English Songs Video Clip Background Information Discussion

  1. Jingle Bells Directions: Listen to the song and fill in the blanks with what you hear.

Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh what fun it is to ride one-horse In a open sleigh Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh Dashing through the snow On a one-horse open sleigh Over the fields we go
all the way Laughing Bells on bob-tail ring, spirits Making bright What fun it is to ride and sing A sleighing song tonight Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh

  2. Christmas Songs

English Songs Video Clip Background Information Discussion
Christmas celebrates the birth of the child called Jesus. Christians believe Jesus was the son of God sent to earth to save the world. Many Americans go to church on Christmas. They pray and sing songs in praise of Jesus Christ. One religious Christmas song is “O Holy Night.” Leontyne Price sings it here. Here is a rather sad Christmas song about celebrating the holiday during a troubled time. Judy Garland sings “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” We leave you now with a song expressing the wish for a happy holiday season.
English Songs Video Clip Background Information Discussion
Directions: Listen to the passage and answer the following questions.

  1. Why do people celebrate Christmas? Because it’s the birth of Jesus, son of God sent to earth to save the world.
  2. What are the names of the songs mentioned? “O Holy Night,” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “Happy Holiday.”
English Songs
Video Clip
Background Information Discussion
Directions: Watch the video clip from He-Man and complete the following paragraph with what you have heard.
English Songs
Video Clip
Background Information Discussion
saving them The children thanked Skeletor for , but Skeletor didn’t feel well for doing it and he wished he knew why . He-Man thought that Skeletor was feeling the which Christmas spirit made him feel good. However, Skeletor said that he didn’t like to feel good and he liked to feel . At last, She-Ra comforted evil Skeletor by saying “Don’t worry, Skeletor, Christmas only comes ”. once a year
English Songs
Video Clip Background Information Discussion
How do Americans Celebrate Christmas? Millions of Americans celebrate Christmas on December twenty-fifth. It is the most widely celebrated religious holiday in the United States. People buy gifts to give to family members and friends. They fill homes and stores with evergreen trees and bright, colored lights. They go to parties and prepare special Christmas foods. Many people think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Many Christians go to church the night before the holiday or on Christmas Day. They celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Christian ministers will speak about the need for peace and understanding in the world. This is the spiritual message of Christmas. Church services include traditional religious songs for the holiday. One of the most popular is “Silent Night.”
English Songs
Video Clip Background Information Discussion
Many Americans celebrate Christmas as an important, but non-religious, holiday. To all, however, it is a special day of family, food, and exchanging gifts. For many people, Christmas means traveling long distances to be with their families. Christmas is probably the most special day of the year for children. One thing that makes it special is the popular tradition of Santa Claus. Young children believe that Santa Claus is a fat, kind, old man in a red suit with white fur. They believe that ? on the night before Christmas ? he travels through the air in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. He enters each house from the top by sliding down the hole in the fireplace. He leaves gifts for the children under the Christmas tree. Americans spend a lot of time and money buying Christmas presents. The average American family spends about eight hundred dollars. Stores and shopping centers are crowded at this time of year.
English Songs
Video Clip Background Information Discussion
More than twenty percent of all goods sold during the year are sold during the weeks before Christmas. This is good for stores and for the American economy. Some people object to all this spending. They say it is not the real meaning of Christmas. So, they celebrate in other ways. For example, they make Christmas presents, instead of buying them. Or they volunteer to help serve meals to people who have no homes. Or they give money to organizations that help poor people in the United States and around the world. Home and family are the center of the Christmas holiday. For many people, the most enjoyable tradition is buying a Christmas tree and decorating it with lights and beautiful objects. On Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, people gather around the tree to open their presents. Another important Christmas tradition involves food. Families prepare many kinds of holiday foods, especially sweets. They eat these foods on the night before Christmas and on Christmas Day.
English Songs
Directions: After listening to the recording, work in groups and discuss about what Christmas spirit is. Christmas in America means different things to different people. To some people, Christmas means brightly wrapped packages under a decorated tree. To others, it means family reunions and a wonderful meal together. To Christians, it means Jesus’s birthday. Christmas also means lending a helping hand to people in need. Along with all the hubbub of shopping for presents and sending Christmas cards, many people in America take time to help others.
Video Clip Background Information Discussion
English Songs
Video Clip Background Information Discussion
In America and around the world, Christmas offers many opportunities to spread the message of “peace on earth, good will toward men.” For example, some people stand outside malls and stores collecting money for the needy. Many churches and other organizations collect toys and clothes as Christmas gifts for poor families. Going caroling is another traditional way to bring cheer to neighbors ? especially the elderly and people who can’t get out much. The Christmas spirit encourages people to help each other in many large and small ways.
Part Division of the Text Further Understanding
Parts 1
Paragraphs 1
Main Ideas The writer’s family had a bad time in the days leading up to Christmas last year. In a boring looking restaurant, most of the diners seemed to have no festive mood except for the American sailor. The Christmas gift from the American sailor changed everything and led to a most wonderful Christmas.
For Part I (Para.
Part Division of the Text Further Understanding
Monologue Directions: Suppose you were the writer, try to describe the bad experiences during the trip. The beginning and the ending are given. You can use the tips given and add your own imagination as well. Beginning: What a Christmas it was! Everything had gone wrong on our way from Paris to Nice …
  1. tourist traps
  2. a broken-down car
  3. a shabby hotel Ending: There is no Christmas spirit in our hearts.
For Part 2 (Para.2~Para.
Part Division of the Text Further Understanding
Dialogue Directions: Work in pairs. Make the second part into a short dialogue and role-play it. It can either be a dialogue between the husband and the wife or between the American sailor and the French flower woman.
For Part 3 (Para.17~Para.
Part Division of the Text Further Understanding
Rearrange the Order of the Sentences
  1. My wife waved her flower in time to the music.
  2. People crowded in from the street.
  3. My wife and our sons sang with uninhibited enthusiasm.
  4. The old flower woman jumped up and waved the note.
  5. The Germans ordered wine for everyone.
  6. The piano player began to sing “Good King Wenceslaus.”
  7. Everyone stopped eating.
Detailed Reading
Christmas time does not stop bad things from coming our way and leaving us in a bad mood. A flower from an American sailor in a far from ideal restaurant, however, changed a gloomy Christmas Eve for its unhappy diners into a joyful celebration. Read the following text and see how Christmas spirit touched the hearts of those concerned.
A Sailor’s Christmas Gift William J. Lederer
Detailed Reading
Last year at Christmas time my wife, three boys, and I were in France, on our way from Paris to Nice. For five wretched days everything had gone wrong. Our hotels were “tourist traps”; our rented car broke down; we were all restless and irritable in the crowded car. On Christmas Eve, when we checked into a shabby hotel in Nice, there was no Christmas spirit in our hearts. It was raining and cold when we went out to eat. We found a boring looking little joint carelessly decorated for the holiday. It smelled greasy. Only five tables in the restaurant were occupied. There were two German couples, two French families, and an American sailor, by himself. In the corner a piano player monotonously played Christmas music.
Detailed Reading
I was too stubborn and too tired and miserable to leave. I looked around and noticed that the other customers were eating in stony silence. The only person who seemed happy was the American sailor. While eating, he was writing a letter, and a halfsmile lighted his face. My wife ordered our meal in French. The waiter brought us the wrong thing. I scolded my wife for being stupid. She began to cry. The boys defended her, and I felt even worse. Then, at the table with the French family on our left, the father slapped one of his children for some minor fault, and the boy began to cry. On our right, the German wife began scolding her husband. All of us were interrupted by an unpleasant blast of cold air. Through the front door came an old French flower woman. She wore a dripping, ragged overcoat, and dragged herself in on wet, rundown shoes. Carrying her basket of flowers, she went from one table to another.
Detailed Reading
“Flowers, monsieur? Only one franc.” No one bought any. Wearily she sat down at a table between the sailor and us. To the waiter she said, “A bowl of soup. I haven’t sold a flower all afternoon.” To the piano player she said hoarsely, “Can you imagine, Joseph, soup on Christmas Eve?” He pointed to his empty “tipping plate.” The young sailor finished his meal and got up to leave. Putting on his coat, he walked over to the flower woman’s table. “Happy Christmas,” he said, smiling and picking out two flowers. “How much are they?” “Two francs, monsieur.” Pressing one of the small flowers flat, he put it into the letter he had written, then handed the woman a twenty-franc note.
Detailed Reading
“I don’t have change, monsieur,” she said. “I’ll get some from the waiter.” “No, ma’am,” said the sailor, leaning over and kissing the ancient cheek. “This is my Christmas present to you.” Straightening up, he came to our table, holding the other flower in front of him. “Sir,” he said to me, “may I have permission to present this flower to your beautiful daughter?” In one quick motion he gave my wife the flower, wished us a Merry Christmas, and departed. Everyone had stopped eating. Everyone had been watching the sailor. Everyone was silent. A few seconds later, Christmas exploded throughout the restaurant like a bomb. The old flower woman jumped up, waving the twenty-franc note. Hobbling to the middle of the floor she did a lively folk dance and shouted to the piano player, “Joseph, my Christmas present! And you shall have half, so you can have a feast, too.”
Detailed Reading
The piano player began to sing loudly “Good King Wenceslaus,” beating the keys with magic hands, nodding his head in rhythm. My wife waved her flower in time to the music. She was radiant and appeared twenty years younger. The tears had left her eyes, and the corners of her mouth turned up in laughter. She began to sing, and our three sons joined her, bellowing the song with uninhibited enthusiasm. “Gut! Gut!” shouted the Germans. They jumped on their chairs and began singing the words in German. The waiter embraced the flower woman. Waving their arms, they sang in French. The Frenchman who had slapped the boy beat rhythm with his fork against a bottle. The lad climbed on his lap, singing merrily too. The Germans ordered wine for everyone. They delivered it themselves, hugging the other customers.
Detailed Reading
One of the French families called for champagne ? made the rounds, kissing each of us on both cheeks. The owner of the restaurant started “The First Noel,” and we all joined in, half of us crying. People crowded in from the street until many customers were standing. The walls shook as hands and feet kept time to the Christmas carols. The miserable evening in a dull restaurant ended up being the very best Christmas Eve we had ever experienced just because of a young sailor who had Christmas spirit in his soul. He released the love and joy that had been smothered within us by anger and disappointment. He gave us Christmas.
Our hotels were “tourist traps



   1A 1|人在自然界| 亚历山大?斯伯金 人类生活在大自然的王国里。 他们时刻被大自然所包围并 与之相互影响。人类呼吸的空气、喝下的水和摄入的食 物,无一不令人类时刻感知到 大自然的影响。我们与大自然血肉相连,离开大自然,我们将无法生存。 2 人类不仅生活在大自然之中,同时也在改变着大自然。人类把自然资源转变为各种文 化,社会历史的财富。人类降服并控制了电,迫使它为人类社会的利益服务。人类不仅 把各种各样的动植物转移到不同的气候环境, 也改变了他生活环境的地貌和气候并使动 植物因之而发生转变 ...


   7A 1|返朴归真| 琳达?韦尔特纳 “我们讨论的是简化生活,而不是物质匮乏,”我的朋友萨拉 解释说,“绝对不是你不可以做你喜欢的那些事情,而是你在改变,不再喜欢同样的事 情罢了。一些旧的习惯看上去是那样的浪费又不能令人满意,你真的对它们失去了兴 趣。所以你仍然拥有你需要的每一件东西??只不过不需要花那么多的钱罢了。” 2 当我第一次遇见他们时,萨拉和迈克尔夫妇双双从业,拥有自己的住宅和用一大笔贷款 购置的一条大船。随着女儿的出世而他们又想亲自抚养她,他们开始对“自愿简朴”的理 念产生了兴趣 ...


   2A 1|技术与幸福| 詹姆斯?萨洛维奇 20 世纪的美国人、欧洲人和东亚人都享受到了过去历代 人都无法想象的物质和技术进步带来的乐趣。譬如,在美 国,从 1950 年到 2000 年 国民生产总值翻了 3 倍。人们的寿命大幅度提高。二战后生产力的迅速发展使商品变得 价廉物 美。诸如乘飞机旅游和打长途电话等曾经是奢侈的事情成了生活不可或缺的一 部分。 2 那么,根据大多数标准衡量,你会说,现在的美国人比上个世纪中叶富裕多了。不过, 奇怪的是,如果你问美国人有多幸福,你会发现,他们并不比 19 ...


   5A 1|声誉| 梅尔文?霍华兹 声誉极像一个追逐自己尾巴的动物,抓住了以后除继续穷追不舍 外,再也不知道还能做什么。声誉以及随之而来的名气迫使名人陷入穷途末路。真有点 讽刺意味,不是吗? 2 名人有名多因有一技之长,如唱歌、跳舞、绘画、写作等等。成功的表演者展示出一种 风格,获得声誉。而且这种声誉常常使这位表演者确信,必须把这种风格发扬光大,因 为这就是大众所需要和喜爱的。可是随着时间的推移,如果歌手年复一年地用老调唱老 歌,画师画千篇一律的风景或画像,演员反复饰演同一角色,他们势必都会感 ...

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   相信就能取得成就 孩子们,二加二等于几呀?”老师问。 “黄颜色! ”我大声叫道。这么一叫,我就在两周 之内第六次被赶出了幼儿园的课堂。 那是 1974 年在佛罗里达州的迈阿密。 其实那也不是我最后一次被请出教室。 这样被逐出 了二十多次后,我终于被校方彻底开除。对此我的父母深感失望和尴尬,显然已智穷力竭。 我开始变得孤僻离群,与平日里那个充满活力、特爱说话的 5 岁男孩判若两人。由于一个老 师的暗示??我可能弱智,父母便带我去看小儿精神科医生。此时, 可能我们三人都想到了 不应再对我抱任何希 ...

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   Unit Six 我要买下布鲁克林桥 艾德丽安?波珀 不久前,我收到母校一份校友简报。里面有一条是关于一个老同学的消息:“凯特?L在俄克拉荷马大学兼职任教,并任县高中校长助理。她正在利用业余时间完成博士论文以及两本著作的最后定稿,同时她仍有时间与女儿们一起打网球、骑马。”这条短讯中有四个字令我心神不安:业余时间。有位朋友说,要是我对这一报道里的一切都信以为真,那她在布鲁克林还有一座桥要出售给我呢。 朋友的打趣一针见血。我多蠢啊!于是我打定主意,不再去想凯特那些不可思议的成就,以后看到类似 ...



   学科 关键词 英语 培养 自主学 习 高三学生英语辅导的个案反思 文 上海市第三女子 中学 马胃燕 〔 案例 〕 小孙 是 我校 垒 球 运 动 员 , 在 平均分而产生了自卑感 , 进免和教 师接 触 , 更谈 不上 直面 问题 , 接 受 挑 战 了。因此 , 教 师要做好补差工 要注意培养学生学习兴趣 , 消除其 自 卑感 , 增强其学习信心 、 学习积 极性 , 多给予实事求是的鼓励和激 励。 对于小孙的案例 , 她在学习动 机和非智力因素上都产生了问题 , 而我只是一味地针对学科的 ...

英语词汇译文(上) 张维友

   第一章 词汇与词汇学的基本概念 词汇学学习之初,有必要去澄清一些关于词和词汇的基本概念。词语 word 是一个难以捉摸 的概念,需要在开始就认真关注。发音和意义之间的关系,声音和形式之间的关系,词语和 词汇之间的关系。另外,我们将注意一些关于词汇分类的共识的规则,并且在本章一定程度 上研究每类词语。 1.1 一个词是什么? 词语是什么?多年来已经引起了语言学家的关注。争议较大。尽管已经提出了很多的定义, 没有一个是最好的。学者们仍然没有在词语的定义上达成一致。 当我们谈起一个词语,我们倾向于 ...


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   As 引起的短语在英语中有很重要的地位,在 NMET 中出现的频率很高,是要求重点掌握的内 容。 1. As a matter of fact 事实上,其实 As a matter of fact, I know nothing about the constructions of the information p roducts. 其实我对这些信息产品的构造一无所知。 2. As a result 结果,终于,因此 She studied hard. As a result, she m ...


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