○2kinky keep out of clear his name
○3bald keep going clear my head ○4be on the rebound play the field Grammar ○1get had it cut told was going ○2were talking neither so do heard ○3told to write who ○4make me do help him write let her miss the class next week ○5was going to difficult to catch had planned for us to get together ○6don’t show up ‘ll call Pronunciation ○1121 ○2211(
  1.do you hear final or non-final intonation) ○312 ○412 ○521(
  1.they admitted…) Speaking ○1this is a disaster is acting up no,I guss I should do that ○2what… oh… Do…
Unit 9 3/16 134 8/16 41334211 9/16 1313 1A/5 342434 1B/5 10 6 9 1 4 3 5 7 2 8 11 2/5 341243212 3A/5 were hadm’t asked would return could give knew 3B/5 had been would have gotten could have recorded had pushed hadn’t heard wouldn’t have known 3C/5 could go back hadn’t worked would not have lost supposed 4/5 11212 5/5 2123211 Unit 10 3/16 233 8/16 242313 9/16 1312 1A/5 42124 1B/5 massage therapy interested in all the time get basically go to pay for it Exactly energy healing college credit sort of meditate focus
our point meditating meditating some classes like take anatomy memorize terminology 2A/5 321321 2B/5 1122211212 3A/5 would go were were should have asked should have gone 3B/5 moved had been working decided had been watching had been throwing reported became had been covering 3C/5 should’ve didn’t had been should were 4/5 121221 5/5 312211 Unit 11 3/16 222 8/16 3211122 9/16 1412 1A/5 31214 1B/5 5 1 7 3 10 6 9 8 4 2 2/5 3213212 3A/5 will be reporting who know that is 3B/5 can’t be allowed can be learned must be limited can be
measured may use has to be kept have to respect 3C/5 that allowed can learn 4/5 1212112 5/5 131213 Unit 12 3/16 141 8/16 41432343 9/16 23142 1A/5 213342 1B/5 2 4 10 6 1 9 3 7 5 8 2/5 234211241 3A/5 did does should am will 3B/5 whom when do ran into her take her out 4/5 11211 5/5 132132 Section test C 题目顺序随机,根据答案自己找合适的题 题目顺序随机, Listening ○1talia tells… talia says she’ll… nick describes… ○231 talia made will not been playing can’t be
○3332 ○4223(
  1. nick says,”dean,that the smartest thing i’ve ever heard you say…) ○5patty reminds… nick complains that… patty advises… ○6talking to guests on her show the first phase of an interview ○7celebrate their success worrying about the tape ○8lost he runs ahead through the forest Vocabulary ○121323 ○2came across oversee come by ○3broke the news overestimating break the habit ○4warm… tired jokes Grammar ○1did that shouldn’t be ‘ll be talking shouldn’t have ○2were had been playing am supposed to could have should have been turn out wouldn’t have ○3’d been trying ‘ll be leaving ○4were which might have ○5hadn’t gone out do where
Pronunciation(都是选折题!单词是答案中的) 都是选折题!单词是答案中的 都是选折题 ○122
○2would you will ○3could have shouldn’t have ○4311 ○5yourself explain stir Speaking ○1this is… getting… you can’t… ○2I’ve been… do… let me… Level test Listening
  1.how did talia know Jackie would talk to dean about nick)
  1.jackie’s cell phone is)
  1.which statement is true about our memory)
  8.jackie met… dean and… Jackie took dean… the tape…

  9.response car horn referee’s…
  10.you leave… the sun… you see… you walk…
  1.what does amy ask for in addition to her iced tea) Vocabulary
  1.straigh rotten apple clear the air seeing him

  2.ask… go out… keep… are out of line
  3.illegal take a hard line agent
  4.overheard temper Grammar
  1.don’t you been… was… to talk
  2.lie who taken so have
  3.yourself might have could coming by come about Broke her promise hot

  4.was… to admit can to tell made
  5.were told playing had
  6.hadn’t do who have
  7.supposed to be planning had of
  9.to put much been… surprised suprising do Pronunciation
  2.unstressed un s un
  1.how… that’s… it’s…
  2.213 out have

  3.are you ok I would… keep me…
  4.no… you’re… oh…


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   学会 12 招 直面英语四六级口语考试 为了进一步推动我国大学英语教学,适应国家改革开放的需要,使学生更加重视英语口语学习,获得较强 的交际能力,经教育部高等教育司批准,全国大学英语四,六级考试委员会开始实施口语考试(CET- Spoken English Test),由于近年参加口语考试的门坎进一步降低,每年都有更多考生开始面临参加口语考试的机 会.那么如何准备口语考试呢?以下是本人大学期间参加口语考试的一些想法,希望能对有机会获此殊荣 的同学有所帮助! 首先英语四六级口语考试是很个人的事 ...


   美国英语(又称美式英语,简称美语;英语:American English)是指美国使用的一种英语 形式。它在美国是最主要的语言。根据 1990 年人口普查,97%的美国居民可以“好”或“很好” 的使用英语,只有 0.8%的人完全不使用英语,而 1890 年有 3.6%。到 2005 年,三分之二 以上的英语母语者使用美式英语。 www.yinbiao1.com 历史 英国于北美殖民时期, 英语便开始传入北美洲。 以英语为母语者第一次迁移到美国的移民潮 是在 17 世纪。与此同时,在北美也有使 ...


   专家支招: 专家支招:如何提升初中英语读写能力 学好语言首先应该有语感,然而语感不是一朝一夕能培养出来的,必须是持久的孕育。那么 如何培养和提升自己的英语语感,提升自己的英语学习能力呢?笔者认为,听、说、读、写 相当重要,尤其对于新初三学生是关键。 读:带着问题通读、细读 读有通读和细读两种。通读是为了弄懂大意、细读是为了掌握具体内容。 首先, 阅读开头的段落, 这部分介绍性的材料将会使我们熟悉作者将要讨论的主题思想。 然后阅读下面各段的第一句话。 这些句子可以使我们对文章内容有一个总体的概 ...


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