Section A
As His Name Is , So Is He
正如,正像, 正如,正像,随着
parallelism(平行,并列)/proportion(比例) eg.
  1.As is the teacher ,so is the pupil. (parallelism)(有其师必有其徒 (parallelism)(有其师必有其徒) 有其师必有其徒)
  2.As time went on ,so my interest in English increased. (proportion) (随着时间的流逝,我对英语的兴趣更浓厚)
Three principles:
Use complete sentence after “as” and “so” Use normal order /inverted order for the sentence after “as” and “so” Omit “so” sometimes.

  1.有其父必有其子。 As is the father ,so is the son.
Practice: Practice

  2.沙漠似海,骆驼似舟。 沙漠似海,骆驼似舟。 沙漠似海 As the desert is like a sea ,so the camel is like a ship.
  3.随着我长大,妈妈却逐渐老了 随着我长大, 随着我长大 妈妈却逐渐老了。 As I grow up ,so my mother becomes older. 种瓜得瓜,种豆得豆。
  4. 种瓜得瓜,种豆得豆。 As a man sows, so he shall reap.
Chinese name surname + given name
English name first name + middle name + surname
general statement:
Similarity: They are all passed from father to son. Difference:
  1.position (first/last)
  2.women’s surname after marriage
Chinese surname
General introduction 4000 single word 张 王 李 赵 刘 compound surname 欧阳/上官/司马/诸葛 欧阳/上官/司马/ Meaning: little Origin: matrilineal society (母系社会) Sources:
sources of Chinese surname

  1.mother’s name : 姜,姬,姚,嬴
  2.animal,plant,totem : 马,牛,龙,李’s name: 吴,宋,郑,杜,秦
  4.official position: 上官,司马,司徒 上官,司马,
  5.the rank of nobility:王,侯,公孙 王 and scenery:东郭,西郭,西门,池,柳 东郭, 东郭 西郭,西门,
  7.occupation:陶,卜 陶
the source of English surname

  1.given name of their father or ancestors prefix(前缀)/suffix(后缀) 前缀) 前缀 (后缀) -son /- ing /-kin eg. Johnsonthe son of John WilliamsonWilson?the son of William
  2.Bodily or personal characteristic of their first bearer eg. Longfellow、Black、Hardy、Gladman、Wise 、 、 、 、
  3.Locality or place suffix “ford” “ham” “ ley” “ton” eg, Ashford 、 Bingham 、 Burley 、 Norton
  4.Occupation : eg. Smith Taylor Barber Shepherd Carter Miller
  5.Animal or plant name: eg. Bird Rice
Do you know the meaning of some English names?
Girls’ names Emily Sarah Ambitious True Princess Jack Thomas William Matthew Ken Boys’ names Godly Dependable Determined Guardian Gift of the Lord Handsome
Elizabeth God's Oath Linda Olivia Beautiful Symbol of Peace
English names and their implications
Alan Charles David Edward John 英俊的人 普通一员 被爱的人 财富的守卫者 上帝的礼物
Hi, I am Alan.
Richard Michael Richard Robert Stephen William Victor 上帝的使者 勇敢的人 名声赫赫的人 王冠 强大的捍卫者 胜利者
Alice Angela Anna Catherine Diana Elizabeth
真理 天使 优雅、仁慈 纯洁、真诚 月亮女神 献身上帝的人 Diana
Helen Lily Mary Ruth Sarah Susanna
光芒 百合花 海上明星 美丽 公主 纯白、可爱 Lily
Idea Sharing
Follow the steps below to have a debate on the topic :
Do you want to change your name or not? Step 1: Express your opinions. Step 2: List at least 3 reasons or examples to support your opinions Step 3: Fight against the opinions of the other part. Tips
Idea Sharing
Expressions to show your agreement or disagreement
? I agree with the author’s opinion that … ? I think it’s a good idea to … ? It may help if … ? The reasons I decide to … are as follows: Firstly, … Secondly, … ? By changing my name, I can … ? I disagree with the author’s opinion that … ? I don’t think it’s a good idea to … ? It is impossible to … ? I will never … ? The best to … is … ? The most important thing is …
Website: www.behindthename .com
explain your name in English


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