<TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
|@|<1>whip |n.|[C] a long piece of rope or leather fastened to a handle, used for driving animals or punishing people |鞭子
||<2>chamber |n.|[C] a room used for a special purpose |特殊用途的房间
||<3>security |n.|[U] the state of being protected against dangers |安全;平安
||<4>rifle |n.|[C] |来复枪;步枪
||<5>mechanical |a.|
  1. (of an action, reply, etc.) done without thinking |机械的;不动脑筋的
|| ||
  2. involving a machine |机械的;机械方面的
||<6> <em>mechanically</em> |ad. |done in a mechanical manner |机械地;不动脑筋地
||<7>landscape |n.|
  1. [C] an area of land that is beautiful to look at |风景;景色
|| ||
  2. [C] a painting of an area of land |风景画
|@|<8>kneel |vi.|put one or both knees on the ground |跪下
||<9>timber |n.|[U] wood used for building or other purposes |木材;木料
||<10>item |n.|[C] a single article of sth. |条;项;项目
||<11>gravity |n.|[U] the force that causes sth. to fall to the ground |引力;重力
||<12>fairy |n.|[C] an imaginary creature with magic powers, which looks like a small person |小仙子;小精灵
||<13>toll |n.|
  1. [sing.] the number of people killed or injured in a particular accident, by a particular illness, etc. |伤亡人数
|| ||
  2. [C] money one pays for using a road, bridge, etc. |通行费
|@|<14>stain |v.|make a mark on sth. in a way that is hard to remove |染污;沾污
|| |n.|[C] a mark that is hard to remove |污迹;污斑
||<15>crystal |n.|[C, U] rock that is transparent like ice |水晶
|@|<16>product |n.|[C] sth. that is made in a factory, grown, or taken from nature |产品;制品
||<17>magnetic |a.|
  1. connected with or produced by magnet |磁的;磁性的
|| ||
  2. having a powerful attraction |有魅力的;吸引人的
|@|<18>trace |n.|
  1. [C] a very small amount of sth. |微量;少量
|| ||
  2. [C] a sign showing that sb. or sth. was present or existed |踪迹,痕迹
||<19>precision |n.|[U] the quality of being precise |精确,准确
|@|<20>descend |v.|move down from a higher level |下降,下落
||<21>accustomed|a. |taking sth. as normal or natural because you have experienced it many times |习惯了的
||<22>diet |n.|[C, U] the food and drink one usu. takes |日常饮食
|@|<23>scenery |n.|[U] the natural features of an area, such as mountains, rivers, forests, etc. |景色,风景
||<24>prosperity |n.|[U] the state of being successful or rich |繁荣;富裕
||<25>aluminum |n.|[U] (BrE aluminum) |铝
||<26>installation |n. |[U] the act of installing a piece of equipment somewhere |安装
||<27>recycle |v.|treat waste materials so that they can be used again |回收利用
||<28> <em>recycling</em> |n.|[U] the process of treating waste materials so that they can be used again |回收利用
|@|<29>insurance |n.|[U] an arrangement with a company in which you pay them money each year and they pay you if sth. bad happened to you |保险
|@|<30>reluctant |a.|unwilling and therefore slow to do sth. |不情愿的;勉强的
||<31> <em>reluctantly</em> |ad. |unwillingly |不情愿地;勉强地
||<32>exile |vt.|force sb. to leave their country, esp. for political reasons |放逐,流放
|| |n.|[sing., U] a situation in which sb. is exiled |放逐,流放
|@|<33>specify |v.|state sth. in an exact and detailed way |明确说明;指明
||<34>tedious |a.|boring, tiring, and continuing for a long time |冗长的;乏味的
|@|<35>embrace |v.|hold sb. into one's arms in a friendly or loving way |拥抱
|| |vt.|include sth. as part of a subject |包括,涉及
|| |n.|[C] an act of holding sb. closely as a sign of love |拥抱
<TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
||<36>from day to day|in a way that changes quickly or often |天天
||<37>from hour to hour|continuously or all the time |不停地;一直地
||<38>on occasion |sometimes but not often |有时;偶尔
||<39>take its toll on|have a bad effect on sb. or sth. |损害;破坏
||<40>cling to|continue to believe sth., even though it may not be true |坚持;忠于
||<41>lose control |no longer have control over oneself |失去控制
||<42>be/become accustomed to (doing) sth. |be or become used to (doing) sth. |习惯于(做)某事
||<43>a far cry from |completely different from |与...相距很远;与...大相径庭
||<44>have sth. in common |share interests, characteristics, etc. |有共同之处
||<45>on earth |(used for adding emphasis to questions) ever |到底 ;究竟
<TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
||<46>Nazi | |(德国)纳粹党员
||<47>Jew | |犹太人;犹太教徒
||<48>Herman | |赫尔曼 (人名)
||<49>Roma | |罗玛 (人名)


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