Week 1 Lesson 1 abase abate abbreviate abdicate abduct abhor abide abject ablaze abominable abort aboveboard abrasive abreast abstain accede accentuate accession acclaim accomplice accountable accredit accrue acquiesce acquit adamant adept adjoin adjourn adjudicate
admonish adorn adrift adroit adulterate advent adversary adverse adversity advocacy affable affiliate affinity afflict affront afield afoot afresh aggravate aggregate aggrieved agitate agitation aground airborne airy alibi alight① alight② align allay allegiance
allergic alleviate allude allure allusion amass ambivalent ambush amiable amicable amidst amoral analogue anew anguish animate animosity annihilate Week 1 Lesson 2 annuity anonymity antagonize antidote antipathy apace apartheid apathy apparel appease append
appendix apposite appraise apprehend apprehension arbitrate archetype archive ardent arduous aroma arrears arsenal artful articulate artifice ascendant ascertain ascetic ascribe aspiration aspire assail assailant assent assertive assiduous assimilate assorted assortment astray asylum
asymmetric atrocious attest attrition audacious audible audition augment august auspicious austere authoritarian autograph automate avail avalanche aversion avid awesome babble backbiting backbreaking backdate backdrop backfire badger baffle baleful balk ballast balmy banal
bandwagon bane banish banter bargain Week 1 Lesson 3 barrage barricade barter bash bashful bask battalion bawl bay beating beckon befall befit begrudge beguile belie bemoan benediction benevolent benign bequeath bequest bereaved beset
bewitch bicker bile billow bipartisan bizarre blackmail blackout blanch blatant bleep blemish bliss blitz blizzard blunder blur blurt bog boggle bogus bombard bombshell bona fide bonnet boo boon boost bootleg bountiful bounty bout
braid brainstorming brainwash brash bravado bridal bridle brittle broke broker brokerage brunt brusque budge buffer bulge bulk bullheaded bumper① bumper② burrow bustle bypass cajole Week 1 Lesson 4 calamity calculating callous callow camouflage
candid canny canoe canter canvass capitulate capsize captivate captivity caress caricature carnivore cascade caste catalyst categorical causal cavity cede censorious censorship censure centralise cerebral ceremonious certify chant chaplain charismatic chaste checkmate chime
chirp chisel chivalry choppy chubby chuck churlish churn cinder circumstantial circumvent clamber clandestine clatter cleanse cleave climactic clinch clog closure clump clutter coax cobble coddle coerce coexist cog cognitive coherent cohesive collate
collude collusion colonize colt combustible commensurate commentate communicable communique compassionate compatible Week 1 Lesson 5 complementary complexion composite composure compulsion con concentric conciliate concord concur condescend confederate confer confide confinement conflate congenial congenital
congested conjecture conjure connote conscript consecrate consensus consign console conspiracy conspire constancy constrain constraint consummate contemplate contend contort converge conversant convertible convoy convulse coop corps correlate corroborate corrode corrosion countenance counteract counterbalance
counterfeit coup covenant coverage covet crackle cram cramp crap crease credentials credibility cringe crinkle crook crooked cross-examine crucify crunch cuddle cudgel culminate cult cumbersome cumulative curfew cursive cursory curtail dab Week 2
Lesson 1 dainty dampen damper dapper dappled daunt dawdle deaden deadlock debase debilitate debit debug decadent decease decelerate decency decipher declaim decompose decoy decry deductible deem deface defer definitive deflate deform defraud deft
defuse degenerate degrade dehydrate deliberate deliberation delineate delude deluge delve demean demented demobilize demon demoralize demote dent deplete deplore depopulate depose deprecate depreciate derail deregulate deride desegregate desirous despicable despoil destitute deterrent
detest detonate detour detract devastate deviant deviate devious devoid devolve devout diddle differentiate diffident digress dilapidated dilate Week 2 Lesson 2 dimple dingy dire directive disarray disassociate disavow disband discernible discerning disclaim disconcert
discredit discreet discrete disenchant disentangle dishonour disinterested disjointed dislocate dislodge disparate dispensable dispensation dispirited disposed disprove disrepute disseminate dissipated dissolute dissuade distaste distraught disuse dither diverge dividend divinity divisive divulge docile doldrums
dole doleful domain domesticate domineer doodle doomed doomsday dormant dosage dote doting downgrade downhill downright draught drawl dredge dregs drench dressy dribble drone drool drowse dub duff dumbfound dupe earmark eclectic ecstasy
ecstatic edifice efface efficacy Week 2 Lesson 3 egocentric eject electrify electrocute elemental elicit eligible elope elucidate elude elusive emanate embattled embed embellish embezzle embody emboss embroil emend empathy empower emulate encase encompass
encore encroach encumber endanger endemic endorse energize enfold engross enhance enliven enmity ennoble enormity enrage ensconce enshrine enslave ensue entail entangle enthrall entice entity entreat entrust entwine enumerate enviable epitaph epitome equable
equate equitable equivocal erasure erotic errant erratic escalate eschew esoteric espionage espouse estimable estrange etch ethereal ethical evacuate evade evanescent evasive evict eviction Week 2 Lesson 4 evince evocative evoke exacerbate exalt exalted
exasperate excavate excise① excise② exemplary exemplify exhilarate exhort exonerate exorcise exotic expansive expectant expedient expedite explicable exponent expound expropriate expunge extant exterminate extol extort extortionate extract extradite extrapolate extremity extricate extrovert exuberant
exude exult fabricate facile factitious failing fallacy falsify fanciful fantasise faraway far-fetched fastidious fatality fated fateful fawn① fawn② faze feckless feebleminded feign feint felony fence fend ferret fervent fester fetching fete fetid
fetter feud feverish fiasco fickle fictitious fiddly fidget fiendish figment
Week 2 Lesson 5 figurative filial fillet finale fingertip finicky fiscal fitful fitting fixture flabby flaccid flag flagrant flail flamboyant flammable flank
flaunt fleeting flex flicker flighty flinch flip flippant flirt flog flop florid flounder flout flunk flurry foible foil① foil② foist folklore fondle forage foray forbear① forbear② forcible forebode foreshadow forestall forewarn forfeit
forge forlorn formative formulate formulation forsake forthright fortify fortuitous foul① foul② fractious fracture franchise frantic fraught fray① fray② freak frenetic frenzied frenzy fret frisk fritter frolic froth fruition fugitive fumble Week 3
Lesson 1 furrow furtive fuzzy gabble gag gaiety gallant galvanize gape garland gauge gaunt generate generative generic genesis genial germinate gesticulate ghastly giddy gimmick girdle glaze gloat gloss glutton gobble gorge grandeur grandiose
grapple grate gratify gratuitous gravel gravitate gregarious grievance grievous gripe grisly grotesque gruesome gruff grumpy guise gush hack① hack② hackles haggle hale hallmark hallucinate hamper hamstring handily handiwork handpicked handsomely hanging hangover
hanker haphazard hapless harangue harass hardcore hardheaded harmonise harrowing hash hassle haulage havoc haywire haze headstrong headway Week 3 Lesson 2 heady hearten heartstring heckle hectic hector heed hefty heinous hereditary herewith hew
hibernate hierarchical hierarchy highhanded high-pitched hike hilt hiss hither hoard hoary hoax hobble hobnob hoggish holding holocaust homage homey homicide homing homosexual hoodwink hoot hornet horrid horrific hot-blooded huddle hue① hue② huff
humbug hump hunch hurdle husky hybrid hype hyperactive hypercritical hypocrisy hypothesis idolise ignite ignoble ignominy illicit illustrious imbibe imbue immaculate immaterial immerse immunize impair impale impart impartial impasse impassioned impassive impeccable impede
impediment impel impending impenetrable Week 3 Lesson 3 imperceptible imperil imperious impersonate impertinent impetuous impetus impinge implacable implant implore impotent impound impoverish impregnable impregnate impressionable imprint impromptu improvise imprudent inanimate inarticulate inborn incapacitate
incense① incense② incensed inception incessant incipient incisive incite incriminate incubation inculcate incumbent incur indelible indemnify indemnity indent indeterminate indict indiscreet indiscriminate indisposed indoctrinate indolent indubitable induct infallible infamous infantile infatuated infest infiltrate
infirm inflame inflamed inflexible inflict infrastructure infringe infuriate infuse ingenuous ingrained ingratiate inhibit injurious inmate innate inoculate inordinate inquisitive insatiable inset insidious insinuate Week 3 Lesson 4 insipid insofar insolent insoluble insomuch instigate
instil(l) insular insulate insuperable insurgent insurmountable insurrection intangible intelligible interface interject interlock interminable intermingle intermittent intern① intern② interpose interrogate intersperse intimidate intoxicate intractable intransigent intrepid intrigue intrinsic introspection introvert intuition inundate invalidate
inveterate invidious invigorate invincible invoice invoke involuntary invulnerable irascible irradiate irreconcilable irreducible irreparable irrespective irruption itch iterate itinerant itinerary jab jaywalk jeer jeopardise jerky jest jocular jog jolt jostle jubilant judicious juggle
jumble juncture jurisdiction juxtapose keel kindred knack knead laborious lacquer Week 3 Lesson 5 lament languid languish lapse lavish lawsuit lax lay-off legalize legendary legible legislate legitimize lenient lethal lieu liken limelight liquidate
literally literate litigation liven livid loathe loiter loll loot lousy lucid lucrative ludicrous lug lukewarm lull luminous lunge lurch lure lurk luscious lush macho madden magnanimous magnetism magnitude maim majestic makeshift malign
malignancy malignant mammoth manageable managerial mandate mandatory manful mania maniac manoeuvre manure mar marginal martial mash masquerade mastermind materialise maul maxim mayhem maze meagre meander measurable meddle mediate mediocre Week 4 Lesson 1
meditate meek mellow menial mercantile mercenary mesh mesmerize meticulous midget migrant militant mimic mirage misapprehend misappropriate misbehave miscarriage misconduct misgiving misplace mitigate mobilise mockery moisturise molest mollify momentous monotony monumental mope morbid
mortality motionless motley movable muddle multilateral multitude mumble mundane munition muse muster mutilate muzzle myriad nab nag naturalise nebulous necessitate negate negligible negotiable nestle neutralise nibble niche nimble nip nominal nonchalant nonetheless
notwithstanding nude nudge numb nurture nutrient obese obligatory obliterate oblivion obscurity observance observant obsess obsessive obsolete Week 4 Lesson 2 occupancy odds odour offensive offhand ominous omniscient ongoing onslaught ooze opaque operational operative
opt optimise optimum opulent opus orchestrate ordain orientation ornate ostentatious oust outcast outfit outgoing outgrow outlandish outlay outreach outright outspoken outweigh ovation overboard override overshadow oversight overstate overt overview oxidize pacify padlock
painstaking pal palatable palpable pamper panoramic par paradigm paradoxical paramount paranoid parody parole parry partake partisan pastoral patchy patronage patronise patter pawn① pawn② pedantic peek penalize pending perceptible perception perceptive perfunctory perilous
periodic peripheral perish Week 4 Lesson 3 perjury permeate permissible pernicious perpetrate perpetuate personage personify pertain pertinent perturb pervade pervert pester phenomenal philanthropic picket pickle pinch pinpoint pivot plea plead plight plumb plummet
poach poignant pompous popularise populous pore posture potency potent pounce precarious precipitate precipitous preclude predatory preferential premature premium premonition prerequisite pressing presume presumption presuppose pretentious pristine probation problematic procure prod prodigal profess
profiteer projection prolific prominence prone propagate propel prophesy prospective protracted protrude provident provisional proximity prudent pseudo pungent punitive purge purport quash quaver Week 4 Lesson 4 quell quench querulous quibble radiance radiant rake
ramble rampage rampant rap rapport rapprochement rapture rationalize rattle reaffirm reassure rebate rebound recapture recipient reciprocate reciprocity recompense reconciliation recount① recount② recoup recourse rectify rectitude recur recurrent redemption redolent redress redundant reedy
referendum refurbish regress regret regularity reimburse rein reinstate relapse relegate relent relentless relinquish relish remedial remembrance remission remit remittance remnant remorse remorseful remunerate rend renown reorient reparation repellent repentance repercussion repine replenish
replicate repress repressive reprimand reprisal reprove repudiate repugnant repulse Week 4 Lesson 5 repulsion repulsive reputable repute requisite requisition reshape reshuffle resign


星火英语 专业八级 单词表

   Week 1 Lesson 1 abase abate abbreviate abdicate abduct abhor abide abject ablaze abominable abort aboveboard abrasive abreast abstain accede accentuate accession acclaim accomplice accountable accredit accrue acquiesce acquit adamant adept adjoin a ...


   8 级测试 英译汉部分; ?? 1996?2010 年英语专业 8 级统考题中英译汉试题评析 【1996 年 8 级测试英译汉 级测试英译汉】 Four months before Election Day1, five men gathered in a small conference room at the Reagan-Bush headquarters2 and reviewed an oversize calendar that marked the remaining days ...


   英语专业八级考试翻译题 2 ①Opera is expensive: that much is inevitable. ②But expensive things are not inevitably the province of the rich unless we abdicate society's power of choice. ③ We can choose to make opera, and other expensive forms of culture, accessi ...


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   大家论坛 club.topsage.com 2010 年英语专业八级考试大纲 总 则 国家教委<高等学校英语专业高年级英语教学大纲)规定,高等学校英语专业高年级英语的教 学任务是"继续打好语言基本功,进一步扩大知识面,重点应放在培养英语综合技能,充实 文化知识,提高交际能力上. " 同时,<大纲)也指出, "大纲的执行情况主要通过统一测试进行检查."测试和评分应力求尽 " 快达到标准化和电脑化,使其具有科学性,客观性和可行性. & ...


   恒星英语学习网 http://www.Hxen 英语专业八级考试题型分析与应试技巧 听的目的在于懂,那么,如何衡量自己是否听懂了呢?一个行之有效的方法就是"复述". 我们在听完一个片段后,可将所听的内容重复一遍,如果具有较高的准确度,就说明真正听 懂了;否则需要再听一遍,如果连听几遍还无法较为满意地复述,说明所听内容太难,应予 以更换. 在学习听新闻的初级阶段,我们可以阅读一些大众媒体文献,如报纸,刊物,从中积累一 些新闻用语,一些重要组织的名称如 EEC(Europea ...


   专八考试必备下载汇总(听力,人文,改错,词汇,阅读,真题) 专八考试必备下载汇总(听力,人文,改错,词汇,阅读,真题)更新中 人文知识 英语专业八级人文知识精讲(共 180 多页 PDF 书)下载 英语专业《英国文学》复习要点 新编英国文学教程 PDF 共约 490 页下载 英国文学与美国文学的重点共 20 多页 WORD 下载 英国文学复习提纲(中文版)WORD 下载 英语专业八级人文知识精讲 35 篇电子书下载 英语专业八级人文知识 20 篇下载 美国文学中英文名称对照电子书下载 专业八 ...


   2011 年英语专业八级报考须知 编辑提醒 2010 年的英语专业高年级阶段统测(TEM8)已于 2010 年 3 月 6 日(星期六)上午,2 010 年的英语专业基础阶段统测(TEM4)已于 2010 年 4 月 17 日(星期六)上午全部结束, 2011 年专四专八考试时间还没有确定,具体考试时间敬请关注考试大专四专八站点。为了 帮助大家有效的复习, 考试大专四专八站点编辑收集整理了相关信息供大家参考, 希望对大 家有所帮助,考试大祝大家顺利通过考试! 2011 年专四专八考试流程:报 ...


   英语专业八级考试大纲 一 考试目的 本考试的目的是全面检查已完成英语专业高年级阶段课程的学生是 否达到了<<大纲>>所规定的英语语言综合运用能力标准以及英语专 业知识的要求。 二 考试的性质与范围 本考试属于标准参考性教学检查类考试.考试范围包括<<大纲>>所规 定的听 读 写 译四个方面的能力以及英语专业知识. 三 考试时间 、对象与命题 本考试在英语专业第八学期举行,每年一次.考试对象为英语专业四年 级学生.本考试由教育部高等学校外语专业教 ...



   人教版小学三年级英语下册期末试卷 答卷时间: 满分: 答卷时间:100 分钟 满分:100 分 班级:姓名:分数: 班级:姓名:分数: 姓名 分数 I、连线。将下列字母的大小写形式连起来。(10 分) U B P D V Q Y I L D v u b p I y j II、选出不同类的单词。(18 分))1A、motheB、brotherC、teacher 2 A、duck B、desk C、chair 3. A.、planeB、pear C、peach 4. A、small B、gira ...


   地址:北京市海淀区中关村东路 18 号财智国际大厦 B 座 2109 电话: (8610)82600749 82600750 邮编:100083 邮件:consulting@hiall.com.cn 这份文档可能包含了纽哈斯国际教育咨询拥有的专利,或者未决专利应用的相关内容和素材。提供这份文 档给使用者并不意味着对这些专利的任何授权。 版权所有 ┡?菇逃裳??iAll 标识和产品名称都是纽哈斯国际教育咨询的商标或者注册商标。其他 标识和产品名称都是各自所有者的商标或者注册商标。 ◆ HiAl ...


   计算机文化基础 吴忠举 E_mail:wuzhongju@126.com M_tel:13582644367 QQ:912476749 课程介绍 课程目标 课程内容 考核方式 课程目标 了解计算机的体系结构、工作原理、网络基础; 熟悉windows的基本操作; 熟练应用word、excel、PowerPoint办公软件; 课程内容 计算机基础知识 6课时 Windows操作基础 14课时 Word2003 8课时 Excel2003 12课时 PowerPoint 2003 8课时 网络基础 ...


   1 accelerate vt. (使)加速, 增速 【例】 accelerate the rate of economic growth 加速经济增长 【派】 acceleration n. 加速 accelerating a.加速的 2 account n. 账户、 考虑 【考】 take sth. into account 把…考虑在内 3 accustome vt.使习惯 【考】be accustomed to 4 adapt vi. 适应 【考】adapt to… 适应 5 adj ...


   利用多媒体课件优化整合小学英语教学 乘前中学 曾江辉 摘要:利用多媒体课件对小学英语进行辅助教学,能够激发学生 兴趣,有效地提高教学质量,提高英语教学质量,进一步优化整合小 学英语教学。 关键词:英语 教学 设计 能力 经常听到许多小学英语老师抱怨,小学英语教材太难,内容太多, 学生兴趣不够,甚至对今后学生系统学习英语起了反作用。在这里我 想说的是,在科技飞速发展的 21 世纪,一支粉笔写天下的时代已经 过去了, 我们更多的是要思考如何打破旧的教学模式, 提高学生能力, 大胆进行小学英语教学 ...