1、The village is close to the border that the villagers live in constent fear of attacks from the enemy.(担心攻击)
  2、In only 20 years the country was transformed into an advanced industrial power(发展成)
  3、This company has evolved into one of the major chemical manufacturning bases in this region. (发展成为)
  4、Given the current financial situation ,it is inevitable that the US doller will be further devalude. (不可避免的)
  5、The government’s call for suggestions about the control of water pollution produced very little response from the citizens.(响应不强烈)
  6、 weather showed no signs of getting better so the government called upon us to get prepared The for floods.(号召我们)
  7、 one time scientists thought that there was nothing smaller than an atom but now most people At know that an atom consists of even smaller particles(曾一度认为).
  8、The students were all very much concerned about the World Cup,spending at least two hours every day watching the live matches on TV.(关注世界杯)
  9、The department store lost out because loans were very hard to come by and it coould not start business on time (得不到贷款)
  10、We can’t go there for a walk because there is a navy base there,which is off limits to tourists (禁止)
  11、He really knows a lot about theory ,but when it comes to actual work ,he seems to be quite igonrant(一遇到).
  12、 latest survey shows that the majority of the citizens support the government’s plan to build The a new library(调查).
  13、The two countries could reach agreement successfully on scientific and technological cooperation because several factors favorable to their cooperaton had been at work (发挥作用)
  14、I saw the film when I was in the primary school ,but the little just won’t come to mind for the moment(想起).
  15、He has been stuck with heavy debt though he works about twelve hours every day on average (平均、陷入)
  16、Is it necessary to know his height ?To me ,it is irrelevant to whether he can be a good lawyer or not(没有关系)
  17、 cupboard is built into the wall so that it both saves space and is convenient to use (安装) The
  18、These workers earn more than we do ,but the other side of the coin is that their job is more dangerous(话又说回来)
  19、 Helen majors in economics at the university and at the same time she studies philosophy as her second major(与此同时) 0
  20、What is most important is that you must find out and solve the problems by yourselves .It makes no difference whether I go there or not(无关紧要)
  21、 Most people strongly believe that the court will no doubt punish the bank robbers severely. (坚 信)
  22、The medical workers overcome one difficulty after another in their long-term quest for a cure for the disease(长期探索)
  23、Acting on the information they recived,the police closed off the streets and caught the bank robbers(根据、封锁)
  24、We were amazed at learning that the newly-built TV factory can produce 500,000 TV sets in the first year(惊讶)
  25、The government is looking into the causes of so many layoffs and is trying to help the laid-off
workers to be re-employed(调查).
  26、To expand the sales of its product,the company has taken up various measures to open up new markets and to improve its services(开拓)
  27、He has neglected his studies to such an extent that I am afraid it is impossible for him to catch up with the other students in a month(如此程度)
  28、The fireworks factory was closed last month for failing to comply with the government safety regulation(遵守)
  29、It remains to be seen whether our football team can beat its opponent(才知道) 30 、 Mr.Smith predicted that the recent oil discoveries ,together with the use of new technologies,would lead to a decline in the price of crude oil(预言)
  31、As more and more details of her private life were disclosed by the media ,she was compelled to resign her post as general manager(不得不)
  32、She is very satisfired with her new job as it coincides with her interests(与兴趣符合)
  33、I bought this shirt because the price was reduced from 300 yuan to 80yuan(减少)
  34、To bring her children up ,the mother really went through all kinds of hardships (经历磨难)
  35、The police have ruled out murder in the case of the old lady’s death (排除)
  36、The municipality promised to take effective steps as soon as possible to solve the problems of air pollution(采取措施)
  37、I did not go in for the Campus Tennis Championships held last month because of my injured leg(参加)
  38、If you can get the support of the most of the girls ,you stand a good chance of winning the election and becoming Chairman of the Students Union(机会)
  39、Not all the books he wrote were as successful as this one so I recommend that you borrow it from the library and read it (建议)
  40、At the 2004 Athens Olympic Games Liu Xiang won the championship of the men’s 110-meter hurdle and broke the world record ,which had been previously held by an American athlete(打破 记录)
  41、He attempted to save the enterprise which was on the verge of cllapse but failed (试图)
  42、 president has announced that he will not seek re-election at the end of his first term The (谋求)
  43、The young teacher is skilled at motivating his students to study hard (激发)
  44、She loves giving parties and does so whenever she can find an excuse (找借口)
  45、I’m afraid that you’ll have to compete with at least fifty people for an administrative post in this company(竞争)
  46、 be frank ,I don’t think you stand a good chance of getting promoted even if you are loyal to To the company(坦率的说,提拔)
  47、It was obvious that his speech aroused the sympathy of the audience for the victims of the earthquake(显然,同情)
  48、Thought he has repeatedly assured me of his ability to promote our company’s products ,I’ll give him another intervinw before hiring him(反复保证)
  49、The company’s investment ended in failure due to the wrong strategic decisions of the general manager and so the board of directors decided to show him out (赶出去)
  50、 know you are tired but try to hang on a little bit longer.We will reach the peak in half an hour I (坚持,顶峰)



   1、The village is close to the border that the villagers live in constent fear of attacks from the enemy.(担心攻击) 2、In only 20 years the country was transformed into an advanced industrial power(发展成) 3、This company has evolved into one of the major ch ...


   新世纪大学英语综合教程 4 课后翻译 Unit 1 1、这个村子离边境很近,村民们一直担心会受到敌人的攻击。 The village is so close to the border that the villagers live in constant fear of attacks from the enemy. 2、这个国家仅用了 20 年的时间就发展成了一个先进的工业强国。 In only twenty years the country was transformed into ...


   5A 1|声誉| 梅尔文?霍华兹 声誉极像一个追逐自己尾巴的动物,抓住了以后除继续穷追不舍 外,再也不知道还能做什么。声誉以及随之而来的名气迫使名人陷入穷途末路。真有点 讽刺意味,不是吗? 2 名人有名多因有一技之长,如唱歌、跳舞、绘画、写作等等。成功的表演者展示出一种 风格,获得声誉。而且这种声誉常常使这位表演者确信,必须把这种风格发扬光大,因 为这就是大众所需要和喜爱的。可是随着时间的推移,如果歌手年复一年地用老调唱老 歌,画师画千篇一律的风景或画像,演员反复饰演同一角色,他们势必都会感 ...


   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 全新版大学英语综合教程 2 课后翻译 UNIT 1 我认为总结一下英语学习的经验是值得一试的。这里,我想谈谈三个相关的问题。 首先,大量阅读应被视作学习过程中的重点,因为我们是通过阅读获取最大量语言输入(language input)的。其次,尽可能多背一些好文章也十分重要。一方面,死记硬背(rote learning)确实无甚裨益, 但另一方面,在真正理解基础上的熟记肯定对我们有好处。大脑中存储了大量很好的文章,我 ...


   Unit one 1. 这个村子离边境很近,村民们一直担心会受到敌人的攻击。(in fear of) 1. The village is so close to the border that the villagers live in constant fear of attacks from the enemy. 2. 这个国家仅用了 20 年的时间就发展成了一个先进的工业强国。(transform) 2. In only twenty years the country was tra ...


   全新版大学英语综合教程 4 课后翻译 UNIT 1 攻势已经持续了三天, 但是我们并没有取得多少进展。 我们在前线与敌人交战的部队遇 到了强力的抵抗。师长(DIVISION COMMANDER)命令我们营(BATTALION)绕到敌人 后方发起突然袭击。然而,要绕到敌人后方,我们必须越过一片沼泽地(MARSHLAND) 。 我们很多人担心会陷入泥潭之中。我们营长决定冒一下险。我们在夜幕掩盖下出发,不顾困 难,奋勇向前。幸运的是,夜间温度突然下降到摄氏零下 20 度,烂泥地都结上了冰。由于 这 ...


   Unit 1 无名英雄:职业父亲意味着什么? 在我们的孪生女儿出生后的第一次“约会”时,我和丈夫一起去看了一部名为《玩具故事》的 电影。我们很喜欢这部片子,但随后我丈夫问道:“父亲在哪儿呢?”起初我还认为因为一个 小小的失误而批评一部很吸引人的家庭影片似乎是太偏狭了。 可后来越想越觉得这一疏忽太 严重了。父亲不仅没有出现,他甚至没有被提到?? 尽管家中有婴儿,说明他不可能离开 太长时间。影片给人的感觉是,父亲出现与否似乎是个极次要的细节,甚至不需要做任何解 释。 新闻媒体倾向于把父亲的边缘化 ...


   One Writer's Beginnings 作家起步时 我从两三岁起就知道,家中随便在哪个房间里,白天无论在什么时间,都可以念书 或听人念书。母亲念书给我听。上午她都在那间大卧室里给我念,两人一起坐在她那把摇 椅里,我们摇晃时,椅子发出有节奏的滴答声,好像有只唧唧鸣叫的蟋蟀在伴着读故事。 冬日午后,她常在餐厅里烧着煤炭的炉火前给我念,布谷鸟自鸣钟发出“咕咕”声时,故 事便结束了;晚上我在自己床上睡下后她也给我念。想必我是不让她有一刻清静。有时她 在厨房里一边坐着搅制黄油一边给我念, 故事 ...


   第二单元 1. 无论是友情还是爱情,你都不可能期待自己付出最少而得到最多。 In either friendship or love,you should never expect to receive the maximum while you give the minimum. 2. 我把全部希望寄托在他的承诺上,结果却发现他根本不是个真诚的人。 I built all my hopes on his promises,only to find that he was not a man ...


   UNIT 7 填单词 - <Blank id="1"> <Answer id="1">furnish</Answer> </Blank> - <Blank id="2"> <Answer id="1">resolve</Answer> </Blank> - <Blank id="3"> ...



   英语常用同义词辨析 C cabin, cottage, but, shed 这些名词均含有“小屋”之意。 cabin〓多指建造粗糙的简陋小木屋,也指旅客或船员住的船舱。现 在也指节假日游游者的简便住房。 cottage〓指穷苦人住的乡间小茅屋。现在也指雅致的小住宅,在美国 可指别墅。 but〓多指供居住或遮避风雨的简易小屋。 shed〓一般指四壁没有完全封闭,供牲畜用或储藏东西、停放车辆等 的简易棚屋。 cable, telegram, telegraph 这些名词都有“电报”之意。 cab ...


   高考英语第一轮复习 专题四: 专题四:时态和语态 主讲人: 北京80 80中 主讲人:林斌 北京80中 开篇语 本讲在高考中的地位及考查形式: 本讲在高考中的地位及考查形式: 时态和语态在高考中的地位是非常重要的。 时态和语态在高考中的地位是非常重要的。它不仅在单项选择题中考 而且对阅读理解非常有帮助,学生们通过学习时态和语态, 查,而且对阅读理解非常有帮助, 学生们通过学习时态和语态,能够对阅 读理解中比较复杂的句型更好地理解。另外, 读理解中比较复杂的句型更好地理解。另外, 时态和语态对 ...


   英语六级词汇 英语六级词汇(2010 年) 英语六级词汇 abbreviation abide abolish absent absorption abstract absurd abundance accessory accord acknowledge acquaint action adhere adjacent adjoin adjustable administration admiration adoption n.节略,缩写,缩短 节略,缩写, 节略 vt.遵守 vt.忍受 遵 ...

2009 年英语短剧大赛---独墅湖校区决赛策划

   第七节英语短剧大赛独墅湖校区决赛 英悦” 2009 年 “英悦” 盛典 暨 第七届英语短剧大赛 独墅湖校区决赛 策 划 书 医学部团委 医学部学生科技协会 一. 活动背景 丹桂飘香,十月份的苏州大学迎来了一年一度的英语短剧大赛。在 1 第七节英语短剧大赛独墅湖校区决赛 这秋高气爽的季节里,我们为你铺设一个舞台,邀你秀出风采凸显个性, 为秋日的苏大校园添上绚烂的一笔! 活动目的 二. 活动目的 1. 为同学们提供一个交流的平台 2. 活跃校园文化氛围 3. 激发大学生对英语学习的兴趣 4. 创 ...


   超强的大学英语六级考试翻译题整理汇总 During the meeting,hardly had he begun to speak when the audience interrupted him 他一开 始说话,就被听众打断了 surrounded by the police, the kidnappers had no choices but to surrender on the spot (没 有选择,只能投降) The concerned mother thrilled ...