playing with the dog, or going fishing. He would feel guilty if he did so, because he believes that all his time should be spent working. He even wishes that he could have a day of 26 hours or even more. He has become a workaholic whether he likes it or not. Section B Comprehension of the Text I.
  1. It is generally about what a workaholic is like. (Title)
  2. No. “There’s a big distinction between working hard and being a workaholic.” (Para.
  3. Not necessarily. “According to some psychology counselors, workaholism can be both good and bad for us.” (Para.
  4. three. (Para.
  5. We should lead a balanced life. (Para.
  10) II.
  1. F
  2. F
  4. F
  6. F
  7. F
  8. T Vocabulary III.
  1. constant
  2. ambition
  3. consequence
  4. evident
  5. summarize
  6. welfare
  7. schedule
  8. attaining
  9. loyal
  10. indispensable IV.
  1. There isn't anything to do other than wait to see what will happen.
  2. Although Bill was going to the movies, he told Joe to the contrary.
  3. I wonder who it was that defined man as a rational animal.
  4. Traveling in that country isn't necessary expensive; you can find reasonably priced hotels and restaurants.
  5. Janet tends to get angry if you bother her.
  6. I would rather walk there than go by bus.
  7. She was held for twenty days and at times she feared for her life.
  8. He's been burning the midnight oil for a week now, getting ready for finals.
  9. For many people the only possible way to escape from poverty is to move to other countries.
  10. Born in Milan, he dropped out of university to devote himself to music.
Unit 8 Section A Vocabulary III.
  1. render
  2. contribution
  3. popular
  4. institutions
  5. enrolled
  6. diverse
  7. accumulated
  8. distinguish
  9. puzzling
  10. confine IV.
  1. His past record is certainly something he is proud of.
  2. The members of the committee, after a two-hour discussion, finally arrived at a solution.
  3. If we want to arrive there in time, we have to travel by day as well as by night.
  4. I was shocked when I read of his death in a newspaper.
  5. According to the police, the young man was arrested at the scene of the robbery.
  6. There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours searching for information, only to discover the information useless.
  7. It is unnecessary to worry a lot. In fact, things will get better in the long run.
  8. My smile was meant to show interest in this trip, but Carla was far too intelligent to believe it showed anything of the sort.
  9. The number of students who want to be enrolled in engineering courses is way up.
  10. The little girl is so fond of her dog that she gives it a piece of chocolate every day. V.
  1. A
  2. D
  3. M
  4. N
  5. E
  6. J
  7. C
  8. L
  9. G
  10. H Word Building VI.
  1. weekly
  2. attractive
  3. worldly
  4. costly
  5. secondary
  6. leisurely
  7. earthly
  8. customary
  9. protective
  10. progressive
  11. sickly
  12. momentary
  13. manly
  14. orderly VII.
  1. backward(s)
  2. strangely
  3. outward(s)
  4. unfortunately
  5. homeward(s)
  6. originally
  7. sadly
  8. inward(s) Sentence structure VIII.
  1. On no account will they give up the plan.
  2. Little does he know much his parents love him.
  3. Not until he read the report did he realize what a serious mistake he had made.
  4. Hardly could the poor old man fall asleep with a pain in his leg.
  5. Under no conditions will we give in to their demands.
  1. While I agree it is a tough problem, I don’t think it cannot be solved.
  2. While Sara cannot come to help us, she will give us some suggestions.
  3. While people admit pollution is very serious, few are willing to take measures.
  4. While it’s raining hard now, it will clear up anytime.
  5. While it is true we need money badly, we cannot steal it. Translation X.
  1. Little did she know that this picture would one day be worth more than a million dollars.
  2. While I understand what you say, I don’t agree with you on the issue.
  3. I think the police are meant to protect people.
  4. I went to see him yesterday, only to find that he had gone abroad several days before.
  5. At the weekly meeting, everyone must confine their remarks to the subject.
  6. If only I hadn’t said those silly words! I was too young then to distinguish right from wrong. XI.
  1. 五年前我几乎不会想到今天我会与这么多来自世界各地的学生坐在一起学习 英语。
  2. 虽然这些职位给你带来荣耀和权力,但是它也赋予你巨大的责任。
  3. 从长远来看,粮食生产和人口增长之间的竞争难以轻易解决。
  4. 有时我们发现, 自己爬上了成功的阶梯, 却发现阶梯靠在错误的墙壁上。 (即: 我们爬上去了,却发现不是自己真正追求的东西。)
  5. 新计划的目的是让年轻人快速走上管理岗位。
  6. 这个年轻人志向高远,非常希望能有所成就,让父母为他骄傲。 Cloze XII.
  1. C
  2. B
  3. C
  4. A
  5. C
  6. B
  7. D
  8. B
  9. A
  10. A
  11. C
  12. C
  13. A
  14. D
  15. D
  17. A
  18. D
  19. C
  20.A XIV. There has been a sad tendency among youngsters in valuing material things more and more. For college students, the most popular subjects that they prefer to choose are accounting, computer programming, business, etc. When they graduate from colleges, the jobs they prefer to choose are sales representative, advertisement designing, international business, etc. Fewer and fewer people are choosing teaching or social services as their life career. Section B Reading Skills I.

  1. From the title of the text we can see that this article is about what young people can expect in the future.
  2. They are mostly dates, years and statistics.
  3. There several quotes, either direct or indirect, in the text. One quote is from Alfred North Whitehead, and other quotes are mostly from people in the different surveys.
  4. The language of this article is mostly formal. It contains some technical terms.
  5. This article is mainly informational. It contains some features typical of a piece of informational writing: many dates and statistics, some quotes, formal language, and simple and straightforward sentence structures. Comprehension of the Text II.
  1. T
  2. F
  3. T
  4. F
  5. T
  6. F
  7. F
  8. F Vocabulary III.
  1. eliminate
  2. displayed
  3. implicit
  4. promotion
  5. motivated
  6. prospect
  7. constructed
  8. civil
  9. preference
  10. absence IV.
  1. Correct from: in particular; synonym: especially/particularly
  2. Correct from: in short; synonym: in brief
  3. Correct from: are committed to; definition: promise to do (sth.)
  4. Correct from: based … on; definition: use… as a basis
  5. Correct from: By/In comparison; synonym: compared to
  6. Correct from: at large; synonym: as a whole; in general
  7. Correct from: happy with; synonym: satisfied with
  8. Correct from: associated with; synonym: connected with
  9. Correct from: ground to a halt; definition: gradually stop
  10. Correct from: protect… from; synonym: defend… from Unit 9 Section A Vocabulary III.
  1. ambitious
  2. sympathize
  3. tender
  4. considering
  5. corruption
  6. scattered
  7. intermediate
  8. corresponding
  9. equivalent
  10. deceived IV.
  1. to
  2. around
  3. to/with
  4. up
  5. out
  6. to
  7. out
  8. of
  9. From
  10. in V.
  1. J
  2. M
  3. F
  4. L
  5. A
  6. O
  7. G
  8. D
  9. I
  10. C Word Building
VI. After working extra hours for several months, I have repaid the money to the bank. I didn’t enjoy the story at first, but I came to like it when I reread it. He replace the book on the shelf when he finished it. She is slowly regaining her strength after the accident. The old city center was redesigned after the war. She was asked to reconsider her decision to leave the job. After the disaster the government spent millions of dollars helping the local people to reconstruct their homes. The museum has such a fine set of old paintings that it is worth revisiting. VII.
  1. dishonest
  2. discouraged
  3. displeased
  4. discontinued
  5. disappearing
  6. discharged
  7. disclosed
  8. dislike Sentence Structure VIII. I’ve made up my mind to marry him even if my mother objects. She has problems finding a job even if she gets a Bachelor’s degree. Even if you normally have good skin, some parts of the face may become dry during the winter. The young man felt great sadness even if he did not find the words to express it.’ Even if you don’t watch music programs, you’ve probably heard his songs. IX. The clearer a goal is, the easier it is to decide whether the goal is achievable. The angrier I got, the less he said. The larger the city is, the greater the increase in population is. The longer they stick to their goal, the greater the chances of success are. The more expensive the restaurant is, the better the food it serves. Translation X. I am sure that I will make something of myself, even though I have not achieved any major success so far. I have been working hard for so many years; I feel I am entitled to a good future. When her husband deserted her, leaving her with nothing but scattered pieces of life to pick up, she went insane. From my standpoint, Mother was too hard on then, without taking my feelings into account. When I reached the summit of my professional career, mother’s words
“Never be a quitter in face of life” were constantly in my mind. You should know better than to play football in the street. XI. 詹姆士是个诚实的人,尽管我反对他这个人,我还是要这样说。 组织越庞大,越难做出决定。 是真英雄方能临危不惧。 持有该票者能免费入场。 在英国,他是第一个有意识地从事散文写作并且有所建树的人。 失业半年后,她报名参加了烹饪班,希望能尽快找到工作。 Cloze XII,
  1. B
  2. D
  3. B
  4. A
  5. D
  6. B
  11. A
  12. B
  13. A
  14. C
  15. D

  7. C

  8. A

  9. D

  10. C
Structured Writing XIV. Some people think that books are the main source of human knowledge, summaries of what people have acquired in their struggle with nature and society. Moreover, with the rapid development of modern society, book knowledge is updated from time to time. For these people, books are everything. However, book knowledge is not everything! Books can never cover all the things and happenings in the world. Book knowledge is only a recording of what has been discovered. There are many mysteries unsolved and we can find no answers from books u to now. So if one does not try to learn something beyond books, it will be difficult for one to cope with some practical problems. We should develop our ability through practice and observing the world. It is not practical to rely on books only. Section B Reading Skills I.
  1. C
  2. B
  3. B

  4. C
Comprehension of the Text II.
  1. D
  2. B
  3. C
  4. B
  5. D

  6. C

  7. D

  8. A
Vocabulary III.

  1. scope
  2. integrate
  3. regarding
  4. guarantee
  5. disabled
  6. undertake
  7. excluded
  8. deserves
  9. rarely
  10. relevant IV. He is a man who prefers action to words. The child was told time and time again not to go near the railway but he didn’t seem to listen. John studied hard before the examination and it paid off. He made an A. In the meantime, focus your attention on something that you’re really interested in and never quit. With reference to the school uniform policy, there were various thoughts and feelings among students. Would you please look at my paper and give your suggestions about it? I felt obliged to go over there to say sorry to him as I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. It only took about 30 minutes before the high school was filled up with the survivors of the disaster. He slipped and broke his leg. As a result, he will have to be away from school for two or three months. This newly invented device will help those people who tend to get themselves injured. Unit 10 Section A Vocabulary III.
  1. channels
  2. rescued
  3. royal
  4. survival
  5. crash
  6. Whichever
  7. punishment
  8. cast
  9. endured
  10. surrender IV.
  1. over
  2. in
  3. in
  4. on
  5. under
  6. on
  7. down
  8. for
  9. after
  10. off V.
  1. O
  2. H
  3. M
  4. J
  5. K
  6. G
  7. C
  8. A
  9. F
  10. E Word Building VI.
  1. misreported
  2. misprinted
  3. misspells
  4. misplaced
  5. misunderstood
  6. misusing/miuse
  7. mistake
  8. misled VII.
  1. broaden
  2. irresponsible
  3. protective
  4. characterized
  5. redoubling
  6. fashionable
  7. unfair
  8. disobeys Sentence Structure VIII. as though he were the only person who scored over 90 as though she had seen a ghost there
as though he were her own son as though he were attending a party as though he knew everything IX. You should wear whichever dress suits you best for the evening party. You can settle down in whichever area you choose. Whichever (of you) comes first will receive a gift. All my books are here. You may borrow whichever you like. I have several spare rooms. Whichever you want is yours. Translation X. I remember the whole thing clearly as though it had happened yesterday. Whichever of them writes the best essay will win the prize. It turned out that the budget provided for a salary increase one year later. She did the same job day after day and year after year, but she never complained. She endured all kinds of hardships on the journey; nothing could keep her from finding her lost daughter. Don’t get mixed up with that gang. They have committed many bad things in broad daylight. XI. 市民抢购瓶装水,就好像接下来几饮用水能会短缺似的。 学会用最适合你自己的办法放松,是一种有助于健康的积极办法。 在战役中,为数不多的战士们英勇抗敌,壮烈牺牲。 他们奋战了 4 个多小时才将大火控制住,避免了危险的火势蔓延到整个小镇。 他告诉她



   1.a 艺术家追求成名,如同狗自逐其尾,一旦追到手,除了继续追逐不知还能做些什么。 成功之残酷正在于它常常让那些追逐成功者自寻毁灭。 对一名正努力追求成功并刚刚崭露头角的艺术家, 其亲朋常常会建议 “正经的饭碗不能丢! ” 他们的担心不无道理。 追求出人头地,最乐观地说也困难重重,许多人到最后即使不是穷困潦倒,也是几近精神崩 溃。 尽管如此,希望赢得追星族追捧和同行赞扬之类的不太纯洁的动机却在激励着他们向前。 享受成功的无上光荣,这种诱惑不是能轻易抵挡的。 成名者之所以成名,大多是因为发挥了 ...


   An artist who seeks fame is like a dog chasing his own tail who, when he captures it, does not know what else to do but to continue chasing it. 艺术家追求成名,如同狗自逐其尾,一旦追到手,除了继续追逐不知还能做些什么。 The cruelty of success is that it often leads those who seek such ...


   新视野大学英语读写教程第二册(第二版)参考答案 Unit 1 第一单元 SECTION A Vocabulary Exercise Ⅲ 1. charge 2. convention 3. efficient 4. obtain 5. competent 6. assessing fulfill 8. conducting 9. consequently 10. significance Exercise Ⅳ 1. behind 2. at 3. in 4. out 5. to 6. to ...


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   XI 1. No matter how experienced a speaker you are, and how well you have prepared your speech, you will have difficulty making a speech at such a noisy reception. 2. Just as all his sister’s friends cared about him, Jimmy cared about them. 3. Car m ...


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   1.名声的尾巴 艺术家追求成名,如同狗自逐其尾,一旦追到手,除了继续追逐不知还能做些什么。 成功之残酷正在于它常常让那些追逐成功者自寻毁灭。 对一名正努力追求成功并刚刚崭露头角的艺术家,其亲朋常常会建议“正经的饭碗不能丢!”他们的担心不无道理。 追求出人头地,最乐观地说也困难重重,许多人到最后即使不是穷困潦倒,也是几近精神崩溃。 尽管如此,希望赢得追星族追捧和同行赞扬之类的不太纯洁的动机却在激励着他们向前。 享受成功的无上光荣,这种诱惑不是能轻易抵挡的。 成名者之所以成名,大多是因为发挥了自己 ...


   新视野大学英语课文翻译第二册 Unit 1 时间观念强的美国人 美国人认为没有人会停止不前。如果你不求进取,就会落伍。这种态度造 就了一个决心投身于研究、实验和探索的民族。时间是美国人注意节约的两个 要素之一,另一个则是工作。 人们一直在说: “只有时间才能支配我们。” 人们似乎是把时间当作一个差 不多是实实在在的东西来对待的。我们安排时间、节约时间、浪费时间、挤抢 时间、消磨时间、缩减时间、对时间的使用作出解释; 我们还要因时间而收取 费用。时间是一种宝贵的资源。许多人都深感人生的短暂。一旦 ...


   Unit 1 Section A 时间观念强的美国人 美国人认为没有人能停止不前。如果你不求进取,你就会落伍。这种态度造就了一个投身于研究、实验和探索的民族。时 间是美国人注意节约的两个要素之一,另一个是劳力。 人们一直说: “只有时间才能支配我们。”人们似乎是把时间当作一个差不多是实实在在的东西来对待的。我们安排时间、 节约时间、浪费时间、挤抢时间、消磨时间、缩减时间、对时间的利用作出解释;我们还要因付出时间而收取费用。时间是一 种宝贵的资源,许多人都深感人生的短暂。时光一去不复返。我们应 ...



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   2006 年杭州市各类高中招生考试 英 语 考生须知: 考生须知: 1、满分 120 分,考试时间 100 分钟。 2、答题前,在答题卡上和答题卷的密封区内涂、写校名、姓名和准考证号。 3、必须在答题卷的答题位置答题,写在其它地方无效。1 至 55 小题在答题卡上涂黑作 答,答题卡答题方式详见答题卡上的说明。 4、做听力题时,先将答案划在试题卷上,录音内容结束后,你将有一分钟的时间将试 卷上的答案转涂到答题卡上。 5、考试结束后,试题卷和答题卷一并上交。 试题卷 I.听力部分(20 分) 一 ...


   兰州市 2010 年初中毕业生学业考试试卷 英 注意事项: 1.全卷共 150 分,考试时间 120 分钟. 语(A) 2.考生必须将报考学校,姓名,准考证号,考场,座位号等个人信息填(涂)写在答题卡 的相应位置上. 3.考生务必将答案直接填(涂)写在答题卡的相应位置上. 第Ⅰ卷 (选择题 共 80 分) 一,听力理解(分四小节,共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 第一节:听句子,从 A,B,C 三个选项中选择与你所听到的内容相同或相近的选项.(每 个句子读一遍) 1. A. ...


   中国特色词汇英语翻译 A. AA 制 Dutch treatment; go Dutch 《阿 Q 正传》 The True Story of Ah Q 艾滋病(获得性免疫缺陷综合征) AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) 爱丽舍宫 Elysée Palace 安居工程 Housing Project for low-income families 按成本要素计算的国民经济总值 GNP at factor cost 按揭贷款 mortgage ...