No Sweet without Sweat
"No sweet without sweat" is an old saying which was coneluded by ancient people from their daily experiences.
In ancient times, some peasants transplanted rice seedlings,gathered in wheat and spread manure in the shining sun, in the pouring rain and in the fierce wind. Sweat wet through their clothes and dropped from their forehead. They stepped out of their home to the field carrying on a hoe on their shoulders with the moon overhead giving off dim light and went home with their exhausted bodies when the sun set day by day. When autumn,the harvest season came, smiles appeared on their black and wrinkly faces which were caused by the strong sunshine and hard work while gazing at the large fields of ripe crops swaying in the breeze. How fine! In contrast, other peasants who lay in their houses with comfort escaping the poor weather conditions outside only to find nothing in their storehouses while those hard working peasants' storehouses were filled with golden wheat and other grain. Then, they learned the meaning of the saying "No sweet without sweat". It may be the origin of the proverb.
But the proverb is also true in modern times. With the rolling wheel of the history it has been proved that the saying can also be applied to many aspects of social matters in any times of the history. Without constant practice, how can one become a planist and win the respect and praise from all over the world? Without hard training, how can an athlete win the gold medal in the international games where cruel competitions exit all the time?Without sweat paid off, how can you climb up the top of the mountain and look over the boundless beautiful scene?
Have you learned the saying by Edison that 1% genius plus 99% hard work make success? Maybe you are born with genius just like Mozart, but without sweat you also can not get sweet.It is undoubted that Mozart had the amazing genius of composing. As a matter of fact, what were really handed down were not what he wrote by means of his genius but by his huge amount of effort. When you listen to his great art works, you will be deeply moved. It's best to have genius at birth while it's worst to rely on it entirely and pay no effort.
Even if you are considered less intelligent than others, you can obtain sweet through sweat as well. Take Edison as an example. Once he was considered little mind and had little education but at last he became the inventor of the lamp which greatly improved civilization of human beings. He had to do several thousand of experiments in order to find out a suitable metal which was resistant to high temperatures and oxidation for the sake of making a lamp which could be long used. He succeeded with his large amount of sweat. If he had given up half way and if he had grudged his sweat, he would only have been a mediocre person.
In a success, genius can' t replace sweat. Sweet mostly comes from sweat rather than genius. The saying "No sweat no sweet" will be the permanent golden proverb of human beings.
简 评
本文题目为“没有汗水就没有甜美”(No sweet without sweat)。这是一个古谚,简洁易懂。作者围绕此主题,从古今中外各方面进行了分析。首先,他描述了古代农民耕种的两种结果:辛勤耕耘、挥汗如雨则仓康充实;不舍得流汗、不愿劳动则颗粒无收。描写生动,让人体会深刻。作者认为这同样适用于现代。钢琴家、运动员、登山者要成功必须付出汗水。作者还举了两个不同的成功事例:爱迪生、莫扎特。他们虽一个天资聪颖,一个生来鲁钝,但功事例:爱迪生、莫扎特。他们虽一个天资聪颖,一个生来鲁钝,但其成功都基于共同的原因:后天的勤奋。这验证了爱迪生的名言:成功是
  99%的汗水加l%的天才。作者用一句话对此做了精辟的总结:生具天分当然最好,但最糟的是:完全依赖天分而不付出劳动。通过以上有理有据的分析,作者成功地总结出:成功的甜美主要来自于辛勤的汗水,而非天分。 (整理:
Technology Is Changing Our Lives
Technology is one of the most important factors to promote our society to develop from one era to another. Whether you are aware of it or not, every day at every time technology is greatly influencing the way we live and work. Computers, new technology in the 21th century, are the best examples. As the greatest inventions of human beings, they are being used more and more extensively in the world today. Especially when their functions are amplified with the help of internet, computers may even make everything convenient and possible.
You can do shopping on the net. If your family wants to buy a TV, you can see a picture of the model and find the store with the best price through your computer. You need only to send a message to that store and the right amount of money will be taken out of your bank account and put into the store. Like this,you can buy anything you want without going out of the room. (整理:
You can work at home through computer. The internet, the main trading tool, makes SOHO (small office, home office) possible. This will make the workplace more comfortable and reduce
transportation time and hence potentially boost actual work hours.
You can learn a lot of knowledge from internet. Internet presents a vivid world in front of us. Sitting before your computer, only by clicking the mouse, you can acquire the up to the minute news, the latest development in politics and science and the most peculiar customs and cultures in the world. It is the access to the information super highway for traveling through cyber
Internet also shortens the distance between peoples. Owning a computer, you can communicate with your relatives or friends by sending e mails no matter how far they are from you.
In summary, we have benefited a lot from the invention of computers. However, all new technologies trigger confusion such as some technical, economic and legal problems. So when (
we are enjoying the advantages new technology brings to us, we should also establish some new rules and laws to prevent the negative influence of technology.
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Future of Newspapers
Have you ever lay in the sun, enjoying the entertainment of reading a newspaper? Have you ever sat in an underground railway, killing your boring time by turning a newspaper? If you have made it, there is no doubt that you may not deny the importance of newspapers as a popular medium.
The first reason underlying my judgment is that newspapers provide us with great convenience. Though the advent of electric media like televisions and computers offer us another way to obtaining information, their generation by electricity circumscribes their uses indoors. On the other hand, newspapers may be carried wherever we intend to. In addition, their small size and light weight will surely spare our effort to take them.
Another incomparable advantage of newspapers lies in their non-pollution. It may be said without fear of exaggeration that almost all those electronic media do harm to people's health.Take televisions for example:exposures to radiations, a kind of pollution, from them in the long run will undermine people's health, and especially for pregnant women. The radiation may even affect the baby to some extent. The same case can also be found in computers without any difficulty. Newspapers, by contrast, are made of natural materials. Therefore no pollution will be given off nor are people subjected to the risk of illness when they read a newspaper.
It is true that electronic media also have some merits superior to newspapers. They can give us more direct information, not only by words but by sounds and pictures as well. But regarding newspapers as a medium of past is an apparent understanding,far from the truth.
According to what has been analyzed above, newspapers have some exclusive advantages compared with other media,which affirm their popularity and will keep it on and on.
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Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the title: Bicycle--An Important Means of Transport in China. Your composition should be based on the following outline:



Your composition should be no less than 100 words. Write this composition on the Composition Sheet. Remember to write it clearly.
Bicycle--An Important Means of Transport in China
There are several reasons why bicycle is so popular in China. To begin with, it is so cheap that every family can afford to buy one. Some families even have two or three of it. Secondly, it is so convenient that with a bicycle, you can go to any place you like. Besides, you don't have to find a parking lot in a crowded street or have a garage at home. Finally, cycling has become a kind of sport that many people enjoy.
Compared with a car, a bicycle has both advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a car uses gas as its fuel, as aresult, it may cause air pollution. A bicycle, however, is pollution free. A long travel is surely not fit for a bicycle. But a person who sits all day long in a car might get fat and become unhealthy. (英语作文网收集整理)
I think that since bicycle is so popular in China, it will certainly remain so for a long time. Many things are being done to make cars popular in China, but even when that time comes, bicycle will still be welcome.
Children or Adults
There is a growing tendency that children mature at a younger age these days. Our society should accept the reality and adjust the law accordingly.
Today, the movies and Internet around children have too many things about violence and sex. As a result, though we have tried all means to let children know only what they should know,children have known as much as adults. According to statistics,the underage crime rate is rising at a surprising speed. In addition, because laws in some places prohibit underage girls to have abortion without permissions from parents, the increasing number of unmarried mothers is also a worrying phenomenon.
Some surveys show that most 14 to 15 year old children think they are already grown ups, and are eager to behave in their own ways. But the adults' society doesn't think so. Consequently, misunderstandings and quarrels between children and their parents and teachers have never stopped. (收集:
Since we cannot change children, we can change our law.We should allow children over 15 to make decisions about their lives without the interference of their parents or teachers, and let them assume the responsibility for their own behaviors. Maybe in this way, the world would be more peaceful.
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Small is beautiful.郭倩同学的这篇作文,短小精悍,在方寸之间论述井井有条。虽然没有一鸣惊人之语,但语言简洁流畅,结构清晰,观点鲜明,是这篇作文的突出优点。
作者开门见山,在首段摆明自己的观点,然后运用多种写作手法进行论证,尤其是fact and figures。通过统计调查结果来说话,比单纯的抽象分析具有更强的说服力,这是本文的显著特色



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