1. In the case of sight credits, payment can be made promptly upon presentation
of draft and impeccable shipping documents. 在即期信用证 即期信用证情况下,提示汇票和正确无误的单据后便立即付款。 即期信用证

  2. L/C at sight is normal for our exports to France.
我们向法国出口一般使用即期信用证 即期信用证付款。 即期信用证

  3. Is the credit at sight or after sight?
我同意用即期信用证 即期信用证付款。 即期信用证

  4. L/C at sight is what we request for all our customers.
开即期信用证 即期信用证是我方对我们所有客户的要求。 即期信用证

  5. We'll agree to change the terms of payment from L/C at sight to D/P at sight.
我们同意将即期信用证 即期信用证付款方式改为即期付款交单。 即期信用证

  6. Payment: 100% by irrevocable and confirmed letter of credit drawn at sight.
100%的不可撤消、保兑的即期信用证。 即期信用证 即期信用

  7. We insist on payment by irrevocable sight credit.
我们坚持凭不可撤消的即期信用证 即期信用证付款。 即期信用证

  8. I agree to use letter of credit at sight.
我同意用即期信用证 即期信用证付款。 即期信用证

  9. As this is the first deal between us, I hope we can trade on customary terms, i.
E., Letter of credit payable against sight draft. 由于这是我们之间进行的第一笔交易,我很希望能够遵照惯例,也就是说,用即期信 即期信 用证付款。 用证

  10. Deferred sight letter of credit
延付即期信用证 即期信用证;延期付即期信用证 即期信用证 即期信用证

  11. As the manufacture of the equipment involves sums of money to be advanced,
we have to ask for payment by L/C payable at sight. 由于我们需要向设备的生产厂家去付预付款 预付款,因此我们不得不要求你方开具即期 预付款 付款信用证。

  12. The dearth of orders means yards are barely receiving any of the
downpayments on new orders that previously smoothed out their cash flow. 缺乏订单意味着,船厂几乎无法得到以前用来消除现金流波动的新订单预付款 预付款。 预付款

  13. Smaller clubs, struggling with finances, favour extracting every penny from
upfront payments, an approach which favours pay-TV operators. 经费紧张的小俱乐部则更青睐付费电视的运营方式,并且恨不得把预付款 预付款取个精 预付款 光。

  14. The payment by the buyer was therefore an advance payment for an executory
contract which the seller had not performed. 买方所付之款项系为一份应于订立后再履行而卖方尚未履行的契约而约付的预付 预付 款。
  15. Mobilization costs In a construction project, the initial costs needed to get a project under way, including advance payments, bonds, etc. 筹备费用,工地设施费用在一个建设工程项目中,使项目开始施工所需的初始费用, 包括预付款 预付款、保证金等等。 预付款

  16. How can something be a down payment when there is no equity involved?
如果其中不包含任何资产,它怎么能成为预付款 预付款呢? 预付款

  17. 40% of the contract price shall be paid as down payment within ten days after
the contract becomes effective. 合同生效后十天内付合同总价 40%的预付款 预付款。 预付款

  18. This means firing almost half the staff and telling artists that they can no longer
have multi-million pound advances. 这意味着要裁减近一半的员工,并告诉艺人们,他们再也拿不到大笔预付款 预付款了。 预付款

  4、the deposit will be counted and deducted in the last deliver goods of one 、
  4、预付款 预付款只能在最后一批送货款中结算扣除。 预付款

  20. Prepaid expenses are a small part of the balance sheet.
预付款项是资产负债表上的一个小项。 预付款
  21. Anyway, based on different payment terms and order quantity, we'll give you a little discount as a way of promotion. 当然,根据付款 付款方式和定单数量的多少,我们会有一些折扣作为促销手段。 付款

  22. As a special accommodation we are agree to your D/P payment terms, but only
for once. 作为一个特例,我们同意贵方的货款加运费的付款条件 付款条件,但仅有一次 付款条件

  23. As a special accommodation ,we are agree to your DP payment terms, but only
for once. 作为特别的让步,我们同意你们 DP 付款方式 付款方式没,但仅此一次。

  24. As a special accommodation ,we are agree to your DP payment terms, but only
for once. 作为一次特殊的交易,我们同意你们用 DP 付款方式 付款方式,但仅此一次.

PAYMENT TERMS? 怎样要求延期付款或要求更优惠的付款条件 付款条件? 付款条件

  26. Let's have a talk over the question of payment terms, if you don't mind.
你要是不反对,我们就谈谈付款条件 付款条件。 付款条件

  27. If you insist, stress that these payment terms are very important to us.
我们必须强调这些付款条件 付款条件对我们很重要。 付款条件

  28. You require a draft at sight under irrevocable L/C as payment terms.
要求变更汇票日期 变更汇票日期

  29. Negotiating the best selling price and payment terms under the company
policy. 根据公司商务政策要求 要求争取最佳的销售价格和付款方式 付款方式。 要求 付款方式

  30. This negotiation is concerned with the payment terms.
涉及,使关心 涉及



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