新视野大学英语 4 视听说教程答案 UNIT 1 Ⅱ.Basic Listening Practice 1-5: CBDAD Ⅲ.Listening In Task 1 1-5: DACBC Task 2 (S
  1)owner (S
  2)running (S
  3)drop (S
  4)outlaw (S
  5)uneventfully (S
  6)yelling (S
  7)lives (S
  8)As he’s picking himself up ,he sees large man, almost seven feet tall. He’s muscular, and is growling as he approaches the bar.(S
  9) The bartender nervously hand the big man a beer, hand shaking (S
  10) I got to get out of town !Didn’t you hear Big John is coming . Task 3 1-5: DCBDA Ⅵ. Further Listening and Speaking Task 1 1-5: ABCCD Task 2 1-5: TFFTF News Report (S
  1) passengers (S
  2) height (S
  3) released (S
  4) dive (S
  5) 360 (S
  6) independently (S
  7) back and forth (S
  8) facing (S
  9) surprise (S
  10) adds (S
  11) length (S
  12) measure (S
  13) capacity (S
  14) thrilling UNIT 2 Ⅱ .Basic Listening Practice 1-5: BACDB Ⅲ. Listening In Task 1 1-5: CADBA Task 2 (S
  1) nose (S
  2) voice (S
  3) math (S
  4) sound (S
  5) inserted (S
  6) neck (S
  7) fat (S
  8) The voice lift is becoming more widely known among an aging population, who try to make themselves sound younger (S
  9) a retired construction engineer who underwent the voice lift several years ago (S
  10) Voice lift can also benefit people like performers, lawyers, teachers, and telephone operators who need to have a strong voice. Task 3 1-5: CCBBD Ⅵ.Further Listening and Speaking Task 1 1-5: ACDBA Task 2 1-5: FTFTF
News Report (S
  1) finals (S
  2) billion (S
  3) hosted (S
  4) one-time (S
  5) winners (S
  6) white (S
  7) dominated (S
  8) charm (S
  9) personality (S
  10) figure (S
  11) title (S
  12) represented (S
  13) went (S
  14) fierce (S
  15) turn (S
  16) waved (S
  17) celebrations UNIT 3 Ⅱ. Basic Listening Practice 1-5: DACBC ⅢListening In Task 1 1-5: BCADC Task 2 (S
  1) climb (S
  2) reports (S
  3) missing (S
  4) assistance (S
  5) factor (S
  6) presence (S
  7) originating (S
  8) Rainfall exceeded 500 mm(or 19,7 inches )along the border areas of Haiti and the Dominican Republic during that period (S
  9) This made it difficult for humanitarian relief workers to rescues stranded people and deliver badly?needed food ,medicine and supplies to residents (S
  10)Analysis of the past data shows that major floods in the Dominican Republic and Haiti are now a near-annual event Task 3 1-5: ABCDC Ⅵ Task 1 1-5: ACBDA Task 2 1-5: FFTFT News Report (S
  1) knocking (S
  2) coast (S
  3) tearing (S
  4) described (S
  5) managed (S
  6) following (S
  7) drop (S
  8) battled (S
  9) making up ground (S
  10) leader (S
  11) struggled (S
  12) teamwork (S
  13) recovery (S
  14) setting (S
  15) winds (S
  16) legs (S
  17) chance (S
  18) despite UNIT 4 Ⅱ. Basic Listening Practice 1-5: CBABD Ⅲ. Listening In Task 1 1-5: CBDAA Task 2 (S
  1) shortened (S
  2) known (S
  3) independent (S
  4) enterprises (S
  5) spread (S
  6) nearly (S
  7) so (S
  8) the acronym SOHO have been used to a great extend by companies that sell products to large numbers of small business with a small-sized office (S
  9) Many books are written and sold specifically for this type of office to tell people how to equip a small office
  10) In the field of software development, engineers often have to work 20 hours or more at a stretch, so they can hardly adapt to normal office hours. Task 3 1-5: BDDAC Ⅵ Task 1 1-5: DBCAC Task 2 1-5: FTFTF News Report (S
  1) travelers (S
  2) past (S
  3) behind (S
  4) translation (S
  5) portable packing (S
  6) general idea (S
  7) assist (S
  8) available (S
  9) communicate UNIT 5 Ⅱ. 1-5: BDACD Ⅲ. Task 1 1-5: BDACC Task 2 (S
  1)watched (S
  2) when (S
  3)pile (S
  4) around (S
  5) leaned (S
  6) hiding (S
  7) indifferently (S
  8) Stone rushed into the cashier’s office , took $250 from the cash box ,and returned. “Take it,” he said, and get out! Don’t let me see you around here again (S
  9) seeing the young man showed no sign of embarrassment, Stone got furious. (S
  10)He was waiting for the 20 dollars we owe him for lunch .He works for the coffee shop around the corner. Task 3 1-5: DCBCA Ⅵ Task 1 1-5:ABCDA Task 2 TTFFF Newes Rreport (S1) announced (S2) massive (S3)surprise (S4)rescue (S5)22, 000(S6)discontinued (S7) salary (S8) turnaround (S9) profit (S10) hit hard (S11)closings (S12) emotion (S13) quality and productivity UNIT 6 Ⅱ 1-5:CCADB Ⅲ。 Task 1
1-5: CBADC Task 2 (S
  4) damaged (S
  5) heaven (S
  6) pick (S
  7)washed (S
  8) Some people claim that numbers is bad luck because thirteen people sat down for the Last Supper before Jesus was crucified (S
  9) Friday the thirteenth of any month is considerer specially bad or unlucky ,and Friday the thirteenth of March is the worst of them all (S
  10)when people talk about the “seven-year itch” they mean that every seven years a person undergoes a complete change in personality Task 3 1-5: ABDDB Ⅵ. Task 1 1-5: ACDCB Task 2 1-5: TTFFT News Report (S
  1) date back (S
  2) ancient (S
  3)modern (S
  4)inspection (S
  5) covers(S
  6)rights (S
  7) opened (S
  8) downtown (S
  10) account (S
  11) damaged (S
  12)uncovered (S
  13)questions (S
  14)significance (S
  15) worthwhile UNIT 9 Ⅱ.Basic Listening Practice 1-5: ACDBA Ⅲ.Listening In Task 1 1-5: CDCAB Task 2 (S
  1) downtown (S
  2) loan (S
  3) security (S
  4) agreed (S
  5) against (S
  6) proceeded (S
  7)That will be $5,000 in principal ,and $
  20.30 in interest, the loan officer said, The woman wrote out a check and started to walk away. (S
  9)We are very happy to have had your business and this transition has worked out very nicely, but we are a little puzzled. (S
  10)Where else in Manhattan can I park my car for two weeks for only $
  20.30 and expect it to be there when I return?” Task 3 1-5: DBCAD Ⅴ.Let’s Talk
  1. the cost of natural resources and the environment
  2. high energy consumption and uncontrolled discharge of wastes
  3. both the economy and environmental costs.
  4. traditional GDP minus the costs of resources and environmental damage.
  5. effectively restrict an enterprise’s impulse to expand

  6. the benefit green GDP brings will outweigh the demands imposed on enterprises.
  7. introduce the “green GDP” index system
  8. the prosperity of future generations Ⅵ. Further Listening and Speaking Task 1 1-5: CDDAB Task 2 1-5: FTFTT News Report (S
  1)on display (S
  2)90 percent (S
  3)largest (S
  4)city and country (S
  5)folded (S
  6)side doors (S
  7)outdoors (S
  9)top (S
  10)ride (S
  11)cells (S



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