New Horizon College English
Unit 2 Section A Environmental Protection Throughout the World
Questions on the text

  1. Why and how do people change their attitude towards environment?
  2. How did Canada protect its fish supply and what was the result?
  3. What measures did Costa Rica take to protect its remaining forest?
  4.What does the writer think of Brazil’s environment protection?

  5. Why is Eastern Europe considered the most polluted of all the world’s industrialized areas?
  6. How effective is Ghana’s forest protection program?
  7. What are the serious problems that Indonesia is facing?
Vocabulary and structure
A good doctor should always concern himself with the health of his patients.
He concerns himself with public work.

  1. AIDS is a global problem which needs a global response.
  2. Global warming

  1.Towns have sprung up in what was a dry desert.
  2. New theaters and arts centers sprang up all over the country.
Fast-food restaurants are springing up all over the town.
Thousands of new businesses have sprung up in the past two years.

  1.The Channel Tunnel is one of the biggest engineering projects ever undertaken.(海 ( 峡隧道) 峡隧道)
  2. She undertook the organization of the whole plan.

  1.Undertake a major attack

  3. Undertake the responsibility / job

  1.It is hoped that the government’s initiative will bring the strike to an end.
  2. The government is making some fresh initiatives to try to deal with the problem.

  1.He lived on a small island off the coast of France.
  2. The ship sank six miles off Portsmouth. Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe

  1.The country has abundant supplies of oil and gas.

  3. The rivers of the New World were abundant with fish.

  1.the human species 人类
  2. This rare bird has become an endangered species.

  3. There are several thousand species of trees in this forest. / on our campus. /in the Amazon.
The Grand Banks
The three gorges of the Yangtze River is one of the most ambitious engineering projects of modern times.

  1.China should introduce more choice and diversity into the education system.
  2. There is a cultural diversity in the United States. 美国的文化呈现多元 性。 Melting pot
His writing shows the diversity of human behavior and ability.
他的作品展示了人类行为和能力的多样性。 他的作品展示了人类行为和能力的多样性。

  1.extensive farms and prairies
  2. When built, the palace was very extensive.
The company’s profits have been steadily falling, and his job is to reverse this trend.

  1. The court of appeal reversed the original verdict and set the prisoner free.
  2. What can we do to reverse the present trend of falling sales?

  1. This building is financed by 田家 炳, so it is named after him.
  2. The repairs to the school will be financed by a private company.
These concerts are financed by the Arts Council.
The conflict between religion and science.
  2. The governor’s ( 地 方 长 官 ) refusal to apply the law brought him into conflict with the federal government.
  3. The conflict between one’s duty and one’s desire.
The principles of democracy are sometimes in conflict with political reality.
They should make decisions as to whether the student needs more help. He is very uncertain as to whether it is the right job for him.

  1.This river has been contaminated by chemicals.
  2. They are contaminating the minds of our young people with these rotten ideas.
Biological clock /warfare / control
The last few years have seen an explosive demand for computers

  1.The team is sponsored by Sony, so the players wear the letters Sony on their shirts

  2. Sponsor a television program
可口可乐公司是一年一度圣诞晚会的主办者。 可口可乐公司是一年一度圣诞晚会的主办者。

  3. Coca-Cola is the sponsor of the yearly Christmas party.
  4. Coca-Cola sponsors the yearly Christmas party.
This kind of animal’s tail will regenerate if it is cut off. Their aim is to regenerate British Industry. / the northeastern old Industrial bases

  3. Given time the forest will regenerate itself.
  4. The Marshall plan sought to regenerate the shattered Europe.
贸易成交率的下降对这个国家的经济造成了影响。 贸易成交率的下降对这个国家的经济造成了影响。

  1. Falling trade rates have impacted on the country’s economy.

  2. Falling trade rates have made an impact on the country’s economy.

  1. Smoking is frowned upon in many restaurants /canteens.
在许多饭店,吸烟都会引起人们 在许多饭店, 的不满。 的不满。

  2. I noticed a slight frown of disagreement on his face.
Many doctors frown on a diet which has a lot of fat.
Tom wanted to go to France, but his parents frowned on the idea.

  1. Nothing could induce me to vote for him again.
  2. What could have induced you to do such a ridiculous thing?
  3. They offered her a share in the business as an inducement to stay.
That building has been converted into a school.
We convert the sofa into a bed when we have guests.
Britain converted to a decimal currency system in 19
  72. To convert pounds into dollars
Her daughter has recently converted her to Guns’ n’ Roses.
My son has converted me to pop music/rock music/rock ’n’roll / classical music.
Anne has converted to Islam / Catholicism /Christianity recently. John was converted to Buddhism by a Chinese priest.
Central Topic
Environmental situation and the corresponding measures taken throughout the world
Text Structure Analysis A paragraph of a Problem-solution Pattern
Unit 2 Section B Green Spaces in Cities
Vocabulary and Structure

  1. open fields
  2. open space
  3. the open country

  1. There is a vacant place over there where you can park.
  2. Is this seat vacant?
  3. Empty bottle / purse / stomach
  4. a vacant post

  1.A film lota film studio and the land around it.
  2. A parking lot

  1. This species of plant is becoming increasingly rare.
  2. A rare book

  1. It is hard to make any option between such alternatives.
  2. We should keep our options open until Jim can study the results of the survey.

  3. As I see it, we have two options either we sell the house or we rent it out.
  4. I usually choose the vegetarian option in restaurants.

  1. An enormous bouquet of flowers
  1. The amount of paperwork involved is enormous.

  1.The Olympic Games are watched by literally billions of people around the world.
  2. The views here are literally breathtaking.

  1. urban life / areas /inhabitants / unemployment/ population
  2. He prefers rural life to urban life.

  1.One lane is closed while the workers are paving the road.
  2.The country boys thought the streets of London were paved with gold.

  3. The Supreme Court decision paved the way for further legislation on civil rights.

  4. This agreement paves the way for (or: to) a lasting peace in the region.
  5. (ALD) His economic policies paved the way for Industrial expansion.
-hoodthe state or time of being ――状态,――时期 状态, 状态 时期 Manhood likelihood 可能(性) 可能( neighborhood

  1. an amateur singer / photographer
  2. professional amateur n.
detective /

  3. An amateur golfer
  4. An amateur orchestra业余管弦乐队 业余管弦乐队

  1.While I was working on my letter, the telephone rang.
  2. She is working on a new novel.
They have been working on the bridge day and night for three months.
Ken was working on some sets for an opera at the Met.
the Met (informal) the Metropolitan Opera Company,the main opera company in New York.大都会歌剧院 大都会歌剧院

  1.Erect a tent / a new bridge
  2. A statue was erected to honor the memory of Queen Victoria.
The Arch of Triumpha famous arch
in Paris, commissioned by Napoleon in 1806 as a homage to his Grand Army and completed in 18
  36. In 1920 the body of an unknown soldier was buried underneath the arch and a flame is kindled every evening at six to commemorate those who died in World War I, and today to honor the dead of World War II as well. Since 1923, it has been the site of important national events.
Up to ten people (=any number between one and ten) can sleep in this tent.
The three-year-old boy can count up to 1

  1. As well as helping the environment, energy conservation reduces your fuel bills.
  2. Conservation of water is of great importance in desert areas.
  3. We should pay attention to the conservation of wild life.
As well as helping the environment, energy conservation reduces your fuel bills.

  1.An interest in people’s deepest feelings characterize all her writings.
  2. The education system here is characterized by an emphasis on success in exams.
  3. The giraffe is characterized by its very long neck.

  1. His only recreations are drinking bear and watching football.
  2. A recreation center
  3. Recreation room
  4. Recreational facilities

  1.A comparable car would cost much less out of the country.(smuggle)
  2. This approach is implemented to ensure that people doing comparable jobs receive comparable rates of pay.
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