1.What factors may weaken one's memory? It is often reported that long-term poor nutrition may affect the functioning of the brain, thus damaging both the long-term and short-term memory. Also harmful to one's memory is lack of water. Elderly people need plenty of water to guarantee their memory works. A third factor is lack of sleep. Without enough sleep, one may feel tired and have difficulty concentrating, not to mention learning things by heart.
  2. Can you describe some possible advantages of having a poor memory? A poor memory may have some advantages. With the passage of time, the sad memories will fade. Those with a short memory tend to recover faster than those with a tenacious memory. For the same reason, forgetful people may be more ready to forget their daily worries and forgive others for their offenses. With a less retentive mind, they may enjoy life more.
  3. What can you do to make sure all your relatives and friends are on the guest list for your birthday party? First of all, I would check my address book and tick the names of those I intend to invite. Then, to avoid possible omissions, I would ask some of my close relatives, friends and colleagues to look at my initial list of names. They might suggest one or two additions. In this way, I can reduce the chances of missing those I should invite.
  4. How do you ensure important phone numbers are always at your fingertips? I usually remember my close relatives and friends' phone numbers through frequent use. But my memory cannot always be trusted. In this case, a mobile phone is extremely useful because it can store many phone numbers. But when the batteries run down, the mobile phone can't help either. So I also rely on my address book. To play safe, I prefer to have two address books. I take one with me and leave the other at home. Thus I can always find the number I need. Unit
  1.What subject do you like best? What made you like it: your personal interests, the teacher, the practical applications of the course in the future, etc.? I like physics best, though many classmates find it hard. A lot of factors led me to like this subject. As early as in high school, I was amazed at the laws scientists like Newton and Einstein discovered. What they found out changed the world. Luckily, my physics teacher at this university is excellent. He is knowledgeable and patient. Just because of him, I'm willing to spend lots of my spare time on this subject. Most importantly, what I have learned from the physics course will be of great help in landing a good job. Nowadays many companies think physics majors often have a solid academic foundation and can easily adapt themselves to a wide variety of positions.
  2. Do you think it is necessary? Some parents believe that by doing a lot of difficult math problems, their children will have a solid foundation in math. Some parents even believe that trying to solve hard math problems will promote the growth of children's brains and help develop their logical reasoning ability and concentration, which will facilitate learning in other areas. On the other hand, many people
believe that it is unnecessary and unnatural for children to study difficult math problems. Some people even believe that strict math training harms children's moral and physical development. Fierce competition may dampen the spirit of teamwork, which is so important in the contemporary world.
  3. What study habits seem to be common among successful students? Many top students seem to have these good study habits: They tend to have a strong sense of time and organize their time well. They may draw up their study plan well in advance. While studying, they check whether they are working ahead of schedule or lagging behind it. They usually work in a systematic way. Before class, they preview the text to get some idea about what the teacher is going to say and which part of the text is difficult. In class, they listen attentively, take notes of the main points of the lecture, and ask questions when they don't understand. After class, they review what they have learned. By going through the text and the notes, they can remember important information.
  4. How to prevent students' cheating in examinations? First, the administrators must adopt severe measures to punish that disgraceful practice. In the case of serious offenders, it is not enough just to give them an F. They must repeat the whole year, or even be expelled from school. Second, it is more important for teachers to enforce the university rules strictly. When they see students cheating, they should not turn a blind eye to it. Unit
  1.What do you think are the things that contribute to a successful marriage? The success of a marriage is due to many factors, of which love is obviously the most important one. Other factors, which are not entirely unrelated to love, include shared values and interests, mutual understanding, commitment, effective communication, similar educational background, equal economic status, physical fitness, etc. With the same values and moral standards, friends may develop into lifelong partners. After marriage, there needs to be a commitment to one another, and to the well-being and development of the family. Similar educational background and intelligence levels are also considered important by some people. They believe that only with mutual appreciation and understanding, can the couple get along easily and happily.
  2. Why do people get divorced? Can you guess some of the reasons? Sometimes it is because the couple did not really understand each other before the marriage, as love was blind at that time. After marriage, they see each other's shortcomings more clearly. When disappointment grows beyond control, divorce becomes inevitable. Sometimes it is because one of the couple has changed after the marriage. For example, after the husband is promoted to a leading position, he may have a hectic time all year round, with hardly any time left to be with his wife. Sometimes one of the couple has lost his or her job and becomes irritable. Due to the continual quarrelling at home, the family breaks up.
  3. What do you think of the lives of single mothers? Most people look upon single mothers with sympathy. Single mothers have to support their children on their own. They may find it difficult to provide their children with all the luxuries
children of two-parent families enjoy. Worse still, they may be under great psychological pressure. Moreover, their children may develop a sense of inferiority. When they see other children are bathed in the love of both parents, they may feel bitterly disappointed.
  4. What is your view of the fact that the wife's housekeeping duties remain the same even when she works outside? What could be the solution? If the wife works during the day just like the husband, then it is obviously unfair for the wife to shoulder all the housekeeping duties. If the husband can share the household chores with the wife, the love between them can be strengthened. Unfortunately, influenced by tradition, many men are unwilling to do housework, thinking it to be unmanly. If we want to change the situation, the media had better give more publicity to "model husbands" who assume a large part of those duties. Gradually, people may change their image of a husband who constantly sits in front of the TV, watching football games or international news. Also, the development of modern technology and the appearance of more modern conveniences will further lighten the housekeeping burden. Thus the problem of who should do the housework will become less important. Unit
  1.What do you think people will choose: a low-paid job one likes, or a boring well-paid job? I think many people prefer to find a job that they really like. After all, most people want to enjoy themselves rather than have plenty of money without a sense of achievement and happiness. On the other hand, some people may choose a well-paid job instead of a job close to their heart to earn more money. If one is in serious financial difficulty, one can hardly afford the luxury of a dream job. Money is the top priority.
  2. Do you think one's character is important in finding a job? Why or why not? I think it is. Although many employers lay emphasis on candidates' educational background and work experience, some believe that candidates' character is equally important for a successful career. In contemporary society, many projects are so large that they require the coordination of a group of people rather than a single person's effort. Therefore, a good team player is often welcomed. Professionally skilled people may not be able to accomplish a large project if they are easily angered and cannot get along with their colleagues. If you want to assume a leading position, you should be firm on important issues while allowing your subordinates plenty of freedom. In fact, it is becoming increasingly common for companies to test candidates' EQ (emotional quotient) before they decide to hire them.
  3. What courses are useful for one's job? In fact all courses may turn out to be useful in our future careers. The basic courses we take in the first two years of university lay a solid foundation for our future development. In the case of computer majors, for example, the math they have learned will enhance their ability for logical reasoning. The English courses they have followed will help them read the literature in their fields with greater ease. Art courses may increase their sense of balance and beauty. However, the courses in their specialties are often of greater relevance and value for their career development. For instance, computer majors may find courses such as programming, computer network, database, and CAD (Computer Aided Design) more closely related to their future work.

  4. What questions do you think are often asked in an interview? Why are they asked? To start with, the interviewers may ask you about your education. In this way they can gather information to see if you have acquired the basic knowledge required for the job you are applying for. Perhaps most of them will ask you about your work experience in this field to see if you have the necessary skills for the job you have in mind. Usually employers do not like an entirely inexperienced employee. They may also ask about your character, weaknesses and strengths to find out what kind of person you are. They may even ask you something that is not directly related to the job in question. Your answers tend to show your intelligence level and communication skills. Unit
  1.Do you want to be a boss who is starting a company or an employee with a high salary? Different people may have different choices. Some people may put a regular job above good pay for a variety of reasons. Employees usually know what they are supposed to do and have a fairly stable life. With a high-paying job, they and their families can live a comfortable life. When they have accumulated enough money, they can start a business when conditions are favorable. On the other hand, many people want to set up a business of their own right now. Indeed, launching a company involves a lot of effort. What is worse, there is risk. But they like challenges. By trying to establish a company, not only may they make lots of money, they can also develop their abilities to overcome difficulties.
  2. What kind of boss would you like to work for: one who is inefficient but kind, or one who is efficient but very strict with employees? Many people, if not most, prefer to work for a kind, good-natured boss. Under such a boss, they feel secure and happy. The boss won't scold employees simply because they have made a small mistake. He will also be generous. It is true that sometimes because of his lack of ability, his company may not reap huge profits, and employees can hardly get a raise. But happiness is surely more important than money. However, some people, including me, will choose to work for a boss who is capable but very strict with his subordinates. If the boss is capable, he will lead the company to one new height after another. When the company thrives, all employees will benefit. Even if the boss may give an employee a severe dressing-down for something he or she did, the employee can learn a lesson from the event. Under such a boss, employees can gain valuable experience, which may serve as a good foundation for them to start a business of their own in the future.
  3. Why do some people think sports clothes and shoes provide a good business opportunity? What age groups do you think the business people should target? Why? With more leisure time and money, many people pay more attention to their health and recreation. As a result, more and more people will engage in sports, and they will buy more fitness gear, including sports clothes and shoes. Obviously this provides a hot business opportunity. In my opinion, business people should target young people first. They are active and participate more in sports than other age groups. But business people should not neglect older people. After retirement, they often find their health on the decline, and therefore have the motivation for fitness exercises.
As for middle-aged people, many of them are under such great pressure at work that they can hardly afford the time for sports.
  4. If you wanted to start a business, which factors would you consider: your education and ability,



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