Unit Three Knowing Yourself
Before Reading Global Reading
Detailed Reading After Reading
Introduction Warm-up Questions List of Headings Supply the Missing Information Language Points Useful Expressions Homework
Before Reading Introduction 一、小标题1
Do you like American big piece(美国大片 美国大片)? 美国大片 Can you list some famous Hollywood movie stars? What do you know about the personalities of the roles they played in the movies?
Audrey Hepburn
elegant, noble, saintly 优雅高贵,凡尘天使
Catherine Zeta-Jones
charming, intelligent 美艳动人,天赋聪慧
Kate Beckinsale The Rose of England
classical, cool, tenacious 古典气质,坚韧,冷艳
Angelina Jolie
sexy, free, unyielding 性感狂野,不羁不屈
Gemma Arterton
confident, breathtaking 充满自信,惊艳全场
Sophie Marceau Rose of France
independent, enchanting 独立自我,妩媚尽显
Keira Knightley
bright, naughty, delicate 顽皮,璀璨,娇艳欲滴
Sean Connery
heroic, gentle 英雄气概,绅士风度
Anthony Hopkins
calm, intelligent, deep 冷静睿智,深不可测
Morgan Freeman
reliable, brave 忠厚诚实,勇于担当
George Timothy Clooney
handsome, stable, 英俊潇洒,成熟淡定
Denzel Hayes Washington
self-controlled, sedate, low-pitched 静默沉实,稳重低调
Johnny Depp
attractive, fascinating 魅力四射,倾倒众生
manly, passionate, wild 热血阳刚,桀骜不驯
humorous, stylish, cool 风趣幽默,酷绝人寰
Jake Gyllenhaal
full of spirituality and depth 充满灵性,执着,深邃
Chris Evans
melancholy,affectionate 忧郁王子,深情专注
Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson
frosty, glamour 冷峻有型,魅惑诱人
Specialists of Psychology tend to divide people’s personalities into 4 types: perfection, power, activity and peace.
4 Types of Personalities
? Perfection Type ? 完美型
4 Types of Personalities
? Power Type ? 力量型
4 Types of Personalities
? Lively Type ? 活泼型
4 Types of Personalities
? Peace Type ? 和平型
But there are not so many people who belong to one of the four types only. The types they follow may vary under different circumstances. And at the same time, there are more intermediate type, mixed type and transition type. 真正属于这四种气质类型的人并不太多, 真正属于这四种气质类型的人并不太多,自然介于他们之间 的在不同条件和生活方式的影响下,当然 的在不同条件和生活方式的影响下,当然, 还有各种各样的中间 型、混合型和过渡型。 混合型和过渡型。
唐僧师徒四人正是代表了这四种性格: 唐僧师徒四人正是代表了这四种性格: 唐僧完美型 细致,敏感, 唐僧 完美型 细致,敏感,悲观 悟空力量型 坚定,果断, 悟空 力量型 坚定,果断,自负 八戒活泼型 活泼,热情,多变 八戒 活泼型 活泼,热情, 沙僧和平型 平稳,随和, 沙僧 和平型 平稳,随和,寡言
Monk Tang belongs to perfection type. (careful, sensitive, pessimistic) Sun Wukong belongs to power type. (determined, decisive, conceited) Zhu Bajie belongs to lively type. (lively, enthusiastic, changeable) Monk Sha belongs to peace type. (stable, easygoing, short-spoken )
Take it as a simple example: a house is on fire. The first group of people may think over the reason--electric short circuit or the fire from kitchen? The second group of people may take actions--turn off the brake, take the extinguisher to put out the fire. The third group of people may yell at everybody--terrible! The fire is spreading! The last group of people may just look on--someone will call the police, Fire Brigade will come soon, take it easy.
? ? ? ? ? 举一个简单的例子:有栋住房起火了; 举一个简单的例子:有栋住房起火了; 完美型的人会思考:是什么原因起火了,是电线短路还是厨房着火? 完美型的人会思考:是什么原因起火了,是电线短路还是厨房着火? 力量型的人会行动:关掉电闸,找到灭火器,马上去灭火! 力量型的人会行动:关掉电闸,找到灭火器,马上去灭火! 活泼型的人会大叫:楼上楼下大叫,不得了啦,起火了! 活泼型的人会大叫:楼上楼下大叫,不得了啦,起火了! 和平型的人会旁观:反正有人会报警,消防队马上会到,不用那么急吧。 和平型的人会旁观:反正有人会报警,消防队马上会到,不用那么急吧。
The first group of people tend to think. The second group of people tend to do. The third group of people tend to speak. The last group of people tend to see. Monk Tang makes the group a normative one. Sun Wukong makes the group a flexible one. Zhu Bajie makes the group a happy one. Monk Sha makes the group a calm one. ? ? ? ? 完美型的人喜欢想;力量型的人喜欢做; 完美型的人喜欢想;力量型的人喜欢做; 活泼型的人喜欢说;和平型的人喜欢看。 活泼型的人喜欢说;和平型的人喜欢看。 唐僧让这个团队变得正规,悟空让这个团队变得灵活, 唐僧让这个团队变得正规,悟空让这个团队变得灵活, 八戒让这个团队变得快乐,沙僧让这个团队变得冷静。 八戒让这个团队变得快乐,沙僧让这个团队变得冷静。
The summary of Introduction:
In order to conduct oneself in society, one should know well about himself/herself, different personalities as well as how to get along with different people. ? 了解自己的性格, 认识不同的性格, 学会与不同性格 的人相处,就是 学会了如何做人。
Before Reading --Discussion

  1. Do you like your personality? Why or why not?
  2. Have you ever changed your personality? What made the change?
  3. Do you want to adjust your personality in the future? Why or why not?
  4. What elements have contributed to the shaping of your present personality?
  5. What is your favorite color? Do you think it is related to your personality?
Global Reading
Directions: Text A has twelve paragraphs (1-
  12). Choose the most suitable heading for each paragraph from the list below.
A) Intellectual traits of personality B) Environment influence on personality C) Emotional traits of personality D) What is personality E) Three elements of personality F) Two influences on personality G) A good time for personality adjustment ? adolescence H) Personality can be adjusted I) Behavior reveals personality J) Social traits of personality K) Personalities are not simple L) Heredity influences personality 1-D; 2-K; 3-E; 4-C; 5-J; 6-A; 7-I; 8-F; 9-L; 10-B; 11-H; 12-G
Global Reading
Directions: Read the text carefully for its main idea and fill in the blanks.
People have different looks and figures. They also have different personalities. Quite often you may find one’s personality summed up can be in one word. However, if you examine simple personalities closely, you know they are not so and they makes the effort can be shaped if one . Basically, three categories of elements contribute to forming a person’s personality, namely, . These emotional, social and intellectual traits of personality become to others through behavior. apparent Usually, only after you have known a person well enough can you discover what he/she is truly like. Some people wonder why they have this personality instead of others. The explanation is not easy because no one really knows which of the two influences at work, heredity and environment , has the greater effect. Actually, the combination of the two may not be the same for every person.
Some personalities are more pleasing than others. Most people would like to change some of their personality traits. If you also have such a plan, you have to be determined and cherish your adolescence time because is a period for personality development.
Language Points
combination: n. the act of combining or state of being combined The firm is working on a new product in combination with several overseas partners. Pink is a combination of red and white. Collocation: make a combination a fixed combination in combination (with) 形成组合 固定搭配 联合, ……合作 联合,与……合作
NB: 注意该词的词性变化。 注意该词的词性变化。 它的动词形式为combine。 它的动词形式为 。
  1. n. a special and easily recognized quality of someone or something A characteristic of the camel is its ability to live for a long time without water. Arrogance is one of his less attractive characteristics.
  2. adj. typical; representing a person’s or thing’s usual character He spoke with characteristic enthusiasm. characteristic generosity 特有的慷慨行为
sum up: give a statement of the main points (of a report, a speech, a trial, etc.) 教授以扼要的重述结束了报告。 教授以扼要的重述结束了报告。 The professor concluded the lecture by summing up. I cannot find an epithet (表述词语) to sum up my feelings. (表述词语 表述词语)
compose: v.
  1. write something, especially a piece of music or poetry She began to compose at an early age. He plays the piano beautifully, and he composes his own music.
  2. make (oneself) calm or tranquil Compose yourself and deal with the problems logically. 冷静下来,并且理性地处理问题。 冷静下来,并且理性地处理问题。
  3. make up (something) ; form (something) Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen. The committee was composed mainly of teachers and parents.
emotional: adj.
  1. of or relating to emotion
The child’s bad behavior is a result of emotional problems.

  2. having feelings which are strong or easily made active
He was very emotional; he cried when I left.
NB: 该词的名词形式为 该词的名词形式为emotion。 。 Collocation: stir/whip up emotion(s) express emotion show emotion suppress/contain one’s emotions 激发起感情 表达情感 显露出情感 抑制感情
anxiety: n.
  1. fear and worry, esp. as caused by uncertainty about something The doctor’s report removed all their anxieties. 他们对她的安全感到非常担忧。 他们对她的安全感到非常担忧。 They felt strong anxiety for her safety.
  2. a strong wish to do something; eagerness anxiety to please Collocation: anxiety about … ……的焦虑 对……的焦虑 There was much anxiety about the future of these theatres. 人们对这些剧院的前途忧心忡忡。 人们对这些剧院的前途忧心忡忡。 anxiety for … ……担忧 为……担忧 display anxiety 表现出焦虑 relieve one’s anxiety 消除某人的忧虑 急于取悦
respond: v.
  1. act in answer I kicked the dog, which responded with a growl.
他对我的建议报以一笑。 他对我的建议报以一笑。
He responded to my suggestion with a laugh.
  2. answer someone or something She responded to my letter with a phone call. He responded that he had not been in the building at the time. CF: answer, reply & respond
这三个词作为动词都有“回答”之意。 这三个词作为动词都有“回答”之意。
answer 所回答的内容可能是表示同意、反对或提供有关情况,在较广泛的 所回答的内容可能是表示同意、反对或提供有关情况,
意义上可针对任何人所讲的话或所做的事作出反应。 意义上可针对任何人所讲的话或所做的事作出反应。
所回答的是针对问题的陈述或声明。 所回答的是针对问题的陈述或声明。
通常指对号召、指责、请求等作出反应, 通常指对号召、指责、请求等作出反应,也指一般口头 或书面的回答或对某人行动的反应。 或书面的回答或对某人行动的反应。
Directions: Fill in the blanks with the words above. Change the form where necessary.
  1. She that she would try to help him. replied
  2. I asked him several questions, but he never . answered
  3. Many young people responded heartily to the call of the government.
  4. When Tom insulted him, he responded with a kick.
  5. Our men to the enemy’s fire. replied
  6. I knocked at the door, but nobody . answered
  1. n.
  1) the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of sb. or sth., or the effect itself He has a strange influence over the girl.
the influence of parents on their children
  2) person, fact, etc. that exercises such power Religion has been an influence for good in her life. We are subject to many influences.
  2. vt. have an effect on Don’t let me influence your decision. What influenced you to do it?
Collocation: exert influence on … strengthen one’s influence under sb.’s influence under the influence of … drive under the influence of alcohol 酒后开车 outside influences 外界影响 对……施加影响 ……施加影响 加强势力 在某人的影响下 ……的影响下 在……的影响下
aspect: n.
  1. a particular side of a many-sided state of affairs, idea, plan, etc. look at every aspec


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