<TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
||<1> <em>quitter</em> |n. |[C] sb. who gives up easily |轻易放弃的人
||<2>standpoint |a. |[C] a way of thinking about sth. |立场;观点
|@ |<3>tender |a. |gentle and careful |温柔的;亲切的
|@|<4>equivalent |n. |[C] sth. that is equal to sth. else |等同物;对应物
|||a. |of the same value, importance, etc. as sth. else |相等的;对等的
||<5>bamboo |n. |[C, U] |竹子
||<6>torture |n. |[U] an act of hurting sb. in order to force them to tell sth., or punish them |拷打;折磨
|||vt.|hurt sb. in order to force them to force them to tell sth., or punish them |拷打;折磨
||<7>Christ |inter. |used to express surprise or anger |天啊
|||n.|Jesus Christ |基督;耶稣基督
||<8>utter |vt. |say sth. |说;讲
|||a.|complete; absolute |完全的;十足的
|@|<9>scatter |v. |(cause to) move in different directions or spread over a wide area |(使)分散;(使)散开
||<10> <em>scattered</em> |a. |spread over a wide area or over a long period of time |分散的;零星的
||<11>insane |a. |mentally ill, or extremely unreasonable |患精神病的;疯狂的
||<12> <em>institutionalize</em> |vt. |send sb. to live in an institution, usu. because they are mentally ill or homeless |收容
||<13>grocer |n. |[C] sb. who owns or works in a shop that sells food and other things used in the home |食品杂货商;杂货铺店员
|@ |<14>deceive |vt. |make sb. believe sth. that is not true |欺骗
||<15>missile |n. |[C] |导弹
|@ |<16>ambitious |a. |having a great desire to be successful, powerful or wealthy |雄心勃勃的;充满野心的
||<17>identification |n. |[U] the action of recognizing sb. or sth |识别;辨认
||<18>revolve |v. |(cause to) move round a central point or line |(使)旋转
|@|<19>intermediate |a. |at a level between the basic and the advanced level |中级的;中等程度的
|@|<20>advanced |a. |far on or ahead in development or progress |高级的,先进的
||<21>lap |vt. |drink liquid with the tongue |舔食
|||v.|(of water) move or beat upon a shore with a soft sound |(水)拍打
||<22> <em>monstrous</em> |a. |very wrong, immoral, or unfair |残忍的;可怕的
||<23>refugee |n. |[C] sb. who has been forced to leave their country, esp. during a war, or for political or religious reasons |难民
|@|<24>corruption |n. |[U] dishonest, illegal, or immoral behavior, esp. by sb. with power |腐败
||<25>fascinate |vt. |attract or interest sb. very much |强烈吸引,迷住
|▲|<26>humiliate |vt. |make sb. feel ashamed or stupid, esp. when other people are present |使丢脸;使蒙羞
|@ |<27>sympathize |vi. |(BrE sympathise) feel sorry for sb. |同情;体谅
||<28>diplomat |n. |[C] sb. who officially represents their government in a foreign country |外交官
||<29>embassy |n. |[C] the group of people who represent their country in a foreign country, or the building they work in |大使馆全体官员;大使馆
||<30>oval |a. |shaped like a long narrow circle |椭圆形的
||<31>journalist |n. |[C] sb. who writes news reports for newspapers, magazines, television, or radio |新闻记者
|@|<32>considering |prep. |used to say that one is thinking about a particular fact when giving their opinion |考虑到
|★|<33>onward |a. & ad. |moving forward |向前的(地);前进的(地)
|@ |<34>correspond |vi. |
  1. (to, with) be the same as sth. else, or very much like it |相符;相一致
  2. (with) write letters to sb. and receive letters from them |通信
||<35>marginal |a. |
  1. very small |微小的;少量的
  2. relating to a margin |边缘的
||<36>concession |n. |
  1. [C] an acknowledgment or admission |承认,认可
  2. [C] sth. that you allow sb. to have in order to end an argument or a disagreement |让步
|@ |<37>keen |a. |
  1. wanting to do sth. or liking sth. very much |渴望的;热衷的
  2. very strong |强烈的
||<38>nuisance |n. |[C] sb. or sth. that is annoying |讨厌的人或东西
||<39>thrill |n. |[C] a feeling of extreme excitement, usu. caused by sth. pleasant |兴奋,激动
|||vt.|make sb. feel excited and happy |使激动;使兴奋
||<40>fantasy |n. |[C] an imagined exciting situation or experience |幻想
||<41>depart |vi. |leave a place, esp. to start a journey |启程;离开
||<42>scheme |n. |[C] a plan to do sth. |计划;规划
||<43>summit |n. |[C] the highest point or part |顶点;顶峰
||<44>namely |ad. |that is |即;也就是
|@ |<45>overall |a. |including everything |全面的
||<46> <em>forevermore</em> |ad. |forever |永远
<TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
||<47>in (the) face of |when facing sth., esp. sth. unpleasant or difficult |面对
||<48>make sth. of sb. |make sb. a successful person |使成为有出息的人
||<49>pass away|die |死亡,逝世
||<50>have sth. at heart|really care about sth. |关心
||<51>from sb.'s standpoint |from sb.'s way of considering sth. |从某人的立场或观点来说
||<52>be entitled to |have the right to do or have sth. |有权做;有权得到
||<53>pick up the pieces |try to return to a normal life after a difficult experience |收拾残局;恢复正常
||<54>take shelter |find protection from bad weather or danger |躲避
||<55>lap up |enjoy sth. |欣赏
||<56>look forward to |feel happy and excited about sth. that is going to happen |盼望,期待
||<57>know better |be wise enough to avoid making mistakes |有头脑;明事理(而不至于)
||<58>watch out |be careful |注意;小心
||<59>once and for all |completely and finally |一劳永逸地;永远地;彻底地
||<60>out of touch with |no longer have information about sth. |不再了解
<TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
||<61>Allen| |艾伦(人名)
||<62>Edwin James| |埃德温?詹姆士(人名)

||<63><em>The New York Times</em> | |《纽约时报》
||<64>Johns Hopkins| |约翰?霍普金斯(大学 )
||<65><em>Baltimore Sun</em> | |《巴尔的摩太阳报》
||<66>Russ| |拉斯(人名)

||<67>Pulitzer Prize| |普利策奖 (美国一种多项的新闻、文化奖,由美国著名的报纸编辑和出版家约瑟夫?普利策出资设立)


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