新视野大学英语(第 2 版)第 4 册 Unit 1 答案 III.
  1. idle
  2. justify
  3. discount
  4. distinct
  5. minute
  7. object
  8. contaminate
  9. sustain
  10. worship IV.
  1. accusing... of
  2. end up
  3. came upon
  4. at her worst
  5. pa:
  6. run a risk of
  7. participate in
  8. other than
  9. object to/objected V
  1. K
  2. G
  3. C
  4. E
  5. N
  8. L
  9. A
  10. D Collocation VI.
  1. delay
  2. pain
  3. hardship
  4. suffering
  5. fever
  6. defeat
  7. poverty
  8. treatment
  9. noise
  10. agony Word building VII.
  1. justify
  2. glorify
  3. exemplifies
  4. classified
  5. purified
  6. intensify
  7. identify
  8. terrified VIII.
  1. bravery
  2. jewelry
  3. delivery
  4. machinery
  5. robbery
  6. nursery
  7. scenery
  8. discovery sentence Structure IX.

  1. other than for funerals and weddings
  2. other than to live an independent life
  3. other than that they appealed to his eye . . `
  4. but other than that, he'll eat just about everything .
  5. other than that it's somewhere in the town center X.
  1. shouldn't have been to the cinema last night
  2. would have; told him the answer
  3. they needn't have gone at all
  4. must have had too much work to do
  5. might have been injured seriously XIII. 1 .B
  5. B
  9. C
  10.A II.D
  13. D
  15. C
  18.C I
  9. A
  20.D 新视野大学英语(第 2 版)第 4 册 Unit 2 答案 Section A Comprehension o f the text
  1. He lived a poor and miserable life during his childhood.
  2. Because no one in Britain appeared to appreciate his talent for comedy. His comic figures did not conform to British standards.
  3. Because his dress and behavior didn't seem that English.

  4. It was the first movie in which Chaplin spoke.
  5. He used his physical senses to invent his art as he went along without a prepared script.
  6. His transformation of lifeless objects into other kinds of objects, plus the skill with which he executed it again and again.
  7. She brought stability and happiness to him and became a center of calm in his family.
  8. Comic. Vocabulary III.
  1. coarse
  2. betrayed
  3. incident
  4. postponed
  5. execute
  6. surrounding
  7. applause
  8. extraordinary
  9. clumsy
  10. sparked IV.
  1. for
  2. against
  3. up
  4. about
  5. up
  6. to
  7. down
  8. down
  9. in
  10. on V. l. I
  10.A Collocation<br />VI.
  1. service
  2. help/hand
  3. influence
  4. guarantee
  5. visit
  6. span .
  7. welcome
  8. spirit
  9. duties
  10. buildings Word Building
  1. artist
  2. terrorist
  3. novelist
  4. activists
  5. biologists
  6. idealist
  7. capitalists
  8. tourist VIII.
  1. terrorism
  2. industrialism
  3. realism
  4. idealism
  5. criticism
  6. heroism
  7. racism
  8. Modernism sentence structure IX
  1. If I had known that you were coming, I would have met you at the airport.
  2. If he had tried to leave the country, he would have been stopped at the border.
  3. If we had found him earlier, we could have saved his life.
  4. If I had caught that plane, I would have been killed in the air crash.
  5. If he had been in good health, he could have written many books. X.
  1. it is a wonder to find
  2. It is a surprise for us to find
  3. it is a waste of time to argue with him
  4. It's a comfort to know
  5. It is a relief for us to learn
  1. If the characters in this comedy had been more humorous, it would have attracted a larger audience.
  2. She has never lost faith in her own ability, so it is a possibility for her to become a successful actress.
  3. I never had formal training, I just learned as I went along.
  4. As their products find their way into the international market, their brand is gaining in popularity.
  5. She could make up a story by saying she was knocked unconscious by thieves and that all her money was gone, but she doubted whether she could make it sound believable.
  6. No one was certain whether he postponed the visit on purpose, but this brought more criticism of him. Cloze XIII. 1 .C
  2. B
  6. C
  7. D
  8. A
  9. D
  10. C 11 .D
  12. A
  16. D
  19. B
  20. A Structured Writing XV. Charlie Chaplin is a great comic for his native land Britain, but even more so for the world. On the
stage he often wore tiny moustaches, huge pants and tailcoats that were perhaps more characteristic of Europeans and may be not much of the British. Since more than half of the roles Chaplin played were in silent films, people throughout the world had no difficulty understanding his films. With sound movies, Chaplin created a nonsense language that sounded like no known nationality and was accepted and appreciated by people all over the world. For most of his lifetime he did not stay in his mother country; he traveled throughout the world to appear on stage for people of different nationalities
新视野大学英语(第 2 版)第 4 册 Unit 3 答案 Section A Vocabulary III.
  1. raw
  2. convicted
  3. compensation
  4. notify
  5. provisions
  6. receipt
  7. paste
  8. altered
  9. thrive
  10. certify Exercises on Web course only:
  11. donation
  12. roast
  13. rent
  14. champion
  15. temptation
  1. up
  2. to
  3. down
  4. of
  5. out
  6. into
  7. for
  8. on
  9. through
  10. of V.
  1. M
  2. E
  3. G
  4. A
  5. H
  6. C
  8. K
  10. D Collocation VI.
  1. respect
  2. degree
  3. money
  4. living
  5. praise
  6. place
  7. success
  8. scholarship
  9. job
  10. reputation Word Building VII.
  1. longish
  2. animal-like
  3. selfish
  4. honey-like
  5. ball-like
  6. boyish
  7. yellowish
  8. bookish VIII.
  1. politicians
  2. technician
  3. comedian
  4. musicians
  5. physicians
  6. electricians
  7. beautician
  8. magician sentence structure IX.
  1. The wanted man is believed to be living in New York.
  2. Many people are said to be homeless after the floods.
  3. Three men are said to have been arrested after the explosion.
  4. The prisoner is thought to have escaped by climbing over the
  5. Four people are reported to have been seriously injured in the accident. X.
  1. He tried sending her flowers, but it didn't have any effect.
  2. I don't regret telling her what I thought, even if I upset her.
  3. The window was broken because I forgot to close it when I left.
  4. We regret to inform you that the materials you ordered are out of stock.
  5. He welcomed the new student and then went on to explain the college regulations. Translation XI.
  1. Seven or eight officials are reported to have taken bribes and the mayor has decided to look into the affair in person.
  2. These workers regret yielding to the management's advice and going back to work. Now they are again faced with the threat of losing their jobs.
  3. You only need to fill out a form to get your membership, which entitles you to a discount on goods.
  4. Their car broke down halfway for no reason. As a result they
arrived three hours later than they had planned.
  5. The official got involved in a scandal and was forced to resign weeks later.
  6. The man living on welfare began to build up his own market, one step at a time and his business is thriving. XII
  1.据报道这个男子曾在私下说:“许多救济对象在欺骗我们,因此, 作为补偿,我们有权让他们对我们点头哈腰。
  2.我们考虑了你的背景与经历,很遗憾地告诉你,我们目前没有适合 你的工作机会。
  3.我没能按奥斯卡的暗示去做,相反,我反驳了那个妇女,结果她竟 然是我们的新经理。
  5.我的车子在高速公路上抛锚后,我打电话向警察求助,20 分钟后 他们赶来帮我。
  6.他热爱艺术,却经受了巨大的痛苦?贫穷与误解。 close XIII. 1 .B
  2. C
  3. A
  4. D
  6. A
  7. D
  8. C
  9. A
  10. B 11 .D
  18.A 19:D
structured Writing XV It is difficult to get a welfare client’s wheelchair repaired.Once my wheelchair needed repairing, and I notified my caseworker. She gave me a lecture that I hadn’t taken good care of my wheelchair. Then she told me that I must have the patience to wait until she had the time to report my wheelchair conditions to my medical worker. Then the medical worker called the wheelchair repair companies to get the cheapest bid and informed the main welfare office at the state capital.It took them another several days to consider the matter. When they finally got my wheelchair repaired,I had been confined to bed for more than half a month. 新视野大学英语(第 2 版)第 4 册 Unit 4 答案 Section A Vocabulary III.
  1. investment
  2. disposal
  3. condensed
  4. strategic
  5. revenue
  6. scratch
  7. utilities
  8. invested
  9. nowhere
  10. transmission
  1. is lagging far behind
  2. are stuck with
  3. going for
  4. remain in contact
  5. keep pace with
  6. at your disposal
  7. dates from
  8. scratched the surface of
  9. stuck in
  10. choose between V.
  10.B Collocation VI.
  1. exchange
  2. growth
  3. opportunities
  4. understanding
  5. benefits
  6. peace
  7. development
  8. career
  9. will
  10. status Word Building VII.
  1. superpower
  2. superabundant
  3. supermarket
  4. super-speed
  5. supercomputer
  6. superman
  7. superstar
  8. super-efficient VIII.
  1. auto-timer
  2. auto-focus
  3. autograph
  4. auto-reverse
  5. autobiography
  6. automakers
  7. autoloading
  8. autocriticism sentence structure IX
  1. Concentrate on indoor delights rather than outdoor fights and
you'll be much better appreciated.
  2. As a result of the development of computer technology many people may eventually be able to work at home rather than go to the office.
  3. Some people say that the pupils' achievements this term will be measured by a formal test rather than their teacher's assessment.
  4. They argued that their products should be developed on the basis of need rather than profit.
  5. During weekends the businessmen may spend time establishing friendship and mutual trust rather than discussing any particular item of business. X.
  1. Petrol now is twice as expensive as it was a few years ago.
  2. Theirs is about three times as big as ours.
  3. Latin American customers talk two to four times as long on the phone as people in North America.
  4. the fee for cell phones is typically twice as much as for calls made over fixed lines
  5. can transmit 250,000 times as much data as a standard telephone wire Translation
  1. Rather than invest in my education, my parents spent their money on a new house.
  2. Today, people are spending twice as much on entertainment and relaxation as they did in the past.
  3. In order to be successful, a business must keep pace with developments in the marketplace.
  4. Her fluency in English gave her an advantage over other girls for the job.
  5. For students, nowhere is better than the library, where all the books are at their disposal.
  6. We should make full use of the platform to strengthen communication, expand cooperation in more areas and seek further development through joint efforts. XII.
  1,发展中国家认为信息技术是促进经济发展的途径,但一些国家在 估算成本与选择技术方面缺乏经验。
  2.据说地球拥有的地下水量大约是其拥有的河流和湖泊水量的三千 倍,而且地下水要干净得多。
  4.通过在他们的学校和图书馆安装计算机,这些社区的领导们表明他 们决心不在技术上落后。

  5.当他开始创办这家公司时,他想他将能在市场上与那些顶级公司并 驾齐驱,可是他现在失望 了,因为他没有成功。
  6.佛罗里达的一对夫妇在建造一座他们称之为未来之家的房子,它既 能抵御咫风,又与周围环 境十分协调。 Cloze XIII. 1 .C
  2. D
  3. A
  4. B
  5. B
  6. C
  7. D
  8. B
  9. C
  10. D
  20.C Structured Writing XV. Compare the new welfare system with the old one and you would find a world of difference between the two. Under the new welfare system, the law encourages welfare clients to work on their own for a gradual shift away from welfare, and this is not the case in the past. Welfare clients now can develop their talents to make money. In the past, they often cheated to bleed the system for a few extra dollars. Now caseworkers will gladly help their clients find appropriate jobs rather than act like detectives to
try to seek out any unreported properties. Today many welfare clients have made a choice to live a life of complete honesty and they tell the truth to caseworkers and declare any extra income they make. In cases like this, caseworkers will feel greatly relieved because they don't need to search for any cheating as in the past.



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