<TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
||<1>sociology |n. |[U] scientific study of society |社会学
||<2> <em>sociological</em> |a. |of sociology |社会学的
|★|<3>validate |vt.|prove that sth. is true or correct |证实
||<4>virtually |ad.|almost |实际上;差不多
||<5> <em>slightly</em> |ad. |a little; somewhat |稍微;轻微
||<6> <em>inappropriate</em> |a. |not suitable |不合适的;不恰当的
|@ |<7>tidy |a. |neatly arranged with everything in the right place |整洁的;整齐的
||<8> <em>untidy</em> |a. |not tidy; in a mess |不整洁的;凌乱的
||<9>wrinkle |v. |(cause to) form small lines or folds |(使)起皱纹;(使)起褶皱
|||n.|[C] a small line on one's face and skin |皱纹
||<10> <em>wrinkled</em> |a. |having small lines or folds |有皱纹的;皱巴巴的
||<11>pants |n. |(pl.) trousers |裤子
|@ |<12>conceal |vt. |hide sth. carefully |隐藏;隐瞒
||<13> <em>unfashionable</em> |a. |not in fashion or the current style |不时髦的;不流行的
||<14> <em>sunshade</em> |n. |[C] sth. used as a protection from the sun's rays |遮阳物
||<15>clip |vt. |
  1. hold sth. together with some device |别在...上;夹住
  2. cut parts of sth. to make it tidy |修剪
|||n.|[C] a small object used for tying things together or holding them in position |夹子;别针
|@ |<16>poverty |n.|[U] the state of being poor |贫穷;贫困
|@ |<17>mild |a. |
  1. slight in degree |轻微的;不严重的
  2. gentle |温和的;和善的
||<18> <em>mildly</em> |ad.|in a slight or gentle way |轻微地;温和地
|@ |<19>emotional |a. |
  1. relating to feelings |情感的;情绪的
  2. causing or showing strong feelings |引发(或表现)强烈情感的
||<20> <em>dramatics</em> |n. |(pl.) behavior that shows too much unnecessary emotion |夸张做作的行为
|@|<21>park |v. |put a car or other vehicle in a particular place for a period of time |停放(车辆)
|@ |<22>bargain |n. |
  1. [C] sth. bought at a price lower than usual |便宜货;廉价品
  2. [C] an agreement to do sth. in return for sth. else |协议;交易
|||vi.|talk about the conditions of a sale, agreement or contract |讨价还价;谈判
||<23>charity |n. |
  1. [C] an organization for helping people who are poor, sick, etc. |慈善机构
  2. [U] money or gifts given to help people who are poor, sick, etc. |施舍物;救济金
||<24>exclusive |a. |
  1. expensive and not many people can afford to use or buy |奢华的;高级的
  2. not shared with others |专用的;独享的
|||n.|[C] a piece of news that is published or reported by only one newspaper, magazine, etc. |独家新闻;独家报道
|@ |<25>wander |v. |move about an area without a definite aim |漫游;闲逛
||<26>second-hand |a. |owned or used by sb. else before you |二手的;用过的
||<27>blend |v. |mix or combine |(使)混合;(使)掺和
|||n.|[C] the act of blending or sth. created by blending |混合;混合物
||<28>upper |a. |in a higher position; superior |较高的,上面的
|@ |<29>scale |n. |[sing., U] the size or level of sth. |规模;大小;等级
||<30> <em>upper-scale</em> |a. |high class |上流的;高级的
||<31> <em>lunchroom</em> |n. |[C] a large room in a school or office where people can eat |餐厅;食堂
||<32>ID |n. |[U] |身份证明;身份证
|@ |<33>discourage |vt. |
  1. try to prevent sth. from happening |阻止;劝阻
  2. make sb. less confident or less willing to do sth. |使泄气;使灰心
||<34>entry |n.|[U] the act of entering a place |进入
||<35> <em>down-scale</em> |a. |at the lower end of a scale; inferior |低档的;劣等的
||<36>setting |n. |[C] the place where sth. is or where sth. happens, and the general environment |环境;背景
||<37>rib |vt.|make fun of sb. in a friendly way |开玩笑;戏弄
|@ |<38>imitate |vt. |
  1. copy the way sb. behaves, speaks, moves, etc. |模仿;效仿
  2. copy sth. |仿制;仿造
|@ |<39>rude |a.|
  1. speaking or behaving in an impolite way |无礼的;粗鲁的
  2. made or designed in a simple way |简陋的
|@ |<40>accompany |vt. |
  1. happen or exist at the same time as sth. else |伴随;和...一起发生
  2. go somewhere with sb. |陪伴;陪同
||<41>removal |n. |
  1. [C, U] the act of getting rid of sth. |消除;清除
  2. [C, U] the act of moving sth. to a different place |移动;搬迁
|@ |<42>grace |n. |[U] polite and pleasant behavior |礼貌;风度
||<43>symbol |n. |
  1. [C] a picture or shape that represents sth. |象征;标志
  2. [C] a mark or sign with a particular meaning |记号;符号
|@ |<44>inherent |a. |existing as a natural quality |固有的;与生俱来的
||<45>dignity |n. |
  1. [U] the ability to behave in a calm way even in a difficult situation |端庄;体面
  2. [U] the fact of being respected or deserving respect |尊严
|★ |<46>conspicuous |a. |easy to notice |显著的;明显的
||<47> <em>conspicuously</em> |ad. |noticeably |显著地;明显地
|@ |<48>internal |a.|
  1. inside sth. |内部的
  2. within a particular country |国内的;本国的
||<49> <em>internalize</em> |vt. |make a particular belief, attitude, etc. become part of one's character |使内在化
||<50>superficial |a. |
  1. not thinking about serious or important things; shallow |肤浅的;浅薄的
  2. of or on the surface |表面的
|@ |<51>prevail |vi.|exist among a group of people at a certain time |盛行;流行
||<52>catalogue |vt. |make a complete list of all the things in a group |把...编入目录
|||n.|[C] a complete list of things |目录
||<53>undoubtedly |ad. |without doubt; certainly |确实地;无疑地
|★|<54>sociologist |n. |[C] a person who specializes in the study of sociology |研究社会学的人;社会学家
<TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
||<55>go to great lengths |make a great deal of effort to do sth. |竭尽全力做某事
||<56>take sides|support sb. and not others |支持某人;偏袒一方
||<57>act out |express one's thoughts or feelings through words or behavior |将(思想或情感)表达出来
||<58>speak of |show that sth. exists or is true |表明;意味着
||<59>turn off |drive sb. away from a place |使离开
||<60>tune out |stop listening or paying attention |不理会;不理睬
||<61>up to |well or good enough to do sth. |能适合的;能胜任的
||<62>more or less |almost |几乎;差不多
||<63>follow one's track |go after sb. or sth. |跟着;跟踪
||<64>apart from |except for; besides |除了;除...之外
||<65>blow one's cover |tell people who sb. really is |揭露;揭某人的老底
||<66>out of character |not typical of sb.'s usual behavior |与某人个性不相符
||<67>out of bounds |(of a place) not allowing sb. to go there |禁止进入的


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