<TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
|@|<1>competition |n.|[U] the activities of competing |竞争
|@|<2>sake |n.|(for the ~ of) |
|| ||
  1. [U] for the purpose of |为了...目的
|| ||
  2. [U] for the good or benefit of |为了...好处
||<3>athlete |n.|[C] sb. who competes in sports competitions |运动员
|@|<4>sacrifice |vt.|give up sth., esp. for a good purpose or belief |牺牲;奉献
||<5>injury |n.|[C,U] a wound or damage to part of one's body |伤害;损害
|@|<6>exploit |vt.|use sth. fully so as to get benefit from it |利用;剥削
|@|<7>glory |n.|[U] great honor |光荣;荣誉
|@|<8>virtue |n.|[C] a good quality in character or behavior |美德
|@|<9>determination |n. |[U] the strong will to do sth. |决心;毅力
||<10>dash |n.|
  1. [sing., C] a short race for runners |短距离赛跑
|| ||
  2. [sing., C] a sudden, quick run |奔;冲
|| |vi.|run quickly and suddenly |奔;冲
||<11>competitive |a. |
  1. liking to compete |喜欢竞争的;好胜的
|| ||
  2. relating to competition |竞争的;有竞争力的
||<12>defy |vt.|
  1. do sth. that is considered impossible; challenge |向...挑战
|| ||
  2. refuse to obey sb. or sth. |违抗;不服从
|★|<13>stopwatch |n.|[C] a watch used for measuring the exact time it takes to do sth., esp. in a race |秒表
|@|<14>pursue |vt.|
  1. continue doing an activity or trying to achieve sth. over a long period of time |从事;追求
|| ||
  2. chase sb. or sth. in order to catch them |追赶;追逐
|@|<15>strip |n.|[C] a narrow piece |条;带
|| |vt.|remove the covering of sth. |剥去;除去
|@|<16>singular |a.|
  1. very great or very noticeable |卓越的;非凡的
|| ||
  2. of or being a word representing one |单数的
|@|<17>phenomenon |n. |
  1. [C] sb. or sth. that is very unusual |奇才;奇迹
|| ||
  2. [C] an event or situation that can be seen to happen or exist |现象
||<18> <em>phenomenal<em> |a.|very unusual; very great or impressive |异常的;惊人的
|@|<19>horizon |n.|
  1. (~s) the limit of one's ideas, knowledge, and experience |范围;眼界;视野
|| ||
  2. (the ~) the line far away where the sky seems to meet the earth |地平线
||<20> <em>sprinter</em> |n.|[C] an athlete for a short race |短跑运动员
||<21>observer |n.|
  1. [C] sb. who sees or looks at sth. |观看者
|| ||
  2. [C] sb. who attends meetings, events, etc. to observe what is happening |观察员
|@|<22>crack |n.|[C] a sudden loud sound |爆裂声;劈啪声
|| |v.|
  1. (cause to) make a sudden loud sound |(使)发出爆裂声
|| ||
  2. (cause to) break|(使)破裂
||<23>trail |vi. |move slowly, esp. behind other people |拖沓地走;无精打采地慢走
|| |vt.|follow sb. secretly |跟踪;尾随
|@|<24>explosive |a.|
  1. sudden and rapid |迅猛的
|| ||
  2. likely to explode |易爆炸的;易发作的
|| |n.|[C, U] a substance that can cause an explosion |爆炸物
|@|<25>overcome |vt.|(overcame, overcome) fight and win against sb. or sth. |战胜;击败
|@|<26>committee |n.|[C] a group of people chosen to do a particular job or for special duties |委员会
|@|<27>indicate |vt.|show that sth. is true or exists |表明;显示
|■|<28>steroid |n.|[C] |类固醇
||<29>conquest |n. |[U] the act of taking control of sb. or sth. |攻占;占领;征服
||<30>condemn |vt.|express strong disapproval of sb. or sth. |谴责
|★|<31>condemnation |n. |[C, U] the act of condemning |谴责
|@|<32>opponent |n.|[C] sb. who takes the opposite side, esp. in playing or fighting |对手;敌手
|@|<33>deny |vt.|
  1. say that sth. is not true, or that one does not believe sth. |否认
|| ||
  2. not allow sb. to have or do sth. |拒绝(给予)
|@|<34>counter |v.|reply to a criticism that one disagrees with |反驳
||<35>rumor |n. |(BrE rumour) [C, U] information that is passed from one person to another and which may or may not be true |谣言,传闻
||<36>formula |n. |
  1. [C] a method or set of principles for dealing with a problem or achieving a result |方法;方案
|| ||
  2. [C] a series of numbers or letters that represent a rule in science or mathematics |公式;方程式
||<37>suspicion |n. |
  1. [C, U] a feeling of not trusting sb. or sth. |猜疑;不信任
|| ||
  2. [C, U] a feeling that sb. has done sth. wrong |怀疑;疑心
||<38>erosion |n.|[U] the process by which sth. is gradually reduced or destroyed |侵蚀;腐蚀
||<39>participation |n. |[U] the act of taking part in an activity or event |参与,参加
|■|<40>sprint |vi.|run at one's fastest speed, esp. at a short distance |冲刺
|★|<41>relay |n.|[C] |接力赛
||<42>reception |n.|
  1. [sing.] a welcome for sb. or sth. |接待;欢迎
|| ||
  2. [C] a large formal party to welcome sb. or to celebrate sth. |招待会;欢迎会
||<43>amazing |a.|causing great surprise |令人惊异的
<TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
||<44>act as|have the role or function of |作为
||<45>above all|most importantly |最重要的是
||<46>not hear of it|refuse to accept a suggestion or offer |不听;拒绝听取
||<47>set one's mind on|be determined to do sth. or obtain sth. |决心做某事 (或得到某物)
||<48>set the stage for|make preparations for an event to take place |为...做好准备
||<49>focus on|
  1. arrange the lens in an instrument so as to obtain a clear picture of sth. |聚焦于
  2. concentrate on sth. and pay particular attention to it |集中(精力)于
||<50>be used to (doing) sth.|be familiar with sth. because of having done or experienced it many times |习惯于
||<51>hold one's breath|stop breathing for a moment because of anxiety or excitement |屏住呼吸
||<52>strip sb. of sth.|take property, rights, titles, etc. away from sb. |剥夺
||<53>charge sb. with sth. |say openly that sb. has done sth. wrong |指控;控诉
<TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
||<54>Carl Lewis | |卡尔?路易斯
||<55>Ben Johnson | |本?约翰逊


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