阅读理解:Laziness is a sin. everyone knows that 阅读理解 2010 年下半年河北省学位英语教材第 21 单元课后阅读理解 1 2010 年上半年河北省学位英语教材第 21 单元课后阅读理解 1
Laziness is a sin. everyone knows that. We have probably all had lectures pointing out that laziness is immoral, that it is wasteful,and that lazy people will never amount to anything in life. 懒惰是一种罪过:每个人都知道这个。我们可能都受过诸如此类的训诫:懒惰是不道德的,是浪费生命, 而懒人将一事无成。
But laziness can be more harmful than that, and it is often caused by more complex reasons than the simple wish to avoid work. Some people who appear to be lazy are suffering from much more serious problems. They may be so distrustful of their fellow workers that they are unable to join in any group task for fear of being laughed at or fear of having their ideas stolen. These people who seem lazy may be deadened by a fear of failure that prevents fruitful work. Or other sorts of fantasies may prevent work: some people are so busy planning, sometimes planning great deals of fantastic achievements, that they are unable to deal with whatever " lesser " work is on hand. Still other people are not avoiding work, strictly speaking; they are nearly procrastinating??rescheduling their day. 但懒惰的害处却远不止于此;而且人之所以懒,常常不止是简单的怠工,还有更复杂的原因。有些似乎懒 惰的人正遭受着更严重的问题。他们可能会对同事(或同伴)极不信任,这使得他们因为害怕被笑话或害 怕自己的主意被别人剽窃而不敢参与团体合作任务。这些看上去很懒的人可能因为害怕工作不能取得成效 而变得迟缓了。另外其他类型的不切实际的幻想也会妨碍工作的完成:有些人太忙于计划,有时是不切实 际地计划,以至于他们不能屈尊来处理眼前那些“不太伟大”的工作。还有些人严格地来说不是逃避工作: 他们近似于拖延工作??不断重新规划他们的每一天。
Laziness can actually be helpful. Like procrastinators,some people look lazy when they are really thinking, planning, researching. We should all remember that some great scientific discoveries occurred by chance. Newton wasn't working in the orchard when the apple hit him and he devised the theory of gravity. Taking a rest can be particularly helpful to the athlete who is trying too hard or the doctor who's simply working himself overtime too many evenings at the clinic. 懒惰实际上可以变得有裨益。就像那些有拖沓习惯的人一样,有些人看上去很懒,其实他们是在思考问题, 做计划,做研究。我们应该记得:有些科学发现是偶然发生的。当牛顿在果园中被苹果砸到时他并没在工 作,而他因此发现了引力定律。休息对训练太辛苦的运动员或在医务室连续数夜加班的医生来说更是特别 有益。
So be careful when you' re tempted to call someone lazy.That person may be thinking, resting or planning his or her next book.

  1. The main idea of this passage is that . A) laziness is a moral sin B) there are advantages and disadvantages in being lazy
C) laziness is a sign of deep-seated emotional problems D) lazy people do more careful work

  2. The passage states that . A) laziness is a disease B) some people appear lazy because they are insecure
C) laziness is more beneficial than harmful D) a good definition of laziness is emotional illness

Which of the following conclusion does the passage support?
A) The word laziness is sometimes applied incorrectly. B) Most of the time laziness is a virtue.
C) Most assembly line workers are lazy. D) Most insecure people are lazy.

The final paragraph is .
A) somber B) humorous
C) serious D) trite (陈腐的)

The word “devised” in Paragraph 2 means .
A) formulated B) understood
C) wrote D) proved
答案: 答案:

B. 此题考察归纳能力。通读全文,不难得出第一段为缺点,第二段为优点。所以 B 是正确答案。 D. 此题可用排除法解题。选项 A,B,C 在文中均未提及,都应被排除,故选 D。 A. 此题可用排除法解题。选项 B,C,D 在文中均未提及,都应被排除,故选 A。 B. 通读第二段,可知作者用一种轻松诙谐的笔触把懒惰和成功联系起来说明懒惰的益处,观点颇为新 颖,其笔调既不是忧郁、严肃,也不是陈腐的,因此选 B。

A. 根据短文第二段第四句,答案为 A。
1 文章的主要意思是. B. 懒惰既有优点也有缺点。
  2.这篇文章讲的是. A 懒惰是一种疾病 B 一些人表现是懒惰是因为缺乏自信 C 懒惰益处大于害处 D 懒惰的定义应该是一种情感疾病 课后答案选择 D。但是从文中来看,并没有提到懒惰是情感疾病。如果说 D 是对的,那么 A 也应该是对的。所以说这个题的答案错了。正确答案是 B。但是考试的时候一般以课后的 答案为准,所以如果考试出这道题的话大家还是要选择 D,即使它是错的。这也是没有办法的办法。 3 下面哪个结论是文章所支持的? A 懒惰这个词有时候被不正确的使用。 4 最后一段是? 选择 B 幽默的。 5 最后一段中单词 devised 意思是?


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