<TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
|& |<1>workaholic |n. |[C] sb. who chooses to work a lot so that they do not have time to do anything else |工作狂
|@ |<2>dimension|n. |
  1. [C] the length, height, width, etc. |维(长、高、宽等)
  2. [C] a part of a situation or a quality involved in it |部分;方面
||<3> <em>dimensional</em> |a. |having the stated number of dimensions |...维的;...方面的
|@ |<4>constant |a.|going on all the time; happening again and again |经常的;不断的
||<5> <em>constantly</em> |ad. |all the time or very often |经常地;不断地
||<6>drunk |a. |unable to control one's behavior because one has drunk too much alcohol |喝醉的
|@ |<7>consequence |n. |[C] sth. that is a result or effect of sth. else |结果;影响
|@ |<8>system |n. |
  1. [C] a method of organizing or doing things |制度;体制;方法
  2. [C] a group of things or parts working together as a whole |系统;体系
||<9>sanction |vt. |officially accept or allow sth. |批准;认可
||<10> <em>workaholism</em> |n. |[U] the state of being a workaholic |迷恋工作
||<11>employee |n.|[C] sb. who is paid to work for sb. else |雇员
||<12>employer |n.|[C] sb. or a company that employs people |雇主
|@ |<13>loyal |a. |always supporting sb. or sth. |忠诚的;忠心的
||<14>hazard |vt. |risk sth. |冒...的危险
|||n.|[C] a danger |危险;风险
||<15>trap |vt. |keep sb. in a place from where they cannot escape |把...困于;使陷入
|||n.|[C] a device that is designed to catch animals or people |陷阱;圈套
||<16>consumption |n. |[U] the use of sth. such as fuel, food, etc., or the amount that is used |消耗;消费;消耗量;消费量
|@|<17>mode |n.|[C] a way or manner in which sth. is done |方式;方法
||<18>merchant |n. |[C] a businessman |商人
||<19>rack |vt. |cause physical or mental pain or trouble |使痛苦;折磨
||<20> <em>counselor</em> |n. |[C] (BrE counsellor) sb. whose job is to give advice and help to people with problems |顾问
|@ |<21>attain |vt. |succeed in achieving sth. after trying for a long time |获得
|@ |<22>evident |a.|obvious; clear |明显的;显然的
|★ |<23>bleak |a. |
  1. without reasons to feel happy or hopeful |没希望的;暗淡的
  2. cold and without any pleasant features |阴冷的;阴郁的
||<24>lane |n. |
  1. [C] a road marked out for a single line of traffic |车道
  2. [C] a narrow road in the countryside |小路;小巷
|@|<25>discharge |v. |allow liquid, gas, energy, etc. to leave a place |(使)释放;(使)排出
|||vt.|officially allow sb. to leave somewhere |释放;让...离开
| |<26>grief |n. |
  1. [U] extreme sadness |悲伤,忧伤
  2. [C] sth. causing great sadness |令人悲伤的事
||<27>trait |n.|[C] a particular quality in sb.'s character |品质;特点
|▲|<28>equate |vt. |consider sth. to be the same as sth. else |等同
||<29>presumably |ad. |used to say that sth. is probably true |大概;可能
||<30>denial |n. |[C, U] a statement that sth. is not true |否认
||<31>rational |a. |
  1. based on reasons rather than emotions |合理的;基于理性的
  2. being able to think calmly and sensibly |理智的,理性的
||<32> <em>rationalization</em> |n. |[C, U] the act of rationalizing sth. |合理化
||<33>excessive |a.|too much; too great |过多的;过度的
||<34> <em>rationalize</em> |vt. |provide an explanation for sth. |为...作出合理解释;使合理化
|@ |<35>schedule |n. |[C] a plan or timetable of what sb. is going to do and when they are going to do it |日程表;进度表
|@ |<36>indispensable |a. |very important and useful, without which nothing can be done |必不可少的;不可或缺的
|@ |<37>ambition |n.|
  1. [C] a strong desire to achieve sth. |抱负;追求目标
  2. [U] determination to be successful, rich, powerful, etc. |雄心;野心
||<38>durable |a.|continuing for a long time |耐用的;持久的
|@ |<39>welfare |n.|[U] the health and happiness of people |幸福;安康
||<40>psychological |a. |relating to the way that the mind works |心理的
||<41> <em>psychologically</em> |ad. | |心理上地
|@ |<42>summarize |v.|(BrE summarise) make a brief statement of the main points |概述
<TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
||<43>other than |in addition to or except for sb. or sth. |除了...之外(还)
||<44>on the other hand |used for giving two different opinions about sth. |另一方面
||<45>to the contrary |showing that the opposite is true |相反地
||<46>burn the midnight oil |study or work until late at night |(学习、工作)到深夜;开夜车
||<47>rack up |increase in number or amount step by step |积累;逐步增加
||<48>fear for |feel worried about sb. or sth. |为...担心
||<49>at work |at the place where one works or doing one's job |在工作的地方;在工作
||<50>come in |appear; happen |出现;发生
||<51>put all one's eggs in one basket |risk everything one has on the success of just one plan |孤注一掷


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