听力原文!! 大学英语 2 听说教程 1-4 听力原文
Unit One Time-Conscious Americans


UNDERSTANDING PASSAGES Passage 1 According to a recent survey, employees in many companie s today work longer hours and take shorter vacations than empl oyees did in 19
  79. It seems that Americans are working harder t oday than ever before. A management adviser, Bill Meyer, deci ded to find out the answer to the question. For three days, he ob served an investment banker hard at work. Meyer wrote down e verything the banker did during his long workday; the banker w orked 80 hours a week. At the end of the three-day period, Mey er reviewed the banker's activities with him, and discovered tha t the man spent 80 percent of his time doing busy work. Apparently, many people believe that the more time a perso n spends at work, the more he or she accomplishes. However, t he connection between time and productivity is not always posi tive. In fact, many studies show that after a certain point, anyon e's productivity and creativity begin to decrease. Furthermore, it 's not always easy for individuals to realize that their performan ce is decreasing. Part of the problem is understandable. When employers eval uate employees, they often consider the amount of time on the j ob in addition to job performance. Employees know this. Consequently, they work longer hours and take less vacatio n time than they did nine years ago. Although many working pe ople can do their job effectively during a regular 40-hour wor k week. They feel they have to spend more time on the job afte r normal working hours so that the people who can promote the m see them. Questions 1 to 5 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  1. What happens to employees in many U.S. companies toda y?
  2. What did Bill Meyer do with an investment banker?
  3. What is the relationship between time and productivity?
  4. How much time did the banker spend doing busy work?
  5. How do employers evaluate employees? Key:
  1. (C)
  2. (A)
  3. (B)
  4. (D)
  5. (C)

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Passage 2 One observation made by many visitors to the United States i s that Americans frequently prefer to answer with a brief "Yes ", "No", "Sure", or the very popular "Yeah" rather than with a l onger reply. But brief replies do not mean Americans are impol ite or offensive. Very often, Americans are rushed and may gre et you with a hurried "Hi". Indeed, this is a greeting you will he ar again and again during your stay in the United States. It is us ed by everyone, regardless of status, age or employment. Howe ver, those used to longer, beautifully formed statements may re quire a little more time before they feel comfortable with Ameri can "plain talk". Americans sometimes use plain talk when they are embarrasse d. If people praise them or thank them in an especially polite w ay, they may become embarrassed and not know what to say i n reply. They do not intend to be impolite or offensive; you ca n be sure that they liked what was said about them. Except for c ertain holidays, such as Christmas, Americans do not usually gi ve gifts. Thus, you will find Americans embarrassed as they acc ept gifts, especially if they have nothing to give in return. The y are generally a warm but easy-going or relaxed people. Questions 6 to 10 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  6. What does the fact that Americans do not waste words tell u s?
  7. Which of the following is true of those who like using beauti ful or quality language?
  8. Winch of the following is NOT true?
  9. How will the Americans feel if they are praised in a polite w ay?
  10. What did you learn about the American custom of giving gi fts? Key:
  6. (D)
  7. (A)
  8. (C)
  9. (D)
  10. (B)

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Passage 3 Those long lines at United States airports are not just on the ru nways. As the number of airline passengers increases to 614 mi llion last year, up from 488 million in 1993 ? and airports remai n the same size, waiting in line has become a frustrating experie nce. The airlines, heating ~owing complaints and eager to cut c osts, have begun adopting new techniques to speed people on th eir way. Continental Airlines and Alaska Airlines use a program with c omputer screens where passengers, using credit cards for identi fication, can check themselves in, answer security questions ab out who packed their bags and whether it has been under their c ontrol at all times, and obtain boarding passes. Alaska also has ticketing officers who walk about in airports c arrying computers that can print out boarding passes. Airlines are also improving their computer networks, which wi ll reduce the time it takes to issue tickets and boarding passe s. TWA recently installed touch-screen computers, like those a t ATM machines, that allow officers to issue boarding passes fa ster. Penny Thomas, United Airline's manager of in-airport servic e planning, said: "The most basic rule to reduce time in line is t o arrive at the airport in travel-ready condition. That means yo u do not need to see anyone, to buy a ticket or to change a sea t assignment. It means your only requirement is to get a boardin g pass." Questions 11 to 15 are based on the passage you have just hear d.
  11. What causes the long lines at U.S. airports?
  12. What was the number of U.S. airline passengers in 19937
  13. Which new technique have Continental Airlines and Alask a Airlines adopted?
  14. What's the purpose of improving the U.S. airlines' compute r networks?
  15. According to Penny Thomas. what is the most basic rule t o reduce time in line? Key: .(A)

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Passage 4 Although the relaxed American style is well known, many ne w visitors think that it shows a "lack of respect'. This is especial ly true in the business world. Americans often use first names u pon meeting a stranger and do not always shake hands. They of ten just smile and say "Hi" or "Hello", rather than using a mor e formal handshake. It is good to remember that to an America n such a relaxed greeting really means the same thing as a mor e official handshake somewhere else. In a similar way, Americans do not usually give a special "goo d-bye' or shake hands to each person when they leave a party o r business meeting. They will often just wave good-bye to th e whole group and perhaps say, "Well, so long everybody, I'll s ee you tomorrow." They then will leave. No handshakes. Americans seem either totally hurried and hard-working or tota lly relaxed and at ease. Often you will see men working at offic e desks without their chairs and even putting their feet up on th e desk while they talk on the telephone. This is not meant to b e offensive. Once Americans leave the busy streets, they are eas y and relaxed. A visitor to the United States should, therefore, understand tha t being in a great hurry does not show unfriendliness, and bein g relaxed and being at ease does not show a lack of respect. Am ericans have a great range of customs and habits that at lust ma y seem strange to a visitor. In time you will learn these new wa ys. Questions 16 to 20 are based on the passage you have just hear d.
  16. What do many visitors think about the relaxed American st yle?
  17. Why do Americans often use first- names upon meeting a st ranger?
  18. To whom do Americans use "Hi" and "Hello" in greeting?
  19. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
  20. What is the subject of this passage? Key:
  16. (B)
  17. (A)
  18. (B)
  19. (A)
  20. (B)

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Unit Two Environment Protection UNDERSTANDING PASSAGES Passage 1 Green space facilities are adding greatly to the quality of the ur ban environment. At present they are generally accepted, althou gh not much on the basis of a closely reasoned scientific proo f. The recognition of the importance of green spaces in the urba n environment is a first step on the right path. However, this do es not mean that enough details are known about the function s of green space in towns and about the way in which inhabitant s are using these spaces. The theoretical separation of living, working, traffic and recrea tion which for many years has been used in town and country pl anning, has resulted in unequal attention for forms of recreatio n far from home, at the same time there has been relatively littl e attention for improving recreation possibilities in the direct ne ighborhood of the home. We have come to the conclusion that t his is not right, because an important part of the time which w e do not spend in sleeping or working, is used for activities at a nd around home. So it is obvious that recreation in the open ai r has to begin at the street door of the house. The urban environ ment has to offer as many recreation activities as possible, and t he design of these has to be such that more required activities c an also have a creative element. The very best standard of living is nothing if you only feel you rself at home after the street door of your house is closed after y ou. Questions 1 to 5 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  1. What does the speaker say about the importance of green sp aces in the urban environment?
  2. What has the theoretical separation of living, working, traffi c and recreation led to?
  3. According to the speaker, how should green space facilitie s be designed?
  4. According to the speaker, what does the urban environmen t have to offer?
  5. What is the main idea of the talk? Key:
  1. (B)
  2. (A)
  3. (C)
  4. (A)
  5. (D)

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Passage 2 The Chinese government's plan to put environmental concern s into national and local economic development planning is bas ed on its confidence and strong commitment to the concept o f managed development. While keeping a close eye and a heav y hand on existing polluters, the officials have put more attentio n on prevention. In addition to a recent official statement encouraging environm entally friendly technology and industries, the National Environ mental Protection Agency issued a united order with Ministry o f Supervision demanding that local officials immediately stop fi nancing heavily polluting businesses. The move is to prevent to wnship factories from further damaging t~ environment. But shutting down polluting factories is only part of the solutio n. There must be appropriate technological and financial instru ments to facilitate environmentally friendly development. The United Nations General Assembly will hold a special meet ing later this month to review the process of managed develop ment worldwide. The Chinese hope to see stronger commitmen t from the world community for international working togethe r in the fight to protect our common natural surroundings. No si ngle country can save the environment alone. Questions 6 to 10 are based on the talk you have just heard.
  6. What is the speaker mainly discussing?
  7. What does the speaker say about the Chinese government's p lan?
  8. According to the talk, what is demanded of local officials to ward the polluting businesses?
  9. According to the talk, what is the purpose of the special mee ting of the UN General Assembly?
  10. What is important to the world community in the fight for e nvironmental protection? Key:
  6. (C)
  7. (C)
  8. (C)
  9. (B)
  10. (B)

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Passage 3 Inland waters may be grouped into two general classes: standin g waters and flowing waters. As is often the case, the boundar y between these two classes is not sharp and clear. A pond is a n example of standing water. But most ponds are fed by spring s or brooks and most have an exit. Thus, some current of changi ng water flows through them. On the other hand, a river is an e xample of flowing water. In some places, however, a river ma y have such a slow current that is very difficult to notice. Standing inland waters contrast in size, in age, and in many abi otic environmental characteristics. They range in size from road side puddles to the Caspian Sea. Puddles may last for only a fe w days or weeks; ponds, for a few hundred to a thousand year s. In general, lakes are older, though the waters of some tropica l "lakes" disappear completely during each dry season. Standin g waters range from very shallow to very deep, from clear to di rty, from fresh to salty. In flowing waters we roughly note the differences between bro oks, creeks, and rivers. The size and age of flowing waters ar e unimportant. Speed of flow, clearness, oxygen content, and ot her chemical characteristics are used by limnologists in studyin g flowing-water ecosystems. Questions 11 to 15 are based on the passage you have just hear d.
  11. Which of the following characteristics of flowing waters i s unimportant?
  12. Which of the following words can best replace the word "ab iotic"?
  13. Which of the following statements is true?
  14. What is the distinction between standing waters and flowin g waters?
  15. What is the talk mainly about? Key:
  11. (B)
  12. (A)
  13. (C)
  14. (D)
  15. (A)

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Passage 4 China is pushing on with its goal of trying to ensure that the co untry's population stays below
  1.4 billion by 20
  10. Education a


nd promotion remain the two key tools to achieving this end. T hey keep people informed about the b



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