1 ambitious scattered deceived
2sympathize 3tender 7intermediate
4 considering
5corruption 9equivalent
6 10
Exercises on Web course only 11 overall 12 keen 13 refugees Ⅳ1 to 2 around 3 to/with 4 up 5out 6to 7 out 8of 9From 10 in Ⅴ1 J 2M 3 F 4 L 5 A 6 O 7 G 8 D 9 I 10 C
WORD BUILDING VI 1After working extra hours for several months,I have repaid the money to the bank.
  2. I didn’t enjoy the story at first , but Icame to like it when I reread it.
  3. He replaced the book in the shelf when he finished it.
  4. She is slowly regaining her strength after the accident.
  5. The old city center was redesigned after the war.
  6.She was asked to reconsider her decision to leave the job. 7 After the disaster the government spent millions of dollars helping the local people to reconstruct their homes.
  8. The museum has such a fine set of old paintings that it is worth revisiting. VII .

  1. dishonest

  2. discourage
  3. displeased
  4. discontinued

  6. discharged 7 disclosed 8 dislike X 1 I am sure that I will make sth of myself ,eeven though I have not achieved any major success so far 2 I have been working hard for so many years; I feel I am entitiled to a good future 3 When her husband deserted her , leaving her with nothing but scattered pieces of life to pick up she went insane
  4. From my standpoint Mother was too hard on me then without taking my feelings into account
  5. When I reached the summit of muy professional career, mother ‘s words ‘never be a quitter in face of life ‘ were constantly in my mind.
  6. You should know better than to play football in the street. XI
  3.是真英雄方能临危不惧。 4 持有该票者能免费入场。 5 在英国,他是第一个有意识地从事散文写作并且有所建树得人。 6 失业半年后,她报名参加了培训班,希望能尽快找到工作。 CLOZE
  3. B
  4. A
  6. B
  7. C 15D
  8. A
  9.D 10C 11A 12B 14A 14C
SECTION B I 1C 2B 3B 4C II 1D 2B 3C 4B 5D 6C 7D 8A III 1scope 2integrate 3 regarding 4 guarantee 5 disabled 6undertake 7excluded 8deserves 9rarely 10relevant Exercises in web only 11simplify 12meaning 13obliged 14margin 15abundant
  1. He is a man who prefers action to words.
  2. the child was told time andtim again not to go near the railway but he didn’t seem to listen
  3. 3 John studied hard before the exam and it paid off,he made an A
  4. IN the meantime focus your attention on sth that you’re really interested in and never give up.
  5. With reference to the school uniform policy,there were various
thoughts and feelings among students.
  6. Would you please look at my paper and give your suggestions about it?
  7. I felt obliged to go over there to say sorry to him as I didn’t wan to hurt his feelings
  8. IT only took about 30 minutes before the high school was filled up with the survivors of the disaster
  9. he slipped and broke his leg.As a result ,he will have to be away from school for 2 or 3 months
  10.This newly invented device will help those people who tend to get themselves injured. Exercises on Web course only;
  11.Whatever the problems in their personal lives , their thoughts can find paths that lead to inner satisfaction.
  12.Sometimes I think how ready we are to take offenses at each other by looking out only for our own interests,or envying someone else for their good things
  13.Don’t feel frustrated easily and smile often as your participation and efforts will finally pay off.
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   UNIT9 SECTION A VOCABULARY Ⅲ 1 ambitious scattered deceived 2sympathize 3tender 7intermediate 4 considering 5corruption 9equivalent 6 10 8corresponding Exercises on Web course only 11 overall 12 keen 13 refugees Ⅳ1 to 2 around 3 to/with 4 up 5out 6 ...


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   汤姆去年转来我校。他全神贯注地听杨小姐上课并很快成了她最喜欢的学生。 汤姆去年转来我校。他全神贯注地听杨小姐上课并很快成了她最喜欢的学生。 Tom ( was ) transferred to our school last year. He hung on Miss Young’s every word in class and soon became the apple of her eye. 2. 看到女儿高中毕业,他感到一阵难以用语言表达的爱和骄傲。 看到女儿高中毕业,他感到一阵难以 ...


   Unit 1 sectionA 我哥哥吉米出生时遇上难产,因为缺氧导致大脑受损。两年后,我出生了。 从此以后,我的生活便围绕我哥哥转。 伴随我成长的,是“到外面去玩,把你哥哥也带上。” 不带上他,我是哪里也去不了的。因此,我怂恿邻居的孩子到我家来,尽情地玩孩子们玩的游戏。 我母亲教吉米学习日常自理,比如刷牙或系皮带什么的。 我父亲宅心仁厚,他的耐心和理解使一家人心贴着心。 我则负责外面的事,找到那些欺负我哥哥的孩子们的父母,告他们的状,为我哥哥讨回公道。 父亲和吉米形影不离。 他们一道吃早饭, ...


   1A 我哥哥吉米出生时遇上难产,因为缺氧导致大脑受损。两年后,我出生了。 从此以后,我的生活便围绕我哥哥转。 伴随我成长的,是“到外面去玩,把你哥哥也带上。 ” 不带上他,我是哪里也去不了的。因此,我怂恿邻居的孩子到我家来,尽情地玩孩子们玩的 游戏。 我母亲教吉米学习日常自理,比如刷牙或系皮带什么的。 我父亲宅心仁厚,他的耐心和理解使一家人心贴着心。 我则负责外面的事, 找到那些欺负我哥哥的孩子们的父母, 告他们的状, 为我哥哥讨回公道。 父亲和吉米形影不离。 他们一道吃早饭,平时每天早上一 ...


   新视野课后答案(全) 新视野大学英语(第 2 版)第 1 册 Unit 1 答案 III. 1. rewarding 2. communicate 3. access 4. embarrassing 5. positive 6. commitment 7. virtual 8. benefits 9. minimum 10. opportunities IV. 1. up 2. into 3. from 4. with 5. to 6. up 7. of 8. in 9. for 10.wi ...


   第一册单词 1 reward n. 报酬,酬谢,赏金; v. 奖赏,酬谢 2 frustrate v. 挫败,击败,破坏; a. 无益的,挫败的 3 junior n. 年少者,地位较低者,大学三年级学生; a. 年少的,下级的,后进的 4 positive a. 肯定的,积极的,绝对的; a. 正面的,正 数的,阳性的 5 senior n. 年长者,上司,毕业班学生; a. 年长的, 高级的,资深的 6 former a. 以前的,在前的; pron.&n. 前者 7 unlik ...


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   ㈠《Shawshank Redemption 肖申克的救赎》 1.You know some birds are not meant to be caged, their feathers are just too brig ht. 你知道,有些鸟儿是注定不会被关在牢笼里的,它们的每一片羽毛都闪耀着自由的光辉。 2.There is something inside ,that they can't get to , that they can't touch. That's y ours. ...


   第一册 MOUDLE 1 hello (hi) 你好 I am (I’m) 我是 goodbye(bye-bye) 再见 good morning 早上好 How are you? 你好吗 fine(身体)很好 thank you 谢谢 and 和 MODULE 2 too 也 boy 男孩 girl 女孩 Ms 女士 good afternoon 下午好 Mr 先生 what 什麽 your 你的 name 名字 MODULE 3 a 一个 panda 熊猫 now 现在 it is(it ...


   一,单项选择题解题指导 通读题干,不放过半点信息,尤其要注意暗示时间的词语和句中暗示句子结构的标 点.做题时首用直接法,然后用排除法和比较法.所谓直接法,就是在读题时大脑即刻 想到的并一眼能够在选项中看到的答案.这种方法既准确又快.所谓排除法,就是把比 较明显的认错误选项排除掉.然后把学过的知识与老师的讲解集合起来,再用上平时做 题是的经验和教训,比较余项间的差异,最后得出正确选项. 重难点与常考考点分析: (一)动词考点 1.常用的动词的近义辨析; 2.常用的动词的特殊含义; 3.常用动词 ...


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