专升本( 新世纪英语教程 专升本(I)自学指导书

  2、具有较强的英语听、说和阅读能力; 学习
  3、可以进行日常的英语会话; 目标
  4、具有一定的翻译和写作能力。 授课 授课内容 单 元 时数 Unit1
  1.Warm-up Activities(P1-
  2.oral practice(P2-
  3) 3 Colors
  3.reading comprehension(P8-
  4.extra reading(P15-
  1.Warm-up Activities(P28-
  30) Unit2
  2.oral practice(P30-
  31) 3 Two
  3.reading comprehension(P36-
  4.extra reading(P43-
  48) Generations
  1.Warm-up Activities(P53-
  2.reading comprehension(P60-
  3.Vocabulary and structure(P
  4. Reading skills(P72-

  1.After-class activities
  2.Reading skills
P11-15 P18-20

  1.After-class activities
  2.Reading skills
P39-43 P46-48
Unit 3 People and animals Unit 4 Job interviews Unit 5 Culture

  1.oral practice
  2.extra reading
  3.After-class activities
  1.warm-up Activities
  2.oral practice
  3.extra reading
  4.After-class activities
P65-66 P69-70

  1.reading comprehension(P83-
  2.Vocabulary and structure(P94-
  3. Reading skills(P96-1
P86-90 P94-96

  1.Warm-up Activities(P1
  1.oral practice
  2.reading comprehension(P109-1
  2.extra reading
  3.Vocabulary and structure(P120-1
  3.After-class activities
  4. Reading skills(P122-1
  1.reading comprehension(P139-1
  1.warm-up Activities
  2.Vocabulary and structure(P148-1
  2.oral practice
  3. Reading skills(P150-1
  3.extra reading
  4.After-class activities
  1.warm-up Activities
  1.reading comprehension(P162-1
  2.oral practice
  2.Vocabulary and structure(P174-1
  3.extra reading
  3. Reading skills(P176-1
  4.After-class activities
P112-115 P120-121
Unit 6 Coolness
P142-145 P148-150
Unit 7
  1.5 Love
P166-169 P174-175
Unit 8
  1.5 Manners

  1.warm-up Activities
  1.reading comprehension(P187-1
  2.oral practice
  2.Vocabulary and structure(P198-2
  3.extra reading
  3. Reading skills(P200-2
  4.After-class activities
  1.Warm-up Activities(P2
  2.reading comprehension(P212-2
  1.oral practice
  3.Vocabulary and structure(P224-2
  2.extra reading
  4. Reading skills(P227-2
  3.After-class activities
P190-194 P198-200
Unit 9
  1.5 Success
P216-219 P224-225
Unit 10
  1.5 Friends and friendship

  1.warm-up Activities
  1.reading comprehension(P240-2
  2.oral practice
  2.Vocabulary and structure(P250-2
  3.extra reading
  3. Reading skills(P252-2
  4.After-class activities
P243-246 P250-251

  1、授课教师:潘富莲 备注
  2、作业按授课教师要求交批,不要交于班主任或其它老师,以免成绩统计误 漏。
作业面授时交批( 注:作业面授时交批(P
  48. II translation1-8 ) 作业面授时交批
补充练习) Extra Exercises(补充练习 : 补充练习
I. Writing Directions: Write two compositions on each of the following topics in about 100 words.
  1. A letter to a Friend (You have just received a letter from one of your old friends. Write to him/her about something or someone both of you know in your childhood. Tell him/her something about your family. Invite him/her to your home.)
  2. I love My Hometown
II. Translation Directions: Put the following sentences into English, using the words or phrases or expressions in brackets.
  1. 男孩子们想去野营但被他们的父母们拦阻了。(attempt)
  2. 学生们对这种新的教学法的反应就是他们变得更自信了。(react to)
  3. 没人接电话意味着一家人都外出了。(imply)
  4. 我们必须日夜兼程才能达到目的地。(on time)

  5. 虽然他被敌人包围着,但是他并不害怕。 (as)
  6. 是否就是他抢劫了银行还有待证明。(remain)
  7. 你应该找他看牙医,他被认为是城里最好的牙医。(think of … as)
  8. 从孩子出生起,她的父母就分居了。(be separated from)
  9. 即使你不成功,我们仍然支持你。(even if/even though)
  10. 有十个人申请这份兼职工作。(apply)
  11. 从这里到学校至少要二十分钟。(at least)
  12. 他的想法跟我的不一致。(conform)
  13. 当他读这个故事时禁不住哭了。(can’t help)
  14. 我们走了就没人欣赏你的这些幽默的故事了。(appreciate)
  15. 这个产品在质量上比那个产品要好得多。(superior)
  16. 他父亲的去世让他伤心之极。(overwhelm) III. Blank Filling Section A Directions: Fill in the blanks with proper words given below.
  1. (learn, provide, looking, figure out, interview, often, conditions,) important, sitting , suitable, decide, job,
In Western countries, when a person is for a job, there will almost always be a job . In the course of the interview, the interviewee(应试者) can something about the job, such as the salary, the work and other things relevant to the job. Then whether the job is really for him. At the same time, the interviewee can the interviewer(面试官) can whether the applicant (申请人) is the right person for the . Since the interview is so for people, a lot of books on this topic have been published. They job seekers with all kinds of tips, mainly those do’s and don’ts(注意事项) .

  2. (rules, enjoyable, remember, rude, culture, Watch)
Table vary(不同) from culture to culture. is acceptable(可接受的) in country may be considered extremely in another country. There are so many about proper table manners in every that it’s to them all, but there is a general rule to follow -- Never do until the host does it first. This includes sitting, eating, putting your napkin on the table, and leaving. Good manners are important and make meals more . Section B Directions: Filling the blanks with proper words. People English for different reasons, they all have the purpose: to others and make themselves understood while communicating in . In to learn English well, one needs to do a lot of practice. So while in class, you should active(积极的;主动的) rather passive(消极的;被动的). imitating other people’s at You should also learn the sounds of English normal speed.



   无纸化办公之神话 为什么你的办公室愈加混乱不堪? 弗雷德里充依艾伦 [1]在 1970 年《未来者》杂志中阿尔温托福乐声称“打印任何资料是机器的一种原始 用途,违背了其本身的初衷。 ”五年后,施乐公司的帕罗阿尔托研究中心的主任认为无纸 化办公已经初现端倪,并大胆预言在未来“不知道这个世界上我还会需要多少硬拷贝。 ” [2]如果他还和我们一样,那么,他仍然被许多纸张包围,很可能比以往任何时候更加严 重。 几十年来,我们一直期待着无纸化办公的到来,但是,新技术层出不穷,旨在帮助我们取代在 几千年 ...

八年级 新世纪英语

   八年级 新世纪英语备课 2010.03.10 Unit One Language Learning Lesson 1 English an International Language Lesson 2 An Interview with a Good Language Learner Unit 2 Campus Life Lesson 1 Our School Newspaper Lesson 2 At the School Library Lesson 3 A Homepage f ...


   写便条给妈妈 a note to mum 要求某人做某事 ask sb to do something 去看电影 to go to the movies 一个关于……的故事 a story about 打电话回家 phone home. 晚饭后 after supper 回家 come back home 大概下午 7 点 at about 7:00 p.m 给某人打电话 call sb. =give sb. a call 罗马 Rome 最吸引人的城市 an interesting cit ...


   [二零零九][期中][英语复习]Vocabulary 高一(下)英语词汇整理[至 Unit 4] Module one Unit one Determine Sleeper Inland Regional Destination Native Duration Spectacular Marine Darling Aquarium Jewelry Three gorges Within arm's reach Module one Unit two Storey Instant Belong ...


   [二零零八][一][英语复习]Vocabulary 高一(上)英语词汇整理[至 Unit 6] Module one Unit one 英语 Impact Surgeon Organ Cabinet Trend Graduate Course Institution Composer Practice medicine Module one Unit two 英语 Sculptor Workshop Sculpture Ceiling Upward Masterpiece Conduct T ...


   3 Obeying Traffic Rules vt.遵守 服从人顺从 n.停车 准许停车 a.(有关)停车的 vt.切 割 n. 伤口 切口 n.意外事件 事故 vt. & vi. (使)赶紧;(使)匆忙; 加速 匆忙地 prep. & ad.横过;在对面 n.地区 面积 a.宽的 广阔的 vi. 发生 碰巧 偶然发现 vt.& vi. 打 碰撞 击中 vt.& vi.伤害 受伤痛 a. 严重的 严肃的 认真的 a. 重要的 重大的 交通堵塞 a. 狭小的 窄的 vt.加宽 放宽 扩展 n ...


   UNIT 2 TEXT 1.remember sb. as 把某人作为。。而记住 。 .sb. be remembered as 作为。。而被记住 。 2.remember to do 记得要去做某事 remember doing 记得做过某事 3.come from ①来自于 ②出身于 ③源于 come from a poor family 出身贫寒 4.at an early age 年纪还小时 5.at the age of thirteen = at thirteen 在 13 岁 ...


   All walks of life 各行各业 Grown up 长大成人 Grown-up 成人 Take up 开始从事,占用 Be made up of=consist of=be composed of ……由……组成 In the future 将来 in future 从此 Give sb. some idea 让某人赢得 Educational institutions 教育机构 In society 社会上 Be involved in 把某人牵涉到…… involve doi ...


   《世纪商务英语口语教程专业篇Ⅰ》教材大纲 世纪商务英语口语教程专业篇Ⅰ 教材大纲 口语教程专业篇 一、适用课程名称:英语口语或商务英语口语 二、建议课时:30-60 课时,每个单元 3-5 课时 三、先修课程:世纪商务英语综合教程或其它初级商务英语、商务英语口语基础篇 四、本课程的性质和目的:本课程是依据教育部《高职高专教育英语课程教学基本要求》 (试 行) 的要求开设的, 突出教学内容的实用性和针对性、 突出学生的主体作用, 调动学生学习兴趣, 循序渐进地培养学生商务英语交际能力和谈判能力 ...

高一新世纪英语第一学期Unit 6language points

   Unit 6 Paragraph A 用文字来(表达 用文字来 表达)… put… into words 表达 继续寻找 表达某人感受的 新方法 不同于, 不同于,除了 吸引某人 扩展某人的主题 出现, 出现,诞生 keep hunting for new means of expressing one’s feelings other than attract sb. expand one’s topics come into being People often find it hard ...



   名师指导: 名师指导:2011 年高考英语作文如何拿 高分 各个档次的给分范围及标准( 各个档次的给分范围及标准(满分 25 分) A. 第五档(很好);(21-25 分) 1. 完全完成了试题规定的任务。 2. 覆盖所 有内容要点。 3. 应用了较多的语法结构和词汇。 4. 语法结构或词汇方面有些 许错误, 但为尽力使用较复杂结构或较高级词汇所致;具备较强的语言运用能力。 5. 有效地使用了语句间的连接成分,使全文结构紧凑。 6. 完全达到了预期的 写作目的。 B. 第四档(好): (16 ...


   山西省专升本考试英语专业《综合英语》模拟试题(一) Part I. Vocabulary and Structure(40 points) Directions: There are 40 incomplete statements in this part. You are required to complete each one by choosing the most appropriate word or expression from the four choices marke ...


   2008 级第三学期大学英语自主学习及口语教学计划 级第三学期大学英语自主学习及口语教学计划 自主学习及口语 制定人:任课教师张凤春 适用班级:周一 1401 室第 5?8 节一类 A1、A2 班和二类 A1、A2 班 一. 教学安排 本学期 1-18 周上课(其中“十一”放假半周) ,第 16-17 周口语考试,第 18 周答疑,第 19-20 周期末考试。本学期教学总时数:32 学时。 教学模式: 教学模式 每周一次在计算机教室上机自主学习兼口语学习。 自主学习的重点主要是视听说。 口语 ...


   杨泽海:考研复试英语口试预测七道题英语口试常见模版 英语口试常见模版 1. 自我介绍(self-introduce) Good morning. I am glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. My name is ***, 24. I come from ******,the capital of *******Province. I graduated from the ****** depa ...


   教师发展谈 山东省滕州市滨湖小学教研室 吕明贤 2009年 2009年3月 一、三个概念 教师培训(teacher training) 把接受培养的教师作为训练对象或对受训者,进行传、帮、 带、手把手式的实践训练,而把培训者的示范作为培训的参 照点。 教师教育(teacher education) 开设一系列与英语教师相关的理论课程,以提高教师的理 论素养,扩展他们的思维空间,期望教师能自觉地把所学理 论用于指导、改进自身教学。 教师发展(teacher development) 除了在传统 ...