Unit 1

  1. 汤姆是个非常好奇的男孩,他不仅对“是什么”感兴趣,而且也对“为什么”和“怎么会”感兴趣。
As a very curious boy, Tom is interested not only in whats but also in whys and hows.

  2. 据史密斯教授说,幸福就是你能充分利用你所有的一切。
Happiness, according to Prof. Smith, is the ability to make the most of what you have.

  3. 你最好把这本书放在你15岁儿子找不到的地方。
You’d better keep the book where your 15-year-old son can’t get his hands on it.

  4. 这故事非常滑稽,比尔一边读一边不停地笑。
The story was so funny that Bill kept laughing all the time while reading it.

  5. 成绩优秀的学生未必比他们得分较低的同学在学习上花费更多的时间。
High-achieving students do not necessarily put in more time on their studies than their lower-scoring classmates.

  6. 你是怎样设法说服这些学生修读快速阅读课的?
How did you manage to persuade these students to take the speed-reading course?

  7. 用功是重要的,但知道如何充分利用自己的才能更重要得多。
Working hard is important, but knowing how to make the most of one’s abilities counts for much more.

  8. 她要求学生独立思考,而不是告诉他们该思考什么。
She asked her students to think for themselves rather than telling them what to think.
Unit 2
l. 在谈及美国英语和英国英语的差别时,他说:“美国和英国毕竟是两个不同的国家。”
Referring to the differences between American English and British English, he said, “The United States and Britain are, after all, two different countries.”

  2. 史密斯教授鼓励他的学生独立思考。他常说:“即使你们对我提出质疑或者完全不同意我的看法,我也同样高兴。”
Prof. Smith encourages his students to think for themselves. “I am just as happy,” he often says, “even if you challenge me or completely disagree with me.”

  3. 我们请他参加我们关于流行音乐的谈话,但他一参加进来就引入一个新的话题,谈起了上周的NBA决赛。
We called on him to take part in our conversation about pop music, but as soon as he joined in, he introduced a new topic and referred to the NBA finals of the previous week.

  4. 司机应对这次事故负责。他的车撞倒了一棵树和一个骑车的人。
The driver is responsible for this accident. His car knocked down a tree and a man on his bike.

  5. 自我们的收音机停止生产后,我们已转产移动电话。
Since our production of radios came to a halt, we have switched to the production of mobile phones.

  6. 我们最初的计划是在北京浏览长城、故宫、颐和园等著名景点。
Our original plan was to see such famous sights as the Great Wall, the Palace Museum and the Summer Palace in Beijing.

  7. 学好一门外语绝非易事。尽管我已学了几年英语,我仍然不能有效地用这种语言表达思想。
It’s no simple/easy matter to learn a foreign language well. Even though I have learned English for a few years, I still can’t express myself effectively in the language.

  8. 我希望你不仅仅是同意或不同意我的想法,我需要你给我提忠告、出主意等。
I don’t want you to simply to agree or disagree with me. I need someone who can give me good advice, ideas, and so on.
Unit 3

  1. 据我所知,他们必须做的只是来见他们抚养的孩子,并填写一份表格。
As far as I know, all they have to do is to come and see the child they want to bring up and fill up a form.

  2. 随着他对世事的了解越来越多,他终于厌倦了对名利的追求。
As he learned more and more about the world, he finally got tired of going after fame and wealth.

  3. 小女孩的歌声给老人带来了欢乐,帮助他忍受住种种生活的艰辛。
The little girl’s songs brought sunshine to the old man and helped him bear the hardships of life.

  4. 人们纷纷前来向他们祝贺又一座黄浦江大桥的胜利建成。
People came one after another to congratulate them on the successful building of another big bridge over the Huangpu River.

  5. 这个10岁的男孩小提琴拉得如此娴熟,在场的人都惊叹不已。
All the people present were amazed that the 10-year-old boy was playing the violin so skillfully.

  6. 车祸之后,史蒂威重新评价了自己的人生目标,决定更多地注意外部世界。
After the car accident, Stevie reevaluated his goals in life and decided to pay more attention to the world outside.

  7. 母亲即使做梦也没想到她的儿子会成为一名世界著名的钢琴家。
Even in her wildest dreams, Mother could never have imagined that her son would become a world-famous pianist.

  8. 当听到他们的老师已摆脱了死亡的阴影时,学生们都大声欢呼起来。
The students broke into loud cheers when they heard that their teacher had fought back from the shadow of death.
Unit 4

  1. 虽然祖母体弱多病,她却承担起了家里的所有家务。
Sickly and weak as Grandma is, she has taken on all the housework in the family.

  2. 唱片公司从未对任何歌手这样满意过。对他们来说,史蒂威?旺达确实是个难得的人才。
The recording company had never been so pleased with any singer. For them, Stevie Wonder was a real find.

  3. 他们住的地方没有自来水,也没有煤气和电这类生活上的便利设备。
They had no running water where they lived. Nor did they have any conveniences of life such as gas and electricity.

  4. 6年过去了,接着7年、8年过去了,那位法国艺术家仍杳无音讯。看来他肯定已离开这个国家去了唯有上帝知道的什么地方。
Six years passed, then seven and eight, and nothing was heard of that French artist. It seemed certain that he had left the country for only God knows where.

  5. 那年夏天他病得很厉害,但秋天他刚感到好些了,便又重新开始写作,并在两个月内完成了他的最后一部小说。
He was very ill that summer, but as soon as he felt better in the fall, he resumed his writing and finished his last novel in two months.

  6. 在坚强意志的推动下,亚历克斯终于完成了他所承担的任务。
Driven by a strong will, Alex finally fulfilled the task he had undertaken.

  7. 在医生和护士们的帮助下,那位病人恢复得很快,几星期后便再一次站起来了。
With the help of the doctor and the nurses, the patient recovered quickly and in a few weeks was able to stand on his feet once more.

  8. 望着老人那张满是皱纹的脸真叫人难过,因为它说明了老人一辈子所经历的一切。
It was really sad to watch the old man’s wrinkled face, which spoke of all that he had borne/endured in his life.
Unit 5
l. 他们是玛丽的儿子罗伯特和劳伦斯,一个起的是她父亲的名字,另一个是她祖父的名字。
They are Mary’s sons Robert and Lawrence. One is named after her father, the other is named after her grandfather.

  2. 他已有的一切还不满足。他从来不懂“知足常乐”,真遗憾。
He is not content with what he has already got. What a pity he never understands that happiness lies in contentment.

  3. 她参与课堂活动非常积极。我相信她将来可以成为一名好教师。
She is very active in classroom activities. I am sure that she will make a good teacher.

  4. 你也许有不同看法,但我不喜欢劝酒,尤其是在宴会上更是如此。
You may have different opinions about it, but I hate the idea of urging people to drink, especially at a dinner party.

  5. 我们准备在一些枝节问题上对他们作些让步,但决不在重大的原则问题上与他们妥协。
We are prepared to give way a little to them on minor problems, but we will never compromise with them on major questions of principle.

  6. 整整一年中罗伯特通常得不到多少运动,而他的妻子玛丽却大部分时间一直站着。这就是为什么他们不可能或至少很难找到一个喜欢的地方去休假的原因。
Robert didn’t usually get much exercise during the year, while his wife Mary was on her feet most of the time. That was why it was impossible or difficult at least, for them to choose a place they both liked for their holiday.

  7. 戴维是个自视甚高的青年作家。他认为他的写作风格是独特的、高雅的。但遗憾的是,情况并非如此。
David is a young writer with a high opinion of himself. He thinks that his writing style is unique and refined. But unfortunately, that is not the case.

  8. 我想说的只是,作为个人我们享有很多不同的权利,但却无权做任何对社会有害的事。
All I want to say is that as individuals we enjoy many different rights but we have no right to do anything harmful to society.
Unit 6
l. 问题在于人们如何看待那些专心追求知识的学生。
The problem lies in how people look at those students dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.

  2. 我国政府已决定向教育投入比过去多得多的钱。
Our government has decided to put a lot more money into education than before.

  3. 我们得培养更多一流的工程师参与同日本的技术竞争。
We have to train more first-class engineers to compete in the technology race with Japan.

  4. 求知好学和勤奋用功的学生应受到表扬并被树立为其他学生的榜样。
The intellectually curious and hard-working students should be praised and held up as examples to other students.

  5. 知道我们消除排斥知识的现象,我们才有希望保持世界级强国的地位。
Not until we do away with our anti-intellectualism do we stand a chance to remain a world-class power.

  6. 我们必须使自己适应时代的要求,否则我们就会落后于世界上其他工业国家。
We must adapt ourselves to the demands of our times, otherwise we’ll fall behind the other industrialized nations of the world.
7 其他孩子在踢足球,而他们的儿子却在学英语,做父母的为此感到骄傲。
The parents are proud of their son who is studying English while the other children are playing football.

  8. 你真的期望不花费更多的时间学习就能提高你的英语水平?
Do you really expect to improve your English without spending more time studying it?
Unit 7
l. 史密斯先生被认为是一位十分开明的人,除了别的之外,他还认为在法律面前人人平等。
Mr. Smith was viewed as a very liberal person who believed, among other things, that all men were equal under the law.

  2. 他获奖并非偶然;他的成功来自艰苦的训练。
It is not by chance that he won the prize; his success comes from his hard training.

  3. 老师跟白人孩子们谈了很多,试图使他们相信人人生而平等,但在最初几个星期里,似乎没有多少效果。
The teacher talked a lot with the white kids, trying to convince them that all men are created equal, but nothing much came of it in the first few weeks.

  4. 因为我刚来到这所学校,所以有一段时间我感到孤独,也没有朋友。
As I was a newcomer to that school, I felt lonely and friendless for a time.

  5. 伟明日复一日坚持与威尔逊夫人进行交谈,他的英语口语变得越来越流利,越来越自然。
Day after day Wei Ming kept talking with Mrs. Wilson, and his oral English became more and more fluent and natural.

  6. 尽管在最初那几个星期一些孩子对我很不客气,一个白人小姑娘却特别友好。
Whereas some of the kids were quite nasty during those first few weeks, a little white girl was especially friendly to me.

  7. 我后来才知道那位看起来又老又满脸皱纹的人才45岁左右。
I later came to know that the man who looked old and wrinkled was only about

  8. 大学毕业之后不久,他便证明自己是一个称职而负责的英语教师。
After graduating from university, he soon established himself as a qualified and responsible teacher of English.
Unit 8
l. 没有一个科学家确切地知道信息高速公路将在未来十年中把我们带往何处。
No scientist knows exactly where the information highway will lead us in the decade ahead.

  2. 至关重要的是,发达国家和发展中国家应通过更多的交流增进相互间的理解和尊重。
It is crucial that developed countries and developing countries increase mutual understanding and mutual respect through more communication.

  3. 从一开始,大众传媒就对这部关于个人电脑的专著给予了特别的关注。
From the very beginning, the mass media paid particular attention to this treatise on the personal computer.

  4. 我的侄子以为日文跟中文在很多方面相似,很容易学,但结果并不是那样。
My nephew had thought that Japanese, which is similar to Chinese in many ways, was easy to learn, but it didn’t turn out that way.

  5. 你本应该知道得更多些。大学教授讲课的方式并不只限于告诉学生基本事实,他还激发讨论和争论。
You should have known better. The way a college professor teaches is not confined only to telling his stu



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