1. Mention at least three reasons people get angry. What can we do to control our anger? People tend to get angry when treated unfairly. Specifically, we may fly into a rage when we realize we were betrayed by a close friend or tricked by a clerk into buying something unnecessary at a high price. When people treat us with contempt, or deliberately ignore us, we may get annoyed. Also, the sight of injustice often fills us with indignation. For instance, when we see a child being bullied by a group of hoodlums, it makes our blood boil. To overcome our anger ,we have two options: to fight or to run. In the case of a small offense, it’s better to walk away and calm down. It is not necessary to explode at a slight provocation .However ,when confronted with a gross injustice or a serious crime ,we need to stand up for ourselves and speak our mind .After venting our anger ,we may feel better .If we keep negative feelings to ourselves ,we will probably feel miserable for along time and regret not taking action.
  2. Why do people get depressed? Is there any connection between depression and bad luck? Can depression be overcome? People feel blue for a variety of reasons. They feel depressed after failing an exam or losing a job. They feel grief when someone dear to them, for example a close family member, passes away ,Suffering from a serious disease with little hope of a complete recovery, one may feel dejected. There seems to be a relationship between depression and bad luck. If your spirits are down and you show it, people might refrain from talking to you. Many good opportunities may slip away as a result. And you might be left wondering why your luck doesn’t change. To cheer yourself up, you can study or work. Your mood might improve if you keep yourself busy and try to achieve goals. And if staying busy doesn’t help, you can just wait for the sadness to go away. It is said that time heals all wounds. Finally, you might find solace in realizing. Your situation is not the worst. You can also choose to look at the bright side of things because every cloud has a silver lining.
  3. What makes you happy? Are you happy when others are happy? The greatest pleasures seem to come from hard-won achievements. For example, if after a lot of hard work, you passed an important examination, finished a big project, or got a promotion, you would feel incredibly happy. Human happiness is not limited to one’s good fortune or success. If you help someone in need, you’ll probably feel wonderful. This accounts for the success of Project Hope, through which people volunteer time and donate money to help people in need.
  4. Is there a relationship between reason and emotion? Which plays a bigger role in our lives? Both reason and emotion are important in our lives. Although they are obviously different from each other, they complement each other just the same. Think about it, it is difficult to isolate reason from emotion and vice versa. When one is arguing, one is combining logic with feelings. When a speaker is advocating a principle, the feeling he puts into his voice reinforces his argument. When scientists conduct researches, they may choose an area that is interesting to them. Darwin studied science because he had been fascinated by plants and animals since his childhood. However, in some areas either reason or emotion may play a bigger role. Science students may need more logic than emotion to conduct experiments, while art students tend to rely more on their emotion for creativity. Within a family, people usually cherish the emotional ties between family
members. Emotion could be more important than reason when falling in love or trusting a member of one’s family, whereas reason plays an important role when deciding how to educate a child. Together or separate, reason and emotion play critically important roles in our lives. UNIT 2
  1. In what ways can people improve their appearance? Some people just want to improve their looks in small ways. They may go on a diet to maintain a good figure, we makeup to improve their appearance, put a facial mask or skin smoother on their faces during the might, have their teeth straightened, or have their nails polished. Some others have a face-lift to change their nose or chin, make their single-fold eyelids double folded, and have their skin tightened to smooth out wrinkles and crow’s feet. Some even inject botox to remove wrinkles. More drastically, some people may have liposuction to remove fat.
  2. Why do some people want to improve their appearance? A love of beauty is part of human nature. People like to see beautiful scenery, flowers, and animals. It is not strange that they also want to look at good-looking humans and improve the way they look themselves. With improved features, one may find a better job, attract a more desirable spouse, and gain faster promotion. Some occupations attach great importance to appearance. Most actors, anchorpersons, and fashion models can be recognized by their looks. It is sometimes argued that by looking good, one tends to feel self-confident. With confidence, success is more likely to follow in any undertaking.
  3. What disadvantages are there in plastic surgery? We should not attempt to change our physical appearance by cosmetic means. Such changes may bring unexpected disasters in the future. Some beautifying methods, if not properly applied, have dangerous side effects. People who receive botox injections to remove wrinkles may eventually ruin their skin. Some surgical operations that are intended to make single-fold eyelids double fold actually make them multi-folded-not what the patient had in mind.
  4. How can one strike a balance between low costs and high fashion in clothes、 People who don’t have much money can also make themselves look fashionable. There are many ways to buy fashionable clothes without spending much money. For example, people can buy clothes that are on sale or sold in discount stores. It’s smart to buy winter clothes at the end of the winter. Clothes are cheaper at the end of a season and can be stored until the next season. Some people are good tailors, and they can alter their clothes to make them fashionable. They may even create original styles. UNIT 3
  1. Briefly describe some natural. Search the Internet for information before coming to class. There are many kinds of natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, drought, forest fire, tsunami, snowstorm, blizzard, hailstorm, hurricane, typhoon, tornado, landslide, and volcanic eruption. An earthquake is a sudden change or movement in the Earth’s crust, causing a moving and shaking of the ground. A flood can be caused by excessive rainfall or quick melting of snow. When the water overflows a river’s banks, the nearby low-lying land is flooded. When there is no rain for a long period of time, there is a drought: crops fail and people may die of thirst. A forest fire may be caused by lightning or human negligence ?for example, a burning cigarette butt-or arson. It may destroy large forests. A tsunami is a giant wave that rolls onto the shore. It can be
caused by an undersea earthquake, volcanic eruption or landslide. A snowstorm becomes a blizzard when the wind blows hand and visibility decreases.
  2. What damage could an earthquake cause and what can human beings do to deal with it? An earthquake damages poorly-built structures. A powerful earthquake can destroy even well-constructed buildings. When the buildings fall down, human lives and property are ruined. Aftershocks may cause additional casualties. A heavy death toll, if not dealt with promptly, may be followed by an epidemic. It is difficult to predict earthquake, so we can only take preventive measures. For example, in an area prone to earthquake, we should construct strong, quake-proof buildings. We should also prepare emergency kits that include a torch, first-aid medicines and bandages. We should move out of dangerous quake zones. When an earthquake strikes while we are in a building, we should move outside. If there is no time to leave , we can hide under a strong table or bad to avoid being hurt by failing objects. Don’t forget to turn off the electricity and gas to avoid accidents.
  3. What damage can a flood bring about and what can we do to deal with it? A flood can inundate a vast area, destroying crops and buildings. If people do not escape in good time, they are drowned. Following the flood, there is crop failure, which may lead to widespread famine. If many people die in the flooding, their bodies, if not treated quickly, way give rise to an epidemic. Thanks to technological progress, we can now deal with floods more successfully. We can build dykes to prevent rivers from overflowing their banks. We can build dams and reservoirs to regulate the water level to prevent a flood or a drought. When there is too much silt in the river, we can dredge it. Deforestation can be prohibited in the upper-stream areas. Trees and grass help to keep soil in place and decrease silt in the river. When flooding threatens, the population of lowlying areas will be evacuated according to plan.
  4. Can we overcome natural disasters? Natural disasters are often so powerful that they cause widespread destruction. In the face of the raging elements, man may seem helpless. However, there is a lot human being can do to reduce the dangers. For example, although the force of an earthquake is intimidating, we can construct quake-proof buildings, and avoid dangerous quake zones. To prevent flooding, we have build dykes, dams and reservoirs, and many potential floods have been prevented. The dams and reservoirs can also be used to fight a drought by allowing the irrigation of dry fields. As a last resort, we can choose to evacuate a disaster-prone area. In fact, human beings have achieved remarkable success in overcoming natural disasters. UNIT 5
  1. What kinds of employees are likely to be fired? If employees do not observe company or department rules, they are likely to be fired. Any boss will be angry if employees are late for work or use the company phone to talk with friends. A boss dislikes people who don’t work hard, gossip a lot or read the newspaper over a cup of tea for hours. Even if one works hard, the boss may not be satisfied if one doesn’t work with high efficiency. After all, company profits come from employee achievements. Even though you’ve made significant personal contributions to the company, if you don’t get along well with your colleagues, you may impede the company’s productivity. After all, most jobs require teamwork nowadays. Usually the boss places a high value on employee loyalty. Disloyal employees may sell the company’s secrets and ruin it overnight. When the company is in financial difficulty and
downsizing, the first to be dismissed will be those who have some of the above-mentioned problems.
  2. What kinds of people are better prepared for a layoff? In contemporary society job changes are inevitable. Few people will stay in the same company all their lives. So , from time people should look for signs that layoffs are coming. For example, fewer customer orders, layoffs in similar companies, and an economic recession are warnings. In addition to noticing bad omens like the above, people should study the kinds of skills or technologies that are in great demand. If one industry is on the decline, they should equip themselves with knowledge and skills in other industries. When adequately prepared, they will not panic if they receive a dismissal notice. They can go to a different job or even a different career without too much difficulty.
  3. After finishing undergraduate studies, would you like to find a job or pursue a postgraduate degree? Why ? Some students prefer to look for a favorable job, through which they can gain useful experience that they can’t get from books. When they move on to a higher level job one day, then , they will already have experience in that field. At work, they can give full play to their practical abilities, and may be promoted to department manager by the time their classments complete their Master’s degree programs. On the other hand, some students are not eager to take up a job and prefer to continue to study towards a Master’s degree or even a phD. And we all know, knowledge is power. Although not everything you learn will be directly applicable at work, knowledge does improve your character overall. In the long run, those who acquire more knowledge will benefit from it.
  4. If a company doesn’t perform well in a certain field, for example, software development, should it outsource or train its own employees to do it? Some companies prefer to outsource the production they are not good at. Against the background of globalization, the division of work is accelerating. Often you can find a more specialized or more professional company that can do the same work with better quality at a lower rate. But outsourcing inevitably brings about problems. It is not always easy to lay off the employees, especially if they have served the company for a long time. They may ask for dismissal benefits that are too high for the organization to bear. So, perhaps the company can provide their workers with training to improve their production skills. If the workers feel grateful, they will work harder for the company’s prosperity. UNIT 6
  1. Describe some superstitions in English-sp



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