Unit 1
3/19 8/19 his meeting Asoccer At a
  3.The company wants
  1.He had to wear
  2.she’s working ^star

  4.They meet in the lobby^ded 10/19

  5.he wants to help
  3.she +长的
  3.surprise wear picture all
  4.He likes
  4.realizes good

  2.Nick sits on a park
  2.These deal fact
  1.wants Nick to agree 12/19 Hang on work comes
out the Cool In
ads Sounds
out appear up like
So for so good
that what else
sdited accepting a blibe

  1.they e-mail

  2.she feels

  4.They were on
  5.The go out talk
in a show my age get to went away meet up together sort of like hung out hate talking back and forth keep this friendship going a long way away
2A/5 2B/5 3/5
Nick?one unsuitable thinking
we?we illegal have we isn’t or
we?we did
insame unlikely irregular independent have been working had shouldn’t
are going to have 4/5 5A/5 5B/5 cre a noc
mer as I was saying bytheway
what’s going on what’s up
to get back to By the way
Unit 2
3/19 8/19
  5.To me 10/19 11/19 12/19 to
  1.Nick’s voice
  1.Dean wants
  6.won’t Try she^Jackie she doesn’t He’s a member
  4.excited used
  2.Nick was
  3.Deam is
  3.sone ass
  2.very cager

  1.doesn’t want anyone get iced tea Coming

  2.make+长的 right up
a little get hold of told
stopped Too acting
bad brother works tip likewise
  2.she feels awkard
out I’d rather complicated acting
catch up 1A/5

  1.she is a

  3.The worker+短的

  4.she was ^kind

  5.she +长的

  6.They had a serious
major falling out awkward kind of mean complaining to sort of hyper weird
with ruining so bad conflicts right in the middle quit pretty much coming back to 2A/5 2B/5 read 3/5 He?He was Along the bottom
  1.was sdited
  8.by ec in ri mo I’m really stressed out here’s an idea Hmmm…that The?The a hard lay it
  2.a lot of
  4.a lot
  6.many The?I out of he?he resents giving you drop me

  7.many 4/5 se
5A/5 is something wrong might work 5B/5 That’s You
Unit 3
3/19 8/19
  5. 10/19 her to a 11/19
  1.she wants jackie to keep
  4.she loves talking about 12/19 by the way real do stage an agent As a matter of fact adore celebration
  2.is depending
  3.she doesn’t want
  1.To talk
  5.He taught
  1.if she +长的
  7.He’s very
  1.to look at famous
  2.to have dinner
  3.an agent
  4.to introduce
incredible surprised celebrating exciting Nothing
seem film director wait
ever eaten ate exciting the right places booked perfect people-watching impressed
the right places
plan ahead 1A/5
  1.she uses special scis
  4.A lot of tools marker
  2.Making a little house
  5.making hand ^made
  3.There si no limit
1B/5 hand-made funniest usually do cut around the edges favorite a bunch of cut out creativity no limits 2/5 3/5
  2.do your homework
  1.Have you been doing
  5.’ve been watching 4/5 ulo vi a ir
  2.’ve called
  6.’ve eaten me
  4.find out
  4.’ve had

  3.have you taken

  1.how was

  2.she’s absoulutely

  3.he’s really inspring

  4.what did you
think of it

  5.the actors were absolutely

  6.what do you think of his lectares
3/19 8/19
  1.she had to go class
  1.That she saw
  2.That she works
  2.she wants to
  5.He teached Jackie’s
  3.she needs to talk
  6.to remind her about

  4.their majors are
  7.she wants her to think 10/19

  1.To make a dinner reservation
  4.she acts as if Talia made

  2.she’s exciting

  3.Nick and talia

  1.threatening Jackie

  2.she is angry at talia

  3.acting modest

  4. apologizing that she’s 12/19 shoe company serious quite serious Great I’ve got work must be
talking to find out celebrate booked
plece of cake slse a lot
reservation was planning being understanding anything two 1A/5 hours
  1.some where
  2.They’ll e-mali

  4.Mon thu and satu

  5.Go to see 1B/5 have got to go by in between you scheduce good for
really good otherwise ever good for close by quite a bit coming out 2A/5 a piece?something really vops?something you 2B/5 3A/5 3B/5 Amy--might Tony--feel Nick--could li o catch you later It’s getting late I have to go Mrs--can’t be Amy--must Lola--might not party--must char?pleased hold?wait
Talia--must not 4/5 5/5 ar u
It was great seeing you It’s been nice talking

  2. Talia has proof the tape was edited .is too involved in the story
  1.offer sympathy about a
  2.to give options for the
  3.Find out what happened
  1.she says he is very good
  2.Talia needs time to get there
  1.she believes…
  2.it is…
  1.nick tells… 2 .Nick mentions… 3 .nick talks…
  1.at school
  2.too class
  1.he find s it intersting
  2.it will take place in a park
  1.army tells… 2 talia… 3 army asks…

1 2 3 4
  1.beef up
  1. down the line
  2. lay it on the line
  2.stunt person
  3.smart cookie
  4.piece of cake
  5.out of line
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 to ask can’t you much is completed have been working must a little
  1.me to visit must have if we can get yourself are going to
  2.hasn’t she can each other excited going
  3.eat have decided
where the restaurant is
1 2

might have /v/
nonu compound
3 4 5
and question
an statement
6 he was TKICKED
no,it just SOUNDSthat way
1 2

  1.what’s your impression

  1.It’s benn nice

  2.It’s fabulous

  3.what do you like

  2.It’s fabulous

  3.what do you like
Unit 5
3/19 8/19 10/19 11/19 They’re
  1.Awig He watched agreat she asked
  2.Talia left
  6.he’s trying she asked optimistic yes+长的 Nean Talia plants are too To over hear
  3.To help Nick’s
  4.she doesn’t

  5.Nick looks
12/19 Talia:so
as I was saying feeling
as soon as conversation plant their
table Brilliant researcher _ table cough _ something warn Hurry up clos thee menu order _ really 1A/5 1B/5 hungry Neither am I here comes That the award Her family To show modesty
preparing a
wonderful award even though deserve earned audience Teacher of the Year
sounds sort of appreciate throughout the years an honor to be chosen honestly support of principal superintendent grateful opportunity bestowed on me 2A/5 By the way on career watches for to put on miss message Profession cared about wore it about
2B/5 Halloween date you forgot
take out on a so do
what’s going on
you look nice in that costume
having conversation has they
by the way to work neither did so do I
  2、Lori:Way/thanks my best
3A/5 clean 3B/5 go let
neither do I
4/5 conversation career Halloneen brilliant maitred 5/5 1 、I alla Hey/That was a great up /nothing much
  4、gary,nice swater /Thanks ,Ilike it /I bought it last week
  5、Amy,That’s a beautiful

  6、amy:I saw/I didn’t play
  7、Dean ,wow /You had
Unit 6
To give
To tell
want to
  3、 Dean
  4、 Because
  7、Amy’s friend

  1、 wants to finish
  2、 she Because he doesn’t
she didn’t bring her
  5、two 10/19 About finding 11/19

  6、because he has something No+长的
she pretend
part in thee plan

  1、proud of her acting ability
  4、shee will try to do
walters can’t 12/19
Calm down worried get into actress quit
tape posed as Big deal superb get
suspended ridioulous 1A/5
Speaking of which introduce film director a star patient
  2、cloning a whole
the business my big break at all tricked stand for
  5、No+长的 opinion cloning kind of crimpy science fiction personality

  1、need a lot of control

  4、she felt it scary 1B/5 really curious
something like that clone organs genetic material getting completely out of hand nature versus nurture debate upbringing grieving government control draw the line 2A/5
  1、keep their shirts on
  2、keep back
  3、keep me posted guessing
  5、keep quiet 2B/5 show up if for get into superb ridiculous So break phony slight pose as what stand
  4、keep everyone
calm down suspended
big deal trick
keep your voice down that gets make
  3、That’s nonserisel
  4、 2 、I don’t know about that him to calm down didn’t know is who’s
3/5 big deal involved
  2、suspend 5/5
  1、But the banking story oh well it doesn’t

  5、excuse me
  6、I see your
  7、Big deal
Unit 7
3/19 pleased 8/19 to get to the just relax 10/19 That he had Because+长的 To stay
  2、 figured it out from
  3、 wants she she
  6、she should
  4、she want to make a
  5、have a tape of Dean
  1、 made him feel like she didn’t she
They will loves
11/19 12/19 together you by
curious confession well I’d
I learned confession
I’m available was over ask as
ask in remember took
studying together You’re
you out why right
didn’t get
heard boyfriends split up semester In kidding guess though all
fact split up
pretty amazing the third date funny person positive sort of a wind chaser put it settle down regret the relationship 2A/5 the field out 2B/5 over 3/5 on relieved confession catch clear up admitted fantastic it’s all seeing somebody a crush a serious relationship a blind date split up fixed her up played
on the rebound
played hard to get
asked her
to do hadn’t got hadn’t changed would have starved hadn’t given up hadn’t
thought suggested hired hadn’t taken to get offered had studied 4/5 5/5 nta e ss ie uc Nick:Remember?of couse Do you Talia?I should oh what a Nick,Do you?I guess
Dean?That was a lot
Unit 8
3/19 8/19
  1.he’s eager to listen
  1.trusted her to find
  2.she’s excited
  2.she’s very plesased
  3. To wait till he heard

  5.The evening news is 10/19
  1.That she was

  6.she helped Talia

  7.Listen to the tape
  3.That she didn’t

  2.she forgot to press the record
rewind tape 11/19
  1.I’ve ruined everying
  2.she learned from her own
  3.Amy should feel

  4.how to explain 12/19 working get reinstated on Just a minute rewound going on see it was just I did about to check It’s been light
had if cleaned
on going on press I thought 1A/5
  1、The first person
disaster learned a lesson the hard way
  3、The person has to buy

  5.It’s a problem server
a new computer 1B/5
the support people this whole story makes sense to my server fix Anyway
program download into run through reboot plug the Internet Wouldn’t you whole my server this program a brand-new computer come for free work get it No problem with
that 2A/5 2B/5 darn unbelievable check learn it thought a lot hearing is reinstated found learned a lesson the hard way get it checked sure that to broadcast give Jack’s
get out of here pressed
believing 3/5 he… 4/5 5A/5
disaster repaired
was just… were going as ei ie
was going to go was… my hair cut
have it done o yes…
acting up again
  3.May be
  4.The TV
  1.That never

  2.Yes +长的
测试 2
Listening ○1 ○2 ○3 ○4 ○5 ○6 ○7 ○8 talia explains… nick says he… They don’t want help out her involves many she finds nick complimets… nick says that… talia tells… talia implies…
she got information in the city of replay a
she think she has he lied… will tell… while on
she pretended… did not have
over 300people
Vocabulary ○1 ○2 ○3 ○4 caugh relieve deared kinky bald keep out of keep going keep it down fake line of business cleared clear his name clear my head play the field
be on the rebound
Grammar ○1 ○2 ○3 ○4 ○5 ○6 get had it cut told neither who help him write difficult to catch ‘ll call let her miss the class next week had planned for us to get together was going so do heard were talking told to write
make me do was going to don’t show up
Pronunciation ○1 ○3 ○4 ○5 non ?final leather clan relief I don’t--unstressed could--compound word ○2 try it to a It was very--exciting stressed stressed
ordinary phrase
Speaking ○1 ○2 this is a disaster what… oh… is acting up Do… no,I guss I should do that
Unit 9

  1.she pressed

  2.she didn’t


  5.she wishes she
  6.He seems sympath

  1、He doesn’t believe

  2.you shouldn’t be so
  3.doubys that

  4.she left him a message and +长的
  7.To show that
  8.To celebrate 10/19 11/19 12/19
  1.she says she

  2.The truth will

  3.It is a

  4.They can’t do anything
  4.calm down

  1.angry at
  2.the situation
  3.she has dis do it over Take it from me
What’s done is done covering stay so
positive optimistic quit my job take my place coverreating let you down win out 1A/5
  1.It is gone after
  2.her roommate borrowed
  3.To stop borrowing

  4.It’s a lady ‘s 1B/5 2/5

  5.she always borrows

  6.she is good at sewing
10 6 9 1 4 3 5 7 2 8 11
  2.do it over
  3.taking my place
  8.Take it from ne
  9.kick myself
  5.overr eacted

  6.won out 3A/5 3B/5
were hadn’t asked would return could give knew had been would have gotten could have recorded had pushed hadn’t heard
wouldn’t have known 3C/5 4/5 5/5 could go back hadn’t worked would not have lost supposed quit optimistic overreact
  1.Don’t worry about 5Take it easy professional

  2. what an didn’t I am
  3.I can’t believe you did that
  6.calm down
  7.I should have been

  4.stop beating
Unit 10
3/19 8/19
  1.Amy tells
  1.he doesn’t
  2.Nick promises+短的
  3.To go to talk
  4.shocked to see
  2.she’ll become
  3.he knows they

  5.is still angry with
  6.wants Talia



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