新视野第 四册答案 Unit 1 Section A. The Respectable Woman Temptation of a
IV》 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. II, p. 8
  1. Her husband expected his friend, Gouvernail, to stay about one or two weeks in their home.
  2. He was a boring and withdrawn person with a strange personality.
  3. She decided to leave for her aunt' decided aunt' wouldn' s house and wouldn't come back till Gouvernail left their home.
  4. A once ambitious person, Gouvernail now became one with the mere desire to enjoy a genuine life now and then.
  5. His tones of voice and personal charm.
  6. She was afraid that she could not
resist being attracted by Gouvernail.
  7. He mistook his wife ' s feeling towards Gouvernail for pure dislike.
  8. She had overcome both her misunderstanding of and her subtle feelings towards Gouvernail. IV》 《读写教程 IV》:
  1. Idle
  2. melting
  3. imposes
  4. penetrate
  5. presence
  6. nuisance
  7. nonsense
  8. keen Ex. III, p. 8
IV》 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. IV, p. 9
  1. run down
  2. taken seriously
  3. drinking in
  4. in no sense

made excellent observations on counted on for my part make a fuss
IV》 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. V, p. 9
  1. sanctions
  2. Restrictions
  3. fine
  4. limits
  5. problems
  6. tax
  7. duty
  8. responsibility IV》 《读写教程 IV》:
  1. justify
  2. glorify
  3. exemplifies
  4. classified
  5. purified
  6. intensify Ex. VI, p. 10

  7. identify
  8. terrified IV》 《读写教程 IV》:
  1. bravery
  2. jewellery
  3. delivery
  4. machinery
  5. robbery
  6. nursery scenery
  7. scenery
  8. discovery Ex. VII, p. 10
IV》 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VIII, p. 11
  1. She said it might have been all right, if the weather had been good.
  2. Mrs. Baroda said she might have liked Gouvernail if he had been like the others.
  3. If I had been there, I could have helped you.
  4. He could have got tickets if there
had been some cheap ones.
  5. Mrs. Baroda might have yielded to hadn' the temptation if she hadn't been a respectable and sensible person. IV》 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. IX, p. 11 then."
  1. "You were different then.""So was she." she."
  2. " You used to say he was a man of wit." wit." is." "So he is." You' here."
  3. "You've made a mistake here." you." "Oh, so I have. Thank you."
  4. " Children should behave themselves." themselves." adults." "So should adults." cracked."
  5. "This glass is cracked." hadn' noticed." "Oh, so it is. I hadn't noticed." IV》 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. X, p. 12
  1. He imposed his company upon her in her spite of her repeated hints of hoping
to be left alone.
  2. His friends can never count upon how he is going to act under given conditions, as he is always full of surprises. Don'
  3. Don't make a fuss about such a small thing because that is the last thing I expected. being
  4. Besides being an upright and respectable woman Mrs. Baroda was also a very sensible one.
  5. She had never known her thoughts to be so confused, unable to gather anything from them. Gouvernail'
  6. From Gouvernail's talk, Mrs. Baroda came to know that his periods of his silence were not his basic nature, but the result of moods. Gaston'
  7. To Gaston's delight, his wife had finally overcome her dislike for Gouvernail and invited Gouvernail to visit them again wholly from herself.

  8. Mrs. Baroda felt confused with Gouvernail ' s puzzling nature and found it hard to penetrate the silence in which he had unconsciously covered himself. IV》 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. XI, p. 12 在一起呆了几天,
  1. 在一起呆了几天,她仍感到对这个客人 很陌生,只得大部分时间让丈夫陪着他. 很陌生,只得大部分时间让丈夫陪着他. 加斯顿拉了拉妻子的衣袖,
  2. 加斯顿拉了拉妻子的衣袖,双手搂着她 的腰,快乐地望着她那充满困惑的眼睛. 的腰,快乐地望着她那充满困惑的眼睛. 他在她身旁的长凳上坐下,
  3. 他在她身旁的长凳上坐下,丝毫不曾想 到她可能会反对他坐在那儿. 到她可能会反对他坐在那儿. 他的话变成了一串毫无意义的动词,
  4. 他的话变成了一串毫无意义的动词,名 副词和形容词, 她陶醉在他的声音里. 词, 副词和形容词, 她陶醉在他的声音里. 那晚,
  5. 那晚,巴罗达太太很想把自己的一时荒 唐告诉丈夫?也是她的朋友, 唐告诉丈夫?也是她的朋友,但还是忍住 了.
  6. 他照例说了些诸如这个季节的夜风对 身体不好之类的话. 后来, 望着茫茫夜色, 身体不好之类的话. 后来, 望着茫茫夜色, 他开始谈了起来. 他开始谈了起来.
  7. " 噢 , 她笑着 , 在他唇上印了长长的 "她笑着,
温柔的一吻, 我一切都已经克服了! " 温柔的一吻 , 我一切都已经克服了 ! 你 会看到的,这次我会对他很好. 会看到的,这次我会对他很好. " 而现在他只求能生存,
  8. 而现在他只求能生存,只是偶尔才能体 验到一丝真正的生活的气息, 验到一丝真正的生活的气息,就像此刻这 样. Section B. The Obligations Responsibilities to Marriage and
XVI. Choose the best answer to each of the following questions
  1. B
  2. C
  3. B
  4. B
  5. B
  6. B
  7. C
  8. B IV》 《读写教程 IV》Ex. XVII, p. 24
  1. obligation
  2. continuity
  3. sacrifice
  4. acknowledged
  5. passion
  6. scattered
  7. worship

  8. elastic IV》 《读写教程 IV》Ex. XVIII, p. 24 in;
  1. in; in
  2. in/by
  3. to
  4. on
  5. at
  6. behind
  7. to
  8. from Unit 2 Section A. Charlie Chaplin IV》 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. II, p. 37
  1. He lived a poor and miserable life during his childhood.
  2. Possibly because he left Britain when he was young and never came back; most figures he created were not of a gentlemangentleman-like British style.

  3. His dress and behavior were not English.
  4. It was the first movie in which which Chaplin used voice for the characters.
  5. Using his physical senses to invent his art as he went along without prepared script.
  6. We can find that from the characters he created, such as the flower girl and the French wife killer.
  7. She brought stable happiness to him happiness and became the center of rest in his life.
  8. Comic IV》 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. III, p. 37
  1. coarse
  2. corresponded
  3. doubtful
  4. roused/sparked
  5. execute
  6. relief

  7. applause
  8. immense IV》 《读写教程 IV》:
  1. for
  2. against
  3. up
  4. with
  5. up
  6. to
  7. down
  8. between IV》 《读写教程 IV》:
  1. temptation
  2. change
  3. urge
  4. policies
  5. pressures
  6. arrest
  7. demand
  8. attempts Ex. IV, p. 38
Ex. V, p. 38
IV》 《读写教程 IV》:
  1. artist
  2. terrorist
  3. novelist
  4. activists
  5. biologist
  6. idealist
  7. capitalists
  8. tourist
Ex. VI, p. 39
IV》 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VII, p. 39
  1. Terrorism
  2. industrialism
  3. ageism
  4. idealism
  5. criticism
  6. heroism
  7. racism racism
  8. Modernism IV》 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VIII, p. 40

  1. If I had known that you were coming, I would have met you at the airport.
  2. If he had tried to leave the country, he would have been stopped at the frontier.
  3. If we had found him earlier, we could have saved his life.
  4. If I had caught that plane, I would have been killed in the air crash.
  5. If he had been in better health, he could have written more books. IV》 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. IX, p. 40
  1. With so much going on at the office, it is a wonder to find that Mr. time Lawrence has much time left for anything else.
  2. It is a surprise to us to find that television enjoys its greatest competitive advantage on information.
  3. It is a possibility for us to expect that the students will get the new
facts in the lecture confused with knowledge. their existing knowledge.
  4. It is a fact to know that we have run out of water and food.
  5. It is a relief to learn that the driver controlled the car during the stormy weather. IV》 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. X, p. 41
  1. Other writers might have written stories about London. But only he could have created the character David, who gave his creator permanent fame.
  2. China has provided more applause, more honor and, of course, more profit scientist where this scientist is concerned than any other countries.
  3. He had an urge to execute this skill perfectly.
  4. This physical transformation, plus the skill with which he executed it again and again, are surely the
Chaplin' secrets of Chaplin's great comedy. his
  5. But that shock roused his didn' imagination. Chaplin didn't have his jokes written into a script in advance; he was the kind of comic who used his physical senses to invent his art as he went along.
  6. He also had a deep need to be loved ? and a corresponding fear of being betrayed. The two were hard to combine and sometimes ? as in his early marriages? marriages?the collision between them resulted in disaster. It'
  7. It's doubtful whether she can find her way into perfect acting, though she never loses her faith in her own ability. that
  8. It was a relief to know that he finally finished the book before his death, which was regarded as a fitting memorial to his life as a writer.
IV》 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. XI, p. 41 但只有查理
  1. 但只有查理 卓别林才能塑造出了不起 的喜剧角色"流浪者" 的喜剧角色 " 流浪者 " 这个使其创作者 , 声名永驻的衣衫褴褛的小人物. 声名永驻的衣衫褴褛的小人物. 尽管如此,
  2. 尽管如此,卓别林的喜剧乞丐形象并不 显得那么像英国人, 显得那么像英国人,甚至也没有劳动阶级 的特色. 的特色.
  3. 但假如他在早期那些短小喜剧电影中 能操一口受过教育的人的口音, 能操一口受过教育的人的口音,则他是否 会闻名世界就值得怀疑了, 会闻名世界就值得怀疑了,而英国人也肯 定会觉得这很"古怪" 定会觉得这很"古怪" . 随着事业的发展,
  4. 随着事业的发展,他感到了一种冲动要 去发掘并扩展自己身上所显露的天才. 去发掘并扩展自己身上所显露的天才.
  5. 没有生命的物体特别有助于卓别林发 挥自己艺术家的天赋. 挥自己艺术家的天赋. 然而即使是这种以沉重代价换来的自
  6. 然而即使是这种以沉重代价换来 的自 知之明也在他的喜剧创作中得到了表现. 知之明也在他的喜剧创作中得到了表现.
  7. 由于沃娜本人出生在一个被各种麻烦 困扰的大家庭, 困扰的大家庭,她对卓别林生活中将面临 的挑战也做好了充分准备, 的挑战也做好了充分准备,因为当时有毫 无根据的流言说他俩是马克思主义的同 情者. 情者.后来在他们自己的有那么多天才孩
子的大家庭中,卓别林有时会引发争吵, 子的大家庭中,卓别林有时会引发争吵, 而她则成了安宁的中心. 而她则成了安宁的中心. 但是人们不禁会感到,
  8. 但是人们不禁会感到,卓别林一定会把 这一奇怪的事情看作是对他的十分恰当 的纪念. 的纪念.他以这种方式给这个自己曾带来 那么多笑声的世界留下了最后的笑声. 那么多笑声的世界留下了最后的笑声. Section B. The Political Career of a Politician Female Politician XVI. Read the following statements carefully, and decide whether they are true (T) or false (F) according to the passage.
  1. T
  2. F
  3. F
  4. T
  5. F
  6. T
  7. F
  8. T IV》 《读写教程 IV》Ex. XVII, p. 53
  1. fierce
  2. witnesses
  3. voted
  4. scandal

politics abuse jealous refresh
IV》 《读写教程 IV》Ex. XVIII, p. 53
  1. Could we take a walk? I feel like a little exercise.
  2. Ms. Mbogo had made a bold decision: she ran for mayor of Embu, Kenya. (run for)
  3. Some leaders in Kenya were afraid of tried losing their power, so they tried everything to shut Kenyan women out of politics.
  4. She decided long ago that she would study the subject in earnest as soon as she left school.
  5. He was arrested because he was paid to spy on our air bases.
  6. After almost four hours of fierce the negotiation, the president had the
upper hand.
  7. Road accident victims make up almost hospital' a quarter of the hospital's patients.
  8. Ms. Mbogo ' s victory was of great Mbogo' significance because all her male colleagues voted her in. Unit 3 Section A. Longing for a New Welfare System IV》 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. II, p. 66
  1. He means that a welfare client is believed to lie to get a little extra welfare money and those caseworkers know it well.
  2. He has chosen to live an honest life by drumming up some business outside magazines. and drawing cartoons for magazines.
  3. They know clearly that they are being made fools of by some of their clients, and they feel they are
entitled to have clients bow to them as compensation.
  4. He doesn't think those caseworkers doesn' isn' are to blame so he isn't being bitter.
  5. Because he believes it practically practically requires people to lie.
  6. He had to call a caseworker he called Suzanne first. After giving a little lecture, Suzanne was supposed to notify the medical worker, who would certify that there was a problem. Then the medical worker called the wheelchair wheelchair repair companies to get the cheapest bid. Then the medical worker alerted the main welfare office. They considered the matter for days before calling back and approving the repair, if he was lucky.
  7. The system so easily lends itself to welfare abuse by the welfare givers as well as by the clients.
  8. He dreams of a new system that will
encourage the clients and help them to develop their talents, rather than seek to convict them of cheating. IV》



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