薪水方面的英语词汇 Pay check An official form issued by a company which can be cashed at designated financial institutions.Pay stubBasically a receipt for
record-keeping. Identifies all of the items and amounts used in calculating the final amount of the pay check. Pay period The time covered between pay checks. Can be daily (rare), weekly,monthly, bi-weekly (every 2 weeks), or bi-monthly (twice a
month, usually in the middle and end of the month). Pay rate An agreed amount that the company pays per unit of time worked or unit of work done.GrossThe base employee income for a
specified period, based on pay rate. Can be:Salary (a fixed amount, daily/weekly/monthly, which is adjustedbased on number of days worked/not worked)Wage (an hourly rate adjusted for the number of hours worked)Piece (a certain amount for each unit of work done)The gross income can also be adjusted for items such as commissions and bonuses.Commissions Money earned on a regular basis based on previous sales made. BonusesMoney paid by the company for various reasons, such as meeting objectives, productivity incentives, special events (e.g. Xmas), etc. Deductions Deductions are amounts retained by the company from your gross amount.They are also commonly referred to as deductions
at source. Some of the more common deductions are:Income tax (federal, state(U.S.) or provincial(Canada), municipal in some locations)Pension (employee contributions for retirement. A common plan in the United States is the 401K plan). Medical (to pay for medical insurance. This is more common in America. In Canada, every citizen is already covered by a global plan called Medicare, so the company plan most commonly found there is for dental care, which isn't covered by Medicare)Charity (donations made to a charity of the employee's choice) Net The amount left after all deductions have been made from the gross income.This is what you finally get to put in your
pocket!RaiseAdjustment of pay rate, usually based on performance, cost of living, or promotion.Direct depositElectronic transfer of your net amount to a bank. 工资支票 工资存根 工资周期 工资标准 总额 公司签发的,能够在指定金融机构兑现的支票 存档的收据.用来核算签发的支票金额和应付的相关项目金额. 两次发工资间隔的时间.可以是每天(极少) ,每周,每月,双周,半月(每月两次,通常在月中和月末,bi-monthly 本 公司按双方商定的支付标准,以计时或计件的方式支付员工工资. 薪水(每日/每周/每月固定的数额,根据工作日数作调整)
意是双月的意思,而实际上是指一月两次,人们将错就错) . 根据一定的工资标准,员工在一定时期内的基本收入可以是: 时薪(根据工作时数作调整的每小时工资标准) 计件工资(对每件完成的工作支付的金额) 佣金 奖金 扣除 根据以往的销售业绩,定期发的钱. 公司根据不同原因支付的钱,如完成任务,激励员工提高生产力,特殊节日(如圣诞节) ,等等. 扣除费用是公司从你的工资总额中保留的部分.通常也被称为从源头上扣除(直接从工资中扣除) .一些常见的扣除费用有: 养老金(为退休后做的准备金.在美国常见的是 401K 计 工资总额还可以根据佣金和奖金作调整.
个人所得税(联邦,州(美国)或省(加拿大) ,一些自治市或自治区) 医疗计划通常只是为医疗保健不覆盖的牙科. ) 净工资 加薪
划. 医疗保险(为医疗保险所付的钱.这在美国更普通.在加拿大每一个公民都参加一个被称为医疗保健的全球计划,所以公司的 ) 慈善资金(根据员工自愿捐助的慈善基金. ) 从总工资中扣除所有项目后剩余的数额.这是你最终能放入钱包中的钱. 工资标准的调整,通常是根据工作表现,生活费用,和升职 将你的净工资直接转入银行. 中国人最易犯错的 16 句英语
  1. I very like it I like it very much. The price is right. suitable(合适的,相配的)最常见的用法是以否定的形式
  2. 这个价格对我挺合适的.The price is very suitable for me. . 你是做什么工作的呢?What's your job? 3 Are you working at the moment? Note:what's your job 这种说法难道也有毛病吗?是的.因为如果您的谈话对象刚刚失业,如此 直接的问法会让对方有失面子, 所以您要问: 目前您是在上班吗?Are you working at the moment?接下来您才问: 目前您在哪儿工作呢? Where are you working these days?或者您从事哪个行业呢?What line of work are you in?顺带说一下,回答这类问题时不妨说得具体一 点,不要只是说经理或者秘书
  4. 用英语怎么说?How to say? How do you say this in English? Note:How to say 是在中国最为泛滥成灾的中国式英语之一,这决 不是地道的英语说法.同样的句子有:请问这个词如何拼写?How do you spell that please?请问这个单词怎么读?How do you pronounce this word?
  5. 明天我有事情要做.I have something to do tomorrow? Sorry but I am tied up all day tomorrow. 用 I have something to do 来表示
出现在告示或通知上,如:下列节目儿童不宜.The following programme is not suitable for children 在这组句子中用后面的说法会更合适
您很忙,这也完全是中国式的说法.因为每时每刻我们都有事情要做,躺在那里睡大觉也是事情.所以您可以说我很忙,脱不开身:I'm tied up.还有其他的说法:I'm I can't make it at that time. I'd love to, but I can't, I have to stay at home.
  6. 我没有英文名.I haven't English name. I don't have an English name. Note:许多人讲英语犯这样的错误,从语法角度来分析,可 能是语法功底欠缺,因为 have 在这里是实义动词,而并不是在现在完成时里面那个没有意义的助动词.所以,这句话由肯定句变成否 定句要加助动词.明白道理是一回事,习惯是另一回事,请您再说几话:我没有钱;I don't have any money.我没有兄弟姐妹;I don't have any brothers or sisters.我没有车.I don't have a car.
  7. 我想我不行.I think I can't. I don't think I can. Note:这一组然是个习惯问题,在语法上称为否定前置,这就是汉语里面说
  8. 我的舞也跳得不好.I don't dance well too. I am not a very good dancer either. Note:当我们说不擅长做什么事情的时候,英 语里面通常用 not good at something,英语的思维甚至直接踊跃到:我不是一个好的舞者
  9. 现在几点钟了?What time is it now? What time is it, please? Note:What time is it now 这是一个直接从汉语翻译过的句子,讲英语的时候没有必要说 now,因为您不可 能问 what time was it yesterday, 或者 what time is it tommorow?所以符合英语习惯的说法是: 请问现在几点了?还有一种说法是: How are we doing for time?这句话在有时间限制的时候特别合适
  10. 我的英语很糟糕.My English is poor. I am not 100% fluent, but at least I am improving. Note:有人开玩笑说,全中国人最擅 长的一句英文是:My English is poor.实话说,我从来没有遇到一个美国人对我说:My Chinese is poor. 无论他们的汉语是好是坏,他们 会说: I am still having a few problem, but I getting better. 当您告诉外国人,您的英语很 poor,so what(那又怎么样呢),是要让别人当场施 舍给我们一些英语呢,还是说我的英语不好,咱们不谈了吧.另外一个更大的弊端是,一边不停的学英语,一边不停地说自己的英语 很 poor,这正像有个人一边给车胎充气,又一边在车胎上扎孔放气.我坚信,先不谈别的,如果您现在就苦下功夫,把这本薄薄的《英 语 543
  21》吃通吃透,您的英语水平立即就会迅速的提高.所以您再也不用说:我的英语很 poor. 您可以实事求事地说,我的英语还不 算十分流利,但至少我在进步.
  11. 你愿意参加我们的晚会吗?Would you like to join our party on Friday? 者 go.如 go a wild party,或者 come to a Christmas Party.
  12. 我没有经验.I have no experience. I am I don't know much about that.
  13. 我没有男朋友.I have no boyfriend.
  14. 他的身体很健康.His body is healthy.
  16. 我们下了车.We got off the car. Note:I have no experience 这句话听起来古里古怪,因为您 只需要说:那方面我懂得不多,或者这方面我不在行,就行了.I am not really an expert in this area. I don't have a boyfriend. He is in good health. You can also say: He's healthy. The price is too high/ rather low. . 三十六计英文表达
  1.瞒天过海 crossing the sea under camouflage
  2.围魏救赵 relieving the state of Zhao by besieging the state of Wei
  3.借刀杀人 killing someone with a borrowed knife
  4.以逸待劳 waiting at one's ease for the exhausted enemy
  5.趁火打劫 plundering a burning house
  6.声东击西 making a feint to the east and attacking in the west
  7.无中生有 creating something out of nothing
  8.暗渡陈仓 advancing secretly by an unknown path
  9.隔岸观火 watching a fire from the other side of the river
  10.笑里藏刀 covering the dagger with a smile
  11.李代桃僵 palming off substitute for the real thing
  12.顺手牵羊 picking up something in passing
  13.打草惊蛇 beating the grass to frighten the snake
  14.借尸还魂 resurrecting a dead soul by borrowing a corpse
  15.调虎离山 luring the tiger out of his den
  16.欲擒故纵 letting the enemy off in order to catch him
  17.抛砖引玉 giving the enemy something to induce him to lose more valuable things
  18.擒贼擒王 capturing the ringleader first in order to capture all the followers
  19.釜底抽薪 extracting the firewood from under the cauldron
  20.混水摸鱼 muddling the water to catch the fish; fishing in troubled waters
  21.金蝉脱壳 slipping away by casting off a cloak; getting away like the cicada sloughing its skin
  22.关门捉贼 catching the thief by closing / blocking his escape route
  23.远交近攻 befriending the distant enemy while attacking a nearby enemy
  24.假途伐虢 attacking the enemy by passing through a common neighbor
  25.偷梁换柱 stealing the beams and pillars and replacing them with rotten timbers
  26.指桑骂槐 reviling/ abusing the locust tree while pointing to the mulberry
  27.假痴不癫 feigning madness without becoming insane
  28.上屋抽梯 removing the ladder after the enemy has climbed up the roof
  29.树上开花 putting artificial flowers on trees Would you like to come to our party on Friday night? Note: 往往是指参加俱乐部或者协会, join a health club; join the Communist Party.事实上, join 如: 常常与 party 搭配的动词的 come 或

  15. 价钱很昂贵/便宜.The price is too expensive/cheap.
We got out of the car.

  30.反客为主 turning from the guest into the host
  31.美人计 using seductive women to corrupt the enemy
  32.空城计 presenting a bold front to conceal unpreparedness
  33.反间计 sowing discord among the enemy

  34.苦肉计 deceiving the enemy by torturing one's own man
  35.连环计 coordinating one stratagem with another
  36.走为上 decamping being the best; running away as the best choice 英语人生谚语精华版
A friend in need is a friend indeed.患难朋友才是真正的朋友. Actions speak louder than words.事实胜于雄辩 All is not gold that glitters.闪光的不一定都是金子 An idle youth,a needy age.少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲 Bitter pills may have wholesome effects.良药苦口 Do wrong once and you"ll never hear the end of it.一失足成千古恨 Every cloud has a silver lining.守得云开见月明 Every man has his fault.人孰无过 First come,first served.捷足先登 Haste makes waste.欲速则不达 Honesty is the best policy.诚实至上 In fair weather prepare for foul.未雨绸缪 Knowledge is power.知识就是力量 Let bygones be bygone.既往不究 Look before you leap.三思而后行 Man proposes,God disposes.谋事在人,成事在天
Money talks.金钱万能 No gains without pains.吃得苦中苦方为人上人 Practice makes perfect.熟能生巧 Silence is golden.献丑不如藏拙 Speak well of your friend,of your enemy say nothing.隐恶扬善 Take things as they come.逆来顺受 The ear1y bird catches the worm.先到先得 Time and tide wait for no man.岁月不饶人 To burn the cand1e at both ends.自暴自弃 To count one"s chickens before they are hatched. To make a mountain out of a molehill.小题大做 Too many cooks spoil tbe broth.人多手脚乱 Well begun is half done.事半功倍 When you are in Rome,do as the Romans do.入乡随俗 Where there is life, there is hope.留得青山在,不怕没材烧 口译分类英语
AA 制 Dutch treatment; go Dutch B to B (B2B) business to business B to C (B2C) business to consumer NASDAQ National Association of Securities Deal Automated Quotations 艾 滋 病 ( 获 得 性 免 疫 缺 陷 综 合 征 ) AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) 安居工程 housing project for low-income urban residents 按成本要素计算的国民经济总值 GNP at factor cost 按揭贷款 mortgage loan
按揭购房 take out a mortgage to buy a house; buy a house on time 按劳分配 distribution according to one's performance 暗亏 hidden loss 暗恋 unrequited love; fall in love with someo



   小议初中英语词汇教学 夹河中学 曾晓兰 词汇是构成语言的要素,是语言的建筑材料。没有词汇,人们 无法正确表达思想、描绘事物。目前,大多数中学生词汇学习费时较 多,收获甚微。因此,初中英语词汇教学值得我们英语教师关注。 我们先来分析一下初中学生词汇学习效果不好的原因。 原因一:很多学生不掌握读音规则,对英语单词读不出来、拼不 出来。 对他们而言, 英语单词就是一连串毫无联系的符号, 背了就忘, 每天疲于应付,效率很低。久而久之,对单词渐渐失去了兴趣,对英 语学习也产生了厌烦的心理。 原因二:许 ...


   library 库,程序库   linkage 连接   to load 装入,寄存,写入,加载   location 存储单元   logger 登记器,记录器   loop 循环   machine language 机器语言   magnetic storage 磁存储器   magnetic tape 磁带   matrix 矩阵   memory 存储器   message 信息,报文   microcomputer 微型计算机   module 组件,模块   monitor ...


   常见计算机专业英语词汇 计算机知识 2007-08-26 08:39 阅读 160 评论 1 字号: 大 中 小 常见计算机专业英语词汇 access arm 磁头臂,存取臂 access time 存取时间 adder 加法器 address 地址 alphanumeric 字母数字的 analog computer 模拟计算机 analyst 分析员 area 区域 array 数组,阵列 assembler 汇编程序 automation 自动化 band 区 batch proces ...


   常见计算机英语词汇解释 ====常见计算机英语词汇解释(1)==== access arm 磁头臂,存取臂 access time 存取时间 adder 加法器 address 地址 alphanumeric 字母数字的 analog computer 模拟计算机 analyst 分析员 area 区域 array 数组,阵列 assembler 汇编程序 automation 自动化 band 区 batch processing 成批处理 binary code 二进制码 binary ...


   第一卷 第一章 字数:3631 ?accesstime存取时间 adder加法器 address地址 alphanumeric字母数字的 analogcomputer模拟计算机 analyst分析员 area区域 array数组 阵列 assembler汇编程序 automation自动化 band区 batchprocessing成批处理 binarycode二进制码 binarydigit二进制位 二进制数字 bit比特 二进制的一位 branch分支 ...


   No matter whether he had been invited or not, he was there to celebrate Wu You's birthday. 无论 他是否被邀请参加,他去了就是为了庆贺吴莜的生日。 对于 whether... or not 前是否能用 no matter, 部分学生感到疑惑。 他们说, 见过 no matter who, no matter what, no matter how, no matter where, no matter ...


   BATHROOM towel toilet bathtub shower sink 浴室毛巾 抽水马桶 浴缸 淋浴 水池 您的位置:中国英语门户网 >> 文章 >> 少儿 >> 对话 >> 正文 [Flash] Clothing Store [00:02.80]passport [00:04.11] 护照 [00:05.43]exit [00:06.73] 出去,离去 [00:08.02]visa [00:09.30] 签证 [00:10.58 ...


   更多资料请访问 1-1 学习词汇注意的问题 http://www.kekenet.com 可可听力口语网 一、形象化记忆词汇的方法 人们对于图像的存储速度要远远高于对于语言符号的存储速度。 1、单词的英文解释和例句 检验一下我们的“智商”!开始记忆: ! 例:The oppressed freedom. A. demand B. require C. request [A] 一把大汤勺,四个高脚杯,湖水,肥皂,鸡蛋,面包,玫瑰花, 云雾,江河湖海 这是很难记忆下来的,如果我们给一些简单的图片 ...

英语词典 A

   a abdomen ability aboard abound about abroad abrupt absolute absorb abstract absurd abuse academic academy accelerate accent acceptance access accessory accident accidental acclaim accommodate accommodation accompany accomplish accord according to ...


   电器电子英语词汇(D) 育龙网 WWW.CHINA-B.C0M 2009 年 06 月 03 日 来源:互联网 育龙网核心提示: 育龙网核心提示: d/a converter 数字模拟转换器 da 设计自动化 dac 数字 核心提示 模拟转换器 dacq 数据采集 damage 损伤 damage area 损伤区 damage probability d/a converter 数字模拟转换器 da 设计自动化 dac 数字模拟转换器 dacq 数据采集 damage 损伤 damage ...



   《英语写作基础形成性考核册》 英语写作基础形成性考核册》 形成性考核册 Part II Learning Activity 1 Key to Task 1(p 7) Choose the best connecting word or phrase from the box below to complete the following sentences. as though no sooner despite the fact that provided the moment hardl ...


   阅读理解 第一步:读结构和思路 一般一个文章都是只讲一个问题 第二步:第一段的读法 第一句和最后一句都很重要,然后抓住主题和中心思想 第三步:分析问题的类型 找含义 分析重要词汇 总结中心思想 细节题 考结构题 第四步:把文章扫读一次。 做记号,特别是关键词,however,infect,because 主谓题,一般是第一段第一句话,如有however则是他后面的。 错误原因,以偏概全,过于宽泛。 照抄原文的一般都不是答案。 1、快速浏览题干, ...


   (2009-2010 学年度第一学期 学年度第一学期) 道n卣蛐⊙?哪昙队⒂锲谥凶圆榫 n卣蛐⊙?哪昙队⒂锲谥凶圆榫 (答题时间:40 分钟) 答题时间: 分钟) Class(班级) (班级) Name(姓名) Mark(分数) (姓名) (分数) 听力部分( 听力部分(60 分) 根据你所听到的录音内容, 一、 Listen and circle.根据你所听到的录音内容,将下列每组中符 根据你所听到的录音内容 合录音内容的图片下面的字母画一圆圈圈住。 合录音内容的图片下面的字母画一圆圈圈住 ...


   专业英语 Chapter 1 Introduction to Railway Locomotive 机车 freight wagon 货车 passenger coach 客车 multiple units 动车组 metro car 地铁车辆 light rail 轻轨 railway service cars 铁路服务车 Rail 铁轨 standard gauge 标准轨距 narrow gauge, broad gauge 窄轨,宽轨 Trackbed 道床 Sleeper,枕木 C ...


   www.TopSage.com 大家网 1 / 12 PETS5 考试:英语口语 8000 句 英语口语 8000 句(1) 谚语,惯用语 不管张三李四. Every Tom, Dick and Harry. *举出常用的男孩名,表示"不论谁都……","不管张三还是李四".虽然 没有女孩名,但男女都可用. My daughter had a homestay in America. (我女儿为体验当地生活,去美国了.) So did every Tom ...