新视野大学英语第三册网络自主学习《 B》完整答... 新视野大学英语第三册网络自主学习《Section B》完整答... 分享 首次分享者:天天天涯 已被分享 1 次 评论(
  0) 复制链接 分享 转载 举报 新视野大学英语第三册网络自主学习《Section B》完整答案 UNIT 1 Reading Skills :
  1.It was an autumn night in my native Nova Scotia.
  2.They were vacationing in (it) for the weekend.
  3.It took me years, though, to learn that the love in our family didn't just happen.
  4.First, love needs time. (Para.
  3) Love needs another, harder to find quality as well, the ability to let go. (Para.
  7) Finally, love needs words to make it real. (Para.
  5. It can only be achieved through patience and understanding. Comprehension Task : C B D D A D A C Vocabulary Task 1: hollow considerate rival elastic paralleling inspire pulate acknowledged soaring respective upright framework stretched Vocabulary Task 2: on apart with along on into of between up of Further Reading 1 : N N Y Y N NG N
  8.expose more to bright light
  9. immune system
  10.be happy with the purchase Further Reading 2 : C A D D B B C
  8. who you are
  9. an over-muscled body
  10. young men with the same problem UNIT 2 Reading Skills : B A A B A B Comprehension Task : B B A A A B A A
Vocabulary Task 1: implying complicated obstacle exhibited possess equip speculate concentrating strengthen reduction logical mood
multiplied revise
Vocabulary Task 2 :
  1.applied to
  2.In response to
  3.is associated with
  4.in contrast to
  5.in the same way that
  6.attributed to
  7. go through
  8.engage in
  9. benefited greatly from
  10.stems from
  11.in addition to
  12.are separated into
  13.focus on
  14.A succession of accidents Further Reading 1 : N N Y Y Y NG N
  8. halls or empty stores
  9. mechanic and watchmaker
  10. better mechanical equipment Further Reading 2: C B C D A C B
  8. a local hero
  9. a gold medal
  10. an unexpected opportunity UNIT 3 Reading Skills :
  1.To discuss in detail decision-making.
  2.For some information
  3.How they react after
  4.By giving an example Comprehension Task: D A C A B A B A Vocabulary Task 1 : exert analyzed differ consult convert dismissed flexible feasible sophisticated l Vocabulary Task 2 : in... from on to behind to at/about in/at from with in/from
the "unique cultural factors" that affect about the Western-style decision-making. the agreement is made. to illustrate the point.
discarded extreme
volume aspects
delicate fundamenta
Further Reading 1: N Y Y N NG Y N
  8. help your body relax
  9. get more sleep
  10. slightly on the cool side/slightly cool Further Reading 2: A C D B C D B
  8. poor eating habits
  9. eating routines and structure
  10. Family meals UNIT 4 Reading Skills:
  1.To crush is to press something so hard that it is damaged or destroyed. Here Mary compares herself to a thing that is too weak to resist the pressure, i.e., the harsh words from publishers. Mary admits that she is extremely upset.
  2.At the very beginning Engelbreit did not expect to draw greeting cards; she aimed high. Now that she was told her style was better suited for drawing greeting cards, she felt it was a comedown from high expectation. To her, drawing greeting cards was a fall from her life's goal.
  3.The card is personified. As we know, a card cannot boast. Only the creator of the card boasts. However, the writer means to say that the card is communicating a proud message.
  4.Acid means having a sour or bitter taste. When one has an acid tongue, he or she is very bitter to others, that is, he or she is very critical of others.
  5.A trademark is a special name, sign, word, etc. marked on a product; it is a special sign or a distinctive characteristic. Now being cute is Mary's distinctive feature.
  6.A core is the central part of certain fruit. A core of one's life is the most important part of one's life. The whole sentence means Engelbreit treasures old-fashioned art and values most.
  7.When one puts his or her feet firmly on the ground, he or she is down-to-earth. In other words, he or she is very realistic and practical.
  8. When you say an artistic work takes off, you mean it begins to be successful. Comprehension Task : A D B C C B A D Vocabulary Task 1 : crush astonishing influential annual
humorous/humourous license Vocabulary Task 2 : to down on into m...with of to
Further Reading 1: N y n n y y ng
  8、20/twenty millions
  10、virtual market places Further Reading 2: Y n y n ng y n
  8、realize their educational dreams
  9、small private college
  10、private colleges and universities UNIT 5 Reading Skills : B B C A C A B C C A Comprehension Task: B A A B A B B A Vocabulary Task 1 : permission inserted necessities phase elected transparent cooperate profession intimate
Vocabulary Task 2 :
  1.Her voice was beginning to tremble and she tried to control it but in vain.
  2.Jennifer was late for class the other day as a result of the heavy snow.
  3.The small company is now confronted with intense competition for the market share.
  4.In wintertime, food was hard to come by, so many animals died of hunger.
  5.Tom decided to follow his father's advice and apply for a job in the bank, as he liked working with numbers.
  6.I'm sorry I forgot his birthday: The date just completely slipped my mind.
  7.In the end our choices came down to going or staying.
  8.The old man had a stroke, which condemned him to bed in the hospital
for about half a year.
  9.My French was so poor at that time that I often had trouble making myself understood.
  10.If you have some one on your mind, let her know. Chances are you are on hers as well.
  11.What it comes down to is who is going to be the best on the basketball court for us.
  12.None of their plans worked and Barbara and Ted decided to let life takes its course. Further Reading 1: N y y n y ng y
  1.5 acres every second
  10、40/forty years Further Reading 2: B b c b d c d
  8、other types of games
  9、morally complex
  10、books, films, the Internet UNIT 6 Reading Skills:
  1.Because things in nature, large or small, new or old, are judged in comparison with other things involved.
  2.About five billion years ago.
  3.About three million years ago.
  4.From Paragraph 6 to Paragraph
  5.From Paragraph 10 to Paragraph
  13. Comprehension Task: B A B A A A A B Vocabulary Task 1: outcome permanent exceeding norant shortage duration protective manual
likewise abusing
accelerate rotates
Vocabulary Task 2 :
  1.Now that I am retired, I find I am spending more and more time on charity work, which I am very happy to take part in.
  2.His suggestions are in harmony with the aims of the project.
  3.In other words, 95 percent of the students have passed the entrance examination and been admitted to universities.

  4.We go abroad for a week or ten days every year, but I think we have a very simple life compared with many.
  5.Since coal is formed from plants, which are chemically very complicated, its own chemical make-up is very complex.
  6.During his stay in the countryside, he took to smoking.
  7.The father was ignorant of the boy's secrets.
  8.The earthquake that took place last week brought about ten thousand deaths and destruction of half of the buildings in the area.
  9.The lawyer said to the old man: "If you die before you have made a will, the law will decide the distribution of your property, which may not be in accordance with your wishes."
  10.The changes that have taken place over the past several years?both in terms of the marketplace and in the changing expectations of our patients?increasingly require that our physicians be kind to their patients.
  11.It may seem a laughably small sum compared to the salary you've been used to, and is an impossibly small amount to survive on.
  12.Organizations and individuals must prepare to take advantage of the business opportunities that lie ahead.
Further Reading 1: N Y N NG N Y Y
  8、the power of perseverance
  9、something that will
  10、accomplish their dreams Further Reading 2: C C A B D B C
  8、Soul and spirituality
  9、new ideas
  10、lifelong learning UNIT 7 Reading Skills:
  1.Even from the title of the text we can see that it is about Martin Luther King, the most important leader of the civil rights movement in the United States.
  2.The numbers are mainly dates and some statistics.
  3.Altogether, there are four full quotes in the text: one from Thoreau, an American writer; one from Gunnar Jahn of the Norwegian Nobel Committee; and two from Martin Luther King himself.
  4.The title of the text indicates that the whole piece is going to be informational. The language of the first paragraph testifies this. It has no technical terms. Frequently seen in the text are dates, which are
associated with the activities of Martin Luther King. The language is very formal as it has rather long sentences. This also points to the fact that the writer of the text intends to inform readers of the most famous civil rights movement leader?Martin Luther King. Comprehension Task: B D A C D A D C Vocabulary Task 1: abolished bribing arrested discriminate reverse witness approximate accords Vocabulary Task 2: with to at for ver
propose evil
Further Reading 1: N N Y N NG Y N
  8. Kelvin wave
  9. the coast of Asia
  10. complex computer models Further Reading 2: N N Y NG Y Y Y
  8. the current energy situation
  9. Energy Characterization of Pilot Areas
  10. a Final Report UNIT 8 Reading Skills:
  1.The title is actually a question. By using a question as a title, the writer tries to attract the readers' attention. Obviously, it's about the possibility or legality of human cloning. The writer will give us a thorough analysis as to who might take advantage of human cloning.
  2.The language is formal and serious. Besides, it is emotional. The evidence for this is the repeated employment of rhetorical questions.
  3.Altogether, there are seven questions, including the one in the title. Of the seven, four are rhetorical questions. They appear respectively at the end of Paragraph 2, Paragraph 3, Paragraph 4, and at the beginning of Paragraph
  4.Rhetorical questions are mainly intended to stir up the readers' emotions, to put them off guard, making them ready to accept the writer's opinion. Rhetorically, this is called emotional appeal. By using rhetorical questions four times, the writer of this text is appealing to
the readers to accept the idea "Don't just say no to human cloning". With all the above in view, we can see that the text is persuasive. Comprehension Task: F F T T T F T T Vocabulary Task 1: resigned consent sirable reproduce violated radical tion
governing probable
refusal reflection
disposed resume
artificial panic
Vocabulary Task 2:
  1.She came up with a new idea for increasing sales.
  2.It makes sense to buy the most up-to-date version.
  3.If the day turns out to be wet, we may have to change our plans.
  4.Upon reflection, she decided to accept his offer.
  5.For the sake of a successful exhibition we should try our best to collect more famous paintings.
  6.We reserved two tickets in the name of Brown.
  7.We had to resign ourselves to taking a loss on the sale.
  8.Economic and social inequalities can never be viewed as positive and constructive forces.
  9.If he did move to Beijing, he'd stand a chance of getting a job.
  10.These policemen are frightened at the prospect that they face a population which has the most advanced automatic arms at its disposal. Further Reading 1: Y N Y Y N NG N
  8. learn how to relax
  9. relieving tension
  10. relaxation, enjoyment and health Further Reading 2: D D C A B D A
  8. popular and traditional
  9. public officials
  10. freedom of expression



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