英语专业(商务方向) 英语专业(商务方向)学位英语考试样题二 2009 年 07 月 01 日 词汇与结构 (Vocabulary and Structure) 20% Directions: There are 40 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. I. The hall has a for more than 800 people. ( b ) A. capability B. capacity C. breadth D. apparatus
  2) This law the number of accidents caused by children running across the road when they get off the bus. ( d ) A. intending to reduce B. intended reducing C. intends reducing D. is intended to reduce
  3) They yesterday because of a trifle. ( a ) A. fell out B. fell behind C. fell through D. fell in with
  4) Mrs. Lackey was awakened by the ringing of the bedside phone 12 hours after her husband’s boat had been . ( a ) A. wrecked B. decayed C. collapsed D. fired
  5) If he had worked harder, he the exams. ( c ) A. must have got through B. would get through C. would have got through D. could get through
  6) He is working hard for fear that he . ( a ) A. should fall behind B. fall behind C. may fall behind D. would fall behind
  7) If each manager makes his usual speech, the meeting will be for forty-five minutes. ( b ) A. expanded B. prolonged C. delayed D. exceeded
  8) We should be delighted to a member of the institute. ( b ) A. have you to become B. have you become C. having you become D. having you to become
  9) adequate preparations, they thought it better to postpone the excursion till next week. ( c ) A. Not to have made B. Not making C. Not having made D. Having not made
  10) Since the couple could not their differences, they decided to get a divorce. ( a ) A. reconcile B. comply C. coincide D. resign
  11) China and the United States are the third and fourth largest country in size in the world. ( d ) A. separately B. similarly C. especially D. respectively
  12) I a parcel several days ago. You are expected to receive it in a week. ( b ) A. sent for B. sent off C. sent in D. sent away
  13) she wondered if she had made a mistake. ( b ) A. Not until long afterwards that B. It was not until long afterwards that C. Not long until afterwards D. It was long afterwards until
  14) When her own studying was done, she tried to read of his books was not in use. ( a ) A. whichever B. which C. that D. what
  15) After seeing the movie, . ( d ) A. the book was read by him B. the book made him want to read it C. the reading of the book interested him D. he wanted to read the book
  16) Through long power lines electricity goes . ( c ) A. to the place needed B. there it is needed C. where it is needed D. which it is needed
  17) You’d better take your umbrella with you it rains. ( c ) A. in the case of B. in no case C. in case D. in any case

  18) Staying in a hotel costs renting a room in a dormitory for a week. ( c ) A. twice as many as B. as much twice as C. twice as much as D. as much as twice
  19) I what he said. ( b ) A. hardly could believe B. could hardly believe C. could believe hardly D. believe hardly
  20) It’s not polite to when people are talking. ( b ) A. break into B. break in C. break up D. break down
  21) Were it not for friction, we to walk on this earth of ours. ( a ) A. would not be able B. should not have been able C. were not able D. are not able
  22) Neither my brother nor I playing chess. ( a ) A. enjoy B. enjoys C. are enjoying D. have enjoyed
  23) It is the first time that he has been to Shanghai, ? ( b ) A. isn’t he B. isn’t it C. hasn’t he D. hasn’t it
  24) With winds, a sailing ship could outrun a steam ship. ( d ) A. profitable B. advantageous C. beneficial D. favorable
  25) The peasants are in high spirits because another rich harvest is . ( c ) A. at sight B. out of sight C. in sight D. by sight
  26) Pick me up at
  8. I my bath by then. ( a ) A. will have had B. will be having C. can have had D. may have
  27) We had plenty of bread, so I a loaf. ( a ) A. needn’t have bought B. didn’t need buy C. needn’t buy D. needn’t to have bought
  28) Dams for centuries in different parts of the world. ( b ) A. had been built B. have been built C. was being built D. were building
  29) The permission that was needed to build the roads . ( c ) A it will be granted B. was being granted C. was granted D. have been granted
  30) On special we usually go to an expensive restaurant. ( a ) A. occasions B. times C. vacations D. chances
  31) She was so annoyed that she felt like with him. ( b ) A. to argue B. arguing C. to have argue D. having argued
  32) I am afraid I haven’t got time to the matter right now. (a) A. go into B. look for C. turn over D. clean out
  33) like a million and a half dollars had been expected to guarantee their security. ( d ) A. Nothing B. Anything C. Everything D. Something
  34) He has on his farm. ( d ) A. 20 head of cattles B. 20 heads of cattles C. 20 heads of cattle D. 20 head of cattle
  35) The red is quite popular with fashionable girls this year. ( a ) A. blouse B. bloom C. blossom D. block
  36) Tom is clever, but his brother is stupid. ( a ) A. fairly/rather B. rather/fairly C. rather/quite D. quite/fairly
  37) She is well known . ( d ) A. not only her kindness but also her understanding B. not only for her kindness but also her understanding C. for not only her kindness but also for her understanding D. not only for her kindness but also for her understanding
  38) We could not pull apart two plates which a vacuum. ( c ) A. removed B. substituted C. enclosed D. replaced
  39) My cat would not have bitten the toy fish, it was made of rubber. ( d ) A. if she has known B. she should have known
C. if she knew D. had she known
  40) The company a rise in salary for years, but nothing has happened yet. ( c ) A. is promised B. is promising C. has been promising D. promised II. 辨别错误 (Error Identification) 10% Directions: There are 10 sentences in this part. For each sentence there is one error among the four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one answer that indicates the error. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
  41) The treaty, which theOECD hopes to be drafted bythe end of the year, would need to be A B backedbynewlaws in each member country, criminalizing briberyabroad. C D (a)
  42) Without the fundamental discoveries and understanding provided by science, A technology would be a hit-or-miss affair, lacking direction and making a little progress. B C D (d)
  43) 58 percent of people were asked thought that the advertising of tobacco and alcohol A B C should be banned. (b) D
  44) While the general public tend to agree that animals should be treated well, most people A B are unlikely to give up eating meat or wear clothes made of leather and wool. (c) C D
  45) Having been practiced for so long, the New York baseball team stands a chance of A B C D winning the World Series this year. (a)
  46) The action of market forces means that the price of something goes up if the demand A B C for it rises and the supply available remain constant. (d) D
  47) Faced with the possibility of a water shortage during the summer months, Beijing has A B asked their citizens to limit their use of water. (c) C D
  48) The new form of lively, interactive software is that could finally turn the computer A B into the high-tech-learning tool as it was always expected to be. C D (b)
  49) With cars, many people are now able to enjoy their leisure time to the full by making a A B trip to the countryside or seaside at weekends instead of confined to their immediate C D neighborhood. (d)
  50) The size and visibility of a big company usually assures unwanting attention, and A B labor activists pile on, in part, to help boost union membership by taking on a giant. C D (b) III. 完形填空 (Cloze) 15% Directions: There are 15 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D) below the passage. You should choose the one that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. One crossing of the Atlantic is very much like another; and people who cross it frequently do not make the voyage for the 51 of its interest. Most of us are quite happy when we feel tired enough to go to bed and pleased when the journey 52 . On the first night this time I felt especially lazy and went to bed 53 earlier than
usual. When I arrived in my cabin, I was surprised 54 that I was to have a companion during my trip. I expected 55 but there was a suitcase 56 mine in the opposite corner. I wondered who he could be and what he would be like. Soon afterwards he came in. He was the sort of man you might meet 57_ , except that he was wearing 58 good clothes that I made up my mind that we would not get on well together 59 and did not say a single word to him. I suppose I slept for several hours because when I woke up it was the middle of the night. I felt cold but covered 60 as well as I could and tried to go back to sleep. Then I realized that a draught was coming from somewhere. I got up 61 the door but found it already locked from the inside. The cold wind was coming from the window opposite. I crossed the room and 62 the moon shone through it on to the other bed. __63__ there. It took a minute or two to 64 the door myself. I realized that my companion 65 through the window into the sea.
  51) A. reason B. motive C. cause D. sake
  52) A. is achieved B. finish C. is over D. is in the end
  53) A. quite B. rather C. fairly D. somehow
  54) A. for seeing B. that I saw C. at seeing D. to see
  55) A. being lonely B. to be lonely C. being alone D. to be alone
  56) A. like B. as C. similar D. the same that
  57) A. in each place B. for all parts C. somewhere D. anywhere
  58) A. a so B. so C. such a D. such
  59) A. whoever he was B. whoever was he C. however he was D. however was he
  60) A. up me B. up myself C. up to myself D. myself up
  61) A. to shut B. for shutting C. in order that I shut D. so as for shutting
  62) A. while doing like that B. as I did like that C. as I did so D. at doing so
  63) A. It was no one B. There was no one C. It was anyone D. There was anyone
  64) A. remind to lock B. remember to lock C. remind locking D. remember locking
  65) A. had to jump B. was to have jumped C. must have jumped D. could be jumped Key
D. D. A. B.

C. A. D. D.

  53. B.
  61. A.
  65. C.

  54. D.
  58. D.
  62. C.
阅读理解 (Reading Comprehension) 30% Directions: There are three reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the best choicer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. Passage 1 Tom, at 53, was a very successful man. He had worked up a first class business, married a charming woman and built himself a good house in the London suburbs, that was neither so modern, nor so conventional . He had good taste. His son, Bob, 19, was doing well at Oxford; his daughter, April, aged 16, who was at a good school, had no wish to use make-up or wear low dresses. She still considered herself too young for these things. Yet she was happy, affectionate and thoroughly enjoyed life. All the same, for some time, Tom had been aware that he was working hard for very little. His wife gave him a quick kiss in the morning when he left for the office and, if she was not at a party, a quick kiss in the evening when he came home. It was obvious her life was completely filled with the children, her clothes, with keeping her figure
slim, with keeping the house clean and smart, with her charities, her tennis and her friends, and parties. The children were even busier ? the boy with his work, and with his own friends, the girl with hers. They were polite to Tom but if he came into the room when they were entertaining a friend there was at once a feeling of constraint. Even if they were alone together, he saw that when he came upon them they were slightly embarrassed and changed the subject of their conversation. Yet they didn’t seem to do this when they were with their mother. He would find them all three, for instance, laughing at something, and when he came in they would stop laughing and stare at him.
  66) From the passage we understand that Tom was . A. a successful business man who lived in a town B. not very successful but lived in a nice house C. was a builder who lived in the suburbs D. was a successful man who had built his own house
  67) What does the writer tell us about Tom’s daughter, April? A. She was too young to enjoy life. B. She was happy and loved life. C. She was very sophisticated. D. She was good at school.
  68) Tom knows his wife is not very interested in him because . A. she is always doing housework B. she pays him no attention except to kiss him sometimes C. she is always playing tennis D. she is only interested in clothes and make-up
  69) How did the children behave towards Tom when they were with friends? A. They were pleased an



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