学好英语必须培养的 5 个好习惯
Be Realistic Firstly, be realistic. Many of us are prone to over-estimating how much we can get done ? and studying is a high-energy, intense activity which requires a lot of concentration. You simply can't focus at that level for hours at a time.
Sometimes, being realistic about your studying plans might mean looking at the other commitments in your life. Do you need to ditch something else in order to have time to study effectively? Can you cut down on social activities to give yourself a couple of weeknights free for studying? 实事求是. 实事求是. 很多人倾向于过分地夸大自己的工作能力, 不自觉地给自己很多的人去, 学习是一个高耗能, 需要精力的事情.我们要集中注意力关注学习的质,而不是时长.
Find Your Best Time of Day Are you a lark? Some people are at their best in the morning, before the demands of the day have crowded in. If that's you, then try setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier so that you can spend this high-focus time on your studying.
Or are you an owl? Without the constraints of a school day, you can choose to study late at night, if that suits you. For parents, this can be a good time because children are in bed and the house is quiet.
Even if you think you know what time of day's best for you, try experimenting for a week or two. Perhaps your lunch hour is a great opportunity to practice your French vocabulary, or maybe you can drive to a coffee shop on the way home from work and study there until
  6.30pm. 找到自己学习的最佳时间. 找到自己学习的最佳时间.
有的人发现自己早上的状态最好,如果你也是如此,试着把自己的闹钟向前拨 30 分钟,每 天早起,这段时间学习的质量抵上其他时间段的好几个小时.
Have a Place to Study As well as finding the right time to study, you'll want to find the right place. Your studying environment can make all the difference when it comes to sticking to your plans. You'll want to find a place where:
You're not likely to be interrupted There are no noises intruding (music etc is fine ? but it should be noise which you choose) You have enough space to spread out any studying materials that you're using You're in a studying mood ? so the family den may not be the best place If your schedule is very packed, you'll probably want to study somewhere in or very near your home, so that you don't spend much time simply getting there. If you have more time, you could try picking a study location a little further away ? this can be useful because once you're there, you'll be much less tempted to wander back home the moment you get bored! 找一个适合学习的好地方. 找一个适合学习的好地方. 与找到自己的最佳学习时间一样, 你也需要找到最佳的学习地点, 不同的学习地点会影响到 你的学习质量.
Mix Things Up It's easy to get bored with a study plan if you're constantly working on the same things. Rather than trying to trawl through the whole of a particular topic in one week, try mixing up your plan a little. Working on one topic one day and something completely different the next will help you to stay energised and fresh.
You can also try a mix of different learning methods. There's no one "right" way to study. Consider:
Taking notes from books as you're reading Reading for half an hour, then writing down notes from what you remember Listening to audio material while commuting Watching videos Going to seminars or classes Talking to fellow students about what you're learning Writing an article or blog post based on what you've been studying (perhaps a beginners' guide) Drawing diagrams or pictures to help you remember or understand a concept Build in Flexibility How often have you made a perfect study plan, only to have it fall apart as soon as something unexpected cropped up? Life happens ? and sometimes you'll have to cancel a planned study session in order to deal with an interruption or an emergency.
Be prepared for this in advance: when you draw up your studying schedule, allow some "spare" time which you can use if you need to catch up. Even if your week goes perfectly, you may find that some areas of study simply take longer than you expected ? and this buffer time lets you allow for that. 尝试不同的学习方法. 尝试不同的学习方法. 一味地坚持一种学习方法,很容易感受到厌倦,不要在一个问题上坚持一个星期,可以不停 地换着来.譬如今天看这个部分,明天看其他的部分.
Track Your Progress Finally, it's easiest to stick with a plan when you can see that it's working! There are lots of ways to track your progress: for example, you could tick off study
sessions on your calendar, or award yourself a gold star at the end of each week when you've successfully completely all the studying which you'd planned.
You can also review the material that you're learning: perhaps taking a quiz or practice exam at regular intervals. If you can see that you're making constant improvements, you can remind yourself to stick with your studying despite day-to-day fluctuations in your motivation levels. 记录自己的进步. 记录自己的进步. 最后, 记录自己取得的成绩可以帮你很容易地知道自己学习的成果. 有很多方法来记录你的 进步,你可以将自己的学习进程记在日历上,每个星期结束的时候给自己画一个小星.



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