新英语六级翻译题常用搭配 116 条
  1. Keep up with
  2. Catch up with
  3. Come up with 提出
  4. End up with 以…告终
  5. Put up with 忍受
  6. Make up for 补偿/填补 补偿 填补
  7. Live up to 不辜负
  8. Turn up 出现
  9. Turn down 减少、拒绝
  10. Turn over 翻转
  11. Turn in 上缴
  12. Have access to sth
  13. Be used to doing sth
  14. Look forward to doing sth/sth
  15. Get down to sth. 16 . ead to/contribute to…/attribute to…
  17. Be superior to
  18. Be inferior to
  19. Be senior to
  20. Be junior to
  21. Prior to sth.
  22. Range from… to…
  23. Be busy in
  24. Be busy doing sth
  66. respo
  25. Can’t help doing
  26. Feel like doing
  27. Have a good time (in )
  28. Have difficulty( trouble) (in)
  29. Spend /waste time(in)
  30. It’s no use doing sth
  31. There’s no point in
  32. In the way/by the way/ in no way
  33. It’s the first/second time that
  34. Catch sb doing sth
  35. Call off=cancel
  36. Have an influence on sth/sb
  37. Impose sth on sb.
  38. But for sth.
  39. Risk doing sth.
  40. Escape doing sth.
  41. Accuse sb of sth.
  42. Charge sb with sth.
  43. Be innocent of sth.
  44. Be alert to sth
  45. play a role/part in sth./doing sth
  46. be worth doing sth

  47. be worthy of doing sth
  48. keep/lose contact with sb.
  49. be second to none(首) (
  50. not to speak of/not to mention/let alone+名词/代词/动名词
  51. delay/ mind/ admit/ avoid/ anticipate/ consider/ contemplate/ deny/ dislike/ fancy/ finish/ involve/ permit/ practice/ quit/ risk +doing
  52. adapt oneself to…
  53. have no objection to doing sth.
  54. be/get used to doing
  55. confess to
  56. contribute to
  57. devote to
  58. object to
  59. be opposed to
  60. resort to
  61. stick to
  62. take to
  63. turn out 生产 证明是 生产/证明是
  64. a sheet of paper
  65. throw/cast light on 使明白 阐明 使明白/阐明
  67. interfere in 干涉
  68. interfere with 妨碍
  69. What if…? 陈述语序
  70. be accustomed to/
  71. adhere to
  72. abide by
  73. cooperate with
  74. conform to
  75. dispose of
  76. apology to sb for sth.
  77. be thankful to/be grateful to sb
  78. restrain/ keep/ prevent /restrict /stop /protect /prohibit sb from sth/doing sth
  79. specialize in sth/doing sth.
  80. queue up
  81. acquaint sb with sth.
  82. familiarize sb with sth.
  83. correspond to sth
  84. correspond with sb.
  85. congratulate sb on sth
  86. dependence/dependant on sth
  87. be independent of sth.独立于 独立于

  88. participate in sth
  89. be bound to 必然
  90. cure sb of sth
  91. be of importance /significance/ value/
  92. beyond reach/power
  93. be lacking in
  94. be beneficial/ advantageous to sb.
  95. be attached to sth
  96. be assigned to
  97. find fault with sb
  98. in memory of sb.
  99. be absorbed in sth/doing sth 1
  00. be abundant in sth 1
  01. take sth into account /consideration 1
  02. relate sth to sb. 1
  03. remark on sth 1
  04. none other than 不是别人,正 不是别人, 是 1
  05. so much as that 1
  06. Could have done 1
  07. Must have done 1
  08. Should have done 1
  09. Never/ seldom/ rarely/ hardly/ barely/ scarcely/ little/ few 位于句首引起主谓部分倒装。 位于句首引起主谓部分倒装。 1
  10. Lest/ in case/unless /suppose /as if/for fear that/on condition 等词引导的目的状语从句 中,谓语动词多用虚拟语气,(should)+动词原形 1
  11. Not so much…as 与其说…不如 说 1
  12. It’s time that (过去式?) 1
  13. May just as well 1
  14. see to it that 1
  15. see to doing sth 务必使 1
  16. order/ ask/ demand/ command/ request/ require that+虚拟语气
at present, first of all, in the first place, in recent years, It goes without saying that, initially, to begin with, to start with, up to the present,
  2.“承”的过渡词 “ second, secondly, then, besides, third, thirdly, for example, for instance, as a case in point that, as an illustration, indeed, still, moreover, furthermore, certainly, obviously, truly, especially, particularly, in addition, what is more, what is worse, in other words, at the same time, as a matter of fact, similarly, the same as, that is, needless to say, rather than, as long as, as opposed to,
  3.“转”的过渡词 “ however, nevertheless, otherwise, yet, whereas, in spite of, instead, on the other hand, in contrast, on the contrary, by contrast, conversely, while,
  4.“合”的过渡词 “ therefore, thus, hence, in short, in brief, in a word, in conclusion, in summary as a result, as a consequence, consequently, above all, at last, finally, eventually, after all, to sum up, in general, generally speaking, on the whole, as has been noted(如前所 述)as I have said 让你的文章高分) (二)难词 (让你的文章高分) 真正的好文章是会有你这种感觉:这个单词明 明我也会(看过)的,为什么别人就写得出来我 就不能呢?关键就在于用词老辣。同样是“买” 这个意思,你用老土的 buy,而人家用 purchase, 分水岭就是这样产生的了。所以,背单词要求异, 当你能运用别人不会用的同义词时,你就胜利了。 eat:consume, dine, devour stop:cease, halt, pause, big, large, huge:tremendous, considerable, giant, titanic, gigantic, metropolitan, immense, enormous, colossal, vast good, well, great, excellent:fantastic, wonderful, magnificent, outstanding, superb, extraordinary, splendid, satisfying, desirable, decent suggestion:recommendation, counseling, advice, but: on the contrary, by contrast, in contrast,
确保你的文章及格) (一)过渡性词语 (确保你的文章及格) 过渡性词语让你的文章看起来像英语作文,众 多的单词中,你可以发现它们之间还是有高低级 差异的。所以,尽量选择那些好的单词。
  1.“起”的过渡词 “ now, nowadays, first, firstly, recently,
103f fortunately, regrettably, while, yet protect: shield, shelter implication: hint, overtone, undertone, suggestion, significance show: illustrate, demonstrate, reveal, convey, reflect, confirm, indicate be naturally associated with: epitomize, stand for, mirror, be the best metaphor for damage: destroy, destruct, spoil difficulty: trouble, hardship, headache harsh reality: ruthless and relentless competition, in the face of:be confronted with undoubtedly,:unquestionably, in these cases, under such circumstances want to: intend/propose/plan/expect/wish/manage/dream to, have a burning desire to try to: attempt to, endeavor to, strive to decide to: resolve to, determine to begin to: embark to, set out to due to: owing to, as a consequence of , thanks to important: vital, essential, crucial, indispensable, significant, very: extremely, extraordinarily, exceptionally, most, highly, absolutely think: argue, insist, guess, assume, believe, consider, maintain, announce, declaim, declare, hold, not willing to: be reluctant to, be obliged to; fail to make sb. do sth.: enable/encourage/urges to I do not know: sth. is beyond me=sth. Remains a mystery to me. Some people hold a mistaken idea that: Some people live under the illusion that…… It is possible for sb. To do sth. : The chances of doing sth. Are good/remote sometimes: There are times when many/much : A great many=a large number of=numerous=enumerable 可数 A large amount of=a great deal of 不 可数 Plenty of=a great mass of 可数+不 可数 often: more often that not 用在句首 quickly: at a high/fantastic/tremendous speed get: obtain, gain, acquire, get the possession of surprise: astound, astonish be familiar with: be well acquainted with
lead to:give rise to , set up, bring about, make contribution to provide: supply, equip, furnish, offer (三)话题词汇与短语总结
  1.校园生活类 校园生活类
  1)大学学习类: 大学学习类: 大学学习类 application form 申 请 表 assignment 作 业 instructor 辅导老师 assessment (对学生的学习情 况)评估 course arrangement 课程安排 credit 学 分 dean 导师 enrolment\register for 注册 oral examination 口试 graduate school 研究生院 letter of recommendation 推荐信 participation 出勤 postgraduate 研 究 生 president 校 长 required course\compulsory course 必修课 optional course 选 修 课 score\mark 分 数 school of Arts and Sciences 文理学院 take an examination\sit an examination 参加考试 undergraduate 本科生 ivory tower 象牙塔
  2)大学生活类: 大学生活类: 大学生活类 cafeteria 自助小餐厅 call slip 索书单 campus 校园 infirmary 校 医 室 club 学 生 俱 乐 部 current account 现金帐户 current issues 本期刊 物 back issues 过 期 刊 物 catalogue 目 录 deposit money in a bank 存钱 dining hall 食堂 dormitory 宿 舍 lecture hall 阶梯 教室 library card 借书卡 overdue and pay a fine 过期罚款 renew (借书)续借 shopping mall\centre 购物中心 department stores 百 货 商 店 super market 超 市 society 学 生 社 团 student union 学 生 会 withdraw\draw cash 取钱
  2.交通旅游类 交通旅游类
  1)交通规则类 交通规则类 crash 撞车 amber light 黄灯 cross road 十字路 drive without license 无证驾驶 excessive speed 超 速 green light 绿 灯 traffic jam 交 通 拥 挤 narrow road 窄路 red light 红灯 parking place 停 车场 speed limit 速度限制 traffic light 红绿灯 traffic police 交通警察 traffic regulation 交通规则 zebra stripes 斑马线
  2)旅游类词汇 旅游类词汇 旅游类 check-in 登 记 入住 check-out 结 帐 离开 (退 房) holiday resort 度假区 one-way ticket 单程机票 place of sightseeing 游览胜地 room service 客房 服务 round-trip ticket 来回机票 sightseeing tour 观光旅游 star-rated hotel 星级饭店 tour group
旅游团队 tour guide 导游 travel service 旅行社 vacation tour 度假旅游 (tourist) attraction 旅游 胜 地 special product 特 产 souvenir 纪 念 品 admission fee 门票
  3.社会热点类 社会热点类 bid for the Olympic Games 申 办 奥 运 会 birth control 计划生育 brain drain 人才外流 bubble economy 泡沫经济 care for senior citizens 关心 老年人 comprehensive national power 综合国力 compulsory education 义务教育 computer crime 电脑犯罪 divorce 离婚 dropout student 失学儿 童 economic globalization\economic integration 经 济全球化 education for all-round development 素质 教 育 exam-oriented education 应 试 教 育 intellectual property rights 知 识 产 权 juvenile delinquency 青 少 年 犯 罪 knowledge-based economy 知 识 经 济 laid-off worker 下 岗 职 工 migrant worker 民工 net friend 网友 net citizen 网 民 off line 下 线 online love affair 网 恋 people oriented\people foremost 以 人 为 本 pioneering spirit 首创精神 preserve the ecological environment 保护生态环境 prime time 黄金时段 puppy love 早恋 rate of unemployment 失业率 rural population 乡 村 人 口 self-protection awareness 自我保护意识 self-service ticketing 无 人售票 shopping online 网上购物 single parent family 单 亲 家 庭 surf the Internet 网 上 冲 浪 sustainable development 可持续发展 team spirit 团队精神 reduce study load 学生减负 university students ’ innovative undertaking 大 学 生 创 业 virtual net 虚拟网络 win-win situation 双赢局面 chain debts 三角债 assistant president 总裁助理 eliminate illiteracy 扫盲 excusive agency 专卖店 New Human Being 新 新 人 类 online trading platform 网 上 交 易 平 台 cost of living\income maintenance 生活费用 advance with times 与时 俱进 a well-paid job 待遇丰厚的工作 crime rate 犯 罪率 social stability 社会稳定 ghost writers 抢手 (四)四级词语 a series of 一系列,一连串 above all 首先,尤其是 after all 毕竟,究竟 ahead of 在...之前 ahead of time 提前 all at once 突然,同时 all but 几乎;除了...都
all of a sudden 突然 all over 遍及 all over again 再一次,重新 all the time 一直,始终 all the same 仍然,照样的 as regards 关于,至于 anything but 根本不 as a matter of fact 实际上 apart from 除...外(有/无) as a rule 通常,照例 at present 目前,现在 at sb's disposal 任...处理 at times 有时,间或 back and forth 来回地,反复地 back of 在...后面 before long 不久以后 beside point 离题的,不相干的 beyond question 毫无疑问 by air 通过航空途径 by all means 尽一切办法,务必 by and by 不久,迟早 by chance 偶然,碰巧 by far 最,...得多 by hand 用手,用体力 by itself 自动地,独自地 by means of 用,依靠 by mistake 错误地,无意地 by no means 决不,并没有 by oneself 单独地,独自地 by reason of 由于 by the way 顺便说说 by virtue of 借助,由于 by way of 经由,通过...方法 due to 由于,因为 each other 互相 even if/though 即使,虽然 ever so 非常,极其 every now and then 时而,偶尔 every other 每隔一个的 except for 除了...外 face to face 面对面地 far from 远非,远离 for ever 永远 for good 永久地 for the better 好转 for the moment 暂时,目前 for the present 暂时,目前
for the sake of 为了,为了...的利益 for the time being 暂时,眼下 from time to time 有时,不时 hand in hand 手拉手,密切关联 head on 迎面地,正面的 heart and soul 全心全意地 in a hurry 匆忙,急于 in case of 假如,防备 in a moment 立刻,一会儿 on purpose 故意地 on sale 出售,廉价出售 on schedule 按时间表,准时 on second thoughts 经重新考虑 on the contrary 正相反 o



   新英语六级翻译题常用搭配 116 条 新英语六级翻译题常用搭配 116 条 1. Keep up with 2. Catch up with 3. Come up with 提出 4. End up with 以…告终 5. Put up with 忍受 6. Make up for 补偿/填补 7. Live up to 不辜负 8. Turn up 出现 9. Turn down 减少,拒绝 10. Turn over 翻转 11. Turn in 上缴 12. Have access ...


   新英语六级翻译题常用搭配 116 条 新英语六级翻译题常用搭配 116 条 1. Keep up with 2. Catch up with 3. Come up with 提出 4. End up with 以…告终 5. Put up with 忍受 6. Make up for 补偿/填补 7. Live up to 不辜负 8. Turn up 出现 9. Turn down 减少、拒绝 10. Turn over 翻转 11. Turn in 上缴 12. Have access ...


   新 英 语 六 级 翻 译题 常 用 搭 配 116 条 1. Keep up with 2. Catch up with 3. Come up with 提出 4. End up with 以…告终 5. Put up with 忍受 6. Make up for 补偿/填补 7. Live up to 不辜负 8. Turn up 出现 9. Turn down 减少、拒绝 10. Turn over 翻转 11. Turn in 上缴 12. Have access to sth 13 ...


   本文由hansh0001贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 英语六级翻译句子的常用技巧 现代翻译理论认为,句子是最重要的翻译单位.大学 英语四级考试中的翻译题型也是以 句子翻译为主. 考生如果能够熟练掌握句子翻译的基本方法, 那么对于处理四级考试中的句 子翻译题必将是如虎添翼.本期着重介绍常用的句子翻译方法:正反,反正表达法,分句, 合句法. 正反,反正表达法 由于民族文化和思维方式不同, 英汉两种语言在表达同一概念时所采用的 ...


   1. (如果机器真的能像人一样会思考的话),there would be no more reason to fear them than to fear men. 2. When it is short of water,a plant (一般用蒸发作为降温的手 段). 3. He has never mixed with them or (同他们坦城交流),but has demanded and generally received a respect due to his posit ...


   英语六级翻译特训 1. This is yet (两国人民的又一个共同点). 2. His scientific works (在英语国家得到广泛阅读). 3. Revolution means the emancipation of the productive forces, (改革也是解放生 产力). 4.He is optimistic (对现时信息产业的发展状况). 5.Work in all fields should be subordinated to and (服务于经济发 ...


   英语六级翻译特训(6) 1. (为了维护健康),there are at least three things we can do every day. 2. (他大概知道他要做什么),but nothing specific. 3.We need to live a regular life. That is,(我们 要早睡早起,戒除烟酒). 4.Could you (给我介绍一本关于物理方面的好书)? 5.In addition, we should not (忽视每个人都想 要一个温馨 ...


   鲤鱼网(www.iliyu.com) 大学英语六级翻译题合集 During the meeting,hardly had he begun to speak when the audience interrupted him 他一 开始说话,就被听众打断了 surrounded by the police, the kidnappers had no choices but to surrender on the spot (没有 选择,只能投降) The concerned mother ...


   18 卷第 1 期 第 2004 年 2 月 河南财政税务高等专科学校学报 Journal of Henan Finance & Taxation College 谈谈英语六级翻译的技巧及长句的翻译方法 刘丽萍 ,马文超 ( 河南财政税务高等专科学校 基础部 ,河南 郑州 450002) [ 关键词 ] 语码转换 ; 语际差异 ; 句法结构 [ 摘 ] 分析学生在大学英语六级考试翻译中出现的问题可知 , 跨语言的翻译不应仅是单个句子的翻 要 译及英汉语之间词与词死板的一一对应 , ...


   年大学英语六级翻译冲刺(3) 09 年大学英语六级翻译冲刺(3) 正译法 就汉译英而言,就是把句子按照与汉语相同的表达方式译成英语。 例 1 我们强烈反对公司的新政策。 译文: We strongly object the company’s new policy. 例 2 人不可貌相。 译文: We cannot judge a person by his appearance. 反译法 就汉译英而言,就是把句子按照与汉语相反的表达方式译成英语。 例 3 酒吧间只有五个顾客还没有走。 译文 ...



   如何快速提高英语口语? 如何快速提高英语口语? 许多到英美国家留学的人都深有感触:“在国外呆上俩月,口语提 高速度比在 中国学一年还要快!”这就是语境的作用!语境这一概念最早是由英国人类学家 B.Malinowski 于 1923 年提出的。语境有狭义语境与广义 语境之分,狭义语境 是口语的前后语或书面语的上下文,广义语境是语言表达的具体环境,如具体的 场合、身份、社会环境等。 那么,怎样的环境条件和方式才能最佳练口语呢? 首先,要有地道口语练 习环境。经常将自己置身于一个地道的英语环境中, ...


   Unit1 Learning a foreign language was one of the most difficult yet most rewarding experiences of my life. 学习外语是我一生中最艰苦也是最有意义的经历之一。 Although at times learning a language was frustrating, it was well worth the effort. 虽然时常遭遇挫折,但却非常有价值。 My experience ...

九年级英语Unit1 Topic2 Section C仁爱版

   本资料来源于大家网中考英语论坛 http://club.topsage.com/forum-213-1.html Topic2 Unit1 Topic2 Section C The main activities are 1a, 2a and 3.本课重点活动是 1a, 2a 和 3。 Ⅰ.Teaching aims and demands 教学目标 1.Master some new words: difficulty, energy, human being, trouble, less ...


   英语口语 444 句 1. I see. 我明白了。 2. I quit! 我不干了! 3. Let go! 放手! 4. Me too. 我也是。 5. My god! 天哪! 6. No way! 不行! 7. Come on. 来吧(赶快) 8. Hold on. 等一等。 9. I agree。 我同意。 10. Not bad. 还不错。 11. Not yet. 还没。 12. See you. 再见。 13. Shut up! 闭嘴! 14. So long. 再见。 15. ...


   大学英语四六级作文辅导 议论文 观点对比类 题目是A 题目是A or B. 题目是一般疑问句? 第一段:1 第一段:1)引出话题 2)一种观点 3)原因 第二段:1 第二段:1)另一种观点 2)原因 第三段1 第三段1)我的观点 2)原因 3)决心 二,观点论证型 题目特征是格言或谚语 第一段 1)引出话题2)我的观点 )引出话题2 第二段 1)承上启下2)原因+举例,或举例 )承上启下2)原因+ +原因 第三段 1)总结 2)决心 三,问题解决型 题目是社会问题,指坏的方面 第一段 1)引 ...